The Tales of The Heroes
Fable RP anyone? Choose your own hero, and fight to make your name in the world of Albion. What secrets will you uncover? Who will live? Who will die? In the end, your actions shall save or destroy the world we fight in.
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Gone and Gone

(Mind if I join?)

Name: Judith Aaron


Gender: Female

Alignment: Mostly Neutral

Brief History: A traveller and Sailor who once was a pirate, until her ship was shot down by a group of do gooders who believed that pirates were all bad. She now takes to the roads and sea, enjoying her life while trying to earn enough gold to rebuild her old ship and get her crew back together, along with paying off her gambling debts and bar tabs.

Brief Discription: A tall woman who is slightly muslced, she has long, curly red hair. She wears the explorer outfit(Fable 2) along with a highway mens hat, all of which is coloured with light and dark blue as well as white.

6/14/2009 . Edited 6/20/2009 #151
Demon King Francis

(sure, I don't mind if you join ^^)

6/14/2009 #152
Gone and Gone

"Just my rotten luck!" Judith seethed. "No food...."

She had been trying to get a job, anything. She had tried barkeeping, but failed, since she drank too much and no one needed a hunter at that moment.

6/15/2009 #153
Demon King Francis

Jack had handed his wounded friend off to the others. "Doran you get this guy to safty....I'm gonna go back and pay our debt." he said as he turned and walked back to town. On the way there he saw Judith. "Hello here...I'm Jack and you are?" he asked politely as he held out his hand.

6/15/2009 #154

Doran nodded, "As you wish." He turned to the wounded friend of Jack's, "Follow me." With that said, he headed towards the gate that led towards Oakfield.

6/15/2009 #155
Gone and Gone

"I'm have any work for a hunter?" She asked.

6/16/2009 #156
Demon King Francis

Jack thought. "Maybe not work exactly but it'll get you paid....and room and food is free. How does that sound?"

6/16/2009 #157
Gone and Gone

Judith blinked, smiled and hugged Jack.

"You wont regret this!"

6/17/2009 #158
Demon King Francis

Jack jumped a little bit but slowly hugged Judith back, patting the back of her head. "I'm sure I won't....I just hope you don' can run fast can't you?"

6/17/2009 #159
Gone and Gone

"Sure I can! Hey, I've outrun a pack of hobbies before....but I guess that don't say much, those things are dumb as rocks." Judith laughed slightly. "But I can fight too."

6/19/2009 #160
Demon King Francis

"Good. Now can you....Dance?" Jack asked before he did a complicated spin while he drew his sword and slashed a guard that was running up behind Judith before holding out his hand to her as a few other guards stumbled a little in suprize. "care to dance Madam?" Jack offered with a slight accent in his voice.

6/19/2009 #161
Fable Dude

(Care if I join? If so, can you bring me up to speed on what's happening so far?)

Russell Sat in a chair at the sandgoose in oakfield. He pullled out his Dragon Stomper 45. and said, "I sure am glad Reaver decided to spare me.....either that or he hasn't found me yet." he sipped from his mug....he belched and stood up. "Put it on my tab!" he yelled as he walked out. He twirled his pistol around on his index finger as he trotted along. His destination....well, he really hadn't figured that out, yet, but walking around oakfield aimlessly was better than setting at the bar, bored.

6/19/2009 #162
Gone and Gone

"Why thank you good sir." Judith took his hand, her voice sounding more refined and polite.

6/20/2009 #163
Demon King Francis

(sure dude you can join. Basically Lucien appeared in the sky wearing Jack of Blade's mask and my character and Doran are on the run from bowerstone after Jack (me ^^) killed a couple hundred guards for trying to kill the balverine that has fallen in love with him)

Jack smiled as he spun Judith and himself around in graceful circles before he popped a knife out of his free hands sleeve and threw it into a Guards chest before he placed it on Judith's hip and continued to waltz.

6/20/2009 #164
Gone and Gone

(How many OCs are we each allowed??)

Judith smiled lightly.

"Well, you have very good aim..and you can dance, a rare thing in a man."

