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The purpose of this thread is to talk about all the good things about my favorite Peanuts character, Lucy Van Pelt. I've noticed that as of late, there have been a certain number of fans taking sides on whether they like or hate Lucy. I, for one, like Lucy, despite her bossiness and crabbiness, and if you ask me, whenever she pulls that football away from Charlie Brown, it is kinda amusing. Yes, I know that a lot of fans did not approve of it being used in "It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown" because of it making Charlie Brown's team lose the game and blaming Charlie Brown for it when it was actually Lucy's fault, but if you're lucky enough to find the (possible) edited version with all the blaming on Charlie Brown removed or slightly edited so that Lucy takes the blame (even if it's just on TV), I say go for it.

Now first off, I'd like to lay down my own opinions/defenses about Lucy:

1. Lucy may be selfish, bossy, and crabby in almost all of her appearances, but deep down, I'm quite certain that she has a heart of gold and is willing to do anything to help, even if it means fixing the damage that she's done.

2. Lucy is a saint compared to the character Sam Puckett from iCarly. If you ask me, Sam's abuse on Freddie and others is far worse than Lucy's abuse on Charlie Brown and others, which goes to show that, as far as I'm concerned, Lucy means quite well through her actions and actually does have a concience. (Although it's safe to assume that Sam has a concience, too.)

3. As far as I'm concerned, she's not the only source of Charlie Brown's misery. For those of you who haven't watched or even read enough of the Peanuts, there are times when Charlie Brown himself is the source of his own misery. If you don't believe me, I encourage you to watch/read some for yourself.

4. According to the late Charles Schultz (may he rest in peace), the whole recurring football gag is all about Charlie Brown's perpetual optimism instead of Lucy being mean. Speaking of which, I know Lucy couldn't resist publicly humiliating Charlie Brown with the football trick in "It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown" which resulted in Charlie Brown's team losing the game and Charlie Brown getting blamed instead of Lucy, but I think it's because Lucy let those trickery instincts overpower her better judgement, for whatever reasons I have yet to know. Furthermore, I think we can let it slide because she apparently hasn't pulled such a stunt to make her team lose a game again, since the majority of the instances with the football gag have absolutely nothing to do with a game at all.

5. Oh, and don't even get me started on Peter Griffin beating her up in the Family Guy episode "Brian's Got A Brand New Bag". She did NOT deserve it at all. And aside from all that, it was one of those typical examples of child abuse.

6. In conclusion, I encourage everybody to know that somewhere out there, there is (possibly) an edited version of "It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown" with all the blame on Charlie Brown removed or re-edited so that Lucy takes the blame instead (since it is her fault to begin with) so that we can stop all the hatred on Lucy for good.

Now I'd like all of you to remember that this thread is to only talk about the good things about Lucy, and if there are those who can't say anything good about her, I suggest you not post in this thread.

So anybody else wanna share?

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Anon Fishy-chan

I like Lucy, too. I especially love how her more sympathetic side shows up when she's with Schroeder. I'm sure that deep down, that Lucy is a good person. I think her cruelty is caused partially by her slightly self-centred and know-it-all nature and partially by her having some form of insecurity about something (exactly what though, I'm not sure). Also, Rkerekes13, you are right about Sam Puckett being meaner than Lucy.

9/15/2010 #2

Well, thanks for sharing, and I'm glad you agree that Sam Puckett is quite meaner than Lucy. Plus, though some may say that Lucy is the sole source of Charlie Brown's lifelong misery, I think that they fail to see that Charlie Brown himself is the source of his own misery in a couple of cases.

And for those who don't think that Lucy should be forgiven for her heartless attitude in the special "Why, Charlie Brown, Why?", which involved Linus' friend Janice who had cancer, here's what I have to say: Lucy has probably failed to know the first thing about the nature of cancer. So therefore, we cannot count that as crossing the moral event horizon. (see TV Tropes for details on the moral event horizon)

But just to clear this up for the sake of those taking sides on the "Lucy's heartless attitude in 'Why, Charlie Brown, Why?'" issue once and for all, should Lucy really be forgiven for her attitude there? I'd really like to know.

P.S. Again, if there is an edited version of "It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown" out there, I encourage y'all to get it.

9/15/2010 #3
Anon Fishy-chan

You know about TVtropes? I made a lot of edits on the Peanuts page (although I wasn't the one who said Lucy crossed the moral event horizon).

9/15/2010 #4

Sure do. And I'll bet that you don't really believe she did, because here's what I have to say: if she really didn't care about Janice, she would have known the logic of cancer, which apparently she didn't, so we can't exactly say that she crossed the moral event horizon.

