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(Possibly. I remember this so well, although my character was cringy af. Although this could be fun to redo)

3/11/2017 #5,521
Kuraimitsu Keita

[[ I still remember both of my characters, I could join in~!! :D

And no worries, you can always look for your old char profile and rework it to make them less cringe :P ]]

3/11/2017 . Edited 3/11/2017 #5,522

I remember the characters, I would just use less cringe versions XP I mean, idk brooks. It's been 3 years, we've all matured.

3/11/2017 #5,523
Kuraimitsu Keita

[[ We've all matured, I'm sure we'd be better at making our OCs suffer in their backstory and in our usual roleplay routine- #shot ]]

3/12/2017 #5,524

Yeah, I guess if y'all wanna try and start it up again I'm chill

3/12/2017 #5,525

(I remember my character evolving into a Mary Sue equivalent. Hi hoping if we do a reboot he doesn't end up the same. Although Gene was very much a crutch. While I always set the show. I guess now's my time to shine once more.) James (Who reading back I seem to have a habit of mixing with John) wandered around the mental hospital wondering where he was supposed to go. He was told to meet with his councillor at three in room 1021 but he couldn't find the room. All he could smell was chlorine and wet cats. This hospital seemed to have a large amount of catfolk around. His instinct told him there must have been some sort of cause for them to be put here. Meanwhile a certain computer program, began his search through the mental institute for people who could develop an Android body for him to transfer to. John, one of many psychologists in the building was working on his computer terminal organizing the names and lists of all the attendees to match with the attendants. "Computer, please search for the attendants. We need to have a meeting to determine who works with each inma... I mean patients. We do have a lack of workers. Although considering our patients keep disappearing like they do I'm beginning to wonder if that's a problem. (I was going to have him call Iris, the digital being that is the mind child of Penny and Matthew. But if Matthew is being reset then iris doesn't exist. Plus Gene isn't here to RP her.)

3/15/2017 #5,526
Kuraimitsu Keita

[[ Wow, a lot's happened here since I left, huh? XD maybe I should make an attendant character, too ]]

4/10/2017 #5,527

((I'll try this...))

Jericho was wandering the halls of the hospital, something she had determined she was free to do, being that she was not certain she could be considered an actual patient. Had she killed people? Yes. Did she believe she had any form of mental illness? No. In fact, she had every intention of only staying until she could find another place, with slightly more lax rules and terrible security. In fact, she was fairly certain she would leave in the near future. Still, her wandering brought her to a long, twisting hall with lots of rooms on either side, where she felt lost and somewhat clueless. She hadn't even gotten dressed for the day. Rather, she stood in her pajamas in the hall with her hair hanging loose, attempting to figure out which way could return her to her room.

((this might be a mess but IDK))

4/11/2017 #5,528

James wandered around for while longer before deciding to just head back where he came from. Unfortunately he seemed to have gotten even more lost in this maze of a mental institute then he already was. Opening a door he found himself in a long winding hallway with doors on all sides. He could faintly see a girl, about his age but he really shouldn't judge, down the hall. She was only three or four doors away from him. Holding up a sign that said 'Hello' he walked over to her. His white board sign being erased he wrote out the question 'Are you a patient too?' as he walked toward the more distinguishable lady.

4/11/2017 #5,529
(For some reason the site isn't sending out an email whenever I make a post. Either way, I'm still active on this thread until otherwise stated.)
4/13/2017 #5,530
Kuraimitsu Keita

A tired, heavy groan then came from a door in the hallway the two were in. It was a loud groan, a hint of frustration in it. Muttering, muttering, then an ungodly swirling and growing noise came from within...

Then, as the mute passed by the door, a bang. A loud bang that echoed in the halls. A dent on the door, then another, then another. Then a howl.



"- don't mind the noise!" A young girl's voice came from inside, followed by pained feral yelping, thrashing and crashing, and then silence.

4/13/2017 #5,531
Kuraimitsu Keita

[[ Whoops, repost ]]

4/13/2017 . Edited 4/13/2017 #5,532

"You know, those noises sound awfully out-of-place." James writes on his white board. Holding another sign which once more appeared out of nowhere he also had written "But hey, if you're into animals and such don't mind me. Not that you can read this anyway. You're on the other side of a door." With a sigh James looks over to the woman standing beside him. As far as he is concerned she's the only person who has a clue how to get out of this maze.

John walks through his hallways. A tablet computer attached to his hand, he looks at the cameras of the Hospital to find out where his patient is. He was supposed to have a counselling session with a cat girl earlier but she never showed. Might as well look for her, and his next appointment. He decided that doing some paperwork while walking was efficient but he sadly wasn't watching where he was going. He very quickly walked into a door before starting to curse vehemently. Opening the door he looked down the hallway. On the other end of the hall was his next appointment, James. His previous appointment was beside the boy. The two of them looked to be confused and lost. Not surprising, this hallway was a moving maze. Unless you have a map or, in Johns case computer to show you the way you would never end up leaving this hallway. The doors linking to other doors in the hallway, or bringing you somewhere else so far away you don't know where you are anyways. Either way, John decided that since he did work here he should explain how to leave these hallways without getting lost.

4/15/2017 #5,533
Jericho was moderately shocked by the noises from behind the door, she hadn't expected somebody else to be in the hallway, either. "Hey... I'm pretty lost here, so I don't know how helpful I'll be..." she commented, standing with her hands on her hips and scrutinizing the hall. Of course, she had no idea what to do about their being lost. She just wanted to get herself out of there. She had no intentions of playing the good little patient who did just as she was told every single time. In fact, she would sooner go back to wherever she had been kept before than let somebody else try and test her out.
4/15/2017 #5,534
Kuraimitsu Keita

"Wait... Are there actual people outside?" The little girl's voice said, followed by a head popping out from the door the noises came from. It looked to belong to a little girl, with large red eyes and redder long hair, flowing from a nonexistent breeze. She seemed ecstatic, as though human interaction was a rare occurrence for her. And seeing people actually in the hallway, she gasped in glee. "There are!"

