Lines They Wouldn't Say In Ghost Hunt
xD The most hilrious, random things you can think of for the characters of Ghost Hunt to say. What they normally wouldn't say on the show or in the Manga!
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Miss Kitty cHaN
Omg lol Mmm Mai: Why do you think Naru wears black all the time? Bou- san: May he is secretly into Satanic bands? Mai: No. Naru probably doesn't listen to music. Takigaw: Maybe he is mourning the death of his gay lover? Mai (*secretly shocked and horrified*): You think? Naru walks into the office wearing pink (*le gasp*) Mai: His period of mourning has ended! Bou- san: Nooo, my eyes! (They have withstood the sight of a naked Lin, only to be defeated by this!) Naru: I accidentally spilled bleach in the washing maching. (Note: When you spill bleach on black clothes, as I have found out, they turn this nasty pink.) *Silence* Mai: Lin.... Naked.... (O.O) *More silence* Takigawa (to himself): Oops... (That was on odd one....)
1/7/2008 . Edited 1/7/2008 #31
okami no kidzukare
here's one I just thought of. Naru: John can you marry people? John: Yes, of course. Naru: Good.(grabs Mai's hand) Will you marry me? Everyone: O.O (faint) Mai: Haha I was right, pay up Naru. Naru: (grumbles while handing Mai 20$)
1/14/2008 #32
lol that was a funny one :D
1/15/2008 #33
Yasuharu: Naru? Naru: *sigh* Yes, Yasuhara-san? YaSuhara: Could you do me a favor? Naru: *Crosses arms and taps foot impatiently* I suppose.. Yasuhara: *Whips out a pair of tight, black leather speedos and holds them out.* Would you put these on and let me take a few snap shots of your gorgeous bod...I'm a little low on cash at the moment and I know a few friends who'd really appreciate this.. Naru: *Turns around and stalks back to is office* Idiot. Yasuhara: *sighs and pulls out his phone* Hi, Mai. No, he wouldn't do it. Yes, I know how bad you wanted them...I'm sorry. *Shuts phone and looks fearfully at the office door on his right* Now, just to break the news to Lin..
2/7/2008 #34
O.O bad mental images!!!! but that's a funny one! Naru: (hiding in a cornor) Mai: What's up with him? Naru: (whisper) Are they....gone? Madoka: (innocently) All i did was show him my bunny!
2/9/2008 #35
hahaha bunny... Masako: Want to go out to lunch now? Naru: *Sigh* hold on... Masako: ... Mai: ... John: ... Naru, it's been about 7 years now... get over it... Mai and Masako are married now. If I can cope then so can you. Homophobic bastard. Everyone: =O JOhn: What? Lesbians are hot... Takigawa: oh yeahhhhhhhhh! Naru: Fine. *glares at former fangirls* Lin! Come! We're going out! Lin: Finally my wait is over! *dances*
3/16/2008 #36
thats scaaary :P
3/16/2008 #37
that's so weird and creepy...yet hilariously funny and AWESOME! ahahahahaha....ROFL so wrong...yet so, so funny
3/17/2008 #38

GIPPIDYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! All of line-lines were sOooo FUN-FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's something randommy though.... eehee!!! ^_^

Ayako: Naru!

Naru: Ma'am?

Ayako: coffee.

Naru: yes, ma'am... would you like anything else?

Ayako: no, thankyou. Now, leave. I'm busy.

Naru: Suuuure???

Ayako: Yes.

Naru: No beer, cigars, no nothing?

Ayako: No.

Naru: No massage, fancy food, alchohol, hair-cut, french gown, tea, prostitue--

Ayako: NO!

Naru: Okay, coffee it is, then...

4/5/2008 . Edited 4/5/2008 #39
Ruby Shines

Lol. How about this:

Mai: *stares wide eyed at Naru and Lin* What the heck is going on here?!

Naru: *glares* SSSSHHHHH!!!!!

Mai and Naru: *look at Lin up on a stage*

Lin: *swinging shirt above head* HEEEEEEY HEEEEEEYYY I WANNA BE A ROCKSTAAARRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

5/8/2008 #40

*mental image*

thats so hot xD

5/8/2008 #41

ahahahahaha, that's great.....interesting mental image....lmao.....






keep it up

5/8/2008 #42

this is kinda random but ...

John: I want a Pokemon!!!

Masako: o_0'

haha I put it in my story.. '30 Kisses: Ghost Hunt' please read it!!!! XD

5/8/2008 #43

i've got one, although i don't know if it's any funny or not..i put it under the other one in this forum, so u knows...



*Naru comes home to England*

Naru's Mom: We should go see our son---

Naru's Dad: But he just got home, i'm sure he wants to settle in--

*Naru's mom gives 'the look'*

Naru's Dad: ...Lets go visit Naru...

*Naru's mom and dad arrive at his house to see him in the living room with a class of children and Mai*

Naru: Mother?

*Mai looks at Naru.*

Mai: You have a mom?

