The Tales of The Heroes
Fable RP anyone? Choose your own hero, and fight to make your name in the world of Albion. What secrets will you uncover? Who will live? Who will die? In the end, your actions shall save or destroy the world we fight in.
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Okay, this is slightly different than Fable 2 but it might follow along the same plotline. I don't know. Basically, it follows the new heroes of Albion 500 years after the previous roleplays in this forum.

12/21/2008 #1
Demon King Francis

(what do you say we contact the others and see if they will join)

12/21/2008 #2

(OOC: That sounds cool. Who should I invite?)

12/21/2008 . Edited 12/21/2008 #3

Things had changed immensely in the last 500 years in the land of albion. The Sky pirates guild had been disbanded and the original leaders had died, leaving only their descendants to fuck up or greatly help the world.

Two of which being Irou and Hyaou. These two were descended from the half dragon Jax and both were polar opposites. Irou, at a young age had managed to buy up all the gypsy camp in bowerlake. He kept the rent for every caravan he owned low, allowing the gypsie's small economy to stay a float. He made 98 gold every day from the whole camp, which was rather good seeing as how their economy stunk.

Hyaou ran the leper's arms pub in Bloodstone. He makes an honest living seeing as how the thugs can't live with out there alchohol.

(Plot pitch.)

Lucien laid at the bottom of the heart of the spire. He wasn't dead, but he was barely living. The blasted fourth hero had shot him and he had fallen so far down, it was most likely that no one would find him. His dreams of creating a pefect world, ressurrecting his wife and daughter were dashed in a single gunshot.

"Everything, I have done. It was for nothing? I worked so hard to rebuild the spire. Did everything in my power and I was beaten by a hero and a goddamn music box!!!!!!!" Lucien shouted at the bottom where his broken body laid.

"So this is how it ends for me. I die alone at the bottom of my greatest downfall, broken and alone." Lucien spoke.

However Lucien wasn't alone.

A white mask was hanging on the wall of the bottom of the spire had listened to what Lucien had said.

"So your just going to give up?" The mask voiced from its spot.

"Who's there?" Lucien asked, scared tha he had taken on a concussion.

"Its me you old fool." The mask spoke.

Lucien looked up and saw the mask hanging.

"who or what are you?"Lucien asked in aww.

"I believe you may call me Jack. Jack of Blades."

(End plot pitch.)

(Theres my rp idea. Lucien survived and found Jack's mask. I'll let you guys figure the rest out. Toodles.)

12/21/2008 #4
Demon King Francis

Jack sat at a table in the Leper's arms surrounded by a group of bandits and sitting across from a bandit leader. They both grabbed a mug of beer and began to chug away the others chanting "Chug chug chug!" until Jack finished his glass and placed it on his head the bandits cheering. "Looks I win Lazy eye" he said as the lazy eyed bandit sulked "Fine we'll release our slaves....but we still don't have to read books" "Deal" Jack agreed as the bandits cheered, Jack wobbling his way toward Hyaou and leaned on the bar, dizzy with booze. "hey bartender gimme another drink....and don't day I'v had enough because I'm the great great very great grandson of the thief king Jack Rodgers....excuse me" he said as he leaned to the side and vomited all over the ground.

12/21/2008 #5

Hyaou's left eye twitched in irritatiton. He'll admit the gold he made running this pub was good, but the vomit was crossing the line.

"Oh come on man, I'm trying to run a respectable business. And tonight is ladies night. Can't have the good looking ones run out at the smell of vomit." Hyaou spoke as he got and thing of saw dust and spread ito ver the vomit. He chugged some fluid from a flask, got a match and breathed out, set the voimt on fire destroying it.

"Next time that happens. and your the one who did it. Your the one who's gonna clean it up." Hyaou spoke.

The clock chimed at 6:30 meaning the skinny lady thugs, prostitiues and skinny village women would be coming in for drinks.

"Alright guys, tonight is ladies night. Show the girls who come in respect. And no ass pinching or grabbing. I got 13 complaints last time and I don't feel like dealing with sober, bitchy thuggish women."Hyaou spoke before the girls began coming and Hyaou began serving drinks at a rapid pace.

12/21/2008 #6

Doran sat on the docks of Bloodstone, for all appearances gazing out into sea. He was however, deep in conversation with his resident demon, which he had inherited from his ancestors. He shook his head as he and Skorm argued.

"I'm telling you for the last time, we're not eating the golden carrot. Churns my stomach a bit," Skorm told his host.

