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Clarissa the Royal Knight

((Gabriel is epic!))

Chrissie's smirk remained. This was quite amusing for her, he seemed like a pretty okay person. In fact they all did. But, she knew better. Everyone had evil in them and they would just dissappoint you in the end. That's how the human mind is made. You had a bond with someone and they disappoint you.

6/4/2012 #91
Ryan 'Zod' Gosling

(Agreed. Gabriel is epic.)

6/4/2012 #92
Gabriel nodded a bit to Silver's answer. "I had a class with him today. It was creepy. Just as I was raising my hand to go to the bathroom, he said 'Go ahead Gabriel.' Freaky if you ask me." Mentally, he thought about Chrissie. She seemed nice. Maybe his self imposed lonliness could come to an end soon.
6/4/2012 #93
Clarissa the Royal Knight

Chrissie laughed at that, "He sounds interesting." She said with a smirk. She watched the can sail into the trash can and clapped her hands together once more, "Nice shot."

6/4/2012 #94
((also, thanks. :) I was sorta worried someome would call OP))
6/4/2012 #95
Ryan 'Zod' Gosling

Silver replied, "Thanks." He said, "I'm gonna go ask him for some help in his future history class. Could be useful." And, Silver walked out of the nightclub, and into the night.

6/4/2012 . Edited 6/4/2012 #96
"Sounds good," Gabriel answered. He then turned over to Chrissie and offered his hand. "So, shall we have our drinks and perhaps go down to the park?"
6/4/2012 #97
Clarissa the Royal Knight

Chrissie could not help but smile, "Sure," she said grabbing his hand. Maybe she would trust someone... just this once... Why did she have the funniest feeling she had done something like this before? "The park sounds nice."

6/4/2012 #98
Gabriel grinned and lead her to the door. Maybe isolation was not so great.
6/4/2012 #99
Clarissa the Royal Knight

Chrissie smiled and walked towards the door. "So... what's your name anyway?" She asked, curious.

6/4/2012 #100
"Gabriel," he answered. "Course, I was left in the woods as a baby, so I might be wrong."
6/4/2012 #101
Clarissa the Royal Knight

"I am sorry to hear that," Chrissie said, and she was. "My name's Chrissie." Well, at least that was the name that she believed was her's until she discovered it was Veronica. She never found out her real last name.

6/4/2012 #102
"What about you?" he asked.
6/4/2012 #103
Clarissa the Royal Knight

"My name's Chrissie... well at least that's what I go by." She said opening the door. "I suppose in a way it is my real name, since the one I was given at birth I never had used." She said not sounding like she cared all that much, but in reality she did.

6/4/2012 #104
(sorry, lag's killing me.) Gabriel could sense she was a little upset, so he put a hand on her shoulder. "Come on. I know a good spot."
6/4/2012 #105
(so, head over to the park forum now?)
6/4/2012 #106
Clarissa the Royal Knight

((Yep :) ))

6/4/2012 #107
Proffesor I.P. Freely

Think could jump in with my demon person, or no?

6/4/2012 #108
( Well, we're both off to the park, so maybe.)
6/4/2012 #109
Ryan 'Zod' Gosling

Silver had appeared back at the nightclub. He had just come back from the past, where he had an encounter with Daegan. Silver went to the bar.

6/5/2012 #110

LJ turned to Silver. "Where's Daegan?"

6/5/2012 #111
Ryan 'Zod' Gosling

Silver replied, "He had backup. One guy with a pistol, another killer, and some others. Even with telekinesis, like you said, Daegan would cancel that out. I wouldn't have stood a chance. But, we reached an agreement. In three days, you will meet him outside the campus at 2:00 for a fight to the death. If you kill him there, you would have your revenge."

6/6/2012 #112

"Hmm... I accept his challenge... Although, you don't get as much as you would if you gave him to me," replied LJ as he reached in his pocket. He pulled out 5,000 dollars in cash and handed it to Silver.

6/6/2012 #113
Ryan 'Zod' Gosling

Silver took the 5,000 dollars, and pocketed it. He replied, "Looks like you got 3 days to train. You know him more than I do, so you should be able to counter his attacks, if you're lucky."

6/6/2012 #114
Ryan 'Zod' Gosling

Silver continued, "Anyways, I have to go now. I'll see you soon." He walked out of the nightclub. He used his telekinesis on himself, and flew into the night.

6/6/2012 #115
Madness Reborn
Michael walks in and looks around. "It's really crowded in here" he said as he snuck around until he found an empty seat. " I hope I can get the attention of a hottie." Michael said as he blushed and smiled goofily to himself. (hope you guys don't mind if I join :3)
7/29/2012 #116
(Little tip, places such as the Cafe, Nightclub, and the Streets are public places. You can join as you please. (Just don't try to join the RP in the Sreets with Livinglife and the others, they will kinda just ignore you. And don't join Outside the Campus, that is kinda a private topic.)
7/30/2012 #117
Madness Reborn
(Kay thanx,I didn't know and you may have prevented a fanfiction beef thanx again)
7/30/2012 #118

Flair Ortega aka Raven Asami was standing outside in front of the nightclub. She lowered her head and a few tears ran down her cheeks. She knew things people didn't , she'd seen things people would never have imagined. All of this was seared in her brain, all the images and words and people, permenantly. She ran her hand over the smooth, cold surface of a 6 pointed throwing star that she had in her pocket. Even though it was day time she always kept one star in her pocket, just in case.

"I wish people knew me, the real me. I wish they knew my secret. Then I wouldn't struggle to hide it anymore." she said quietly to herself. Her knees gave out and she fell back against the wall, tears running down her face. "I wish I never had to take this job...."

She didn't notice until now that her grip on the star was getting stronger. The pain in her hand was strong but she ignored it. She continued to squeeze her hand tighter around the star. She felt the points of the star penitrate her skin and she let out a little whimper of pain. She pulled her hand out of her pocket and looked at it. There were three punctures in her hand, all of them bleeding. THe blood trickled slowly down her wrist and her arm. She just ignored it.

7/30/2012 #119
Ryan 'Zod' Gosling

Griffin had appeared out of thin air. He stood outside of the nightclub, thinking that Silver could be there. He saw a girl standing outside, gripping on a throwing star. He said, "Yo, you shouldn't do that. It's not good for your hand. Here. Let me heal you." He snapped his fingers, and the girl's hand was healed. He looked at her, and saw tears coming down her face. He asked, "Are you okay?"

7/30/2012 #120
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