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If you have been following my fanfic series, I'm coming in on the home stretch and only two episodes left for this season. I will be working on the next one ("Play Ball!") pretty soon. Right now I want to tease the finale. Now in my preview of the episode, I teased that a blast from the past would be coming back, but didn't say who it was. In this topic, I want to get your thoughts on who you think I will add. I haven't started on this yet, but I already have some ideas on who may or may not come back. So here we go.

First I will reveal who is NOT the mystery person:

Thibault- I had already mentioned in the description that he was coming home from military school. Plus he's already part of the regular cast.

Heather- Even though the little red-haired girl had an appearance in "Homecoming Redemption" and I do have plans to have her come visit in future episodes, she is not the mystery person. She will remain out of town.

Peggy Jean- Nope. Charlie Brown has moved on with Frieda. I may do a story where she comes to visit, but no more than that.

Harold Angel- He already appeared in the episode "Descent Into Darkness-Rising In The Ranks".

5 (and, by extension, his sisters 3 and 4)- He has been mentioned as a classmate of Sally's, and even has had a few lines in the series, most notably in the episode "Descent Into Darkness-Blackout! (Part 1)" where he tells the gang about the Serpent Sisters and Spiders confronting the Lizard Ladies.

Snoopy's siblings- They will have appearances in future stories, but they aren't "blasts from the past".

Lila- I might do something with Snoopy's original owner in a future story, but she's not the mystery person, either.

Now here are some POSSIBLE people who MAY be coming back:

Lydia- Linus's classmate who often changed her name and often asked if Linus was too old for her, despite him being older than her by only a few months, is a candidate for the comeback. I haven't done anything with this character as of yet, let alone mentioned her in my stories. It would make the dynamic interesting to see how it would affect Linus and Eudora's relationship.

Truffles- While this one is pretty far fetched, just like Lydia, it would make it interesting to see how this would affect Linus and Eudora, as Linus was once in love with Truffles.

Charlotte Braun- Okay, this one is out there, but it would be interesting to see this loudmouthed girl who originally appeared in the strip in the mid-1950s, and was originally a female counterpart to Charlie Brown, make a comeback. She would give Lucy and Molly Volley a run for their money!

Joe Agate- The marble-playing bad boy from "He's A Bully, Charlie Brown". This would shake up the PEANUTS world, to say the least. This would make for some pretty interesting stories for the second season.

Dolores- Okay this one is tricky. This IS a PEANUTS character, but she never appeared in the strip, nor did she appear in any of the animated specials, series's, or movies. Dolores, in fact, only appeared in a series of educational film strips in the late 1970s to early 1980s. She was the only Hispanic PEANUTS character, and she was exclusive to these film strips. If I was to include her in T.N.C., it would be interesting to see where she is now and what she has been up to.

Okay those are my possibilities on who's coming back and who's not for the season finale. Of course you'll have to wait and see who it is. But feel free to share who you think it should be, or could be. Even mention some characters I may have missed.

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