'If it churns your stomach, it must have some of the good properties that vendor was bragging about,' Doran thought back, "But if it makes you feel better, I'll just keep it on me.'

"You should show me more respect. It's thanks to me that you were born. I made sure your ancestors had good sex lives so I can get a new host before my current one dies," Skorm told him gruffly.

'I do not need to know about that,' the boy told his guest with a shudder, 'Anyway, you said you felt something.'

Skorm was about to reply but Doran heard footsteps behind him, instincttively Doran rolled the side to avoid a pistol shot and sent a fireball at his assailant, killing him instantly. He studied his attacker wryly and said aloud, "Typical cutthroat. It's a pity they tend to sneak up on us when we're talking."

"They're fun to kill though," Skorm told him happily.

12/21/2008 #7

Anyone going to post?

12/22/2008 #8
Demon King Francis

Jack stumbled his way from the bar up next to Doran and sat down next to him, stairing out at the sea. "God I wonder what kind of adventures great grandad Jack had out there....not trapped on this hunk of land called Albion....I even herd he was friends with a kid who had the god scorm inside of what a lucky guy." he said before leaning back on the dock and looking up at the sky. "So much I don't know about him....or my great great gandmother Amy" he said before seeing the dead cutthroat "What happened to him?"

12/22/2008 . Edited 12/22/2008 #9

"Hmm... There's something familiar, about this guy," Skorm commented in Doran's head.

Doran raised an eyebrow at the man next to him, "You believe in Skorm? Most people are either worshipping a light shining through a window, or a shadow underneath their bed."

"Simply no appreciation. I work hard to smite and set all matter of afflictions upon the world while the Old Man does his healing and blessings. Then, we are replaced by shadows and lights!" Skorm raged, "I WANT TO SMITE THOSE TWO TEMPLES SO BADLY!!!!!!!!!!"

Doran rubbed his head as he felt it ache and muttered in annoyance, "Calm down. We'll get to that someday."

12/22/2008 #10
Demon King Francis

Jack looked over at Doran as he rubbed his head. "What's wrong with you?....what's your name anyway? I'm Jack the soon to be famous thief king just like my grandfather. Oh and yes I do believ he existed and was a very evil god....seems pretty dumb to have two powerful gods replaced by light and dark withoug form. Sometimes I just want to burn both those temples down to the ground"

12/22/2008 #11

"Ah. I should have known the spawn of Jack survived," Skorm commented.

"I'm Doran," the teenager introduced himself, "And I happen to be sharing my body with a god that is more annoying than evil. And I heard of Jack. He sounded like a drunk bandit that got himself into random adventures, taking my grandparents with him."

12/22/2008 #12
Demon King Francis

Jack nodded his head. "Sounds like Grandad alright. Well I wouldent want to do his memory wrong so.....wanna go on a random adventure?" he asked, standing up and shakeing himself sober.

12/22/2008 #13

Hyaou cleaned a glass as he listened to the two with his back turned to them. He kenw of who the two spoke of. He himself was the grandson of Jax. The half-dragon mage. He would never tell the two who he was. From what he recalled Grandpa Jax got into many adventures that often were wierd.

12/22/2008 #14

Doran raised an eyebrow and shook his head, "I just told you have the god Skorm within me and not only are you not surprised, but you want to go on a random adventure?" He sniffed and said accusingly, "And you're drunk!"

"Typical Jack," Skorm commented, "And I am not annoying! I'm pure evil!!!

'Just keep telling yourself that,' Doran thought with a smirk.

12/22/2008 #15
Demon King Francis

Jack glared. "hey I WAS drunk. And yeah I don't even care you have a dark god in you what about it? And yes I have always wanted to do something random and adventures ever since I got out of my parents house."

12/22/2008 #16

"I see. Sorry. Skorm does feel like destroying the Temples of Light and Shadows," Doran said with a shrug before getting out his goldenn carrot, "Well, I'll need energy for this."

"Don't you dare put that thing in our body!" Skorm shouted in his mind as Doran took a bite of it. He suddently felt very strange as a wholesome force entered his body. He shuddered as Light and Dark Will swirled around him, "This is strange...

Within his mind, a man dressed in dark robes with glowing red eyes and a bow strapped to his back glared at an old man sitting across from him, "I hate you old man. You never leave me alone."