9/15/2010 #5
scooby-doo's girl

I expect at one point I had a rant about how Lucy is misunderstood, but the only bit I can think of right now is in It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown how she get's up at 4:00 AM to check on Linus.

9/18/2010 #6

Some comments on context.

I never saw "Why, Charlie Brown, Why?" - I think I didn't (and still don't) want real-life type pain to invade a world that's so close to my heart. ("The Bike Accident" is the worst I'd have.)

However, I do know that it's possible for Lucy to be so self-centered and self-absorbed, that she doens't know or care what cancer *is*. How old is she, 8. 9 then? Honestly, it's too hard for me to gauge if that's possible, since at age 9 I was reading Agatha Christie mysteries and was a bookworm in general, with a coupe medical people in my family. (Mom a nurse, uncle a doctor) I knew a lot of medical stuff at a young age, so I might be giving mroe benefit of the doubt that she might not have heard of it, but bear with me.

If you throw in that they live in a very small town, as I figure in my stories, and then the notion that Lucy really doesn't think...well, I'll put it this way. I'd give her one time where she could say something really mean not understanding what cancer is. I would expect her to hear from her parents, Linus, Rerun :-), anyone who is not as self-absorbed with a very good explanation of what cancer is doing to Janice. I would then expect a transformation. Slow, like at the end of my "The Bike Accident," but starting to appear.

Did she have one? Is it plausible that it happens and she apologizes in the time we don't see, once she understands what cancer is? I don't know. If not, I don't know what iCarly is, but that woudl reach to Angelica from Rugrats levels to me.

Of course, also, one could always fall back on "The specials aren't necessarily canon" If that's the case, only going by the comics, I'd compare Lucy to a character who would scream if he heard me do compare him to a girl. One whose self-absorption is often from his own imagination, and who needs to be careful that he doesn't cross the line, but who really does have a heart that shows sometimes.

Yes, I think Lucy and Calvin are actually similar. Sure, Calvin's only 6, but I think this accurately shows Lucy's immaturity and selfishness in some areas, her insistence that the world should run her way, yet also shows that deep down, I don't think she really wants to see anyone hurt. I see her pulling the football away as being as playful as Calvin's water balloons/snowballs. She runs a Psychiatric help booth, too, and tries to offer advice to others, as well. It's just that she thinks she's always right.

So, Lucy isn't that horrible of a character to me - clearly not an Angelica. However, from the strips, I would say that Charlie Brown has a lot of insecurities. (Is that what another meant by bringing it on himself? He does need to see more of the good things in life instead of only looking at the bad - including one big onehe's good at, as I show in "You're A Friend, Charlie Brown") And, her attitude is not helping those, it's making them worse. Calvin just doesn't seem quite as bad becuase Susie can more than handle herself against him.

Sometimes, the difference isn't in the characterhim/herself, but the cast around them. If Lucy tried to pull the football away from Susie all the time, soon she'd change up and grab it as Lucy's pulling it away. If Calvin lived next to Charlie Brown, he'd drive poor CB crazy, and he'd never thinking to hide behind a corner and get him with his own water balloons.

11/25/2010 #7
Anon Fishy-chan

Great post, Me! You have good supporting evidence, and your point is well said, it might make a good essay. As I've said before, I agree that Lucy isn't completely evil, although I don't think she's a complete angel either. Also, after thinking about it for a bit, I think Lucy is probably pretty envious of Linus, considering that he's intelligent, adorable, and more well-like than her (both in-universe, and in the fandom). Because of this, I think she just tries to find every chance to belittle him to boost her ego, but, as pointed out by Scooby-Doo's girl, she truly does care about him.

11/25/2010 #8

I think one thing we have to remember is that Lucy lightened up a lot over the course of the strip. Check her whenever she's dealing with Rerun; she's pretty much just a well meaning, slightly-irritable girl. She also lost a lot of her power to bully others as the strip went on. Towards the end of Peanuts, she was mostly known for wigging out fruitlessly over some small issue (which is a lot funnier than watching her torment Charlie Brown).

I've only seen snipits of iCarly, but my best guess as to the problem with Sam is that they're trying to dress her up as a tough "girl power" heroine. You know, the kind of heroine who gets to push around everyone, but remains immure to any retaliation 'cause she's a girl? It's a little hypocrisy that's gotten popular in a lot of teen shows, but is pretty tiresome for everyone else. However, Lucy never pretends to be anything other than a bratty girl, so most of this doesn't apply to her.

As for Family Guy...well, Family Guy got pretty arrogant when it was brought back from cancellation. It seems to be more concerned with being edgy and cool than developing likable characters. It's past its prime.

