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It's a school that's more than just a school! run almost entirely by students, a majority of them, aren't even human! Make friends, find love, fight, debate- anything! Within the rules, of course. All welcome.
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Baby Gosling

Silver was shocked at what Daegan had done. He said, "Looks like I have a lot of preparing to do."

(Is this when Silver goes outside the campus?)

6/4/2012 #61

(Erm... Marcus and G are STILL on there date. Maybe you could convince Professer Argyle to send you back in time onto the ship)

"Yes, you do. And don't take him lightly. He may look very weak, but he is very strong."

6/4/2012 #62
Baby Gosling

Silver replied, "Alright." He went out to the parking lot, and used his telekinesis on a random Hummer. He lifted the SUV into the air, and crushed it into a ball.

(Where is Professor Argyle?)

6/4/2012 #63

(He's a professor at the school. His class is Future History. In other words, time travel.)

6/4/2012 #64
Clarissa the Royal Knight

Chrissie's expression darkened as something came into her mind... it almost seemed lie a flashabck. She clutched her head in pain, as a memory came back to her.


Veronica (which is Chrissie bye the way) looked at the woman in front of her, her ebig blue eyes widening, "Y-You want me to kill them?" The woman smiled trokng her hair, "Yes love. They deserve it. Remember they are enemies, they can never love. They will never love you... and they only hurt people. It will be worth it. Just do as we tell you, and when you get back home we can do whatever you want to." Her voice was as sweet as honey and very convincing. The little girl with black hair looked at the woman, "You promise?" The woman nodded, "Yes, I promise. You know you are like family to us here." Veronica smiled, her eyes filling with water, she hugged the woman. "Okay."

Warning! This is going to get a little bit violent... and dark...

Veronica crept inside of the mansion, slipping into the hallways unnoticed. She only had to kill three people, that was all. If so she could make all of them proud of her. She slipped into a bedroom and spotted a man and a woman sleeping. It should be easy... just like training except these people were real. She crawled on top of the bed. Sitting untop of the man. She covered up his mouth, and soon his eyes slowly opened. She smiled, sweetly at him and whispered, "be quiet and I promise you will die quickly." She took out a dagger from her pocket and put it up to his throat. The man starte to struggle against her, his eyes wide and scared. "Quit that," she hissed putting the tip of the blade to his throat. He thrashed against her and drove the blad into his throat, killing him. Her eyes stared blankly at the man, just as something hit her in the head, knocking her off of the bed. The woman stood over her, a phone in her hand. She could not let her call the police. She picked up her knife and threw it at her stomach, hitting her target. Chrissie quickly grabbed the phone and hung it up, sighing in relief. She sunk to the ground holding a bloody knife. Than she saw someone out of the corner of her eyes, turning to see a young boy. That must have been the last one she was meant to kill. Her eyes widened, how could she kill someone around her age? He ws young... what could he have possibly done to deserve such? The boy stared at her and bloted down the hall. Chrissie made no move to chase him, but had good sense to get out of there. She ran down the hallway and out into the street fleeing back into the comfort of what was now her home. She entered the building and told them she had failed to complete the mission. She had killed two of the targets and one had gotten away. They all stared at her with dissapproval. The woman who was like her mother, frowned, "You know what this means." She said shaking her head in disappointment. "You will need to be punished. Chess!" She called her voice resounding throughtout the room.

End of Flashback... for now...

Chrissie stared at the screen her eyes wide and blank.

6/4/2012 #65

LJ snapped his fingers. "Snap out of it!"

6/4/2012 #66
Clarissa the Royal Knight

Chrissie blinked and looked at LJ, "...Whatever." She said folding her arms. She suddenly did not look as intimidating as she usually did.

((She needs a friend. :D))

6/4/2012 #67

(Yes, she does.)

LJ turned to Silver. "It is pointless to train your Tele powers. He knows how do get rid of it. In fact, it would be best to not show him you have Telekinesis. But, that's my problem. You can if you want."

6/4/2012 #68
Clarissa the Royal Knight

((So, Ash, how are you?))

Chrissie smirked, "Or you can just get weapons." She said an evil glint in her eye.

6/4/2012 #69

(I'm good. Waiting for Scrap's reply on a post. You?)

6/4/2012 #70
Baby Gosling

Silver replied, "Yes. That would be a good idea. Weapons can be useful. But, I'll need backup." He looked at Chrissie.

(Do people godmode Argyle?)

6/4/2012 . Edited 6/4/2012 #71

(Ya, but he has a certain personality people should refer to.)

6/4/2012 #72
Baby Gosling

(Oh really? What would that be?)

6/4/2012 #73
Clarissa the Royal Knight

((I am fine :) ))

Chrissite looked back, "Oh, I see," she looked back at the screen. She was not one to backup... more like full out attack, but than again she might consider offering her assistance. "I suppose I could back you up... not that I care about you, because I don't."

6/4/2012 #74

(Here's his Character Sheet.

Name: Professor H.M. Argyle (His first name(s) is never revealed, but is rumoured to stand for His Majesty...)

Age: Too old for this shit

Gender: Scientist

Personality: Mostly dull, half-focused, but occasionally goes off on megalomaniacal rants about the meaningless of human existence, or how he'll rule the world someday, or something like that...

Appearance: Built like a scarecrow on a starvation diet and stilts. Wears glasses that are constantly balancing precariously from the end of his nose, usually hooked around one ear but not the other. His hair is always unruly, but varies wildly in length from one day to the next. His skin is almost albino-pale, from too many days (and nights) spent hunched over some crazed invention in a basement somewhere.

