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I think we all have to admit that KuroFai is completely canon. Maybe the characters themselves haven't yet realized it, but what makes them canon is the possibility-- the, shall we say, 'potential energy' of the relationship.

What I want to know is, when did everyone stop fangirling and fantasizing and realize that this actually could happen? That KuroFai might not just be the kind of couple found only in fanfiction?


Obviously, for me, the whole Tokyo Arc proved it. But, I think even more than that was when I watched the Tokyo Arc anime, maybe because I got to see them actually moving instead of just in pictures?

But, in the manga, after Syaoran took Fai's eye, Kurogane simply supported Fai's unconcious form, keeping his head up straight and all as he yelled about Fai "changing for the princess" and Syaoran's sake.

BUT... in the ANIME...

In the anime, Kurogane was totally holding Fai! Like, with both arms around him, clutching the mage to his chest! XD

And then, in the manga after Syaoran leaves, Kurogane carries still-bleeding-Fai with one arm, in an upright position.

But in the anime, Kurogane carries Fai bridal style! :D


Anyway, tell me when you finally realized that KuroFai could totally happen.

7/19/2009 #1
The Random Ninja

Acid Tokyo was defiantly the "canon" arc. Think about it. Fai has to stay with Kurogane to live, pretty much binding them together for the rest of their lives (That they know of. Damn chapter...chapter...whatever chapter it was where Fai got his eye back again.) In a way, it was like a wedding for those two, if you think of it. Not a very happy wedding, but one nonetheless.

Now, if you think they got together before the Acid Tokyo Arc, the Yama/Shura/Yasha (Whatever it's called) Arc would probably be the starting point in a...physical relationship. Come on, two fully grown men, no kids around, and an army setting. And they probably shared a tent. And other things. I could make many more points, but COME ON. It's very plausible that they...did "stuff" in Shura/Yama.

They are totally canon. Touya and Yukito are canon, but they haven't done nearly as many things on screen as Kurogane and Fai. Kurogane was willing to give up being a ninja for Fai. Fai was willing to stay a vampire so that Kurogane could stay a ninja. In other words, vampire/bait lovers or not, those two are stuck together.

8/1/2009 #2

see i knew that they were totally cannon from the time i started reading (well when they come in) but seriously????Fai is ALWAYS like semi-flirting with Kurogane ( i mean with the nicknames the teasing...ext?) i think Kurogane mightve come to realize in Sakura country with all the time they spent together...and from then on i was like.. this is soooooooo canon i mean every scene theres some sort of.. well..relationship thing going on..and then Fai had to drink Kurogane's BLOOD?? i was just like OK if that's not smut waiting to happen I dont know what is. I could go on forever but I wont.... if there was a sequel.. there would be KuroFai..... one more thing CLAMP is not afraid to make their character FREAKIN FLAMING i mean Toya and Yuki?? COME ON!!

1/22/2010 #3

Well, to be honest, I've known for a while, but I guess it was during the Oto Country arc. Fai's whole thing about wanting someone to take him with them...and his trying to make Kuro-tan hate him...yeah, that was it.

4/5/2010 #4
Kyoki Kiss

Haha, nobody ever mentions Piffle World.... I thought Fai was pretty perceptive in the manga to notice Kurogane was hurt in the race and even went so far as to force him to see a doctor. The whole start of the Daddy thing there is hilarious too. I can totally see that having an underlining provacative intention! :D

To tell the truth, I also think the country of Yama was probably a good place for them to start off with but more along the lines of getting to know each other. Without being able to speak, they had to learn other ways to communicate...maybe it's why Fai and Kurogane were so much more in tune with each other later on. But I personally felt giddy when I reached the Piffle World scenes in the manga. Much more interest in each other was shown there....

And so, since we didn't see the behind-the-scenes of the 'Country of Yama', I say PIFFLE WORLD is canon! muhahaha!

4/7/2010 #5
Ninja Mafia Mistress

I read somewhere ,Sorry I forgot where excatly, that Kurofai was already a comfirmed Canon Does any one know for sure if they are or not

4/30/2010 #6
The Random Ninja

I read somewhere ,Sorry I forgot where excatly, that Kurofai was already a comfirmed Canon Does any one know for sure if they are or not

Well, they haven't been officially confirmed, but their actions towards each other prove that they are very important to each other and they are implied to be soul mates.

When Kurogane chose to save Fai by turning him into a vampire and becoming his food source, they automatically became life partners. They can't spend too much time apart and have to be near each other otherwise Fai could starve to death. And since Kurogane was his only food source, Fai would die shortly after Kurogane eventually passed away. Fai litterally cannot live without Kurogane. (Also, Kurogane's wish to save Fai wothout caring about his price or the consequences reflects how Syaoran chose to save Sakura at the beginning of Tsubasa).

In Celes, Kurogane cut off his arm to save Fai, which ment giving up the thing he loves most: His ability to be a ninja. Without his arm he cannot protect Tomoyo as her ninja, but he still sacraficed it anyways to save Fai. Fai also gave up the last bit of his magic to give Kurogane a new arm, most likely keeping him a vampire forever with no chance of getting back his magic or humanity.

And with the whole Dragon/Phoenix symbology, the fact that they are always together, and are life partners (not to mention the "parents" of the group) it is safe to bet that they are another one of CLAMPs famous Soulmate Couples.

I think it's safe to say that yes, KuroFai is canon.

