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Just thought I'd start a thread for recommendations. I'd love to hear what other people like, whether it's fiction or non-fiction; I'll read anything! I've got a few: [i]The Dead Travel Fast[/i] by Eric Nuzum - it's sort of a study of vampires in modern culture, it's funny and informative. Bram Stoker's [i]Dracula[/i] of course belongs on any vampire reading list. [i]You Suck: A Love Story[/i] by Christopher Moore - self explanatory, a cute, easy read. [i]Fangland: A Novel[/i] by John Marks - not your typical vampire story, very very creepy and not just a little twisted.
12/10/2007 #1
The Underground Symphony
You should try PEEPS and TANTILIZE! Sorry, don't remember the authors!
12/28/2007 #2
It think those or written by Jonathan Stroud... I'm not sure though, I'll have to check. Um, I've read a lot of good books by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes (there are 4, I think), and Stephenie Meyers, obviously (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse).
12/31/2007 #3
Stormie Greye
Try the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton. It's sexy, suspenseful, and it'll leave you wanting more.
1/3/2008 #4
Zaiaku Dyuu
Twilight by Stephine Meyer.
1/11/2008 #5
well i'm quite upset, all the vampyres forums are in english!!! what about de spanish speakers!!T.T whatever if you want to read an amazing vampyre story you must buy the vampyre chronicles by anne rice!!! she's te master!!! I LOVE HER BOOKS!!!^^
1/17/2008 . Edited 1/17/2008 #6
Concerning Anita Blake: It was, up to Narcissus in Chains, maybe even Cerulean Sins. And the rest...blah, blah plotless story lines and nothing but filler, and bad filler at that. I've read them all, re-read them five times, and I really miss the freshness that began strong, continued to and then...fell from grace and hard. Sad, really.
2/21/2008 . Edited 2/21/2008 #7
Hmm... I also suggest you read [u]Half-Breed: Book 1[/u]. It's very good Fic I on here... Lemme find the link...
2/22/2008 #8
Swarlos There ya go. Enjoy.^^
2/22/2008 #9
That link doesn't work. Try this though:
3/24/2008 #10
Some interesting suggestions. :3
3/24/2008 #11
There's also a website that lists vampire literature -, I haven't really looked over it but it seems like it would be helpful.
3/24/2008 #12

The best vampire book i've read so far has got to be Raven Hart's series. In order they are: The Vampire's Seduction, The Vampire's

Secret, The Vampire's Kiss and later this month The Vampire's Betrayal is coming out! It stars southern aristocrat blood drinker William Cuyler Thorne and Jack McShane, a sexy, blue-collar, NASCAR-loving vampire who didn't know what he was getting into when he volunteered for everlasting undeath. It is amazing! Check out Raven Hart's webpage @ and for more info on her books.

4/26/2008 #13

PEEPS is the same guy who wrote Uglies and Pretties and Specials...Scott Westerfeld. I LOVE the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. WARNING: Not in teen section, but it's no more graphic then in a T rated story here. The last book has r***, but not actually just says that. She was r***. Nothing about anything but that I don't think...Independent women hirone, having to choose between two guys that are fighting for a old love and the other a sexy, controlling guy...

5/7/2008 #14

Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn(soon). Best vampire books ever. And the Darren Shan series - Cirque Du Freak etc.


6/23/2008 #15

I'd have to disagree. Anne Rice has the best vampire books ever.

6/23/2008 #16

Ok so I read alot of vampire and werewolf books....(No i dont have a life) So I recommend these to fill up the rest of your ^_^ Happy reading. Oh and for all my spanish speakers/readers, many of these are in spanish...