6/20/2009 #165
Demon King Francis

(as many as you want as long as you can maintain them all)

"Well I AM a rare man after all." Jack said with a smile. "And I must say that you are quite kind, and graceful. Nothing like the other women who just seem to repeat themselves all day. I'd have to say your very rare also."

6/20/2009 #166
Gone and Gone

"It's good of you to say." Judith drew her gun and fired at one of the guards. "But I do believe we should get going."

(Thanks, I'll make my new once in a few)

6/20/2009 #167
Gone and Gone

Last OC

Name: Flower



Alignment: Good

Brief History: A nearly mute woman who has no memory of her past. She joined the temple of light ten years ago after a travelling monk found her near Westcliff. She has been helping the monks. She uses mainly magic and crossbows.

Brief Discription: A slender woman who seems slightly thin. Half of her face is covered in rags, to hide the burns that are there. She wears rags over her legs and arms and a long monks robe and gloves. She carries a sword with her at all times, to ward off attackers. Her hair is long and black and her eye(s) is green, her skin is slightly tan but still has signs of burns.

6/20/2009 . Edited 6/20/2009 #168
Demon King Francis

"I couldent agree more." Jack said as he drew his clockwork pistol and fired five shots at the guards before reloading and in one motion swept Judith off of her feet and into his arms and spun around and took off at a speed that would have made the Bandit Dash proud.

6/20/2009 #169
Gone and Gone

Judith looked at Jack, rolling her eyes slightly.

"I can walk on my own sir." She stated, laughing slightly.

Nearby, a monk was walking towards them.

6/20/2009 #170
Demon King Francis

"I know you can walk on your own but there is nary a person who can run faster than the thief Jack Rodgers the seventh" he said before skidding to a stop just in front of the monk and set Judith on her feet. "Well I have to say we got a good start on those guards....they should have stopped chasing us by now."

6/20/2009 #171
Gone and Gone

"I guess they must have given up." Judith stated, smiling at Jack. "So what's our next plan?"

" two....leave?" The monk asked.

6/20/2009 #172
Demon King Francis

"Well we need to meet up with my buddy Doran up ahead, and then....I guess we're gonna wing it from there. Just roam around and let adventure find us." He said before looking at the Monk. "We could.....but the question is Will we?"

6/20/2009 #173

"I think I'm lost." Hyao spoke as he walked through wraithmarsh. "This doesn't look a thing like rookridge." Hyao checked his map, but then realized something.

"Oh, its upside down." Suddenly an elder hollow man appeared and without taking his eyes off the map Hyaou disarmed the leder skeleton of both its weapons using his turret pistol.

The elder looked at Hyao angrily. Hyao's response: "What you gonna do?"

The elder ran at Hyao with its fists clenched.

Hyaon sighed before shooting the skeletal being in the crotch. The skeleton collapsed but Hyao swore he heard on the wind. 'Damn you!'

6/20/2009 #174
Gone and Gone

The monk glanced at Jack revealing a face that was half cover in rags.

"Please?....we trouble." The monks voice sounded sore and as if it were painful for her to talk.

Judith nodded to Jack, then turned to the Monk. "We're not planning on causing any problems for you."

6/20/2009 #175
Demon King Francis

Jack nodded when he saw the girls face. "I'm truly sorry, we mean no trouble for you and we promise that we will leave as soon as we're rested."

6/20/2009 #176

Doran frowned when he saw Jack talking to two girls. His expression softened when he saw the girl's face, "Are you okay?"

6/20/2009 #177
Gone and Gone

Flower nodded to both Doran and Jack.

"I understand." She said to Jack and then smiled to Doran. "I'm....fine."

Judith looked at Flower.

"I take it you're with the temple of light?"

6/21/2009 #178
Demon King Francis

Jack smiled. "ahh the temple of light, I find it odd that one has to pay out of their own pocket to be forgiven.....that's just as hollow as the temple of Avo was."

6/21/2009 #179
Gone and Gone

"...It's all I have." Flower murmured.

"Hey, watch it mister!" Judith stated, "there are far worse then Avo."

6/21/2009 #180
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