Clothing: Wears a lab coat, with a trenchcoat over it and a waistcoat under it. His shoes always seem to be lightly singed, and a smell of burning follows him around.

Bio: Imagine if Doctor Who was alternately boring and megalomaniacal, and you've got it. Time traveller, who takes advantage of paradoxes to be in several places at once, and hence teach several classes at once, while simultaneously taking a lunch break, spying on UN meetings and exploring the cosmos. If two Argyles ever meet, they constantly interrupt and argue with each other.

IMPORTANT NOTE (applies to everyone): This character is unique in one respect: anyone can rp as him. Why? Because of his time-paradoxes letting him be in many places at the same time, that's why! Anytime you want, or feel like having, an extra character in wherever you are, just have H.M. Argyle walk in--or materialise out of thin air in the centre of the room, laughing madly and declaring his experiment a success! Just keep him in character, and no problem.)

6/4/2012 #75
Baby Gosling

(Thank you!!!)

Silver replied, "Fair enough. We just met, right?" He used his telekinesis on a bottle of Pepsi, and moved it towards his hand.

6/4/2012 #76
As Gabriel asked his question, he could not help but look at the girl sitting near them. Truth be told, girls had been converging on him since he'd arrived. However, most of them just seemed concerned with small issues such as social status and hairstyles. None of them seemed capable of understanding the darkness he carried inside himself. This girl though, she seemed...well, different.
6/4/2012 #77
(sorry this is a little late) Gabriel stretched back a little bit. "Your tele powers may not be much, but I have some skills that might help."
6/4/2012 #78
Baby Gosling

Silver replied, "Cool. What can you do?" He took a sip of the Pepsi.

6/4/2012 #79
Gabriel got up and began to focus. He squeezed his eyes shut. Then, suddenly, he opened them. However, they had gone from their usual icy blue to emerald green. A golden aura surrounded his body, and his hair went from black to blonde. He calmly walked over to one of the club's immense speakers and lifted it above his head as if it were a pillow. Gabriel then tossed it into the air and held up his hands. A beam of energy streaked out of them, hitting the speaker and effectively incinerating it. He turned back to Silver. "How's that?"
6/4/2012 #80
Baby Gosling

Silver stood in awe. He replied, "That is amazing."

6/4/2012 #81

"That's good. But Daegan has Pride and Honor. He isn't going to fight all of you. Most likely he is going to challenge you," said LJ talking to Silver. "And if you have the help of more people, he'll have help as well. He makes friends very easy. And all of them seem to be almost as strong as him. Sometimes stronger."

6/4/2012 #82
Clarissa the Royal Knight

Chrissie clapped her hands together, "Bravo," she said. "I am nothing special, just a vampire." She smiled. "But don't worry I won't drain your blood or anything." She did not bother to mention that she was more tan that when she did not fully understand herself. "I am also handy with a blade and guns."

6/4/2012 #83
Baby Gosling

Silver replied, "Thank you. All of you." He wasn't sure how he was going to deal with Daegan, but he had to try something. Then, he said, "Maybe Professor Argyle can help. I heard he can time travel and stuff."

6/4/2012 #84
Gabriel let out a slow breath, and his aura dissapeared and his hair went back to normal. "Just don't think that I'll be a tank like that. It takes a lot out of me, and I can't garantee my self-control."
6/4/2012 #85
Clarissa the Royal Knight

Chrissie shrugged, "Don't kid yourself, its more for me than you." She turned her laptop off closing it. Maybe, her statement was partly true... but than again she really did not like hurting people. She had a feeling she hadn't before turning into a vampire either. She knew she had killed... she knew that but why? That may never be answered but she was determined to find out. She had brief flashbacks... and sometimes she wondered if they ever happened or if she really was going completely insane. All she had known was her name, Chrissie Victoria. She later had discovered that was not her real name either so in reality even that part of her life had been a lie.

6/4/2012 #86
Gabriel responded with a quick smile. "Don't kid yourself. The most any of us has to worry about from you is getting distracted."
6/4/2012 #87
Clarissa the Royal Knight

Chrissie smirked at the comment. She liked this guy already. "Of course, love. After all I am just a pathetic, wimpy, vampire, I never could hurt a fly." She laughed, a laugh that actually seemed genuine.


Veronica frowned as Chess approached her. He grabbed her wrist and dragged her off, away from the others. "Damnit, Veronica! Why can't you just complete something for once. I don't want to hurt you... but you know what they'll do to me if I don't." He said angerily. He continued to drag her along, not noticing the silent tears streaming down the young girl's face. "Can't you just do as your told for once? Just for once... Please? Even I am starting to hate you. Really, why can't you be like me? Once your like me nothing like this can happen! Emotions won't touch you! Come on, Veronica! Damnit!" he yelled. He opened up a door and dragged Veronica in, now noticing her tears. "Veronica! No, don't cry... I didn't mean it. I swear..." He gave her a pleading expression wishing she would stop crying. Veronica just wiped the tears from her eyes. "Chess... today was the first day I killed someone...."

End of Flashback... for now.

6/4/2012 #88
Gabriel took a seat and motioned for the bartender. "Coke for me and the nice girl here." he then turned back to the rest of the group. "So, what now?"
6/4/2012 #89
Baby Gosling

Silver replied, "Maybe Argyle could help us." He finished his Pepsi, and used his tele powers to throw the bottle into the trash. He said, "Score one for the Sil."

6/4/2012 #90
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