The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance

Vampire: A Sensual Romance Novella

-How To Marry A Millionaire Vampire (book 1)

-Vamps And the City(Book 2)

-Don’t Talk Back to Your Vampire (Book 1)

-Because Your Vampire Said So (Book 2)

-I’m the Vampire, That’s Why(Book 3)

-Real Vampires Have Curves (Book 1)

-Real Vampires Live Large(Book 2)

-Real Vampires Get Lucky (Book 3)

-Real Vampires Don’t Diet (Book 4)

-Single White Vampire

-Love Bites

-The Vampire Shrink

-Sucks to Be Me: The All-True Confessions of Mina Hamilton, Teen Vampire (maybe) (Hardcover) by Kimberly Pauley (Author)

-The Living Dead: A Study of the Vampire in Romantic Literature (Paperback) by James B. Twitchell

-Night World No. 1: Secret Vampire; Daughters of Darkness; Spellbinder (Kindle Edition)

-Night World No. 2: Dark Angel; The Chosen; Soulmate (Night World) (Paperback) by L.J. Smith

-Fangs for the Memories (The Young Brothers, Book 1) by Kathy Love

-Fangs But No Fangs (The Young Brothers, Book 2) (Paperback) by Kathy Love

-Bitten & Smitten (Immortality Bites, Book 1) by Michelle Rowen

-A Hunger Like No Other (The Immortals After Dark Series, Book 1) by Kresley Cole

-No Rest for the Wicked (The Immortals After Dark, Book 2) by Kresley Cole

-Dark Needs at Night's Edge (The Immortals After Dark Series, Book 4) by Kresley Cole

-Dark Desires After Dusk (The Immortals After Dark, Book 5) by Kresley Cole

-The Darkest Kiss (Lords of the Underworld, Book 2) (Mass Market Paperback) by Gena Showalter

-Forbidden: The Claim by Samantha Sommersby

-The Vampire Queen's Servant (Vampire Queen, Book 1) by Joey W. Hill

-Glass Houses (The Morganville Vampires, Book 1) by Rachel Caine

- Iron Kissed (Mercy Thompson, Book 3) (Mass Market Paperback) by Patricia Briggs

-Necratoholic (Yaoi) by Maguro Wasabi

-Caged Slave (Yaoi Novel) by Yuiko Takamura

-Dance In The Vampire Bund Vol 1 (Dance in the Vampire Bund) by Nozomu Tamaki

-Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story by Christopher Moore

-Without Reservations by J. L. Langley

-Confessions of a Werewolf Supermodel by Ronda Thompson

-The Accidental Werewolf (Accidental Friends) by Dakota Cassidy

-Accidentally Dead (Accidental Friends) by Dakota Cassidy

8/25/2008 #17

The Immortals after Dark series is utterly fantastic :)

12/31/2008 #18

some of the titles i like are.. (Please note most are adult oriented in nature)

anything by christene feehan, dark series, ghostwalkers, (i own books 2,3,4,8,9,10,13,15,16,17,18,19, of the dark series, and all but book one of ghostwalkers)

laura adrian - kiss of crimson, I ordered the rest of the series, not here yet :(

sherrlyn kenyon, devil may cry (funny,sexy), dream chaser, dream hunter, dark side of the moon (i can't wait till i get archeron!, sigh!)

abe shane - the smoke thief, dream thief, and queen of dragons (not vampire but still good)

amanda stevens - embrace the night, just past midnight, whister of eternity

I have many more but those are some of my favorites!

1/9/2009 #19

Just got midnight rising by Laura Adrian, Yea Me!!!!! :)

1/12/2009 #20
La Reine des Coeurs Perdus

The classics are always good options... if you liked Dracula, you might like I Am Legend - Richard Matherson (I think it was...) it's a really good book, but a little on the complex plot side. Obviously it's about vampires, and it's not a book on Will Smith's movie, other way round fellas, this book was written in the 50's? or was it the 60's? I've forgotten. If you like tragic stories then this might be the novel for you (+ horror)

8/16/2010 #21

Some great old books:

Lord Ruthven = contains short story by John Polidori, hit play Le vampire by Charles Nodier (True blood of 1820´s Paris, although much better) and parody by Eugene Scribe.

Lord Ruthven returns = brilliant play by Alexandre Dumas pére, author who wrote Three Musketeers and Count of Monte Cristo

Clarimonde = gloriously opulent and voluptuous short story by Theophile Gautier, which shows that sexy vampire romances were not modern invention.

6/15/2011 . Edited 6/15/2011 #22
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