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This is something I posted on my deviantart dot com profile last year. I confess: I in fact mostly just skimmed through the comics, so some details may be missing or off. Anyhoo, much has happened since three years ago when I ended my fanfic writing career and rediscovered Peanuts. The comic and its cartoon specials have nagged at my attention quite a lot for some time, until last night when I truly found other things to occupy my time. (Make of that last bit what you will.) I don't know about the rest of you, but given Peanuts' iconic significance, I feel like I'm just letting Schulz and company's problems be my own problems, and it's holding me back from my true goals. But since the future isn't set in stone, I'll just say you probably won't see me around this section of fanfiction dot net ever again. I'll stay at this website a bit longer, but I'll most likely just ignore the Peanuts section like I used to.

The report has been slightly modified for convenience. Maybe this information can provide you inspiration and whatnot as you write your own fanfics? Maybe it can answer some questions fresh on yer minds? I didn't know what else to do with it, so here you go:


10-2: Start; first appearances of Charlie (who's first named), Shermy, and Patty; Shermy says he hates Charlie

10-3: Patty recites the poem "Sugar and Spice" and gives Charlie his first black eye

10-4: First appearance of Snoopy; Patty waters flower on his head

10-5: Patty and Shermy in the rain; Patty takes Shermy's umbrella

10-6: Snoopy smells potted flower that Patty waters, which makes it instantly grow very tall and out of his smelling range

10-7: Sign says, "Watch out for children"; Shermy and Charlie take it literally

10-9: Shermy says he'll love Patty no matter what when they grow up; Patty to Shermy, not so much

10-10: Snoopy tries to rest his head on Charlie's to no avail; ends up on Ottoman

10-11: Patty exaggerates numbers of rope-jumps; Shermy compliments

10-12: Snoopy pulls Shermy in wagon, then Shermy disdainfully pulls him and Patty; Patty's first nice act

10-13: Shermy protects his food from Snoopy by eating under table

10-14: Shermy tries convincing Patty that Snoopy is dangerous; Snoopy sleeps while standing

10-16: Charlie holds hoop; Snoopy tries jumping through but doesn't quite make it

10-17: Patty hops along due to sore toe; Charlie mistakes this for hopscotch

10-18: Shermy, Charlie, Patty, and Snoopy selling various items at various stalls

10-19: Charlie in crying position; Patty tries being sympathetic but finds he's actually asleep

10-20: Snoopy imitates jack-in-the-box to surprise Shermy

10-21: Charlie sells flowers; Shermy buys one for Snoopy, making Patty jealous

10-23: Shermy beats Patty at checkers; Patty denies her lack of skill and angrily flips board over

10-24: Shermy teaches Charlie that sun's heat keeps people warm; Charlie brings up mittens

10-25: Patty on phone; Snoopy eavesdropping

10-26: Patty is first named; tries fooling Shermy with mask but fails

10-27: Shermy teaches Charlie that Earth is round; Charlie likens globe to both a baseball and a basketball

10-28: Shermy eats mashed potatoes on ice cream cone

10-30: Charlie's birthday, but no candles or cake

10-31: Snoopy mistakes Shermy's bag of marbles for a snack

11-1: Shermy admits his advantages over Charlie; Patty wonders why she likes Charlie more

11-2: Charlie's oversized necktie fails to impress Patty

11-3: Patty plays optometrist to Charlie; backwards letters and symbols convince him he needs spectacles

11-4: Shermy and Patty on seesaw; Snoopy mysteriously replaces Patty

11-6: Patty counts number of times she bounces ball until Snoopy filches it

11-7: Charlie tries imposing authority on Snoopy; first legible adult dialogue; first time Charlie is referred to as just "Charlie"

11-8: Patty complains about Charlie's drum roll; Charlie puts on earmuffs

11-9: First philosophical strip; the thought of living 60 years frightens Charlie

11-10: Snoopy is first named and laughs at Shermy, who tries teaching the dog how to sit up

11-11: Show to attend; Patty gladly uses Charlie to make him think he's giving Shermy romantic competition, which fails for Charlie

11-13: Charlie visits Patty; hangs up coat on Snoopy's snout

11-14: Shermy and Charlie pointlessly stare at road, upset about something vague

11-15: Patty is sad about being (human) girl; Shermy points out she could've been a dog, alarming Snoopy

11-16: Charlie exaggerates to Patty his possible contributions to a football game that he was left out of

11-17: Shermy utilizes Snoopy as recliner; Snoopy pulls out, knocking Shermy down short flight of stairs

11-18: Charlie spells out "cat" and "rat"

11-20: Charlie suggests he and Shermy pull each other uphill on sled; Shermy pulls Charlie up, but Charlie backs out on his own turn

11-21: First strip labeled "Peanuts"; Patty claims she's humble and hits the disagreeing Shermy

11-22: Charlie is excited about school whereas Shermy and Patty are uncertain

11-23: Patty teaches Charlie about Abraham Lincoln; Charlie admits difficulty being his own person

11-24: Charlie mistakes his squeaky shoes for squeaky leg joints

11-25: Charlie bids Snoopy good night but makes it seem like farewell

11-27: Snoopy hears Charlie and Patty unwrap candy and rushes toward them

11-28: Patty takes photo of Shermy and Snoopy, the latter botching it at the former's expense

11-29: Shermy wonders if Patty loves him anymore; mentioning new comics catches her interest

12-4: Patty's birthday; Patty accepts gift from Shermy and slams door in his face

12-5: Patty and Snoopy follow the latter's nose to Charlie holding ice cream cone

12-6: Charlie chides Patty for unwittingly stepping all over his oversized necktie

12-7: Patty defines "mother", "grandmother", "wife", and "daughter" as girls, bewildering Shermy in the process

12-8: Charlie comes to Patty's house, but she repels him by saying she's not home

12-9: Charlie calls Snoopy multiple terms for "dog" as poorly conceived insults

12-11: Patty shatters Snoopy's hopes of penny's worth of snacks by settling for comic book instead

12-12: Charlie asks Shermy tough question; Shermy suggests asking again within six weeks

12-13: Snoopy catwalks on the end of Charlie's bed frame

12-14: Charlie declares that he's fascinated by the girls of his and Shermy's generation

12-15: Shermy flatters Patty before mentioning her new tricycle

12-16: Charlie visits Patty, who is pleased at his gesture and mentions mud pies

12-18: Shermy is first named; he and Charlie have an adult-like chat

12-19: Shermy beats Charlie at arm-wrestling; Charlie then challenges Snoopy

12-20: Snoopy chases bird but forfeits after reaching frozen pond

12-21: Charlie first wears his signature zigzag stripe; pantomimes time on clock for Patty

12-22: Charlie chides Snoopy for jumping over the former's lap and across the former's face

12-23: Charlie, Shermy, and Patty have pretend picnic

12-25: First appearance of wall; Shermy and Charlie discuss visits to grandmothers; Charlie reveals living in apartment

12-26: Charlie and Shermy have temporary fire outside and debate what to roast

12-27: Patty can't marry Shermy out of a claim that she barely knows him; Shermy counters that that's only because he hasn't lived long

12-28: Shermy notes harsh winter weather; he stands corrected via Charlie and Snoopy's entrance

12-29: Charlie wants to talk to Patty but changes his mind when he casually sees Snoopy

12-30: Lonely Charlie calls operator to be told story

7/16/2012 . Edited 7/16/2012 #1

I noticed that routines are starting to become more obvious here.


1-1: Shermy and Patty refer to Charlie as "fatty"

1-2: Patty tests Charlie's bravery; Charlie doesn't flinch

1-3: Charlie says, "Life is like an all-day sucker"; Patty shoves him into snow

1-4: Shermy and Charlie say their fathers could never "lick" anyone

1-5: Patty smacks Charlie for being hard on himself

1-6: Charlie lies to Patty about shaving and cutting himself

1-8: Shermy fails at bowling

1-9: Charlie pretends to take bath

1-10: First instance of Charlie making a joke and then having Patty angrily chase him; Patty is overheated

1-11: First school strip; Shermy worries over not doing his homework and asks Patty to cause delay

1-12: Snoopy and Patty pass Charlie; the former is considered "man's best friend", the latter "man's biggest worry"

1-13: Charlie considers becoming roughneck

1-15: Charlie asks Patty to bring him glass of water

1-16: Charlie's idea of shoveling out Patty's walkway is to rent out his shovel

1-17: Charlie asks to come into Patty's house but changes his mind when Patty asks him to shake snow off himself and wipe feet

1-18: Patty suggests she and Shermy have sleigh ride; Shermy gets excited at first until he has to pull Patty along

1-19: Charlie cries because his shoes are too tight

1-20: Charlie wears oversized tie, which Snoopy pins down by standing on it

1-22: Patty asks Charlie if she's beautiful but gets unwanted answer; she then angrily chases him

1-23: Charlie thinks Snoopy can't read the former's diary, but the latter in fact can

1-24: Charlie visits Patty, but she doesn't think he's important

1-25: Shermy and Charlie practice ice-skating

1-26: Charlie tells Patty he dreamt about her the previous night

1-27: Charlie and Patty search for lost penny under chair; Charlie laments being unable to find his flashlight in dark attic

1-29: Charlie considers trading in his tricycle

1-30: Charlie repels Snoopy from candy by tricking him into running race

1-31: Charlie feels depressed until Patty passes by calling him handsome

2-1: Patty gives candy to Snoopy and Charlie: the former simply for speaking, the latter for saying "please"

2-2: Charlie tells Snoopy not to follow him home until Patty reminds the former that both live in the same direction

2-3: Patty is sad that Shermy and Charlie don't physically fight over her; immediately doing so cheers her up

2-5: Snoopy begs for and successfully obtains Charlie's last, best piece of candy

2-6: Charlie and Shermy dress up as cowpokes; constantly saying "bang" makes Charlie's throat sore

2-7: First appearance of Violet and also by name; she introduces herself to Snoopy but ignores Charlie

2-8: Charlie offers to carry Violet's books but has already been beaten to the punch by Snoopy

2-9: Shermy and Patty argue about whether men or women are better than the other; Shermy names famous men, but Patty brings up notion of mothers

2-10: Charlie tries too hard to impress Violet; she points out that he should just be himself to do so

2-12: Patty tells Shermy to respect her on pretense that she'll one day be somebody's mother

2-13: Charlie refers to Snoopy as "man's best friend", which Patty instantly challenges based on gender

2-14: Patty asks Charlie if she's beautiful; Charlie gives unwanted answer, gets his laughs, and Patty angrily chases

2-15: Charlie takes bath and tosses out toys on pretense of lack of privacy

2-16: Charlie plays violin horribly, to Snoopy's chagrin; Charlie wonders if Beethoven's death is relevant to thus

2-17: Violet notices Charlie listening to radio; he apparently likes commercial

2-19: Charlie disapproves of Snoopy being in his house; having Patty chew him out makes Charlie feel like he's shrinking

2-20: Patty asks Charlie to open his mouth in order to look for her ball

2-21: Charlie kicks radio for not having good programs

2-22: Charlie is bummed about missing Violet's birthday the preceding month; Violet suggests making it retroactive

2-23: Charlie mistakes dirt stain on his face for facial hair but nevertheless conveys his excitement to Violet

2-24: First instant of Violet making mud pies; Charlie accepts one only to spit it back out due to dislike of coconut

2-26: Charlie and Violet play house

2-27: Patty advises Charlie not to eat so much before bed on account of nightmares; Charlie doesn't mind

2-28: Shermy and Patty discuss betting countless dollars; Charlie excites them with his discovery of a penny

3-1: First baseball strip; Sign says, "Drive slowly, children at play"; Shermy and Charlie considers themselves famous as result