The old man had long white hair wrapped in a ponytail with bright blue eyes, a halo, and was dressed in brilliant bright white robes. Smiling contentedly, he twirled a white staff absentmindedly, "No you don't. Besides, even I didn't know I'd end up in of your hosts."

"Well this body is mine! Get out!" Skorm yelled at him.

"You know I can't do that anymore than you can do so yourself," the old man told him patiently, "And it's neither my body nor yours. It's the mortal's."

Doran frowned as the Will around him disipated. He groaned, "My head hurts."

12/22/2008 #17
Demon King Francis

Jack pulled out a pain relieving potion and tossed it to Doran "well chug this down or some rum and you'll be fine I got crap to steal and not a lot of time to steal it in." he said as a man stumbled towards them. "I w-wouldent go out of there if I were you....Balverines are acting up like crazy....they....k-killed me..." he said before falling dead, his back slashed wide open. "Well you shouldent have pissed them off damn it!" Jack shouted, kicking the mans head and takeing his wallet.

12/22/2008 #18

As the two gods argued amongst themselves Doran rolled his eyes at Jack's actions, "How respectful of you, Jack. Stealig a deadman's wallet."

12/22/2008 #19
Demon King Francis

Jack chuckled. "What? He aint gonna use it anymore and by the looks of him he has NO solid wife and lagitimat kids. So nobody else will need this more than us."

12/22/2008 #20

"I like the guy more and more already," Skorm commented.

"He steals from the dead. Of course you would like him," Avo said.

'Who are you supposed to be?' Doran asked, 'And how'd you get in my head.'

"I'm Avo," came the good god's reply, "I used my powers to inhabit a golden carrot so I could gain an Avatar. You hate it."

"Whatever you say Jack. Oh, and it seems that Avo's spirit was in that golden carrot that caused the Will to swirl around me, thanks for your concern, by the way," Doran said with a sigh, "Why do I get the feeling I'm going to develop psychological problems?"

12/22/2008 #21
Demon King Francis

Jack shrugged. "well haveing any voice in your head is messed up but having two? Your guaranteed to have a mental problem at one point or another it's inevitable"

12/22/2008 #22

"Well, he better pay rent like Skorm does. Will power and knowledge," Doran told him with a shrug.

"How disrespectful. I'm surprised Skorm's held his temper for this long," Avo commented in amusement.

"I hate you old man..." the god of evil muttered, "Doesn't anything get you mad?"

"Some things," the god of good told him with a shrug.

"Yep, I'm going to go insane," Doran said aloud.

"Some people would give their right hand for this privilige you know," both told him at the same time.

Doran spoke, ignorig the voices, "So what kind of adventure do you have in mind?"

12/22/2008 #23
Demon King Francis

Jack shrugged. "No idea that's the fun of it. Let's go see what's got the balverines so angry."

12/22/2008 #24

"Okay, sounds good to me," Doran said as the voices faded from his head for the moment, "Where are we going? The Howling Halls?"

12/22/2008 #25
Demon King Francis

Jack shrugged. "Sure I don't really care where we go as long as we have something to do." he said, turning toward the howling halls.

12/22/2008 #26

Doran nodded and followed Jack, "Lead the way. I don't exactly know the way. I came here by ship."

12/22/2008 . Edited 12/22/2008 #27
Demon King Francis

Jack nodded. "Ok but I'm not entirely sure of the land anymore....being around here for so long makes a guy forget the land." he said as he continued on his way.

12/22/2008 #28

"And that has nothing to do with the alcohol you consumed," Doran smiled wryly.

"Don't bash the alcohol," Skorm said, "That's my best invention."

"You didn't event it. I invented it," Avo said indignantly.

"You just invented wine. I invented hard liquor," Skorm told him.

"Fine, you both invented it!" Doran shouted irritatedly. He frowned, "Oh, sorry Jack. Skorm and Avo are arguing on which one of them invented alcohol."

12/22/2008 #29
Demon King Francis

Jack laughed "well tell them that I could give a damn which one made it I think it all tastes good." he said before a faint whimper/growl was herd. "shhh" Jack said as he edged his way to a patch of bushes. Spreading them apart he revealed a wounded she-balverine that was holding it's leg and whimpering, looking up at him with an almost pleading look in it's eyes.

"Help me my leg hurts so bad." she whimpered as she moved her paws, a perfectly round wound shoing in her thigh.

"Doran do you have any bandages? I have some booze I can use to steralize her wound but that won't be enough. She seems to be shot and I need to remove the bullet or she will die"

12/22/2008 #30
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