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I'm in a mood to rant about what I see in the Outsiders fandom, so here it is.

1. I see a lot of so called "original" names for the Mary Sues that are like actually either not creative and repeated a lot (Lollipop, Kit-Kat, Skittles, and so on...), or totally out of their time.( Zoey, Bethany, Brittany, and so on...) I know that the authors like may enjoy some of these names, but they should be somewhat realistic. Also, I highly doubt that Darrel Curtis and Mrs.Curtis would name their "daughter" Lollipop, even if there had been a daughter.

2. Every single day there seems to be a new Mary-Sue story. Like for example: Dallas little sister comes from New York to stay with him, after their relative or parent hits her or something. Two-Bit, Soda, Johnny, and Pony all fall in love with her. Who will she choose? Ugg! I actually sometime skim them but sadly I don't find much of them too intresting because its been most likely done before. If they throw in a plot twist, like if Ponyboy became ill with something, or Dallas ends up in jail again, I'll read that story or stories. But until then, I'll stick to the stories mostly about the main people involved. Although, sometimes I find a cool somewhat Mary-Sue story and I enjoy it, but other times, It really doesn't seem like a good story, at least to me.

That's it with my ranting for now. Sorry if I made anyone mad, but this made me feel better a little bit better.


7/8/2011 #1

Absolutely agree with you!

this was posted a couple months ago but, whtevs(:

sapphire sparkle,with her perfect hair and eyes swimming in emotion of an abuse past yada yada yada..

poor little star gemini winston who came to find her brother but found love instead


sugarcane crystal who joins the gang because she is beautiful and the socs are all trying to r*** her...BUL S***

I know that this is fan-fiction but really, is there no imagination anymore?? anybody??

11/28/2011 . Edited 11/28/2011 #2

I was reading a fanfic and the girls name was Ponygirl Curtis

Seriously!? Your that unoriginal!?

I made better OCs when i was five!

4/28/2012 #3
Animated Innovation

First of all...I no this hasn't been talked about in a while..

2nd.... I think I saw that story. That was sad! I mean, some creativity here please! If you really can't think up a name, look for something on the internet, at least!

6/18/2012 #4

Ponygirl? XD I'm about to die from laughter.

But I'm just sick of random girls joining the gang. Like, 'Oh, here's Sue. Dally cares about her, Darry loves her, she's the mother all the boys need, blah, blah, blah.' Random girls aren't going to join the gang and get in rumbles with the guys. It. Won't. Happen.

7/1/2012 #5
I agree. I hate when the girls are the whole gang's best friend. Hey, has anybody ever thought of making someone in the gang NOT like her?! Not Steve, people do it to Steve all the time because he didn't get along with Pony. I'm thinking about that for my story now. I just find it interesting the gang either has to adore her or get along with her. And the worst are when Dally's so OOC to the girl after, like, 10 minutes of knowing her. It's pretty rampid.
7/9/2012 #6

I've never seen one where everyone didn't love her, but it'd be nice.

And people are terrible about keeping Dally IC around their OC's. It takes like two minutes and he'd do anything to protect her because she's just so gash darn lovable XD

7/9/2012 #7
Ohhh, yes. the names are mainly what makes a Mary-sue a Mary-sue. I have seen names like Sunshine, Raindrop, Star, Babygirl, Angel, and Ponygirl (no offense to anyone who uses them, I'm not naming anyone specific:) She's usually had a rough past, but she's "tougher than anyone I know." She usually gets jumped, but beats up the Socs. Everyone wants to be around her, or date her. And her physical descriptions are usually lengthy and flawless. And she's exceedingly talented. Haha :)
12/27/2012 #8
Could you possibly read my story, Trouble in Tulsa, and let me know if you think my OC is a Mary-Sue or not?
7/25/2014 #9
The Maze Writer

Not a sister Curtis's are Mary Sues. Mine isn't.

2/14/2015 #10
It all depends. Some are Mary-Sues and some are good and detailed. It depends on the author. Mary-Sur is basically a self insert
4/1/2015 #11
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