3-2: Snoopy hears and rushes over to Charlie, who's eating ice cream cone

3-3: Violet knocks over small table and as result gets mud pies ruined by dropping them in dirt

3-5: Patty sees Violet pulling toy giraffe on wheels and sets Snoopy up for same purpose

3-6: Charlie practices vocal calls for baseball game

3-7: Charlie wants to build workbench but can't because he first needs one premade

3-8: Patty types letters on typewriter but can't make them form words

3-9: Charlie presents his newly bought wastebasket to Patty

3-10: Violet can't find her mud pie recipe

3-12: Charlie asks Snoopy why the latter can't wash his own front paws but then dismisses notion

3-13: Violet and Patty's first interaction together; they pick out flowers to put in their hair while discussing being a grandmother

3-14: Charlie helps Violet hang up framed picture

3-15: Chase and laughs strip; Charlie tells Patty that one of her admirers came to visit, who turns out to be Snoopy

3-16: Legible adult dialogue; Charlie's mother announces his bath; Charlie secretly admits he actually likes baths

3-17: Patty prevents Charlie from eating dessert before dinner on pretense of former ruining latter; Charlie inverses this logic against Patty

3-19: Charlie considers washing hands, scrubbing face, and brushing teeth before bed all a waste of time

3-20: Charlie's lousy violin play; he tells Shermy that he dreamt of getting strangled by Beethoven

3-21: Snoopy angrily chases Charlie for no discernible reason; Violet frets, but Patty assures her otherwise

3-22: Patty shows her hope chest to Violet, in which Charlie is kept inside

3-23: Charlie accuses Patty of thinking he's dumb; Charlie doesn't consider the addition of two and two practical

3-24: Wall strip; Violet and Patty discuss owning dogs; Snoopy passes by while wearing specs, convincing Violet that he's intelligent

3-26: Charlie wears newspaper hat; Patty asks to meet captain, whom Charlie states is wearing hat made from editorial section

3-27: Patty accompanies Charlie to library so he can return book; Patty states she never knew Charlie could read; he claims he can't

3-28: Jump rope strip; Shermy disrupts Violet's lousy counting

3-29: Patty teaches Charlie about oak tree growing from seed that she plants; she disapproves of him returning with hatchet

3-30: Patty misunderstands Charlie feeling sorry for himself, which he staunchly defends

3-31: Mud pie strip; Charlie can't taste one due to cold

4-2: Charlie pulls April Fool's joke on Patty, but she ruins his fun by telling him he's a day too late

4-3: Violet and Patty chat about appropriate age for marrying someone

4-4: Charlie warns Patty about curb, but she ends up slipping into mud anyway

4-5: Chase and laughs; Charlie mistakes season of spring for actual person

4-6: Mud pie strip; Charlie almost leaves Violet behind in order to wash his hands

4-7: Patty disapproves of Charlie tromping in mud

4-9: Charlie's large head betrays him during hide-n-seek when Patty finds him behind tree

4-10: Shermy and Charlie prepare to reenact typical firefighting scene

4-11: Snoopy passes by Charlie and Patty, wearing same shirt as Charlie

4-12: Patty can't tell Snoopy and Charlie apart due to wearing same type of shirt; Snoopy feels insulted

4-13: Violet tries to change her mud pies but laments being unable to

4-14: Charlie asks Patty how to spell "governor"

4-16: Snoopy chases low-flying bird, who escapes due to stairs putting dog at lower position on ground

4-17: Snoopy poorly sings along with bird, who then berates him for it

4-18: Violet accuses Charlie of cheating on her by flirting with Patty; Charlie admits guilt

4-19: Snoopy touches Charlie's heart by greeting him with midair leaps and somersaults

4-20: Baseball strip; Shermy advises Charlie to get sponsor in order to be on team; Charlie is sponsored by "Violet's Mud Pies"

4-21: Shermy and Snoopy pretend to go hunting

4-23: Charlie teaches Violet about different types of trees; Charlie mistakes golf flagstick for "bamboo tree"

4-24: Violet and Patty pass Charlie while complimenting him as "good ol' Charlie Brown"; he secretly wishes to be more

4-25: Charlie pretends to play golf, though Patty mistakes it as actual skill; he claims he much prefers just yelling "fore"

4-26: Violet and Patty claim that girls are sweeter than boys; contradict themselves by yelling at Charlie

4-27: Shermy builds birdhouse; Charlie mistakes it for doghouse while also poking fun at Snoopy

4-28: Shermy and Patty dispute April showers and May flowers; Charlie contradicts both by showing off his raincoat and hat during rainfall

4-30: Patty buys penny's worth of various candies; Charlie hopes to get some, but she ignores him

5-1: Patty devours her candy, sharing none with Charlie; he gets back at her by inflating bag and popping it behind her for scare

5-2: Snoopy hears Charlie peeling banana and runs over to him

5-3: Snoopy rushes over to get some of Charlie's candy but is too late; Charlie nearly chokes on candy

5-4: Shermy gets stomachache from eating too much cake at some party, though Patty at first suspects ice cream

5-5: Chase and laughs strip; Charlie visits Patty and cracks bad joke about being downtown

5-7: Charlie, Patty, and Shermy work on puzzle; Charlie tries to depart and to no avail make them miss him

5-8: Snoopy chases golf ball but gives up when it goes down hole

5-9: Charlie wears oversized coat; Patty points out he's too small to wear it, which he doesn't take well

5-10: Patty tells Violet about girl named June who was born in month of June

5-11: Charlie has babysitter; calls Patty while speaking softly

5-12: Charlie gets jealous seeing Violet gush over Snoopy

5-14: Violet mentions having moved into new house and has all but given up on mud pies due to new property having poor-quality dirt

5-15: Patty insults Shermy by comparing him to Charlie, who unfortunately sees and hears everything

5-16: Charlie hides two ice cream cones behind his back when Patty passes by, but he doesn't suspect Snoopy

5-17: Shermy and Charlie happily discuss aftermath of disrupting someone's birthday party

5-18: Charlie gets out of bed and proceeds to yell everyone else awake

5-19: Charlie removes small, sharp rock from his shoe and replaces it with smooth one

5-21: Charlie mistakes paper ad for army draft form

5-22: Snoopy responds slowly to random person's call until they mention supper

5-23: Violet and Patty sort through some of the former's old dresses, which are too small; Violet keeps them for "second childhood"

5-24: Charlie tries defending his candy from Snoopy to no avail

5-26: Patty berates Charlie's loud consumption and pinpoints Snoopy as good example; Charlie counters that Snoopy doesn't need to use spoon

5-28: Patty washes her hands and then uses Snoopy's ear for towel

5-29: Charlie and Shermy play tennis

5-30: First appearance of Schroeder, as baby, and by name; Charlie admits feeling uneasy around newbie

5-31: Knowing that Schroeder can't talk or walk yet fills Charlie with pride

6-1: Seeing Schroeder smile makes Charlie feel fatherly

6-2: Violet gets new watch and asks Charlie to help her tell time; Charlie tells her time, but she's annoyed that he heard it on radio instead of reading watch

6-4: Charlie gushes over sandbox

6-5: Violet first meets Schroeder and then ponders the future possibility of dating him

6-6: Charlie plays in sandbox; Patty pranks him by pouring water on his head

6-7: Charlie pretends to box with Schroeder

6-8: Charlie tells jokes to Snoopy, though doubting the dog understands

6-9: Charlie visits Patty on rainy day; Patty says her mother won't let her play out in rain, but Charlie clarifies his true intentions of being invited in

6-18: First sewer-search strip; Shermy and Charlie lose baseball, and the latter goes searching for it

6-19: Charlie tries impressing Patty and Violet by standing out in deep water; they mistake his head for beach ball and go searching for lifeguard

6-20: Mud pie strip; Violet paints sign for mud pie stall

6-21: Charlie runs around in rain to Patty's house, while wearing new suit that shrinks in rain

6-22: Chase and laughs strip; Shermy and Charlie discuss shaving; Patty makes comment that turns tables on Charlie

6-23: Charlie happily witnesses Violet and Patty arguing over him

6-25: Patty suggests to Charlie that he learn to speak "proper English"; Charlie claims that he can't because he can never think of anything to say

6-26: Charlie tells Patty he's gonna read to his grandmother; Patty reminds Charlie he can't read, but he doesn't mind since his grandmother apparently can't hear

6-27: Patty suggests she and Shermy have picnic; Shermy suggests eating the food beforehand to cut down on extra baggage

6-28: Charlie and Patty play random card game; Charlie comments about what Patty wrote on paper scoreboard

6-29: Violet and Charlie wade through cold water; Violet immediately gets out due to cold bare feet, but Charlie is opposite case

6-30: Baseball strip; Violet admires garden that Charlie thinks should be baseball field

7-2: Charlie tries scaring Violet and Patty in ghost costume to no avail; two eyeholes cut

7-3: Charlie and Snoopy in ghost costumes, trying to scare Patty but instead confusing her

7-4: Patty demands that Charlie walk on curb side of sidewalk so she can browse store windows

7-5: Charlie and Snoopy get into physical fight; Snoopy pins Charlie down, and Patty declares dog winner

7-6: Charlie notes that his father returns home from work at 5; prepares to greet father at front gate

7-7: Charlie hangs up wet socks on clothesline

7-9: Snoopy happily greets Charlie but then leaves when Charlie says something offhand

7-10: Baseball strip; Charlie thinks Patty can't hit ball, but she proves him wrong via homerun

7-11: Charlie teaches Schroeder how to say and wave goodbye; Schroeder first speaks

7-12: Charlie "helps" his father by putting lawnmower outside in preparation of cutting grass

7-13: Snoopy prepares to eat Charlie's ice cream cone but faints due to Charlie's compliance

7-14: Violet turns down Shermy's offer to play outside due to her mother teaching her how to be housewife

7-16: Shermy and Patty read about refined people speaking softly; Snoopy takes this advice to heart

7-17: Charlie tries teaching Schroeder how to wink, but Schroeder instead falls asleep

7-18: Snoopy helps Charlie cheat at golf by placing ball in hole

7-19: Schroeder sucks his thumb; Charlie warns against it but can't help following suit

7-20: Violet gives flowers to Charlie; he impresses her by following her suggestion of swiping them from her hand instead of receiving them simply

7-21: Patty demonstrates "mad money" to Violet by hitting Charlie's head with purse

7-23: Charlie notes that Shermy, Patty, and Violet have been spanked for various misbehaviors

7-24: Patty stops reading book to watch Charlie and Snoopy make parade

7-25: Snoopy howls at moon in broad daylight, according to Charlie

7-26: Charlie finds drawing of himself on wood fence; fixes drawing by adding smile

7-27: Charlie doesn't mind hoeing garden as much as he does facing bath afterward

7-28: Shermy teaches Charlie about directions

7-30: Charlie and Patty play hide-n-seek; Patty thinks spot behind house is good to hide at, but Charlie inadvertently finds her anyway

7-31: Patty invites Charlie and Shermy to party in following week

8-1: Charlie pretends to help his father mow lawn

8-2: Shermy and Patty play croquet; Patty has Snoopy act as spare wicket

8-3: Charlie, Shermy, and Patty have actual picnic; Charlie brings invisible soup

8-4: Charlie insists that Snoopy stop following him home; loneliness invokes role reversal

8-6: Charlie delivers newspaper to Snoopy, who then delivers to Violet; Violet's praise of Snoopy makes Charlie jealous

8-7: Violet chases Snoopy out of her garden; she puts flowers in wagon as precaution

8-8: Violet admires new birdbath in her yard and disapproves when Snoopy tries it out

8-9: Violet removes Snoopy from birdbath, stating it's only for winged animals; Snoopy holds out ears like wings

