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Anywhere Underwater.

7/29/2012 #1

Slalo'yah tugged at the edge of his breastplate as he looked out over the crowd of merpeople gathered before him. It was his job to inform them that the pollys knew about them. Knew that they existed after countless years of going unnoticed. That they had to tally all of their resources to tell the Pollys because some freshwaters messed up. And if war broke out.... he shook his head slightly, looking at the men, women, and children who were assembled before him. He prayed to Yotah that they would make it through this.


The crowd was made up of the inhabitants of a large village outside of Atlantis. They didn't have a speaker and worshiped Yotah heavily, the merpeople grateful for the transformation. Halah'mo was a calm young woman who had lived in the village where she was born her entire life. She had never imagined what she was about to hear.

Swimming outside of the main crowd were lesser mermaids. Ones unchanged by the great Yotah. Wide eyed people with gaping mouths and two fins, not one. Even the prettiest among them were ugly. They huddled together, excluded as a group but still eager to hear the news. Uohl'foh was from the southern seas, and had moved to the village a few years ago. He resembled a lionfish, elegant long fins spreading out around him with red and white stripes. He was often mistaken for a woman, much to his annoyance.

7/30/2012 #2

Damo'tala Pate-ela was the Officiate of the Peace in the Ruined plains. It was Mer nature to flock to the site of their sunken City, despite the fact that there was very little of worth there and a tenuously present means to survive. Still, people lived in the site of Atlantis. A comparably rural population center larger than any other for no real reason at all. Needless to say people traditionally did not get along perfectly in such a region. It was Damotala Pate-ela's Job to maintain balance, partially. It was also his job to spread what they knew of Yotah. In the perfect world, an Officiate of the Peace would split his time evenly, between the strictest form of 'Peacekeeping', and the spiritual aid of his fellow Mer. In this area, he was needed less for the latter, and more for the former. This trend seemed likely to continue in the time to come.

It did not help that a Saltwater Mermaid with a strong, sibling-like bond with the coward Gub'wa of the Western Waters, was operating in his domain as well. This meant that the coming news - to which he had already been informed - would be harshly received by some in the crowd. Those receivers may even deign to take action in response to the surfacer's demands. Precisely why he chose to attend the announcement, in the very front of the crowd, among the people and not above them.

7/30/2012 #3

"My fellow A-Mer-icans, I am deeply sorry that I have to deliver this message to you here today."

(Ehheh, no.)

Taking a deep breath through his gills, Slalo'yah began. "There is no delicate way to inform you of this... and nothing we can do to reverse the situation. On the forth tide two moons ago our brethren of the western rivers lost one of their own, a young girl, to the Pollys. In retaliation, they rose from the water in war tanks and lashed out, destroying much of a Polly city before they were turned back." He had to stop as the noise from the crowd grew.

7/30/2012 #4

(Would they even have 'Moons'? They wouldn't would they? And has it truly been that long?)

Damo'tala kept his eyes closed, arms crossed in front of himself. He stayed serene, waiting as the crowd riled.

As it began to grow, he cried out in a clear but wavering voice "Let Him Speak."

7/30/2012 #5

(Maybe not that long. I'm going more by tides. Different tides during the day and with the diff moon phases.)

He licked his lips and swallowed. "Because the Ancient Ones deemed war between our species to be a foolish mistake, they have sent envoys of peace to the Pollys, and now..." He frowned. "Now we must take census of who is here, and what technologies and weapons we have in this area, so that we may inform the Pollys."

"Let the freshies keep their Ancient Ones! They do not command us!" someone yelled, before the crowd burst into noise again.

7/30/2012 #6

(Maybe. But I don't think they'd call them Moons. They'd say 'Months', or something else.)

"Will you choose a path of Folly simply to deny the wise commands of those who have no right to command you?" The Officiator spoke once more, still being Economical with his words. Probably because whenever he spoke, it still cut the rabble in half, silencing them innately.

7/30/2012 #7

"Mr. Officiator... would you please come up on stage?" Slalo'yah was fidgeting a little. He was just a messenger... not some great diplomat or speaker.

Uohl'foh nudged the merman next to him. "Wonder what all these Polfaces are thinking, eh? Hate the Pollys but love looking just like them."

7/30/2012 #8

"I would Rather stand among my fellow Mer than Above them." Damo'tala responded up to the Stage, eyes looking up to the man unwaveringly, glistening in the water. "We are far from the touch of the Surfacers. If the Freshwater bring the spite of the Polly down upon our race, it is the Freshwater Mer that will suffer, not us. This is an opportunity not to be judged and ordered by them," he spoke clearly and slowly, deliberate in his tone and terms, looking from face to face, "But to aid them when great danger looms over them. To help them avoid a war which could Crush them... and would spare us. Are we cruel enough to deny a starving Mer a patch of Kelp? Or are we gracious enough to share knowledge for which there is no fear in losing?"

7/30/2012 #9

(Branch out, make more characters besides Mr. Serious there.)

"Pollys are well known for their greed. Whose to say that when they learn of where we are they won't come for us?"

"Or poison us further!"

"Or catch us in nets!"

7/30/2012 #10


"If you yourselves are truly devoid of Greed, then deny them their peace without shame." He fell silent.