(Sorry, I felt like typing XD)

4/30/2010 #7
Ninja Mafia Mistress

Thank you very much

I dont mind all the typing its cool. XD

Could you Explain the Dragon/Phoenix thing, I never heard of it before

5/1/2010 #8

Well, Kurogane represents the dragon because his sword (Ginryuu, I think?) has a dragon on its handle, and the dragon is sorta like 'Yang' in the YinYang thing. Also, his kudan was an awesome blue dragon.

Fai is like the phoenix because the phoenix is the 'Yin' of YinYang. Phoenixes are immortal (Yuko said that Fai's 'lived many times Kurogane's age' in acid Tokyo, I think)...also, Fai's kudan was a giant bird. And the tattoo on his back was that of a phoenix.

In Asian mythology, the dragon and phoenix (Kuro-tan and Fai) are the perfect couple, complementing each other perfectly...:D

(did I just overdo that?)

5/1/2010 #9

The whole mommy/daddy thing reminds me of Ouran High School Host Club...Tamaki was the dad and Kyoya was the mom. (I don't support TamaKyo, but still.)

5/1/2010 #10
The Random Ninja

Not to mention that the phoenix/dragon represents marriage as well in Chinese mythology.

I support TamaHaru more, but KyoTama is cute too.

Here's a link for all your KuroFai questions. And Faeverily, the sites creator, explains everything MUCH better than I do.

5/1/2010 #11

I love that site! (and yes, TamaHaru is better, in my opinion.)

5/1/2010 #12
Ninja Mafia Mistress

THANK YOU SchemingAlchemist for the explanation XD

THANK YOU Random ninja for the website XD

5/2/2010 . Edited 5/2/2010 #13

Haha, you're welcome. I've always wanted to rant on KuroFai, so thank you as well!

5/2/2010 #14
Natamari R. Flowright

Outo Country. 3 I haven't read the manga yet. Only on volume one. :( But, since Outo Country, and the whole wind city thing, I just knew they were PERFECT for each other. I think the scene where they were fighting the demons, and kaze no machi he was playing in the background did it.

6/16/2010 #15

Omg! Random ninja! It is BlackRoseWolf1995 from,I am frantic right now because the site is not loading and is acting like it was deleted!Do you kow what happened,are you able to get on it. am I the only one who can't!!!???!!! AHHHH! SOMETHING IS WRONG!!!

1/16/2011 #16

Well, it seems to be working fine for me...I hope you can get back on it soon!

1/16/2011 #17
The Random Ninja

The website won't let me log in either. I'm not sure what's wrong with the site, and I haven't been on it in months. It might just be a glitch, hopefully Fae will be able to fix it soon.

1/17/2011 #18

No, you DID NOT overdue that xD. I've been saying for forever the underlying yinyang tone to KuroFai, I just got the yinyang undertone because even in appearance they're opposites, Fai has extremely light hair, Kurogane has dark hair. Blue eyes, red eyes. Pale, tan. Thin, muscled. It goes on. And the dragon & phoenix thing I didn't know and that's so awesome.

12/22/2011 #19
Ciela Nelson

I considered it canon from volume 1. Actually, it was the whole reason why I ended up following the series. My sisters turned up one day with the first volume, chattering on about how a friend had given it to them but it seemed so very boring, cliche and sappy that they only accepted it to be polite and would never read it again, and I just so happened to be bored at the time, so I figured a sappy cliche would be just fine. And I was all, "Yep, total sap," up until Kurogane and Fay showed up...and my god, the subtext!!! That cackle of chemistry right from that first moment when they meet!! It started out as a hunch, but over the course of that one volume it became conviction, because there was no scene in which they didn't interact in some way that made it really, really easy to read further into their actions. And then I was all, "No way is this not deliberate—this is a way more interesting couple than Syaoran and Sakura!" and started stalking down the succeeding volumes. But bear in mind that this was a long, long time ago (I think 2005?) when things were still happy and flowery and not at all breaking our minds.

My conviction became firmer, firmer and firmer...and actually, the Acid Tokyo arc broke it rather than further solidify it. To me, it seemed like that arc was saying, "Yep, there was a ridiculous amount of subtext before...but Fay never realised how close they were becoming, he won't allow it to go any further now that he's realised it. All the subtext was just subtext after all!" By that time I'd acquainted myself with some other CLAMP works, and was sure that it had just been a tease—and sure enough, things went steadily downhill after that. So I was bracing myself for a tragic, angsty ending to what I'd almost believed to be canon...and then lo and behold, they get to Nihon and it was utterly, totally and completely canon beyond any possible denial! Ah, I was so happy... _____

This has become a bit of a rant on the history of me and Tsubasa, but oh well. So in the end, I guess, the Nihon arc was the last say. I lost faith before that. :(

8/25/2012 #20
lonely white cloud

yep, when my friend told me about TRC, I just thought of it like an doujinshi of the CCS and said "boring"

but when she mentioned Fai, I don't know why I accept to read it. When I read, I passed nearly all the SyaoSak stuff but when I saw KuroFai, I just OMG OMG OMG.

At the beginning, I like Fai character only but well, time changed it all They made me became fangirl ==

And now, I see hidden SA everywhere ==

When I realized them are canon it's in outo No man say "Wait for someone to take me away" can be straight

And when in Cleces, I cried when I thought they must leave Fai behind then Kurogane cutted his arm for Fai....and when Fai wore a furiose (?)... I totally said them are definetely are lovers

1/2/2013 #21
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