8-10: Charlie believes that dogs have rough lives, though Patty states evidence to contrary

8-11: Instead of sprinkling water on lawn, Charlie resorts to sprinkling ice cubes instead

8-13: Reversed chase and laughs strip; Charlie wonders if he'll be on magazine cover, and Patty gives silly suggestion of comic magazine

8-14: After he compliments her mother, Violet flirts with Shermy by suggesting that her mother may one day be his mother-in-law, to his chagrin

8-15: Patty assures Charlie that wishing on star will grant wish if he says right words; Charlie wishes it were daytime

8-16: Charlie is first called blockhead by Violet

8-17: Charlie and Violet have bonfire

8-18: Charlie loudly announces that he has extra piece of paper left over, which Patty mistakes for news report

8-20: Charlie lets Schroeder ride on Snoopy's back; Schroeder instead prefers role reversal

8-21: Patty enlists Charlie to hold sprinkler on head as crown

8-22: Schroeder throws ball at Snoopy's head; Snoopy returns favor

8-23: Charlie's offer to walk Snoopy overexcites dog to exhaustion

8-24: Baseball strip; Snoopy calls Charlie's throw as "ball", though Charlie protests it was right over plate

8-25: Charlie wears fancy outfit with tall flower and water-filled pocket

8-27: Schroeder eats Snoopy's food, so Snoopy returns favor

8-28: Charlie and Violet celebrate Snoopy's birthday

8-29: Charlie samples wading pool only to jump out and run after mistaking bite from Snoopy as shark bite

8-30: Violet invites Charlie into wading pool; Charlie raises commotion

8-31: Schroeder is now toddler; Charlie wonders about "This Little Piggy", particularly pig eating roast beef

9-1: Shermy loses shoe after kicking football; Snoopy retrieves shoe

9-3: Patty and Violet jealously comment about Charlie being better singer than them

9-4: First appearance of Snoopy's doghouse; Charlie mows grass around said structure

9-5: Violet tells Charlie she never wants to see him again, but he convinces her otherwise

9-6: After seeing another dog chase actual car, Snoopy chases toy car

9-7: Charlie and Patty tell Snoopy to keep quiet while they listen to radio; Snoopy returns favor when they start talking

9-8: As if playing baseball, Shermy encourages Charlie to slide down slide

9-10: Charlie says he likes September due to beautiful sights but changes his mind when Patty tells him that's when school starts

9-11: Snoopy first imitates wild animals

9-12: Violet accuses Charlie of liking Snoopy more than her; he shows her small picture of her hanging in his room, next to larger picture of Snoopy

9-13: Patty steals Charlie's turn on his new bicycle

9-14: Violet orders Charlie to leave her house; after door slams, he accuses her of not loving him

9-15: Shermy, Violet, and Charlie toss rubber horseshoes; Violet accidentally strikes Charlie's head

9-17: Patty tells Charlie he can't dislike something without reason; his is prejudice

9-18: Charlie and Patty hurry to school; Charlie stops after realizing he's too young for school

9-19: Patty teaches Schroeder about dogs and cats; Schroeder mixes up both terms and confuses Snoopy as cat

9-20: Patty threatens Charlie into letting her borrow his tricycle

9-21: Charlie shows Patty tent he set up inside his house and slept inside of during previous night

9-22: Charlie witnesses Violet and Patty arguing over him; each claims he is the other's boyfriend

9-24: First appearance of Schroeder's piano and piano prowess; Charlie gives demonstration but is embarrassingly outdone

9-25: Patty first witnesses Schroeder's piano play

9-26: Schroeder continues playing piano; Charlie tells Patty about Schroeder getting contract to play something with NY Philharmonic Orchestra

9-27: Charlie tries accompanying Schroeder's piano with banjo; Schroeder first demonstrates snobbery by slamming piano on Charlie's head

9-28: Patty shoves Charlie off his tricycle and tricks him out of it; he realizes trick and pursues her

9-29: Snoopy defies rain and arrives at Shermy's house just in time for bath

10-1: Charlie and Patty discuss seasons and their passing

10-2: Schroeder rejects professional piano over his toy piano

10-3: Charlie feels everyone hates him; seeing Snoopy abandon his side for Patty's ice cream cone seems to confirm it

10-4: Graffiti strip; Charlie crosses out "Charlie Brown loves Patty" and writes "Charlie Brown loves the whole wide world!"

10-5: Charlie, Shermy, and Patty visit pharmacy and browse comic books

10-6: Violet prepares to sing "Three Blind Mice" to Schroeder's piano play, but said play bars her chances

10-8: Charlie sets up his toy soldiers, but Patty knocks them down

10-9: Charlie, Snoopy, Patty, Shermy, and Violet hear Schroeder's piano play and then proceed to sing along

10-10: Schroeder's first interest in Beethoven; Charlie reads about Beethoven to Schroeder, which Patty at first mistakes for fairy tales

10-11: Apparent hole in Charlie's pocket causes him to leave trail of toys on sidewalk

10-12: Charlie shows Patty photograph of sidewalk

10-13: Charlie, Violet, and Patty end up parting ways before deciding what game to play

10-15: Charlie tries selling boy's magazine to Patty

10-16: Violet contemplates being nice to children when she grows up, never mind realizing that she yells at Charlie

10-17: Patty tricks Charlie into standing in sandbox full of quicksand

10-18: Bath strip; Charlie unsuccessfully stalls his bath

10-19: Violet shows Shermy pine tree she planted for Christmas

10-20: Patty gets jump rope caught on tree branch in mid-jump

10-22: Hide-n-seek strip; Charlie digs hole to hide from and behind Patty, but she finds him before he's finished

10-23: Charlie and Patty obtain caramel-covered apples; Charlie grosses Patty out about possible worms in those apples

10-24: Shermy pranks Snoopy with jack-in-the-box; Snoopy attacks and ruins said toy

10-25: Charlie and Snoopy give Patty present; Patty hugs Snoopy but only handshakes Charlie

10-26: Mud pie strip; Violet acts as server to customer Charlie, naming off various would-be flavors of mud pies

10-27: Violet hits Charlie with her doll after he rides his tricycle over it

10-29: Shermy and Violet show off ghost costumes to Patty

10-30: Charlie models for Patty so she can carve pumpkin; he stands behind pumpkin giving dirty look while she studies and carves

10-31: Charlie, Shermy, Patty, and Violet show each other their costumes while yelling "Boo!"; Snoopy pops out of pumpkin atop Charlie's head

11-1: Charlie trick-or-treats one day late at Patty's house but fails to get more treats

11-2: Charlie notices snow outside and gets dressed, but inexplicable melting foils his chances for fun

11-3: Shermy puts puzzle together; Snoopy is put outside after ruining puzzle by sneezing

11-5: Dressed as cowpoke, Charlie stands in spot for hours due to boots making him unable to bend his knees

11-6: Dressed as cowpoke, Charlie invites Violet to play game

11-7: Charlie, Shermy, and Violet reenact cowpoke gunfight; Violet makes wrong sound effect

11-8: Schroeder hides his true piano potential from Patty

11-9: Mealtime with Patty and Charlie; Patty insists Charlie wash his hands if he plans on eating bread

11-10: Violet and Patty order Charlie to leave them, which they immediately regret; Patty calls him back, but Charlie reveals himself hiding behind door

11-12: Charlie decides to enter radio writing contest

11-13: Charlie receives invitation to party, but person on other end hangs up after he asks about ice cream

11-14: First football stumble strip; Charlie misses kicking football when Violet releases it out of fear of getting her hand kicked

11-15: Violet and Patty attempt ignoring Charlie; they get offended when he inadvertently ignores them instead

11-17: Snoopy smiles when Charlie and Patty call him smart; hearing Charlie call him "almost human" offends him

11-19: Charlie and Patty take note of television antenna atop Snoopy's doghouse

11-20: Schroeder is sad that he had to cancel his concert which would occur after his bedtime

11-21: Patty invites Charlie over to her house for dinner; he brings Snoopy

11-22: Charlie and Patty play croquet; Patty gets mad at Charlie for trying to cheat

11-23: Violet and Patty tell Charlie they're holding a party and he's not invited; Charlie's apathy about it worries them

11-24: Charlie confronts Violet about her affections for him being less than her affections for Snoopy

11-26: Schroeder receives his first statue-head of Beethoven in mail, placed atop his piano

11-27: Hide-n-seek strip; Patty hides outside until dark; she confronts Charlie, who apparently forgot

11-28: Snoopy chases croquet ball but gets stuck in hoop

11-29: Shermy and Charlie plan on selling paper; they notice comic books in stash and so stop to read them

11-30: Violet and Patty ponder talking suspiciously about Charlie and end up doing so regardless

12-1: Patty invites Charlie to dinner; he stays out of preferring pork chops over stew

12-3: Schroeder hits Charlie out of having his piano play being called flat

12-4: Snoopy crashes wagon into tree

12-5: Charlie visits Patty with snowperson built on front stoop; Charlie is allowed in, but snowperson obviously isn't

12-6: Charlie takes Patty's suggestion of ice fishing too literally

12-7: Charlie, Shermy, and Patty play hockey indoors; fireplace as goal post

12-8: Shermy and Patty state that Charlie is wrong on something, which he states he can't get used to

12-10: Graffiti strip; Charlie notes his full name under drawing of himself and adds in "Don't tread on me"

12-11: Charlie puts Snoopy's doghouse on wagon, creating makeshift trailer

12-12: Charlie builds snowperson that lies on its face

12-13: Charlie, now understanding ice fishing, decides to call it a day; he cuts Snoopy free of ice, with block now stuck to dog's paws

12-14: Violet tries hitting Charlie with snowballs but only flops them just inches from his feet

12-15: Charlie fixes roof of Snoopy's doghouse

12-17: Charlie and Patty listen to violinist on radio; Patty thinks violinist is skilled, but Charlie ponders his own possible skills

12-18: Charlie puts together Christmas list; Violet asks for three particular gifts, but Charlie decides to just get her a jump rope

12-19: Charlie writes list of flattering words to Santa Claus which Patty mistakes for too many gifts

12-20: Charlie, Patty, and Violet physically fight over ownership of snowperson; all take home one piece each

12-21: Snoopy chases hockey puck, but slips around on ice and then cowers behind tree; Schroeder and Charlie play hockey

12-22: Patty helps Schroeder eat dinner; Schroeder wretches at taking bite for Charlie

12-24: Patty follows welcome signs for Santa Claus to Charlie's house

12-25: First Christmas strip; Schroeder plays piano as always, remaining cast sings carols

12-26: Charlie plays with toy train; Snoopy gets curious about toy tunnel

12-27: Schroeder is thirsty; Charlie confuses Schroeder for Snoopy

12-28: Charlie throws snowball which Snoopy chases; snowball rolls downhill, gets bigger, and instead chases Snoopy

12-29: Violet is late for her meeting on curb with Charlie, so much that he builds fire to stay warm

12-31: Patty and Charlie ski through neighborhood; Patty gets her skis caught in storm drain

The strip from December 20: All I can say is, SWEETNESS! This alone is proof that although Schulz found female-on-male abuse funnier than vice versa, even HE wasn't entirely above the latter. It'd be awesome if they animated that while retaining strip purity.