*Naru rolls eyes*

*Naru's dad looks around the room and decides to step out for a while. For some reason... he didn't think things would bode well for the moment...*

*Naru's mom huffs as she turns to greet her son*

Naru's Mom: Hi, honey! I've just come by for a real quick hello since it's been so long--but i didn't know you taught classes? And this is your assistant right? Oh--could you go get some tea? --I've been really parched lately and I--


Naru: Mother... that isn't my assistant anymore...

Taken aback, Naru's Mom: Huh? Well, alright... if you say so...

Naru: Mother?

Naru's Mom: Yes?

Naru: There's more.

Naru's Mom: Well, what is it? It can't really be that bad...

Naru: I'm not teaching a class.

Naru's Mom: Okay... so who are they?

*Naru gives a very un-Naru like wide-suspecious grin*

Naru: Why, mother, I'd like you to meet my wife Mai, and my twenty-seven kids!!

*Naru's Mom faints*

Naru hands over cash to Mai

Mai: Told you she'd faint

Naru shrugs: Well... it's not like fifteen of them aren't actually ours anyway...

5/8/2008 #44

Masako: I see dead people!

Mai: And?

Masako: to me?

Mai: Right. You're a medium. That's normal for a medium.


Naru: John, go do an exorsism then-

John: THAT'S IT! I've had enough of you! Always do this, do that! Look at Mai!

*Points at Mai who has been making tea on repeat for the past 17 hours.*

John: You've broken Mai!!! You know what this is?

*Holds up small glass bottle*

John: It's holy water! *starts throwing it on Naru who hisses and backs into a dark corner* Yeh! How d'ya like that huh? Yeh! The power of Christ compells you BITCH!!


Mai: Really!!! How many reincarnations of people can I be?

(Taking the piss of the fact Mai is always a reincarnation of someone in every like, 4th fic you read lol)



Yeh.....i'm bored. Dont kill me.

6/13/2008 #45

lol thats funny XD esp the one with masako.

6/13/2008 #46

Short extract from a fic thingy im writing where Mai pretends to be her co-workers:

When Naru turned to Masako and said: "Hara-san. Can you sense anything?" Mai proceeded to jump in front of him - wearing a oversized bathrobe - and closed her eyes before fainting and claiming "There are so many evil and vengeful and cranky spirits here! Hold me Naru!" much to Ayako, Bou-san's and even Johns amusement. Masako didn't look happy at all though.

After a while though, being Masako was boring so Mai wrapped herself in a black curtain - claiming to be Bou-san' - and romantically proposed to Ayako: "Yah wanna mebe go do a lil' summat-summat later baby girl?" Alas, her Bou-san imitation was short lived due to Ayako elbowing her in the stomach and Bou-san lunging at her.

When she was John, she put a yellow rag over her head - for his blonde hair - and walked around throwing her bottle of water over any one and any thing that moved claiming: "Yeh! How do you like that! Yeh that's holy water! The power of Christ compels you!" in a rather poor imitation of his accent, then started yelling 'CRIKEY!' and 'G'DAY MATE!' to anyone walking past.

After a brief stunt of being Ayako, which was actually rather fun as she just wore lots of make up and started talking to the potted plants (Aren't woo the cutest wittle plant! Wes woo are!) she had to stop because the Miko threatened to poke one of her eyes out with her long nails - one eyed Mai? So not fun.

She had lots of fun being a more talkative version of Lin though - he didn't really seem to mind - which basically meant she went around doing non-stop whistling before sending her 'Shiki' - bits of rope she would hit people with - out to maul stuff....mainly Bou-san....but some other stuff too. (But mainly Bou-san.)

She came to a halt when Mr Grumpy Pants aka the high and mighty Naru, wouldn't lend her his black coat and little note book to be him. So she settled with copying everything he said - with her own additions of course.

"Stop that." (Stop that. Myhairneedsmoregel)

"Stop that." (Stop that! IlovemyselflookathowprettyIam!)

"Mai..." (Mai. Doyouthinkitwouldbepossibletohavemyownbabies?)

"Mai. I swear if you don't-" (I'm putting on my serious face. See? Very serious. This is my serious face. Do you notice how serious my face is? It's very, very serious. In fact if I was any more serious I'd be called Serious McSerious and live in Seriousville with a dog called seriou-)

"MAI! Shut. Up!"

She was tempted to yelled 'Mai! Like totally shut up! Kawaii!!!!!' In an extremely high pitched and girly scream but stopped herself as she noticed that nasty vain on his forehead that appeared when he was about to kill something. Or Mai. Mainly Mai actually.


6/16/2008 . Edited 6/16/2008 #47

A la Moulin Rouge:

*everyone talks noisily in the lounge area*

Naru: Everyone. This is not a cafe. *is ignored* Get out of my office. *no one hears him.* ...*pouts* Please? *no one even sees him* Sigh...Ahem. THE HIIIILLS ARE ALIIIIIIIVE, WITH THE SOUND OF MUUUUUSIIIIIC!

Silence. 0_0

Mai: Did Naru just...sing?

Ayako:...and quite well too.

Bou-san: Wow, Naru, you should join our band!

Yasuhara: Bravo! Bravo! *applauds enthusiastically*

Naru: *GLARE*

Everyone: *sweatdrop*

6/29/2008 #48

Bou-san: *trying to put some piece of equipment in the van* it...won'!