7/30/2012 #11

(Why? Well, then I guess this scene is essentially over...)

The crowd fell to murmurs, as the merpeople struggled to come to terms with the life changing news.

7/30/2012 #12

(Why would I make more characters? I don't throw characters around without meaning or purpose, just to extend a scene that could go on anyways)

The Officiator Closed his eyes again, hoping that the crowd would disperse and that, for the day, there would be no unrest.

7/30/2012 #13

(Because I wanted to explore multiple classes and people and situations with you! Instead of you just having one character- a character in a powerful position, I'll add, and being separate from the others nearly completely. You can't just... do that for me? It's not throwing characters around. It's exploring a world.)

"Please return to your homes, and tomorrow someone will be stopping by to write down your information."

The noise rising, the crowd began to slowly disperse.

7/30/2012 #14

(Well sure, when you explain it that way. I thought about some character ideas last night anyways.)

Injustice and ignorance roiling against them, indignity and shame demanding the kneel; throw away their ideals for the sake of caution and rationale. If it was wiser to let it go - if they could accept that it was wiser, and how could they be expected to accept that? - how could they accept the indignity of bowing to their demands? To the Demands of the Ancients, who had only ever commanded with impunity, and never shown gratitude or reverence to the people? Was it possible, within them, to accept this great indignity? To carry it, within themselves? Yes, yes... yes, it was wiser for them to do this. Yes, to let it go was the right decision. But-

"No!" A Merman cried out, staring up defiantly. "No!" He shouted again.

7/30/2012 #15

Slalo'yah pushed his hair out off of his forehead, frowning as the crowd. "N... no?" He said weakly.

"We are Yotah's people!" Someone else cried. "Yotah's! We did not make this mistake!"

"We live in a city we took from the Pollys. When they find it, won't they want to take it back?"

No one had left. Now they only seemed to be drawing closer, a contagious rage spreading over the crowd. Halah'mo was pushed forward as the crowd drew closer to the stage.

7/30/2012 #16

"No! No! We will not clean up the Freshwaters' Mess!" the Cacophony rose higher and higher.

Dama'tola stood where he was, head down. The crowd parted around him as they surged forward, and he stayed still.

7/30/2012 #17

The gap between them now larger, the Unchanged Mer seemed conflicted. Yotah was not their god. But the Ancients had abandoned them just as equally.

"How are you even going to enforce this, anyways?!" Someone demanded. "You've got no power here!"

Slalo'yah swam back a little. "I... I'm just the messenger. If you don't cooperate the Ancients will-"

"Will what?! Sit in their palaces and pout?! We haven't seen a sign of their intervention for centuries!"

7/30/2012 #18

"They come for information - the Freshwaters are so resolved to be helpless at the hands of the Pollies, like an Egg to it's mother, they will take what they want by force!" Cried the same voice from the crowd.

7/30/2012 #19

"We'll fight!" Someone else cried. "Yotah is more powerful than those false gods!"

7/30/2012 #20

"Mark My Words," A woman, not the other Man who had first shouted No, spoke up, "It is true that there has not been an Ancient Intervention in some time. But know this: If we do refuse their demands, that streak may be broken."

7/30/2012 #21

Halah'mo found herself next to the woman who spoke, and lifted her gaze to the other.

"Then we'll contact the other tribes." An older merman spoke. "The other villages. They can't take their wrath out on all of us. They won't kill all of their kin."

7/30/2012 #22

(About as good as it's gonna get.

"Why not?" The Original Male stated, "They are the Freshwater Gods, not ours. Why not kill people who aren't your servants?!"

7/30/2012 #23

"They are our gods too, even if we have forsaken them." The old man said sharply. "Gods who connect us to all other mer. They need to do what is best for all. Not whats best for them."

7/30/2012 #24

(That is sooo cool! Whats the blue building right of the crystal spire? Where would the police station be?)

7/30/2012 #25

"So Tell us, then, why it is that what they deem good for all of us is more obviously good for the Freshwaters and less good for us?" The First Merman stated up again.

(It's alright, wish I could've gone in more depth. Oh, I forgot to label that big building down South of the Canal, across from the Amusement Park - it's the Baseball stadium, School city has a professional Leage, maybe. The Blue Building north of Whitcomb Street from the Crystal Spire is the Den of the Ox, which is like a Restaurant Pub gathering place that I haven't gotten around to yet. Similarly is Arbor Hall in Arbor Heights which is another thing like that. The Police Station is also by the Crystal Spire. It's across Grand Traverse (That little Green Hexagon by the Den of the Ox), from the Spire, and is labeled 'S.C.P.D.')

7/30/2012 #26

"Tell me why we should be forced to hand over our information to the Pollys when we did nothing to harm them?"

(Ahhh, I see it now.)

7/30/2012 #27

(So does it work? Any thoughts?)

"Yes!" Cried another, "This is wrong!"

7/31/2012 #28

(My only criticism is that it looks a little small.)

"And if they decide to follow this order from the Pollys, what will they demand next?!"

7/31/2012 #29


The Crowd continued to shout ambivalant proclaimations about the situation, but did little else for the time being, as there was little to do.

7/31/2012 #30
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