7/16/2012 #2


1-1: Charlie tricks Patty into thinking snowperson is chasing him

1-2: Patty tells Charlie she dreamt about him last night, apparently due to eating before bed

1-3: Charlie and Patty vainly try sledding down flat-topped, short snow mound

1-4: Charlie impresses Violet and Patty by building head-standing snowperson

1-5: Charlie and Patty walk up to sidewalk stoplight

1-6: First Sunday strip; Shermy, Charlie, Patty, Violet, and Snoopy play tag; Snoopy tears Charlie's clothing

1-7: Cowpoke dressup strip; Shermy wins over Charlie due to latter hiccupping

1-8: Charlie makes snowball for Schroeder; Schroeder throws snowball at Charlie's head behind latter's back

1-9: Charlie and Snoopy go mushing; Shermy threatens Charlie for disrupting former's flirtation with Violet

1-10: Cowpoke dressup strip; Charlie shows new toy gun to Shermy

1-11: Violet and Patty discuss what birthday present to get Charlie

1-12: Charlie shows new motorized ride-on car to Shermy; Snoopy acts as engine

1-13: Sunday strip; Charlie and Shermy set up tin-can phone line which Snoopy disrupts

1-14: Charlie reads pamphlet to Schroeder, who soon falls asleep

1-15: Charlie shows Patty difference between rich and poor via snowpersons and sides of road they were built on

1-16: Piano play strip; Patty asks Schroeder what he's playing; Charlie points out that Schroeder can't read song's title

1-17: Schroeder hurries home to listen to Beethoven on radio but ends up too late

1-18: Schroeder drops wallet, which Patty and Violet scrounge through; they find photo of Beethoven instead of themselves

1-19: Charlie asks Violet to skate with him due to his physical instability on ice

1-20: Jump rope Sunday strip; Violet and Patty think highly of their prowess; Charlie proves them wrong by showcasing Snoopy

1-21: Charlie accuses Violet and Patty of using "trite expressions; he then does the same with Snoopy

1-22: Charlie poses next to snowperson for photo, but Patty's delays lead to snowperson melting

1-23: Piano play strip; Schroeder tells song title to Charlie, who doesn't understand language it's written in

1-24: Schroeder takes offense to Patty referring to his piano as toy

1-25: Charlie calculates when he'll have forty box tops to exchange for tricycle

1-26: Charlie offers Violet some Christmas candy, which to their surprise is all stuck together

1-27: Sunday strip; Charlie, Violet, and Patty play "blind man's buff"

1-28: Violet shows Charlie her new clock

1-29: Violet gets Snoopy to speak by saying she'll give candy to Charlie

1-30: Schroeder uses his new hockey stick as shotgun

1-31: Seeing Shermy, Patty, Violet, and Snoopy ice-skate better than him causes Charlie to forfeit said activity

2-1: Charlie and Patty listen to vinyl record

2-2: Violet tells Charlie she never wants to see him again, but he returns for his hat; she changes her mind and offers to play dominoes with him

2-3: Sunday strip; Violet and Patty have Charlie and Shermy build them clubhouse with no boys allowed

2-4: Charlie almost reads to Snoopy before deciding that chosen text is dull

2-5: Shermy instructs Charlie on opening tin can

2-6: Charlie is first seen in school; solve addition and subtraction problems on chalkboard

2-7: Charlie and Patty observe Snoopy go to new doghouse that is modeled like hotel

2-8: To Schroeder's chagrin, radio turns down his request for Beethoven piece in favor of accordion music

2-9: Shermy and Charlie walk to school imitating army march, which disrupts latter's math skills

2-10: Sunday strip; Charlie, Shermy, Patty, and Snoopy reenact pioneer scene as game of pretend

2-11: Charlie chews on pancakes that Violet cut from old blanket

2-12: Charlie and Shermy shovel snow off frozen pond and settle on small skating rink as opposed to big one

2-13: Charlie thinks Snoopy is howling at moon; Patty points out that Charlie is in fact standing on Snoopy's tail

2-14: First Valentine's strip; Violet complains about small card Charlie gave her but changes her tone when he says it was biggest he could afford

2-15: Charlie and Violet play board game; Violet complains about Charlie's whistling

2-16: Violet and Patty say they can't play with Charlie anymore because they're mothers think he's roughneck; Charlie takes this happily

2-17: Shermy and Charlie build treehouse thinking it'll be private but are dismayed when they see Snoopy access it

2-18: Charlie fetches glass of water when Violet starts choking, but she refuses due to glass being green

2-19: Charlie draws dog and cat on chalkboard for Schroeder; Snoopy laughs at drawing of dog

2-20: Charlie, Violet, and Patty play hockey on frozen pond with snowperson as goalie

2-21: Charlie has Snoopy fetch ball; Charlie thinks it's fun until Snoopy's dirty expression conveys otherwise

2-22: Charlie and Patty witness Schroeder's piano play and so decide not to bother him

2-23: Violet serves Charlie random meal and insists her feelings will be hurt if she doesn't; refuses to eat her own cooking

2-24: Charlie, Shermy, and Patty discuss pretending to be in jungle and unwittingly act it all out

2-25: Charlie plays barber to Snoopy

2-26: Chase and laughs strip; Patty is sad that no other girls came to see her new doll; Charlie compares situation to baby shower

2-27: Violet tells Charlie about one of her dreams; he leaves bored

2-28: Violet shares another of her dreams with Charlie; he perks up at mention of him riding toward her on white horse

2-29: Charlie relaxes on rocking chair; Violet removes his shoes to make him more comfortable, but he ends up falling over backwards

3-1: Shermy and Patty's doorbell prank on Charlie backfires when he joins them running and hiding

3-2: Mud pie Sunday strip; Violet and Patty run restaurant; Violet breaks shovel and so can't fill Charlie's order of "hot mud sandwich"

3-3: Jump rope strip; first appearance of Lucy and by name; Charlie teaches Lucy how to count her jumps

3-4: Lucy convinces Charlie to get her glass of water asking sugar-sweetly and making sugar-sweet face

3-5: Violet is mad at Charlie for no reason, but Patty doesn't mind

3-6: Violet asks Charlie to hold her doll while she sorts through other materials; she instructs him not to hold it upside down

3-7: Charlie aims pop gun at apple on Snoopy's head; Patty is too late to stop it

3-8: Store purchase strip; Charlie tells Patty not to buy chocolate ice cream because he doesn't like it, but she tells him he won't get any regardless

3-9: Golf Sunday strip; Charlie and chatter-box Shermy play until noon

3-10: Charlie splits candy bar with Snoopy; Charlie tells Snoopy to chew, but dog instead gulps in order to eat remainder

3-11: Charlie and Violet toss ball back and forth; Violet makes lousy toss, which Charlie gladly insults

3-12: Lucy stumbles backward while watching how high Charlie can stack building blocks

3-13: Charlie encourages Lucy to ride rocking horse 3-14: Patty gossips to Violet, pausing only when Snoopy passes by

3-15: Piano play strip; Patty refers to said activity as Schroeder's forte; Schroeder hits Charlie with piano after making bad joke about it

3-16: Snoopy's first thought bubble; Patty walks Snoopy, but both run when they see dogcatcher truck, which gives Snoopy frightful thoughts

3-17: Lucy sits up in crib, silently analyzing her father's evening routines

3-18: Schroeder is sad that Beethoven is dead

3-19: Board game strip; Charlie and Violet play before listening to the radio hearing what she refers to as "their song"

3-20: Violet finds baby bottle in trash; Charlie kicks away bottle due to memories he resents

3-21: First kite strip; Charlie successfully flies his kite low due to fear of airplanes possibly crashing into and thereby ruining it

3-22: Chase and laughs strip, without laughs; Patty chases Charlie after he says wrong thing about enjoying her company

3-23: Baseball Sunday strip; Patty is catcher, Shermy is pitcher, Violet is shortstop, and Snoopy is center field; Snoopy tags Charlie out near home plate

3-24: Lucy-and-crib strip; Lucy purposely tosses out stuffed bear for her father to retrieve

3-25: Piano play strip; Schroeder literally jumps at piano and slams keys

3-26: First appearance of Violet's trademark hair bun; Violet says Lucy can't join her and Patty for show due to age

3-27: Charlie proves Violet wrong on something random, to which Violet concedes; she hits him with book to stop his boasting

3-28: Lucy fools her father into thinking that she's heading for bed, instead opting to hide behind curtain

3-29: Charlie reads Schroeder story about repetitive dog and cat

3-30: Sunday strip; Charlie shows Lucy his record collection; she mistakes records for snacks and, seeing his resulting sobs, tries to cheer him up

3-31: Lucy blows up balloon enough to make it pop; she then runs away confused and crying

4-1: Violet and Patty invite Schroeder over for meal; Schroeder brings his statue head of Beethoven

4-2: Lucy-and-crib strip; Lucy stuffs her crib with multiple toys and other items to sleep on top of

4-3: Charlie's poor whistling fails to impress Patty; Schroeder's expert whistling is far more effective with Violet

4-4: Snoopy dreams about pulling role reversal of traditional dog activities on Charlie

4-5: Violet comments about how Patty spends different times of day with Shermy and then Charlie; Patty speaks of taking good with bad; Charlie sadly thinks he's latter

4-6: Sandbox-baseball Sunday strip; Charlie shows Violet a "dog-catcher", which is basically Snoopy playing baseball with Shermy and Patty

4-7: Patty chases Charlie; he quickly pauses to request chance to apologize, but she refuses; chase resumes

4-8: Lucy practices memorizing alphabet

4-9: Newspaper delivery strip; Charlie delivers paper to Patty's house; lousy toss makes papers separate messily

4-10: Building blocks strip; Lucy stacks items together as ladder while making tower higher; all three end up collapsing on Charlie

4-11: Charlie denies Snoopy ice cream cone only to drop it; Charlie changes his offer, but Snoopy refuses

4-12: Baseball strip; Schroeder's first time as umpire, Charlie's as pitcher; Charlie falters in his throw

4-13: Kite Sunday strip; Violet and Patty open doors in latter's house for Charlie to pass through when he hurries their way

4-14: Piano strip; Schroeder slides down slide into position before slamming keys

4-15: Shermy observes birdhouse Charlie has built and comments on addition of stairs

4-16: Charlie horseplays with Lucy; Patty's announcement of kite causes Charlie to accidentally make Lucy flop onto floor on her head

4-17: Violet and Patty discuss human imperfection; Charlie starts bragging about himself, so they hit him with their buckets

4-18: Patty tells Charlie she's helping her mother clean house by staying out of her mother's way

4-19: Snoopy beats Charlie in race to end of town block and back

4-20: Horseshoes Sunday strip; Neither Charlie nor Patty are particularly good at said game

4-21: Missing piece of puzzle; Charlie accuses Snoopy of swallowing it until Patty finds it under armchair

4-23: Charlie claims Violet is wrong on something and uses encyclopedia to supplement him; Violet somehow finds loophole

4-24: Snoopy watches Lucy bounce ball; he gets dizzy following ball's movements up and down

4-25: Kite strip; Charlie tries getting kite to fly, but Snoopy foils him by sitting on it

4-26: Snoopy chases wind-blown paper that ends up covering him like tent

4-27: Charlie brings Lucy to playground and teaches her about slides; she lands on her head, but he helps her make best of it

4-28: Lucy bounces ball until she's called in for supper; ball continues bouncing steadily afterward

4-29: Charlie, Patty, Schroeder, and Lucy play London Bridge

4-30: Charlie scares Snoopy by announcing to have dog pull him and Lucy in wagon; candy then attracts Snoopy

5-1: Charlie turns on water fountain but accidentally sprays Violet and Snoopy; Charlie helps Snoopy first, to Violet's annoyance

5-2: Piano strip; Snoopy plays on Schroeder's piano; Snoopy abashedly walks away when Schroeder demands turn

5-3: Violet scares Charlie out of eating candy by discussing tooth decay

5-4: Lucy beats Charlie and Schroeder in cycling race at price of aching feet

5-5: Charlie and Schroeder gobble up their candy as Snoopy approaches; dog fails to notice anyone or anything

