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Name: Coralinda Mycrafta

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance: Lithe body and attractive form. Chestnut, shoulder-length, silky hair with bangs hanging over her forehead. Two long braids tied with blue ribbons. Burgundy eyes. A mole on her left cheek. Pale skin (due to spending too much time indoors). Old scars and needle marks on her back, especially along her spine.

Clothing: Short-sleeved, white blouse. Blue school uniform vest. Sky blue pleated skirt with various pockets. Black wire frame glasses. Knee high, black socks and black shoes. A silver, shatterproof laptop. Brown strap, digital watch.

Personality: As an introvert who would rather spend time in a corner, typing away at her laptop, rather than take over the dance floor, Coralinda only socializes with others when they interest her or if they have whatever she wants. Her brunt and sarcastic attitude also earns her less, if any, friends. However, this Brit can be knowledgeable and even friendly once a person gets to know her better. She is also straight.

Whenever she's not doing online homework or having a discussion on the forums (which includes but are not limited to telling off trolls in creative ways), Coralinda also hacks into various computers (which includes PCs and sometimes company databases alike) and does a variety of things, ranging from sending annoying viruses to causing crashes, denial of service, or data loss. Sometimes, her actions backfire and Coralinda finds herself in tears as her own computer crashes or whenever she nearly gets thrown into jail. Also, Coralinda often plays online games, often using a variety of hacks to gain the upper hand. Again, this backfires and Coralinda finds herself in tears as she gets banned or even finds a very angry gamer literally breathing down her neck on a few occasions.

Other than that, Coralinda is really out of touch with reality, as she constantly replace words that people would normally use with phrases relating to the cyberculture (e.g. saying that she'd just 'pwned' someone when any other person would simply say, 'beaten' instead.), as well as making any related analogies. This often results in humorous moments in which hardly anyone understands what she is trying to say, causing her to grudgingly repeat what she'd just said in 'noob's terms'. When stressed out, Coralinda becomes very (and humorously) paranoid, believing that that smoke detector over there is somehow tapping into her phone.

Bio: At this point, only Coralinda knows about her past, including the origin of her ability and the scars on her back, that she will only disclose to a very close friend. However, don't count on it being a sweet story

Other: Coralinda's ability is psychokinesis, the ability to manipulate distant objects. With exceptional skill, Coralinda can send a variety of objects at a group of enemies, though she spends more energy when lifting up very heavy objects. However, she is no good in hand to hand combat, as she usually uses her telekinesis to fight. She has a weak spot for electronics, circuitry, and video games. Coralinda is afraid of needles, zombies, and vampires.

Tell me if this character is perfect, Vee!

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