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AngelZ Of DarKness

A classroom where students can come in to clear their mind without any distraction.

8/12/2012 #1
it's Sebastian 27

" huh never been in this room yet! this place has every thing!" said Alicia

3/14/2013 #2
reader of fanfiction117
A dragon could be seen in the corner of the room, a deep hum coming from within the beast.
3/15/2013 #3
it's Sebastian 27

" oooo, let me try! hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" said Alicia

3/16/2013 #4
reader of fanfiction117
Wyatt opened one eye and smiled.'Greetings, Alicia.' He said to her mind.
3/16/2013 #5
it's Sebastian 27

"hey Wyatt"

3/16/2013 #6
reader of fanfiction117
'What brings you here?'
3/16/2013 #7
it's Sebastian 27

"never been in this room before that's why i decided to stop by!"

3/16/2013 #8
reader of fanfiction117
Wyatt nodded and stretched.
3/16/2013 #9
it's Sebastian 27

"I should really meditate more often"(while standing on one arm)

3/16/2013 #10
reader of fanfiction117
'I never thought you the meditating type.' (While balancing on tail.)
3/16/2013 #11
it's Sebastian 27

"same here"

3/17/2013 #12
reader of fanfiction117
"My dragon blood makes me, I would never do this as a human."
3/17/2013 #13
it's Sebastian 27

" sometimes i just need peace and quiet, you know?"

3/17/2013 #14
reader of fanfiction117
"I admit, it has its benefits. I occasionally meditata with the hatchling, but that is not ideal," he said, chuckling.
3/17/2013 #15
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