5-6: Lucy recites alphabet; Charlie is embarrassed to see his name in book as to what "C" is for

5-7: Piano strip; Charlie offers to fix Schroeder's piano; Schroeder takes good look at tools, fears possibilities, and runs off with piano

5-8: Charlie and Violet argue over who gets to ride tricycle first; Violet turns down Charlie's honest offer

5-9: Charlie almost knocks over Lucy's building block tower but changes his mind when she panics

5-10: Charlie and Violet argue over tricycle again; at expense of their own fun, both agree neither will ride it

5-11: Piano and violin play Sunday strip; Schroeder's piano outshines Charlie's violin; Violet and Patty want Charlie to leave, but he thinks they mean Schroeder

5-12: Shermy and Charlie play gunfight; both argue about whether Shermy shot Charlie, but of course former wins argument

5-13: Violet discusses the poem "Three Blind Mice" with Charlie but leaves when he overanalyzes it

5-14: Building blocks strip; Lucy builds tower, gladly kicks it over, and repeats

5-15: Chase strip; Patty tells sad Charlie that she and Violet love him; they chase him when he says he doesn't consider them important

5-16: Charlie shows his new bunny-print shirt to Violet and Patty; Patty jabs at bunny with umbrella

5-17: Building blocks strip; Lucy builds stairs to reach Charlie's height on armchair and scare him

5-18: Charlie, Patty, Violet, Lucy, and Schroeder play hide-n-seek; Lucy is "it"; Charlie hides under rug

5-19: Baseball strip; Charlie misses catching ball, which instead hits Snoopy's head; Snoopy then chews out Charlie as result

5-22: Lucy makes mess of meal

5-23: Snoopy acts silly and then gets embarrassed when Charlie catches him in act

5-24: Chase strip; Lucy screams at Violet for berating her for ill behavior

5-25: Lucy-and-crib strip; Charlie visits; afraid of being embarrassed by having him see her still in sleepwear, Lucy disguises herself with toy pile

5-26: Charlie makes sandwich for Lucy; she thinks it tastes better with bread folded instead of cut

5-27: Snoopy's first actual thought-speech; he gets annoyed when Charlie relates dog's earmuffs to warm weather

5-28: Baseball strip; Charlie's first time as catcher; he and Shermy discuss scores

5-29: Charlie conveys loss of baseball game to Patty

5-30: Piano play strip; Schroeder shows Charlie new piano and its bill of sale

5-31: Tricycle argument strip; Charlie tries reasoning with Patty to no avail

6-1: Snoopy-hears-food strip; Patty advises that Charlie stands still; Snoopy gets Charlie's ice cream cone regardless

6-2: Board game strip; Patty kicks checkerboard in anger of apparently hollow victory

6-3: Baseball strip; Charlie dresses up as umpire to watch game on TV

6-4: Radio strip; "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" depresses Charlie

6-5: Lucy bothers Charlie to watch her standing on one foot

6-6: Charlie mistakes Lucy's offer of bug for hug

6-7: Violet-temporarily-kicks-Charlie-out strip; she changes her mind when he says his mother's not home; first time he's referred to as "Charles Brown"

6-8: Sandbox Sunday strip; Charlie hears his mother calling and makes messy trip home; he's disappointed to learn she just wanted to know his whereabouts

6-9: Cowpoke dressup strip; Shermy is villain, Patty is hero, and Charlie takes middle ground

6-10: Charlie offers Violet candy; she takes red one; he throws tantrum because only green ones remain, which he hates

6-11: Baseball strip; Charlie returns from game and uses expression involving dogs

6-12: Marbles strip; Charlie is most worried about losing his pride

6-13: Piano play strip; Schroeder is embarrassed when Charlie catches him playing Tchaikovsky instead of Beethoven

6-14: Patty finds Charlie eating something called "sweet meats"

6-15: Sunday strip; Schroeder invites Patty and Charlie over to listen to records but kicks them out because of their constant chatter

6-16: Chase strip; Lucy "washes" her hand in Charlie's glass of milk

6-17: Charlie and Patty discuss reminiscing about past times

6-18: After Charlie turns off sprinkler, its constant whirling makes Snoopy curious; he then bangs his nose on sprinkler and hides behind tree until spinning stops

6-19: Lucy shows her bunny-print dress to Charlie and talks about her other animal-print stuff

6-20: Charlie is convinced that he's stupid

6-21: Lucy inflates paper bag and pops it behind Charlie to scare him, but to no avail

6-22: Pharmacy Sunday strip; Charlie inadvertently knocks comic magazines off stand

6-23: Charlie teaches Schroeder about sun and moon as day well fades into night

6-24: Piano play strip; Schroeder again confuses Charlie with knowledge of different language

6-25: Golf strip; Shermy and Charlie discuss scores

6-26: Golf strip; Charlie searches for his lost clubs

6-27: Charlie asks Violet for too much appreciation for gifts he gave her

6-28: Charlie convinces Schroeder through egoism to get out of street

6-29: Marbles Sunday strip; Patty wins Charlie's marbles

6-30: Lucy buys balloon that she can't blow up

7-1: Board game strip; Patty ruins Charlie's excitement at winning

7-2: Golf strip; Violet and Patty choose golf course to play random game

7-3: Chase and laughs strips; Charlie mocks Violet's compliment of Snoopy

7-4: Piano play strip; Snoopy forcefully takes over for Schroeder

7-5: Baseball strip; Schroeder wears oversized hat

7-6: Chase-and-laughs Sunday strip; Lucy, Schroeder, Patty, and Snoopy dress in their best for photograph; Charlie uses prank camera

7-7: Charlie and Lucy have race to see who can finish his or her ice cream cone first

7-8: Schroeder whistles tune that he has Charlie guess

7-9: Golf strip; Charlie swings, misses, and opts to instead kick ball

7-10: Lucy accepts ice cream cone from Charlie; she purposely drops it to obtain other cone

7-11: Charlie demands candy from Patty; her attempt to dupe him out of it backfires

7-12: Charlie speaks in dog language to Snoopy and joins said dog in running towards something

7-13: Golf Sunday strip; Schroeder accidentally breaks vase

7-14: Lucy first refers to Linus, whom she tries trading for Charlie's tricycle

7-15: Tennis strip; Patty berates Lucy's lack of skill, though latter points out heavy racket

7-16: Violet purposely waits until Charlie is annoyed before taking his picture

7-17: Lucy doesn't understand concept of picking up ringing telephone in order to answer it

7-18: Charlie, Patty, and Lucy play house; Lucy quits because Charlie and Patty's performances strike her as too realistic

7-19: Snoopy runs off with Charlie, Patty, and Lucy's ball; he outwits them by hiding behind shrub and then running opposite direction

7-20: Sunday strip; Charlie uses his last penny to buy balloon

7-21: Charlie reads shepherd-and-dog story to Snoopy that makes dog sad

7-22: Violet calls Charlie handsome but walks away when his pride makes him ask redundant questions

7-23: Charlie tells Patty about Schroeder's loss in music concert due to competitor's accordion play

7-24: Snoopy deflates Lucy's beach ball after she purposely bounces it against his head

7-25: Charlie leaves Patty's house admitting he likes invitations, even though she deems them unnecessary

7-26: Violet asks Charlie simple question about current date but leaves in frustration when he gives needlessly complicated answer

7-27: Sunday strip; Charlie and Schroeder play with toy train; after Patty kicks it, Charlie pathetically calls her out

7-28: Charlie leaves Patty's house, assuring her he can visit her any time except Wednesday

7-29: Charlie tries teaching Schroeder how to swim in wading pool without actually going in himself

7-30: Charlie gets jealous seeing Lucy, Patty, and Schroeder eat cool treats during summer

7-31: Charlie and Patty play as medics to mend Violet's ruined doll

8-1: Golf strip; after Snoopy ruins his shot, Charlie comes to regret playing golf

8-2: Lucy-and-crib strip; Lucy whines that she wants to get out and unwittingly does so

8-3: Sunday strip; Charlie offers to buy Lucy, Violet, and Patty ice cream; they drive him crazy with their complex flavor choices

8-4: Snoopy merely licks Charlie's last piece of candy instead of eating it

8-5: Baseball strip; Charlie and Patty use trashcan lid for home plate

8-6: Violet offers Charlie some fudge that he mistakes for mud

8-7: Piano play strip; Schroeder tosses piano at Charlie for making more bad jokes

8-8: Board game strip; Charlie beats Snoopy at checkers

8-9: Schroeder whistles tune for Charlie to guess; Charlie claims out loud he knows but secretly admits he doesn't

8-10: Cowpoke Sunday strip; Lucy dishes out claims that Charlie keeps missing her with his shots but can't take her own misses

8-11: Lucy spites Charlie in calling up Snoopy with toy phone

8-12: Patty instructs Charlie not to cross street until crossing light turns green

8-13: Lucy passes Snoopy while pulling toy duck that makes quacking noise, which awakens Snoopy

8-14: Schroeder's address is revealed as 1770 James St. (1770 being Beethoven's birth year)

8-15: Baseball strip; Charlie and Schroeder comment on striking someone out

8-16: Charlie turns down Shermy's offer to play marbles on pretense of getting depressed over losing

8-17: Board game Sunday strip; Lucy beats Charlie at checkers; Charlie throws tantrum and tries calming himself to no avail

8-18: While playing poker with Patty, Charlie leans over to peek at her cards but only falls out of chair

8-19: Charlie tries playing catch with grumpy Snoopy; ball simply bounces off dog's forehead

8-20: Charlie holds too many playing cards at once and immediately tosses them around

8-21: Sandbox strip; Charlie bargains with Violet to trade sandbox play for visit to show

8-22: Board game strip; Lucy slams checkerboard on Charlie's head when he disagrees with her overenthusiastic victory

8-23: Lucy's attempt to spook Snoopy backfires

8-24: Baseball Sunday strip; after seeing Lucy's baseball prowess, Charlie decides she can keep his glove

8-25: Alphabet strip; Lucy reads two different words that begin with "A"

8-26: Violet admits she never loved Charlie

8-27: Charlie and Patty try cheating off each other in poker but fail

8-28: Charlie's loud voice blots out name of song on radio before Schroeder can hear it

8-29: Poker strip; Snoopy cheats for Charlie, who has no chance against Patty

8-30: Golf strip; Charlie makes simple hole-in-one

8-31: Wading pool Sunday strip; Charlie wants to soak in pool alone, but others keep ruining his chance

9-1: Snoopy disagrees with Charlie's process of playing fetch

9-2: Charlie searches for lost ball in tall grass

9-3: Charlie pranks Schroeder into thinking Beethoven has come to visit; Schroeder instead meets Snoopy

9-4: Poker strip; Charlie complains about having nothing to bid, but not for long

9-5: Alphabet strip; Snoopy is dismayed when Lucy reads "D" is for "deer" instead of "dog"

9-6: Golf strip; Charlie hits ball against tree instead of over

9-7: Sunday strip; Charlie gets his model plane to fly by kicking it

9-8: Charlie blocks Snoopy's view of television, so Snoopy continues watching by sitting atop television

9-9: Violet claims her mother won't let her play outside, even after Charlie says "please"

9-10: Shermy's tie blocks Snoopy's view of TV

9-11: Lucy asks Charlie for glass of water, which he dumps on her head

9-12: Poker strip; Charlie's numbers of spades make Snoopy faint

9-13: Charlie is happy that it's raining so he can stay inside and read

9-14: Sunday strip; Lucy holds umbrella and, thinking she can float, walks off stump and onto Snoopy's head; second time fails

9-15: Lucy asks Charlie for glass of water, only to complain about glass color; he drinks water and unwittingly tosses glass at her head

