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It's a school that's more than just a school! run almost entirely by students, a majority of them, aren't even human! Make friends, find love, fight, debate- anything! Within the rules, of course. All welcome.
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Log onto the school's forum to chat with each other, no matter where you are! Do a variety of things, ranging from agreeing to meet up someplace to just saying hello, as well as rant about classes. You can even flame and troll if you want, though beware if the other people know of your identity in real life. Again, keep all of your character's 'personal information' confidential (unless your character is really naive).

Bored, Coralinda powered up her computer and logged into the school's forums, having heard that it was the best way to get to know the students here without even meeting them. Of course, it wasn't completely reliable due to anonymity but it was better than meeting every single student.


Logged in as AppleByte1

AppleByte1 @everyone: Anyone here? Tell me something interesting.

7/30/2012 #1

(Writing 'Writing on the Internet' on the Internet. Mmmmmmwhy not.)

Someone who was already logged on responded.

Mozpolo @AppleByte1: You can't be serious.

7/30/2012 #2

AppleByte! @Mozpolo: The boredom is crashing my personal CPU and I need some1 to tell me something interesting. So, what data is flowing around the campus-based information superhighway?

7/30/2012 #3

Mozpolo @AppleByte1: If you are truly that bored, why not go outside and take a walk, or Volunteer at the Red Cross?

7/30/2012 #4

AppleByte1 @Mozpolo: NO! Sunlight's too bad for my organic firewall! The Red Cross is not my forte! Too many voices. Too many eyes. Too many ears. Must. Stay. Hidden. (-_-)* In noobs term, if you have misunderstood me, I wanted to know whether their are any rumors circulating around about a certain place or event from the past. People's love troubles are boring.

7/30/2012 #5

Mozpolo @AppleByte1: Typical Excuses. 'Certain place or event from the past' ... Such as?

7/30/2012 #6

AppleByte1 @Mozpolo: History of this school. What the other students are talking about. Basically everything that's strange about this school, besides the fact that it's nearly full of vamps. Before you say, "Go ask them yourself", I'd like to point out that if I wanted to ask them myself, I wouldn't be using these forums.

7/30/2012 #7

Mozpolo @AppleByte1: If you don't want to ask for yourself, then you don't get to know the answers. You can't have the best of both worlds.

7/30/2012 #8

AppleByte1 @Mozpolo: Ugh! This meaningless chat is jamming my cognitive frequencies! Despite being a new student, I just can't access the bloody data I want! *Sigh* I guess that I'll go search around for a bit, maybe *gulp* ask somebody. (_;) Besides, it's time for me to log out, anyway!

AppleByte! has logged out.

7/30/2012 #9
AngelZ Of DarKness

MeowingKitty98 has logged in

MeowingKitty98: Is anyone online? I'm lonely and need someone to talk to!! :3

8/12/2012 #10
Kuraimitsu Keita

Someone who was already logged on responded

Wered69 : @MeowingKitty98 lol, no one's online XD lol, no, seriously... even I'm not supposed to be ._.

8/17/2012 . Edited 8/17/2012 #11
River Vanisher

Log in as VanisherRain

VanisherRain @everyone: Is any one online? It's my first day here and I'm getting a little bit lost.

9/2/2012 . Edited 9/3/2012 #12

Cole sat on a bench on the outside of the school, and pulled out his laptop. He logged on, and opened up the School chat.

ComGeek906: Is anyone else here?

3/30/2013 #13
A Sinner. A Lover. A Hopeful

Brayallen curled up in one of her chairs, looking for new songs and chatting

EmoViolinist@ComGeek906: Just me I believe.

3/30/2013 #14

ComGeek906@EmoViolinist: Hello, then! I'm new here, are you new at the school too?

3/30/2013 #15
A Sinner. A Lover. A Hopeful

EmoViolinist @ComGeek906: Hello. I am, I am glad there is more new kids. I was starting to think I didn't belong.

3/30/2013 #16

ComGeek906@EmoViolinist: Yeah, I know the feeling.

3/30/2013 #17
A Sinner. A Lover. A Hopeful

EmoViolinist@ComGeek906: I'm sorry. I am Brayallen, you are?

3/30/2013 #18

ComGeek906@EmoViolinist: You have a nice name. And I'm Cole.

3/30/2013 #19
A Sinner. A Lover. A Hopeful

EmoViolinist@ComGeek906: Thank you. Well, Cole it is awfully nice to meet you!

3/30/2013 #20

ComGeek906@EmoViolinist: And you as well, Brayallen!

3/30/2013 #21
A Sinner. A Lover. A Hopeful

EmoViolinist@ComGeek906: I could argue. I may give a good vibe over the computer but I don't know if it would be nice to meet me.

3/30/2013 #22

ComGeek906@EmoViolinist: Really? I don't understand how you wouldn't be a nice person to meet.

3/30/2013 #23
A Sinner. A Lover. A Hopeful

EmoViolinist@ComGeek906: I am very snappy...and not very social...

3/30/2013 #24

ComGeek906@EmoViolinist: Oh come on, you can't be that bad...

3/30/2013 #25
A Sinner. A Lover. A Hopeful

EmoViolinist@ComGeek906: I am afraid I am. You can try me but I am very bad

3/30/2013 #26

ComGeek906@EmoViolinist: Fine then. How 'bout you want to meet somewhere, so I can see how "bad" a person you are?

3/30/2013 #27
A Sinner. A Lover. A Hopeful

EmoViolinist@ComGeek906: Okay. Name a place.

3/30/2013 #28

ComGeek906@EmoViolinist: The Park sound good?

3/30/2013 #29
A Sinner. A Lover. A Hopeful

EmoViolinist@ComGeek906: Sounds fine.

3/30/2013 #30
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