She examined the two individuals - no, three? There was someone at the far side of the hall, looking at one of the two -, and just sort of... stared. Her smile had an almost unsettling pureness to it, ever-so-gleeful.

4/15/2017 #5,535
"Oh great. First trip out of my office today and I'm stuck helping an army of little girls with a mute pyro-maniac. If this isn't going to be a hoot I don't know what is!" John eclaimed with heavy sarcasm. Having not showered yet today his curly blonde hair was starting to cover over with grease and flatten to his head. The contact lenses he put in to prevent visual mind controls made his eyes itch, causing him to start running his eyes. Despite being told not to however. If he got close enough you wouldn't be able to tell his eye colour though, the contacts making his eyes look black. He made sure to tag the door he came through and left it open. Getting close to everyone he started to write out who it was that got stuck here. Just in case they needed additional monitoring. "Alrighty, we have a young Jericho, a James and who are you darling? You name doesn't seem to be on my patient list. Might you be a patient of another doctor?" Looking back over to Jericho he figured he might as well bring up her missed appointment. "Jericho honey, you were supposed to meet with me for a psych evaluation. Were you otherwise indisposed? I won't repremand you or force you. If you'd prefer I can schedule the meetings to be in your room instead."
4/17/2017 #5,536
Kuraimitsu Keita

The little girl tilted her head innocently, trying to smile as happily fine as she can to hide her confusion.

"I... um... Ace and I, uh... err... We're not... sick...?"

As if that would work, the thought echoed in her mind. She let out a nervous giggle as she didn't know what to ask, having forgotten much of... everything and anything not concerning her dear brother, lying asleep in their chamber.

4/17/2017 #5,537
Jericho rolled her eyes, crossing her arms and looking critically at John. While she wasn't entirely opposed to being psycho-analyzed, she believed it to be wholly unnecessary. In fact, given that she was there to hide she didn't feel it necessary to act like a patient. "Don't condescend to me, John. I'm only here because I'm trying to make it to twenty... that is, without being turned into a science experiment, so if you could not do that..." she was hardly concerned with their whole interaction, but she did need some directions. "And since at the moment Luck seems to be MIA, I'm here with nobo- nothing to do." (If I'm not making jokes I'm not doing anything worthwhile)
4/17/2017 #5,538
(Proper line there would be either: "Don't be condescending to me" or simply "don't condescend me" mixing the two makes an un-scripted line. Meaning, a sentence that has no understandable meaning.) "Well ladies, if the two of you believe yourselves to not be patients why don't I lead you out hmm? After all patient or not, being lost in an eternal hallway is likely not something you want to do." John did his best as a doctor to both be polite and strong in his statement. After all having a weak willed doctor wouldn't do anyone good. He started heading back to the door he came from, while James wrote down a note and stuck it on the wall. "Here lies John's humility." It said. With another note below it saying "And my faith in this hospitals security/management"
4/17/2017 #5,539
Kuraimitsu Keita

"Oh, oh! Is that a thing? Is that a thing, for real?" The child repeated in disbelief, her eyes sparkling. She never could leave ever since they relocated her brother there, and that was no fun. "Can I bring my brother, too?"

4/17/2017 #5,540

(I don;t quite know how to reply. I'll kinda fill the void in the mean time.)

"Well as far as I'm concerned I don't care. Where is you brother child? I think if anything, he doesn't exist or is mentally impaired." John says with a sigh. "Either way bring him along, it'll be a way to measure your mental state if he does or doesn't exist. Heck if he does, I'll carry him on my shoulders to make this faster." Looking over his small glasses he tries to judge the girl, but considering all he's seen of her so far is her head, he was limited in what he could understand.

4/19/2017 #5,541
Jericho rolled her eyes at James, shaking her head slightly. "So, John, you said you were supposed to meet with me... does that mean I'm in whatever god forsaken system you use here?" She asked, moving to look him in the eye, frowning while she did. "In any case, I don't like being... recorded." She was unsure about being frank with her feelings, but still she would voice the concern in hopes of not being found.
4/19/2017 #5,542
"Jericho, we aren't recording you. We're recording our halls. If you so decide to wander them then you are subjecting yourself to being filmed. There is always a path, camera-less from the rooms to the councillors office." John chided the girl in front of him. As much as he liked cat girls they were often very feisty and protective. He wished he had a mellow girl beside him who wouldn't ruffle his feathers. Or ruffle his feathers the right way. Either way he was tired of working here. He thought being a psychiatrist for mentality deranged children with special powers would have its share of interesting events. The most he ever got was kids getting lost, or disappearing into the 'Black Room'. The room that nothing comes out of. Unless you're the head Doctor. "Alright children, let's get going. After all, anybody who isn't part of this 'god forsaken system' isn't my responsibility so I can leave them here without a care."
4/20/2017 #5,543
Jericho shook her head quickly, gesturing vaguely when she spoke. "I'm not talking about being recorded in that sense. I mean I'm in here to be hiding, I don't want anything about me out there. It's just not smart." She explained, crossing her arms over her chest and frowning at the small group. She wasn't going to get into an argument about things like this, she just wanted to have some kind of assurance that she was safe from whatever organization was trying to catch up with her.
4/22/2017 #5,544
(I have no idea how I'm supposed to pick up the story to move it along. I was hoping that there would be an update from both of you so I'd have a hook. But sadly I do not.)
4/27/2017 #5,545
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