Naru: *smirks* That's what she said.

12/24/2008 #49

Yes that's awesome...especially since i have no clue how that van continues to hold all that crap

here's a random one

Mai: Lin, would like anything to drink? Tea?

Lin: No tea...But Mai?

Mai: Yes?

Lin: I would like a skinny triple venti caramel macciato with two splenda, no whipped cream and it must be shaken before being put inside a cup...

3/3/2009 #50
Shinigami's Lullaby

These are all really funny! Would this work?


"Naru, tea!" Mai deadpanned, "And didn't I tell you? You must wear the office uniform. I can hardly keep any semblance of order around here as it is!"

"Yes ma'am, sorry ma'am." Naru bowed his head and prayed Mai would accept his apology, and not force him to wear that...that thing.

"Naru..." Mai said warningly, "What good is an assistant if he doesn't assist? Do you want me to make Lin come up here and smack you?"

The black haired teen sighed, ever since Mai had (by means not appropriate to mention in current company) become manager, he had been made the lowly assistant, and Lin demoted to security guard.

"No ma'am."

"Now put it on!" Mai held out the piece of clothing. Naru took it, shuddering.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Ayako helped me with the size. She really does wonders as my new seamstress. And Masako is doing pretty well as her assistant. Although, she always glares at me when I call her that."

"Heh." Naru laughed nervously as he tied the offending pink clothing article around his waist. A fluffy, pink heart graced the front of his brand new apron.

"Lovely." Mai snapped a few pictures with her digital camera, "Now get me copies of these, and mail them to everyone we know. I'll know if you don't do it."

And so he did. Not willingly of course. But, even Madoka dared not go against her majesty Mai Taniyama.



3/30/2009 #51

O_O ....

lol ?

7/6/2009 #52
Llamas Are Sexy

Lulz0rs xDDDD I got one


Lin: *snickers at Bousan*

Bousan: O_O WTH




8/20/2009 #53
Llamas Are Sexy




Lin: tch. I ber you do.

Chad Kroeger: *sad face* yeah...

Naru and Mai: *fangirl scream* WE LOVE YOU LIN

Lin: *sunglasses on and pimpwalks around* I know 8]

Chad Kroeger: *looks at them and sighs wistfully*

8/20/2009 #54
Llamas Are Sexy

Lol. John's from australia, isn't he?

8/20/2009 #55
Llamas Are Sexy

aaaaand just one more xD. This one might be a bit too "RATED R". Yooz been warned!


Takigawa: I'm gonna take a pic of my pen0r and post it online

Mai: Maybe you shoudn't...

Ayako: Yeah, maybe you shouldn't...

Takigawa: Yeah, maybe I shouldn't...

8/20/2009 #56
Golden Wattle

O.O glad he didn't....

NARU: It is an honour to be despised by fools...

(MAI leaves)

LIN: *mutters* Says the biggest fool of them all....

9/4/2009 . Edited 9/4/2009 #57

Lol- so he is the King of Fools

Okay- heres one.

Mai:Hey guys I have an anouncement *Everyone in the living area of SPR turns to her, except for Naru who was deep in the abyss called his office*

Ayako:What is it Mai?

Mai: *Grins and whispers barely audibly* I'm Pregnant

Naru: WHAT!!!!! *Pushes desk over and kicks open the door*

Everyone: *Sweatdrops at seeing angry Naru*

Naru: Who is the father, I'll kill him! *Balls up fists and a supreme overlord cloud forms over his head*

Mai: Yasuhara *points to Yasu."

Yasu: Me?! *Thinks- but we never did anything!*

Naru:*Death Glare*

Yasuhara: *Tries to run*

Naru: *Grabs Yasuhara by the collar of his shirt and begins to drag him to his office.*

Yasuhara: B-but it wasn't m-me!! *Clawing for life on the ground*

Naru:*Slams door loudly*

John: Er- Mai, are you really..,

Mai:Nope *Walks over to Lin and Monk* That will be 5,000 yen from the both of you.

Monk: *Reaches in pocket madly* I knew I shouldn't have made that bet!

6/14/2010 . Edited 6/14/2010 #58

lol, hes right to regret that bet.

Heres one of mine -

Monk: Hey Lin-San bet you can't hook Mai up with Naru.

Lin : -smirks slightly- And if I do?

Monk: I'll give you 10,000 yen. And if you lose?

Lin: -blank face- I'll date Mai for a week.

Monk: Deal?

Lin: Deal

-Later in office-

Naru- Lin where's Mai isn't she here yet?

Lin- I don't know, but I did hear Taniyama - san taling about a date with a guy.


Office door opens and closes.

Mai - Sorry I'm...* receives glare*Late...*gulp*

Naru- And where have you been

Mai- well- *Lin Trips Naru up as he walked towards Mai.

Naru lands on Mai and their lips meet.

Monk walks in


6/20/2010 #59

LMAO!! COULDNT stop laughing..

what about this one


Mai:*looks at the house* WHOA! its so big!

John: Thats what she said..

everyone: O_o

9/29/2010 #60
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