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There aren't too many forums for the beloved movie Holes, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and create one myself! You can come here and talk about anything related to Holes!
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Insane fangirl forever
ok, so who do you guys think is the hottest guy in Holes??? Personally?? Gotta love Squid!!!
7/19/2007 #1
Me? I love Magnet!!! He's so funny!!
9/27/2007 #2
I completely agree with you there.
12/11/2007 #3
Yey!! Someone agrees with me!! ^_^
12/15/2007 #4
"i woulda made it out, if my pocket didn't start barking" lol =)
12/15/2007 #5
lol, I love that line!!
12/15/2007 #6
squid? i really dont like him. i dont like armpit either. Zero is the cutest little thing, although stanley is a mild eyesore. twitch is awesome too, but i think more for his personallity than anything. No one else stuck out to me ^^
1/4/2008 #7
i love zero!! don't know why... maybe it's because he is so cute!!!
1/9/2008 #8
Queen O' Randomness
2/2/2008 #9
Squid is hot, that bad boy thing.....gotta love that
2/21/2008 #10
But You Can Call Me Willow

Zigzag does rule!!

7/11/2009 #11

Yeah! Zigzag's awesome!

9/23/2009 #12
But You Can Call Me Willow

Zigzag FTW!

10/10/2009 #13

ZIGGY! omf he NEEDS more stories about him.

11/15/2009 #14

I love squid! He is so sexy!

8/19/2010 #15
Leaves are fun


1/23/2011 #16
Sir Gnome the Giant

Barf Bag is a total babe.

But second for me is a tie between Zig-Zag and Magnet.

9/3/2011 #17
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