9-16: Violet considers showing her new record to someone but changes her mind when Schroeder does the same with her

9-17: Lucy writes "the story of her life": piece of paper with several A's

9-18: Charlie turns off radio Snoopy is listening to in order to watch TV; latter then ruins former's viewing

9-19: First appearance of Linus, as baby; Lucy props him up with wooden boards

9-20: Charlie chases Snoopy for ball; Snoopy stops in place to flip Charlie over and then runs opposite direction

9-21: Sunday strip; Charlie tells Lucy story; Snoopy ruins story by laughing at it

9-22: Linus is first referred to by name; Lucy can't figure out what letter both names start with

9-23: Patty purposely buys coconut candy, which Charlie hates, so she doesn't have to share any with him

9-24: Charlie makes funny faces to keep Linus happy but walks away embarrassed, caught in the act by Snoopy

9-25: Charlie and Patty discuss certain calendar days

9-26: Snoopy can't escape having things drooped over his eyes

9-27: Lucy almost escapes Charlie if not for him ringing her doorbell

9-28: Sunday strip; Charlie and Patty make sure nothing ruins Lucy's record for how many times she bounces ball

9-29: Schroeder first meet Linus; latter reminds former of Beethoven

9-30: Hiccups make Linus bounce

10-1: Charlie gets wrong idea when Schroeder claims to have perfect pitch; Schroeder breaks fourth wall

10-2: Charlie wants to play football but can't because he feels obligated to ride tricycle his father spent 25 dollars to buy

10-3: Seeing Schroeder depressed cheers up equally low Charlie

10-4: Piano play strip; Charlie gets mad after Schroeder asks him what he [Schroeder] just play

10-5: Sunday strip; Charlie disrupts Lucy's ball-bouncing record to preserve his sanity

10-6: Lucy beats Schroeder and Charlie in dart-throwing

10-7: Charlie blocks Snoopy's TV-watching twice over

10-8: While standing up to Patty, Charlie confuses the words "bassoon" and "buffoon"

10-9: Chase and laughs strip; Charlie keeps comic magazine from Patty

10-10: Charlie interrupts Violet when she tries telling him about show she just saw

10-11: Charlie eats coconut candy so Snoopy can't filch any

10-12: Charlie and Snoopy play hunting game; Lucy's duck-on-wheels toy becomes fair game

10-13: Piano play strip; Schroeder tells Snoopy to stop using former's piano, but to no avail

10-14: Violet and Patty discuss party they plan on holding and whom not to invite, notably Charlie and Lucy

10-15: Violet-Patty-don't-invite-Charlie-to-party strip; Charlie puts on facade that he doesn't care

10-16: Lucy takes it too literally when Charlie tells her to holler if she wants another piece of candy

10-17: Charlie buys comic magazine for Schroeder's birthday gift

10-18: Charlie stops Linus' crying by getting him to chew on comic magazine

10-19: Sunday strip; Snoopy is dismayed that Schroeder, Patty, Charlie, and Lucy watch him dance to Schroeder's music but don't invite him to sleep over

10-20: Charlie feels obligated to read newspaper editorial due to person's effort in writing it as opposed to actual content

10-21: Charlie tells Snoopy to stop following him and accidentally says wrong thing

10-22: Violet, Patty, and Shermy deem Charlie as their fourth bridge player as last resort

10-23: Snoopy carries newspaper, but his sneeze makes it fly apart

10-24: Charlie and Lucy wear newspaper hats and play army; Lucy is in charge of infantry

10-25: Poker strip; Charlie records what cards and tricks have been played

10-26: Sunday strip; three of Lucy's friends try scaring her while dressed up in costumes, but she scares them wearing no costume

10-27: Linus fetches ball Charlie meant for Snoopy

10-28: Lucy wants Charlie to watch her stand on one leg; she throws tantrum to convince him but then changes her mind

10-29: Charlie accuses Linus of tearing former's comic magazine; Violet defends Linus

10-30: Charlie smashes pumpkin on Lucy's head after she confuses pumpkin for his head

10-31: Patty doesn't understand Charlie and Schroeder's trick-or-treating methods

11-1: Charlie mentions laundry after vainly trying to scare Patty

11-2: Chase and laughs strip; Lucy tricks Charlie into thinking snow has come

11-3: Lucy purposely ruins her new doll

11-4: Linus falls over backward apparently thanks to someone opening door

11-5: After showing Patty comic strip he drew, Charlie thinks his type of humor is too subtle

11-6: Dropped candy wrapper leads Snoopy to Charlie eating candy bar

11-7: First uses of "fussbudget" and "shrewd judge of character"; Lucy mistakenly thinks having her mother call her fussbudget is compliment

11-8: Lucy doesn't want to nap because she claims she always falls out of bed

11-9: Sunday strip; Charlie argues with Patty and Violet; carrying his stuff outside helps him feel better, and they all reconcile

11-10: Violet and Patty trick Charlie into thinking they say nice things when he's not around, which he buys

11-11: Campfire strip; Charlie extends frankfurter on fork too far through fire; Snoopy eats frankfurter

11-12: Lucy asks Charlie if he likes her, mistaking his stuttering and lack of chances to properly speak all as reassurance

11-13: Montage of different snowfolks at different houses

11-14: Patty promises not to tell Charlie's secret only to break that promise seconds after

11-15: Lucy answers phone and denotes herself as head of household

11-16: Football Sunday strip; Lucy first pulls football away from Charlie; he still can't kick it even when she holds it down tightly

11-17: Charlie pulls Schroeder through snow without sled

11-18: Charlie shows new milk bottle caps to Patty; Linus chews on some

11-19: Board game strip; Lucy brags to Charlie about how many checkers games she's won against him

11-20: Board game strip; Lucy's bragging about her checkers victories gets Charlie down, and she doesn't know why

11-21: Board game strip; Lucy's bragging turns into simple tantrum when Charlie makes sad comment

11-22: Board game strip; Charlie is happy thinking he's won checkers game until Lucy reveals she let him win out of pity

11-23: Sunday strip; Lucy panics about Charlie hitting her; Patty gets defensive

11-24: Snoopy mistakes Linus' thumb-sucking for snacks

11-25: Lucy shows her toy collection to Charlie

11-26: Lucy picks up ball not knowing that Linus wanted to play with it

11-27: Snoopy is sad until Charlie gives him leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner

11-28: Patty misses her favorite radio program by half-hour

11-29: Snoopy turns down Shermy's offer to play fetch due to Saturday being former's "day off"

11-30: Schroeder, Lucy, and Charlie try standing on their heads, but Snoopy beats them all

12-1: Schroeder shows Charlie scrapbook of pictures of Beethoven

12-2: Tearing up paper makes Linus happy

12-3: Violet and Patty note Charlie's best qualities; he listens and becomes happy until they dismiss him as wishy-washy

12-4: Linus reaches for ball, but such effort makes him fall asleep

12-5: Violet proves Charlie wrong about something just by stating he doesn't know what he's talking about

12-6: Building blocks strip; Lucy spells out "boo" to scare Charlie

12-7: Sunday strip; Charlie teaches Lucy how to ski

12-8: Violet states she hates stripe on Charlie's shirt; Charlie changes into photonegative copy of shirt

12-9: Piano play strip; Schroeder shudders when Charlie mentions jazz

12-10: Charlie mentions to Patty how Schroeder won ten dollars in quiz contest due to knowing answer as it related to Beethoven's death age

12-11: Lucy gives Linus view of TV screen that's too close

12-12: Violet bets Charlie countless dollars that she's right on something, but he refutes by stating he doesn't have that kind of money

12-13: Puzzle strip; Lucy suggests kicking puzzle, but Charlie declines

12-14: Sunday strip; Charlie makes Lucy messy sandwich

12-15: Lucy tries to grasp concept of Santa Claus

12-16: Patty reads Charlie's form letter to Santa

12-17: Patty cries at emotional letter Charlie has written for Santa

12-18: Schroeder confuses "Carnegie Hall" for ordinary hallway

12-19: Piano play strip; Charlie preps Schroeder for criticism from music critics

12-20: Board game strip; Lucy beats Charlie at checkers; he insists on continuous play to make sure she's not just fortunate

12-21: Sunday strip; everybody mistakes single snowflake for more

12-22: Piano play strip; Charlie mistakes Jingle Bells for Schroeder's usual, more complex numbers

12-23: Charlie and Lucy negatively comment on former finding penny

12-24: Charlie tells Lucy story of The Night Before Christmas; he ad-libs commercial for good measure

12-25: Piano play strip; musical notes spell out "Merry Christmas to all"

12-26: Charlie and Patty try telling each other what they got for Christmas but keep blotting each other out

12-27: Violet tells Charlie to leave her house and that she doesn't want to see him again, apparently meaning it

12-28: Sunday strip; Charlie, Patty, and Lucy get excited to build their best snowman ever but are dismayed to find no snow

12-29: Violet tries inviting Charlie to her party, but his overexcitement makes her rescind offer

12-30: Snoopy doesn't understand why TV program makes Linus chuckle

12-31: Charlie phones Violet telling her he'll be late for her party, though she could care less

When I got to the strip for Feb. 6th, I decided to stop looking through EVERY strip since it took too much time. No wonder nobody remembers the early years that well. Charles Schulz was obviously still experimenting at this point, meaning he could and felt the need to turn anything into a strip no matter how pointless or random it seemed. And given the time period, amongst other details, I'm willing to bet he wasn't the ONLY one doing so. With that said, many of these early strips would be considered tiresome fillers by more recent standards. This was my next lesson in the process of reviewing a given series.

7/16/2012 . Edited 7/16/2012 #3


1-1: Piano play strip; notes spell out "Happy new year, everybody"; Schroeder has to shake piano to make message come out

1-2: Linus cries because he doesn't know how to turn TV on

1-3: Patty mistakes "bare soup" for "bear soup"

1-4: Sunday strip; Snoopy startles Linus for allegedly not sharing cookies

1-5: Another random strip with Charlie making Lucy folded sandwich

1-6: Shermy and Charlie comment on Patty and Violet's stadium boots, which make noises like elephants stomping

1-7: Lucy complains to Charlie about being expelled from nursery school

1-8: Lucy wants to get down off baby chair, but her mother insists she [Lucy] finishes drinking milk first

1-9: Charlie reads Lucy story too quickly

1-10: Charlie reads Lucy story about Beethoven, but she realizes her mistake in choice and returns it to Schroeder

1-11: Sunday strip; Linus crawls toward ball; when Snoopy takes it, Linus pretends to shoot dog

1-12: Violet and Patty discuss passage of time relating to Christmas and New Year's Day

1-13: Patty invites Schroeder to party, but he refuses and hangs up phone when she mentions accordion player

1-14: Charlie accuses Violet of not liking him; she states she does a little bit, but he knows she doesn't think he's perfect

1-15: After commenting on boring designs of snowpersons, Charlie builds impressive snow sculpture

1-16: Charlie tells Patty he feels obligated to attend school due to teacher's working efforts

1-17: Lucy correctly guesses that Charlie got her jumping rope for her birthday

1-18: Sunday strip; Linus successfully crawls toward and obtains ball; snarls to repel Charlie from taking it

1-19: Lucy has been reinstated to nursery school and complains about getting bored of just playing

1-20: Piano play strip; leaning over on and tilting Schroeder's piano, thereby disrupting his music, gets Snoopy sent outside

1-21: Lucy gently plops small snowball on Charlie's head

1-22: Graffiti strip; after seeing Charlie's signature, Schroeder writes his own with G clef substituting letter "S"

1-23: Violet-and-Patty-don't-invite-Charlie-to-party strip; Charlie says he can't attend on Tuesday, so they deem this day to hold party

1-24: Linus scares Snoopy with cat noise after latter block's former's TV viewing

1-25: Piano play Sunday strip; Schroeder exercises heavily just to play piano

1-26: Violet and Patty discuss concept of changing maiden names when it comes to marriage

1-27: Piano play strip; after Schroeder names piece he's playing, Lucy mistakes "suite" for "sweet" and starts crushing on him

1-28: Violet hits Charlie with new pack of stationary after he brags about being perfect

1-29: Shermy turns on TV, which displays remark of "Why aren't you in school?"