12/16/2010 #9

This is partly to mention a dream I had, and also partly to keep an interesting thread if still removes unpinned thread after so long.

My dream (one of thsoe when you're half asleep so you control it with your thoughts a bit) concerned "Why, Charlie Brown, Why?" - which I still haven't seen. The girl's name who had cancer was different, but the overall gist was that I was working on a story (which I am not by the way, though someone else is welcome to) in which the fact of Janice dying was a nightmare that a character had and that the girl in fact did survive. (In other words, the old "This episode was a dream" cliche - but dreams are weird like that, mine included.)

Anyway, the one who corrects Lucy when she makes a really insensitive remark in my story was one I hadn't thought ofwhen i was typing my earlier analysis, but when i thought about it this morning it made sense - Sally.

Think about it - Sally gets overemotional at times, even over little misunderstandings like thinking there's literally "no tomorrow" becasue a golfer missed a putt. Can you imagine the tonglue lashing she could give Lucy if she hears something that's real (like a person possibly dying) and how insensitive Lucy was?

Anyway, in my dream, Lucy listens to her and feels really bad about what she said, then quickly goes and humbly apologizes tot he sick girl. WHich made me wonder something else, too.

One thing you don't see a lot in Peanuts is something you see a lot in the main character I referred to in my comparison - Calvin thinks girls are gross and Susie thinks boys are weird. Dennis the menace, too.

Maybe part of Lucy's attitude is just the typical "Girls are better" type of arrogance some kids have at that age - certain ones more than others. (I didn't mind girls much at that age, not nearly as much as some friends.) It's not a "girl power" type of thing like the previous poster mentioned in iCarly but more just a "Girls rule, boys drool" type of thing. Taken to the same extreme, again, that Calvin does.

Which means she might be more inclined to listen to Sally anyway - although I do think Sally would get a little hysterical at her. Which, if you really dislike her, you might think is a good thing. But, at least with that, you can always envision her doing that and then Lucy apologizing in a time that we don't see in that particular special.

Or, better yet, just figure it was a dream and that the girl survived, like in my dream. :-)

9/15/2011 . Edited 9/15/2011 #10


Hey, I know I've haven't been on here lately, but I encourage everybody on here to watch this video that I made myself:

3/18/2012 #11
moving on from this nonsense

I think a lot of the problem that lies in overanalyzing this strip is that people don't seem to realize that these are not adults, teenagers, or even pre-teenagers. They are a bunch of five-to-eight-year-olds who act like a bunch of five-to-eight-year-olds. There are several things that people have declared about these characters that irritate me to no end, but as this is a topic confined to one specific character, I'll outline what I think on this fandom's interpretation of teenage!Lucy.

Lucy is a sadistic, manipulative little yandere who could give Azula a run for her money.

One of the things I've noticed in this archive is that Lucy-the-teenager has the very same attributes as Lucy-the-eight-year-old. I'm sorry, but last time I checked, teenagers act very differently from children. Lucy is bossy, selfish, and bratty as an eight-year-old, so clearly, nothing will ever make her change and she'll always be a crab. Um, most teenagers and adults, if they have that personality, have mellowed out by the time they grow up, even if the core of the personality is still there. Lucy uses...unorthodox...means to get Schroeder's attention as a child, so clearly she'll do the same as a teenager and an adult. Lucy is not a yandere, she is an eight-year-old with a crush. I read in a review of You're A Friend, Charlie Brown--lovely fic, by the way, Me--that stated, essentially, that people need to give Charlie Brown a chance to change. In my opinion, people need to extend the same courtesy to Lucy.

11/23/2012 #12

New here. Also it's noted that while Lucy is Charlie Brown's harshest critic, at least she's willing to help out Charlie Brown in trying to fix his flaws, for better or worse. The same can't be said for Violet and Patty (Not Peppermint Patty, but the other Patty that was in the strip when it debuted). Unlike Lucy, there's no redeeming qualities in Violet or Patty at all. Sparky himself said as much.

1/31/2018 #13

In my fanfiction The Great Squash (, Lucy gives Linus and Marcie pins saying 'I BELIEVE IN THE GREAT PUMPKIN'.

I believe that Lucy's sweet side should be shown more with the other kids.

4/26/2018 #14

Also in 1979 in the strip (and depicted in the 1982 special A Charlie Brown Celebration) when Charlie Brown gets sick and has to go to the hospital, Lucy is the one who shows the most concern about Chuck, and even breaking down in tears at one point. That just shows deep down, she really does care for Charlie Brown.

9/25/2018 #15
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