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Come on in, and talk about the great underplayed game FUZION FRENZY! Because you know it's not a party unless your pants match your hair color.
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Gleeful Melancholy
Has anyone in the english speaking world besides me bought Fuzion Frenzy 2? (for 360) If not, then DON'T. Not only does it screw up my story, but the characters are COMPLETELY destroyed. but somehow, i don't think that anyone else is as creepy a cult fan of this game as I maybe you don't care. If anything, FF2 is good for a laugh, because the characters' voice actors are so bad. But at least the games are fun, right?
7/16/2007 #1
Eh, I prefered the first one.
1/4/2008 #2
Gleeful Melancholy
lol thanks for the reply. Now that I've let it all sink in, the second game isn't too bad. The first one is WAAY better, possibly because the second game has tougher controls. And they got rid of my fave games, like Victim and Exterminator. Also, the premise of them going to other planets is kind of lame. Not to mention that host/DJ guy is annoying.
1/8/2008 #3

Yeah, I agree. I just bought the second one, and I played it with the sound off. Zack sounds like a nerd now, the cards is just a way of stiffing someone who worked really hard to win a match, and I'm going to find the voice actor for the announcer and kill him. By the way, I've decided to be the first person to join you in writing a Fuzion Frenzy story.

7/5/2008 #4

Okay, I've just submited the second ever Fuzion Frenzy fanfic! I hope you guys like it, cuz we can't afford a fic in this "Community" to be bad!

7/5/2008 #5
Raiu the WZF

Thanks for telling me it sucks i loved fusion frenzy too bad i never got the chance to play the whole thing though,i only had a demo of it,but my fav. game was don't call me crazy twisted system

7/10/2008 #6

Hey, my favorite game was twisted system too! Me and my friends could hold copetitions to see who could live the longest. Sure, it was a competition, but we went so high up without even getting hit once... it eventually got to if you got hit once, you automatically lost. The first game was hours of fun, and I still play it to this day. The second one can burn in hell XD

7/10/2008 #7
Gleeful Melancholy

lol jubilife, I'm glad to know I'm not insane in disliking the second game. In FF1, I always won hands down because I was awesome at the end-of-stage Fuzion Frenzy things. In FF2, I totally agree with you, the cards are like a cheater move. =( Even when I use my cards, it rarely helps me because I'm so unlucky, lol. I've played about 30 FF2 matches and won about 2 times, even against the computers. x.x And Zak really does sound like a nerd!

7/10/2008 #8
Gleeful Melancholy

No probs, Raiu. If you ever get the chance, look for a copy of the real game, I think you'd enjoy it, and it's probably really cheap now. =D Twisted System used to be one of my faves too when I started. My high score's about 120, and I know that's my best because my brother always outlasts me. I have no idea how good he really is, because the game ends when one person is left. But I'd have to say my fave game on the FF demo (which was on Halo!) would have to be Special Delivery. lol

7/10/2008 #9

Another problem with ff2 is the difficulty levels. On easy, I blow them away by 15 plus points. On Medium, they almost never lose, and on hard hey b*** away by 15 plus points!

And they took away the effing FUZION FRENZY minigame! I hate them for that so so much! It was one of my favorite ones, and just like Melanochy, I am awesome at it.

P.S: Melanochy, if you want to see how far your brother can go, just practice the game instead of do the full thing. For some reason it keeps going until first place get's eliminated.

7/10/2008 #10
Gleeful Melancholy

Really? Thanks for the tip on Twisted System. Yeah, I was kind of upset that the Fuzion Frenzy game was gone (since, you know, that's what the game's NAMED after...) but some of the fighting games are cool, like the one with the Red, Green and Blue Hammers in a factory, and the Underwater fighting one. Either way, I much prefer playing FF2 with my brothers and sister, because it's more consistent...but overall, I'd rather go in the basement and play FF1. =D

7/12/2008 #11

Yeah, there are a ton more fighting mini-games. Instead of Fuzion Frenzy, they have the fighting ones. I have mixed feelings about the new mini-games. On one hand, they're fun, but on the other hand, I enjoyed a ton of the games of ff1. I would take the Tag mini-games( you know, the ones where the only person with the bomb, or the only person without an orb was eliminated. I found out a way to cheat on the latter. Right before the clock runs out, hit someone else with the orb and two people will be eliminated) over the game with the hammers any day of the week. Too bad that game hack for ff1 on xbox live doesn't work anymore. It was damn good fun.

7/12/2008 #12

I've never played the first but I own the second. pretty good at judgement tower myself. :)

8/4/2010 #13
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