1-30: Lucy shows Charlie her new doll that resembles him, which she then proceeds to kick

1-31: Violet shows Charlie her drawing but gives up when he starts bragging about himself

2-1: Sunday strip; Patty takes Lucy to toy store to look at toys; Lucy is too short to see anything

2-2: Snoopy slides on icy sidewalk; stairs abruptly end his fun

2-3: Charlie doesn't think Lucy can hit him with snowball, but she proves him wrong

2-4: Snow mound strip; Schroeder tries sledding down but only flings himself off and upside down

2-5: Piano play strip; Charlie's report of seeing man play piano with nose upsets Schroeder

2-7: Lucy's demands of different glass for drink causes Charlie to dump and place two glasses on her head

2-9: Charlie shows Patty "spite candy", which he eats - simply put - to spite Snoopy on other side of door

2-10: Lucy doesn't like her duck-on-wheels

2-12: Shermy calls for Snoopy, though Charlie mistakenly thinks otherwise

2-14: Patty gives Charlie spare Valentine card out of mere pity

2-15: Sunday strip; Lucy refuses to share her toys and books with Linus; her mother instructs her to do so; Lucy lies about it, and Linus calls her out

2-21: Charlie throws newspaper that Snoopy secretly fetches

2-22: Sunday strip; Charlie makes too many snowpeople

2-27: Charlie makes up figures stating how men are supposedly superior to women

2-28: Lucy quits nursery school out of pretense that it doesn't teach her how to be nurse

3-5: Charlie asks Violet to replay depressing record

3-8: Sunday; Charlie visits Lucy and Linus; Lucy purposely makes her brother nervous

3-9: Lucy asks Charlie if they'll ever get married; Charlie's halfhearted response makes Lucy hopeful

3-12: Popping inflated paper bag doesn't scare Linus, so Lucy supplants appropriate noise

3-13: Charlie and Patty debate gender superiority; he picks himself and her as bad example to his side of argument

3-16: When crossing street, Lucy gets picky about holding hands with Charlie

3-17: Charlie feeds Snoopy candy with wrapper still on

3-20: Charlie shows Lucy photographs of himself; Lucy mistakes his head for basketball

3-24: Marbles strip; Patty slowly wins Charlie's marbles, but he cares only about his favorite shooter

3-25: Marbles strip; every time Patty wins marble, Charlie gets pain

3-26: Marbles strip; Patty wins all of Charlie's marbles

3-27: Marbles strip; sounds of losing his marbles haunts Charlie in his sleep

3-28: Violet and Patty invite Charlie to club, but unfair vote sees him rejected

4-4: Patty accuses Violet of being tattletale; Violet hits Charlie after he teases her about it

4-6: Baseball makes Charlie's hat hover above his head; he demands that his teammates display more support

4-7: Charlie thinks Linus is looking for something; Lucy comments that Linus can't walk yet

4-9: Piano play strip; despite painted keys, Schroeder claims he can still play complex pieces due to much practice

4-11: Charlie catches baseball only to just as quickly drop it

4-12: Baseball Sunday strip; Charlie uses bread slice to pad baseball mitt, hence why Snoopy is hanging around him

4-13: Lucy finally realizes that "fussbudget" is insulting

4-17: Lucy avoids embarrassment of being seen in sleepwear by passing it off as spacesuit costume

4-18: First appearance of Shermy's crew cut

4-23: Piano play strip; Schroeder turns down Charlie's offer to play Beethoven on toy violin

4-24: Sandbox strip; Violet's constant demands of how to play in her sandbox causes Charlie to cover her in sand mound before leaving

4-27: Patty refuses Charlie's plead to share her umbrella in rain

4-30: Lucy flies balloon as kite but fails to make Charlie jealous

5-1: Piano play strip; Schroeder keeps promise to play "Three Blind Mice" for Linus

5-7: Marbles strip; Patty identifies moth ball

5-13: Baseball strip; Schroeder silently comments on Charlie's horrible pitching

5-14: Charlie works on signature for comics he draws

5-15: Snoopy's smile cheers up Charlie

5-16: Charlie shows Patty comic strip he's drawn about worm tasting like spaghetti to bird

5-17: Mud pie Sunday strip; Violet and Patty revive activity of making mud pies; Charlie comments on messes they make of themselves

5-18: Baseball strip; Charlie warns that he'd take his baseball with him if he was ever thrown off team

5-20: Lucy comments on her ending tenure at nursery school

5-21: Schroeder and Shermy build lousy pitcher's mound in effort to help Charlie improve his pitching

5-22: Mud pie strip; Violet puts plain dirt in boxes

5-24: Jump rope Sunday strip; Lucy ruins Violet's new rope, deeming it ripoff

5-30: Piano play strip; Lucy looks at Schroeder lovingly and leaves excited when he gives her surprised glance

6-1: Jump rope strip; Lucy denotes 23rd time she's seen Schroeder right after he passes by; "Do you believe in love at twenty-third sight?"

6-2: Graffiti strip; Charlie draws himself on two fences

6-4: Hide-n-seek strip; Charlie evades Lucy around wide tree

6-5: Charlie waits for his friends to call him to play with them instead of vice versa, to no avail

6-6: Violet asks Charlie if he'd like her if she was only girl around; gets long-winded answer

6-7: Jump rope Sunday strip; Violet and Patty consult Lucy on rope-jumping

6-13: Violet and Patty invite Charlie into club but pound him when he offers unneeded suggestions

6-14: Sunday strip; Violet dumps ice cream cone on Charlie after two offenses on previous day

6-21: Building blocks Sunday strip; Lucy misses Linus' accomplishment of stacking two blocks

6-29: Baseball strip; Lucy first plays center field on Charlie's team

6-30: Linus stands for first time; holding mere cookie weighs him back down

7-3: Lucy dreads Linus getting revenge on her for all dirty tricks she played on him

7-5: First appearance of random children as background fillers

7-7: Charlie mistakes Violet and Patty's talk of show as terrible gossip about him

7-10: Mud pie strip; Lucy complains about dropping and losing mud pie in mud

7-16: Lucy tries beating heat with fan, but force of rushing air makes Linus fall over backward

7-17: Linus enjoys fan by leaning against rushing air, but having Lucy turn it off makes him fall over forward

7-18: Lucy tells Violet about taking "picnic school" in summer, much to former's mother's relief

7-26: Mud pie Sunday strip; Charlie offends Violet by simply licking off sand that stands in as sugar topping

8-16: First instance of Snoopy having actual dialogue (i.e. talking out loud instead of just thinking)

9-5: Lucy reports her naptime troubles in picnic school to Violet

9-19: Lucy goes back to nursery school

9-23: It is revealed Charlie doesn't like dark chocolate

9-24: Violet wishes she could be more like Charlie, if not for his bragging

10-7: Charlie punts football without anyone holding it, though his sock and shoe come off

10-9: Charlie kicks football with Shermy holding it, though it understandably doesn't go over goal post that's too high

10-10: Lucy understands possible reason of her parents sending her to nursery school

10-13: Charlie haplessly brags to Violet and Patty that he'll one day be president

10-14: Snoopy pretends that his ears are flying in the wind

10-18: Football Sunday strip; Lucy takes her football home after Charlie kicks her off for her lousy skills

10-20: Charlie jumps into pile of leaves that Shermy, Patty, Violet, Snoopy, and Schroeder were hiding in, annoying them in process

11-1: Checkers Sunday strip; after Lucy beats him, Charlie goes in terrible rage about how he can't win more than just that

11-29: Jump rope Sunday strip; Linus beats Lucy's record

12-2: Patty catches Charlie finishing off remainder of his Halloween candy

12-7: Charlie wonders if Patty likes him for his personality or comic book collection

12-8: Charlie's mitten comes off when he throws snowball at tree

12-13: Piano play strip; Schroeder props his toy piano on bench in front of actual piano to play for Violet

12-15: Lucy attempts day-long record of not doing anything nasty to Linus

12-16: Schroeder refuses to attend school on Beethoven's birthday

12-19: Patty doesn't mind being cut off after over-asking Charlie if he likes her

12-23: Checkers strip; Charlie takes loss of ten thousand games against Lucy in impressive stride

12-25: Graffiti strip; Charlie writes "Merry Christmas to all"; large lettering gives way to small

12-26: Patty is impressed by Charlie's snowbuilding prowess

12-29: Violet first brags about her dad in comparison to Charlie's dad; Charlie doesn't get it and is instead happy for her, to her chagrin

7/16/2012 . Edited 7/16/2012 #4

Story arcs are becoming more apparent here, particularly with Lucy's first golf tournament and the arrival of Pigpen. It seems Violet and Patty are starting to abandon the mud pie phase. Violet has also apparently lost interest in braiding her hair.


1-3: Piano play Sunday strip; Lucy first tries impressing Schroeder to no avail

1-7: Patty literally takes her half of snowperson that she and Charlie built

1-12: Building blocks strip; Linus builds tower but falls asleep; Lucy stacks blocks to convey message of "shh"; rare moment of Lucy peaceably helping Linus

1-18: Schroeder stays home from school because today is his birthday

1-24: Sunday strip; Lucy kicks stuff belonging to Schroeder, Patty, Violet, Charlie, Shermy, and Linus; all except Linus chase her; she claims nobody understands her

1-28: Snoopy chases hockey puck and slips on ice; as goalie, Charlie blocks both

1-29: Violet-and-Patty-don't-invite-Charlie-to-party strip; Charlie congratulates them due to admitting his boring personality, thereby confusing them

1-31: Shermy, Patty, Schroeder, and Violet crawl into Snoopy's doghouse and discover interiors larger than exterior; rec room included

2-6: Violet alone declares she's not inviting Charlie to tea party; changes to hot chocolate when he mentions preferring it over tea

2-12: Graffiti strip; Shermy writes "Charlie Brown loves all the girls"

2-15: Charlie tells Violet his grandfather used to dunk girls' pigtails in inkwell; Violet threatens to hurt Charlie if he does same to her

2-22: Lucy mocks Charlie's knowledge of sun

2-23: Graffiti strip; Patty writes "Violet loves Charlie Brown and Violet loves Shermy"; Lucy just scribbles

3-4: Building blocks strip; Linus first demonstrates proficiency by building stairs that don't fall over

3-8: Building blocks strip; Linus builds chair to sit in to watch TV when Charlie and Lucy take all available chairs

3-10: Sandbox and building blocks strip; Linus builds his own sandbox after Lucy kicks him out of preexisting one

3-12: Building blocks strip; Linus builds doghouse around sleeping Snoopy

3-15: Charlie gives Violet Valentine's candy; she points out he's month late; he passes gift off for "Income Tax Day"

3-17: Marbles strip; Patty decides against winning Charlie's last marble because of his blubbering

3-18: Building blocks strip; Linus builds shelter against rain

3-19: Building blocks strip; Snoopy sleeps; Linus builds tower on Snoopy's head; Snoopy's yawn knocks tower off

3-21: Sunday strip; Charlie goes to bed after Patty wrecks his sandcastle

3-23: Mud pie strip; Violet makes mud pies she states haven't been touched by human hands

3-24: Baseball strip; Charlie gets depressed about nobody calling him out to play; hearing Schroeder and Shermy do just that livens him

