The Tales of The Heroes
Fable RP anyone? Choose your own hero, and fight to make your name in the world of Albion. What secrets will you uncover? Who will live? Who will die? In the end, your actions shall save or destroy the world we fight in.
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Doran smirked,"Well, I don't know...." He waited for a few minutes before speaking again, "Elizabeth! Let him go!"

2/16/2009 #61
Demon King Francis

"No he's my huggly snuggly human!" Elizabeth shouted back at Doran as she hid amung the debree of the halls and hugged Jack who was flailing his legs like a chibi. (just an outside refrense)

2/16/2009 #62

"I don't think he wants to be, though," Doran told Elizabeth, "You're sort of... holding him prisoner."

2/16/2009 #63
Demon King Francis

"Really? Is that true Jackie?" Elizabeth said as she dropped Jack who looked at her. "Well.......I mean I herd about geat grandad Jack and his relationship with a balverine but.....neh....I dunno." he said as Elizabeth staired puppy eyes at him. "Don't do that Lizzie it's making me feel.....guilty." "pweeze?" Lizzie asked as she nudged Jack with her nose. "Oh.....okay what the hell." Jack said with a blush. "YAY!!!!" Lizzie cheered as he grabbed Jack again and ran back to the others, huggling him more. "well today has been.....strange." Jack said with a sigh.

2/16/2009 #64

Doran had a disgusted look on his face, "Definitely. The strangest day I've ever had."

2/16/2009 #65
Demon King Francis

"Aww lighten up kid! This isn't as strange as that grave keeper I herd about once. You herd what he did to that dead body right?" Jack said with a smile before he felt a pang....."The Bowerstone Cemetary.....great grandad is buried there.....someone's there....I can feel it"

2/16/2009 #66

Hyaou had left bowerston and gone to wraithmarsh, hoping to explore Twinblades crypt. As he made his way through the much and the swam, a banshy appeared. It's roar was like that of nails on a chalkboard and it summoned its deformed children to fight.

"I could use target practice." Hyaou spoke getting his steel blunderbust ready which had been augmented with kilowatt and golden touch augment.

"Time to make poppa some money." He spoke,as he fired it off at close range,killing each one at a time.

2/16/2009 #67
Demon King Francis

Jack stood up from Lizzie's grasp and began to walk off toward bowerstone. It was almost like he was a puppet being led on strings.

2/16/2009 #68

"Jack?" Doran asked, a bit confused at his zombie-like behavior, "Where are you going?"

2/16/2009 #69
Demon King Francis

Jack said nothing, he only kept walking, humming a small tune. "despite the lies that you're making....your love is mine for the love is just waiting to turn your tears to roses" he mumbled in a quiet song, almost as if forced to.....he continued to walk as if being pulled along by strings. For some reason his heart was calling out to him to go to the graveyard....someone was visiting his grandad....somebody very...very old. (OOC: just gotta love outside refrences)

2/16/2009 . Edited 2/16/2009 #70

"Jack! What are you doing now?" Doran shouted, confused about what was happening to his friend.

"It's some kind of magic," Skorm commented thoughtfully, "If you want to protect him, I suggest you follow him."

Doran sighed to himself and asked, "So, how far is Bowerstone?"

2/16/2009 #71
Demon King Francis

Lizzie thought. "umm...umm uh.....about a few days by walk...." she said with a sorry look. Suddenly a raven landed on Jack's shoulder....then a second....then another and another...soon they began to flap, slowly lifting him from the ground as he went limp, still whispering the song.

2/16/2009 #72

"Now what?" Doran asked himself, waving away at the birds. He directed this at Skorm but the spirit remained silent. He had a bad feeling about this.

2/16/2009 #73
Demon King Francis

Jack continued to stumble as he walked, going at a slow pace. Suddenly Lizzie picked up a now limp Jack in her arms "well we had better go to the cemetary to see what's what." she said as she grabbed Doran and bounded off to the cemetary.

(a few hours later)

Lizzie dropped both Jack and Doran near the cemetary and hid. "sorry I can't be seen or else people panic." she said as Jack continued to stumble his way into the graveyard, his strides bigger now. Almost a slow run.

2/16/2009 #74
Fishy Crackers

Mune pulled himself back onto the bridge, stretching for a few seconds before heading out. See earlier when he was just about to settle on Balverine hunting, in desperation of something to do, he realised something about Westcliff, the only path leading there was by boat, unless you felt like going toe to toe with some Balverines, so if he could jus tcut down a good number of trees he'd probably be seen as a hero.

Putting away his rifle, he headed out of Bowerstone and on the road to Oakfield, hoping to find an axe there. If nothing else one of the local woodcutters wont miss theirs.

2/16/2009 #75

Doran nodded at Elizabeth in understanding. He followed Jack, asking quietly, feeling a bit spooked by the graveyard, "Where's your great-grandfather buried?"

