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Not like I haven't had gay guys make passes at me anyway.

5/26/2009 #1,771

hm... not a surprise XD

you're so adorable that... eh... why not? lol :)

5/26/2009 #1,772

Heh, you're such a playful flirt Hannah. *shakes head*

5/26/2009 #1,773

Hehe I know its prolly a bad habit... but its fun anyway ;)

especially when the guys react well to it XD

replied to dorms btw. Hannah called :P

5/26/2009 #1,774

What kind of reaction is reacting well hmm? I replied as well

5/26/2009 #1,775

Yup and I replied back ^^

and flirting back of course ;P even if we dont mean it... flirting is too fun to pass up just because you're not attracted to somebody... haha of course irl I wouldnt flirt with a guy unless I knew him really really well... and he knew me just as well... ha... im really shy irl... total contrast to my 'net personality XD

its dangerous... :P

5/26/2009 #1,776

We've all got a bravery on the net that we don't posess in real life, now don't we. Shy girls, I'm a fan

5/26/2009 #1,777

Haha, guess that makes you a fan of me, doesnt it? ha ;)

5/26/2009 #1,778

Maybe. Or at least one aspect of you. Do I have a fan too?

5/26/2009 #1,779

Your cuteness makes it impossible to say no to that... see watch:

n-nnn... n... nnn... *gasp* I can't say it... so... YES! =3 XP

5/26/2009 . Edited 5/26/2009 #1,780

*pets you*

Good girl

5/26/2009 #1,781

heyyy... im not an animal! *bites at your hand*

you're the wolfie, not me! I ought to be petting you!... *evil grin*

5/26/2009 . Edited 5/26/2009 #1,782

You're cute like a pet. You can pet me if you like. *nuzzles against your leg like a good pup*

5/26/2009 #1,783

aww that takes away from the fun... eh oh well.. *pets your head with a grin and a light blush* so cute!! ^///^

5/26/2009 #1,784

Don't blush now. Such a demure girl? *gruffles as my ears lay back*

5/26/2009 #1,785

aw... *pats your head* why're you ears back? :(

naw not always... XD just embarrassed easily as well as blush easily.

5/26/2009 #1,786

My ears are back because that's what wolf pups do when you pet them.

Well, I think that's cute

5/26/2009 #1,787

Oh haha... okay *petting you still* pups are so cute! ^^ guess that makes you all the cuter, ne?

*blush darkening* ah... heh... thanks... X3

5/26/2009 #1,788

I guess it does hm? You know, ususally, when people are petting pups, they hold them in their lap

5/26/2009 #1,789

*laughing* alright then come here... *picks you up and holds you close, nuzzling my face into your fur before putting you down in my lap to pet you* cute little puppy ~_^

5/26/2009 #1,790

*smiles a little* That's the way *gets settled against you*

5/26/2009 #1,791

*grins down at wolfie, rubbing behind the ears* ^///^ cuute! *cooing*

5/26/2009 #1,792

Mmm, as nice as that feels, I think I ought to be going. Maybe I'll just fall asleep in your arms eh? *licks your chin as my nose twitches* Night Hannah

5/26/2009 #1,793

Aww sad day! :(

alright night, Wolfie... sweet dreams! ^^

5/26/2009 #1,794

Back, but can't promise I'll be on too much tonight.

5/27/2009 #1,795

ach me either... aunt's back today... she's the one who's really against me being on :/

5/27/2009 #1,796

Why is she against that? Me, I just have a meeting to attend

5/27/2009 #1,797

Ah. Well... she doesnt like the thought of me interacting with random people online. She thinks too much about the negative possibilities: predators :/

5/27/2009 #1,798

Ah, understandable. After all, I'm really a 40 year old pedo looking to prey on young girls by posing as a High School junior

5/27/2009 #1,799

That's not even funny to say, wolfie. I ought to rub your fur the wrong way for saying that :P

well anyway, my aunt's just protective... *shrug* its probably for my best anyway... too naive for my own good XP

5/27/2009 #1,800
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