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This place has been created for dedicated Jane Austen Fan Fiction writers and readers. A place for beta reading, fact checking, discussion and an introduction to more Jane Austen fans. I hope to make this a safe haven for all of us.
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The Lunar Witch
If you're looking for a Beta Writer please come by and post here. Also, if you are willing to Beta write it would be nice if you were to post here, as well. If you're willing to Beta please make sure you have a good sense of grammar, spelling, and Jane Austen's style. I'll get the ball rolling by posting my information first. [b]Pen Name:[/b] Joscerelle [b]E-Mail Address:[/b] [b]Preferred Stories:[/b] Pride and Prejudice [b]Preferred Ratings:[/b] I'll read anything from any rating. If you're looking for advanced critique and second pair of eyes to check your story over, please look no farther. If you are afraid of a little bit of criticism please continue walking. Writing is always a learning process, and critique is the best way to learn from your peers.
7/21/2007 #1
Lady Mage
Hi, I was wondering if you'd be willing to beta my story "Seventeen Going on Eighteen". This is a Pride and Prejudice fic about Lydia. You can find the first chapter in my profile. If you are interested, either PM me, post here, or send an email to, and I'll send additional chapters to you so you can get a look over them. If you don't want to do it, can you recommend anyone else who is really good? Thanks, Lady Mage
11/1/2007 #2
wild eyed angel
I'd love to beta, so if anyone would like me to beta their story, please just email me or whatever. Pen Name - WildEyedAngel E-Mail Address - Preferred Stories - Sense & Sensibility, Pride & Prejudice Preferred Rating - Any rating, i read them all Hope i can help :)
1/4/2008 #3
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