2/16/2009 #76
Demon King Francis

Jack looked toward a grave, a hooded figure seemed to be floating above it. Suddenly a spirit rose from the grave, the ghost had a decent beard, neatly parted hair and shiny glasses. Embracing the hooded figure he let out a ghostly sigh. "It's good to see you again Death my dear. I'v missed you greatly."

"And I've missed you too Jack....why is it your spirit won't rest though?" The hooded figure asked in a feminen voice.

"I have come to give my Great grandson a few gifts." the original Jack said with a smile at the new Jack. "It seems that Shadow's song had lured him here....he does need a new host doesn't he?....come here my grand-son" Old Jack spoke. As Yongue Jack stepped forward, the hooded figure turned to see him.

"He looks exactly like you did at that age." she giggled under her hood, as a black snake shadow tried to slither into him, only to be stopped by Old Jack. "No no. He's not for you to have....take these my kin" Old Jack said, tossing a charm bracelet and a katana. "For now you can only use the Thief charm, that will make you invisible for a short while. But be NOT use the darkness charm, you will regret ever living if you do....Death?"

"Hm?" the hooded figure responded. "I want you to watch this yongue land lubber, make sure he doesn't get into too much trouble....until then...he's all yours Shadow" Old Jack said releasing the snake, which quickly slithered into Yongue Jack. "Ahhhh....home." a voice hissed. "Now Death....we an be together once again." Old Jack said as he embraced the hooded figure, and they both disappeared.

2/16/2009 #77

Doran raised an eyebrow at the scene and shook his head, "You are one strange thief, Jack."

2/17/2009 #78
Demon King Francis

Jack shook out of his trance. "Yeah but you should have seen Grandad....they say he was lovers with death.....what happened to me anyway?" he asked as a strange voice hissed out. "It's good to see you again Skorm....I take it you haven't forgotten little old me now have you?"

2/17/2009 #79

"No. I haven't. Thought you were dead," Doran said in Skorm's voice, "Your hosts aren't really that smart."

2/17/2009 #80
Demon King Francis

"I have a nasty habit of not dying so easily" Jack said back in Shadow's hiss. "the old Jack might not have been so smart but this one can't possibly be as dumb as he was I mean that loser fell for a..." Shadow stopped cold as he spotted Lizzie in the bushes. "um....never mind"

2/17/2009 #81

Skorm shook Doran's head in pity, "That is why I pick intelligent humans to be my hosts. They prove less annoying."

2/17/2009 #82
Demon King Francis

Shadow sighed. "At least he's not an alco-" "you guys got any rum? I could use some rum...rum rum rum rum rum rum rum." Jack said very fast as he walked around. "Oh (insert gods name here) why me!?" shadow wheeped.

2/17/2009 #83

"The Old Man is probably laughing it up, wherever he is," Skorm commented dryly with Doran's mouth, "He's the type to find this amusing."

2/17/2009 #84
Demon King Francis

Jack looked around. "Well.......what now?.......wanna go grab a drink back in town? I'm buying" he said as Lizzie poked her head out of the bushes. "But what about-" "If the towns people don't like the fact that I'm with a Balverine then they can answer to me."

2/17/2009 #85

"I find it sick, just to get it out there," Doran said, regaining control of himself, "People might not mind in Old Town. The lawless slum that place has become won't have that many complaining."

2/17/2009 #86
Demon King Francis

"Well it's good you can express yourself but your great grandfather didn't have a problem when MY great grandad did it....or so I herd." Jack said as he walked through old town, toward the market and the cow and corset.

2/17/2009 #87

"That was when the balverine took human form," Skorm commented, using Doran's mouth to communicate. Doran scowled, "I hate it when he does that. My voice goes all deep and my Will lines go red."

2/17/2009 #88
Demon King Francis

"A very valid point" Jack said as he walked into the market and imidiately recieved strange looks and glares. "Oy! What's your game? Having an evil creature like that following you around!?" "Ah piss off you sodding pile of dog slobber!" Jack shouted back, drop kicking a rather fancy dressed man, his hat falling off and being quickly snatched up by Jack. "It's your hat this time it's your wallet!." he said as he walked into the bar. "Oy no dogs allowed!" the bar tender laughed as he looked at Lizzie who blushed deeply. "You'll watch your tongue unless you want to snort a whole glass of oakfield sour." Jack growled at the bar man who quickly looked away.

2/17/2009 #89

Skorm shook his head at Jack's antics. He ordered a bear and took a seat across from a Game Master to play a game of Fortune's Tower. He smiled when he saw that he got three 1's in the third row. He gripped the lucky charm augment in his pocket. He truly loved Will. He spoke idly, "I wonder how much of a hangover old Jack is going to have tomorrow."

2/17/2009 #90
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