3-27: Violet hears out Charlie's woes; he believes people always laugh at him except when he's trying to be funny

3-28: Checkers and building blocks strip; Charlie catches Linus building castle

3-29: Building blocks strip; Linus builds wall for Snoopy to jump over

3-30: Baseball strip; Charlie weakly hits ball he pitches

4-1: Baseball strip; Lucy tests Schroeder's new chest protector

4-2: Baseball strip; Charlie declares his arm is feeling excellent; Schroeder demands that Charlie strike out some opposing players

4-3: Mud pie strip; Violet dumps out mud pie remnants from paper bag

4-8: Baseball strip; Schroeder uses too much black tape to fix worn baseball

4-11: Baseball Sunday strip; first occasion of Charlie refusing to quit game during downpour

4-12: Charlie reads Schroeder story about Beethoven being given watch; Schroeder cheers Beethoven's defiance

4-13: Violet refutes Charlie's claim of not being loved, liked, or tolerated

4-15: Charlie reads book literally titled "None Of Your Business", though Lucy doesn't understand right away

4-17: Mud pie strip; Violet makes "deep-dish" mud pie

4-18: Baseball Sunday strip; Patty's violent plays make Charlie want to give up playing

4-19: Baseball strip; Charlie uses old piece of paper as first base and instructs Lucy to hold it down

4-21: Baseball strip; Schroeder and Charlie discuss signals; Charlie states he can't throw drop

4-22: Charlie, Shermy, and Patty share umbrella until rain stops; Snoopy is revealed to have been holding umbrella

4-23: Baseball strip; Shermy corrects Schroeder on "bean bag" and "bean ball" until former sees exactly what's being thrown

4-25: Sunday strip; Patty backs out of kicking Charlie's sandcastle in favor of Violet doing honors

4-28: Charlie shows Schroeder former's latest comic strip; "Humans that aren't interested in human-interest comic strips aren't human!"

5-1: Charlie makes poor trade of comic books with Lucy

5-2: Baseball Sunday strip; Lucy throws Charlie mangled ball that she eventually smacks him with to strike him out

5-3: Shermy skims through Charlie's collection of wartime comic books

5-4: Baseball strip; Lucy listens to ocean roar in her mitt rather than catch ball

5-6: Charlie passes by Violet and Patty and comments that their rudeness of him makes him feel uncomfortable

5-7: Lucy is pleased about her title as #1 fussbudget amongst all children in world

5-9: Golf Sunday strip; pleased with Lucy's talent, Charlie signs her up for women's tournament; basically, actually ends with "to be continued"

5-11: Baseball strip; Charlie's comments to rile up batter makes them hit ball far over his head

5-14: Lucy whines that she doesn't like her family or herself

5-15: Charlie kicks radio after it advertises coconut-flavored medicine

5-16: Sunday strip; Sequel to 5-9; tournament begins; Lucy's full name is first revealed as "Lucille Van Pelt"; first appearance of adults in strip, albeit from their thighs down

5-23: Sunday strip; Sequel to 5-16; Lucy makes first two holes; adult profiles are shown two ways: first shadowed in full, then in view up to their necks

5-24: Lucy smacks Linus simply for being around

5-27: Lucy fails to insult Snoopy just by calling him dog

5-28: First Easter strip; Lucy decides what color to dye her eggs

5-30: Sunday strip; Sequel to 5-23; Lucy forfeits tournament when Charlie mentions her mother and runs home supposed to be taking nap

5-31: Lucy plays on Charlie's hatred of coconut-flavored stuff; she eats candy greedily and then mentions none were coconut-flavored

6-1: First appearance of Linus' security blanket; Lucy says it makes him feel comfortable; Charlie tries doing so with another blanket but feels stupid

6-2: Lucy explains to Charlie how Linus gets security from blanket

6-4: Hide-n-seek strip; Charlie evades Patty by hiding behind "For Sale" sign on tree that she passes

6-6: Kite Sunday strip; Charlie flies kite; Lucy, Violet, and Patty jump rope; Shermy walks Snoopy; Schroeder runs with balloon; all get lines tangled up

6-8: Violet calls Charlie flop; he refutes it by pointing out that TV person likes him

6-9: Charlie proves Patty wrong on something; Charlie predicts Patty will hit him with book; she does, but he doesn't mind as long as he's right

6-11: Lucy stands on makeshift ladder to touch sun; Charlie "saves" her by knocking her over

6-13: Kite Sunday strip; Charlie continues to try flying kite even long after tree branch tears it off

6-22: Baseball strip; Schroeder catches ball only seconds before Charlie knocks him over, slides into home plate, and declares himself safe

6-23: Graffiti strip; "Linus loves Violet, Shermy loves Patty, Lucy loves Schroeder, Charlie Brown loves Charlie Brown"

6-24: Schroeder trades cards with Charlie: baseball players for musicians

6-26: Sandbox strip; Charlie shows Violet sandbox that has canvas top and seats but no sand

6-29: Graffiti strip; Charlie shows Violet circle he drew

7-1: Charlie confuses "nangle worm" and "angle worm"

7-3: Charlie shows off multi-zigzag-striped shirt to Violet and Patty, much to former's surprise

7-5: Piano play strip; Charlie is upset about Schroeder's knowledge of Beethoven's birthday and death at expense of birthday of latter's own father

7-7: Wall strip; Charlie complains to Schroeder about being misfit

7-11: Sunday strip; Lucy reveals her fear of fuzz, particularly that of caterpillar

7-13: First appearance of boy nicknamed Pigpen, who hates said nickname; Patty meets him first

7-14: Patty introduces Pigpen to Charlie; Patty mumbles to Charlie about Pigpen's dirty appearance; Pigpen declares he has clean thoughts

7-15: Pigpen creates dust cloud by pounding his hands together

7-16: Pigpen meets Snoopy; petting Snoopy leaves dusty imprint on dog's head

7-17: Pigpen admits to Charlie that he likes taking baths, but not as much as getting dirty

7-19: Piano play strip; Charlie is upset about having Schroeder write piano sonata on back of former's comic magazine

7-20: Patty complains about Pigpen's messy appearance; she thinks he goes out of his way to get dirty, but he refutes that he just doesn't go out of his way to stay clean

7-21: Wading pool strip; Snoopy's ear imitates shark fin to scare off Charlie

7-22: First occasion of Pigpen's messiness grossing Charlie out; Charlie offers Pigpen candy; Pigpen's dirty hands ruin all pieces, so Charlie leaves him entire bag

7-23: Patty introduces Pigpen to Lucy; Lucy initiates Pigpen into gang by whacking him on back, stirring up dust cloud; Patty instructs all to stand still until it settles

7-25: Sunday strip; Charlie plays croquet with library record, which Snoopy then steals; Charlie gets it back, returns home to play it, and wonders why it sounds scratchy

7-26: Violet and Patty decide to meet near store by Charlie's house for show; Charlie interrupts, misunderstands, and demands they don't speak if they can't say something nice about him

7-28: Charlie identifies Mars for Lucy; she cowers after he reports its relative, temporary closeness

7-29: Lucy ponders what good Mars is if it's not close enough for her to touch it

7-30: Charlie asks Pigpen why latter doesn't practice neatness; Pigpen explains that it repels girls and mosquitoes

7-31: Snoopy refuses to play fetch with Pigpen due to latter's messiness

8-1: Sunday strip; Snoopy spooks Schroeder, Charlie, Lucy, Patty, and Violet by touching their backs with his cold nose

8-2: Charlie teaches Lucy about fingerprints

8-3: Charlie tries teaching Linus about card game; Linus builds tall card tower

8-4: Lucy declares her fingerprints are prettier than Charlie's

8-5: First instance of Linus sucking his thumb; he offers thumb to Snoopy, but it tastes awful

8-6: Charlie poorly tries implementing sci-fi into his comics, but Schroeder remains unimpressed

8-8: Baseball Sunday strip; Lucy is recruited for right field and given sunglasses; first instance of baseball bonking her makes her think sunglasses give her headache

8-9: After answering questions concerning sky, Lucy wonders how Charlie knows so much

8-10: Pigpen believes good day lies ahead after getting so dirty at just 7 o'clock in morning

8-11: Lucy doesn't believe Charlie's claim that multiplying zero by itself gives zero; this in turn gives Charlie stomachache

8-13: Lucy comments on "Rock A Bye Baby"

8-15: Sunday strip; Violet and Patty comment on Lucy going to dancing school; she shows them some steps she's learned

8-16: Sandbox strip; Pigpen carries off all sand in sandbox using just one bucket

8-18: Patty comments on Pigpen being messy almost all the time; he declares that he's at least consistent

8-20: Lucy laughs when Charlie tells her that planes fly right through clouds; he bangs his head against tree

8-22: Wading pool Sunday strip; when wind blows away Lucy's pool, Charlie mistakes it for UFO

8-23: Violet comments that Pigpen looks like he played baseball sliding into second base; Pigpen considers that to be insult

8-24: Piano play strip; Snoopy perches on piano; Schroeder slams keys hard enough to make Snoopy bounce

8-27: Lucy's mother challenges her daughter to beat her son in eating meal; "Five hundred years from now, who'll know the difference?"

8-28: Baseball strip; Violet comments that Charlie has fat face; he admits such people are cheerful and then explodes at her subsequent doubt

8-29: Graffiti Sunday strip; Lucy counts raindrops

8-30: After he raises dust cloud while they watch show, Patty makes ultimatum that Pigpen either wash his hands or stop applauding

9-1: Violet-and-Patty-don't-invite-Charlie-to-party strip; after usual routine, they change their minds when Charlie threatens to strafe and bomb their party

9-4: Charlie kicks football by himself; Snoopy chases but loses sight of it after it bounces right behind him

9-5: Sunday strip; Violet and Patty tell Lucy they won't play her way; she decides to play their way after throwing long-winded tantrum

9-6: Sandbox strip; Patty decides to clean Pigpen once and for all but changes her mind when she sees his clean right side, completely missing his dirty left side

9-8: Patty warns Pigpen that nobody will admire him if he doesn't clean up; seeing dirty Schroeder pass by destroys her claim

9-9: Patty confronts Schroeder about previous incident until Snoopy arrives looking same way

9-10: Patty phones Charlie to complain about said three's messiness, never suspecting Charlie's own messiness

9-11: Charlie phones Patty to report that he, Snoopy, and Schroeder are no longer letting Pigpen influence them; it's too late, as Patty has now switched places with them

9-12: Card game Sunday strip; Charlie tries teaching Linus how to build card houses, but latter tops former with ease

9-25: Linus watches TV; Lucy and Patty's arrivals see him literally pushed underneath TV

9-26: Sunday strip; first instance of Pigpen flirting with Violet; after seeing her pet Snoopy, Pigpen takes her advice to clean up; she turns down his request for hug, but he doesn't mind and so becomes dirty again 9-27: Piano play strip; Lucy mistakes Schroeder's statue head of Beethoven for her admiree's grandfather

9-28: Charlie rants about Violet asking what he'll be when he grows up; she then disrupts his rant

9-30: Charlie heavily puts himself down; one simple assurance from Patty snaps him out of it

10-1: Violet and Patty watch Charlie manage football team; Patty comments on actual fonts in Charlie's speech balloon

10-4: Charlie wildly reminds Lucy that her expected solar eclipse has been over for months; she states she was hoping to see it in suburban areas

10-11: Photograph strip; Snoopy makes ridiculous face for Charlie's picture; "You drive me crazy!"

10-12: Charlie's baseball knowledge impresses Violet, as opposed to Schroeder's knowledge of Beethoven

10-15: Lucy mistakes Snoopy's nose for handball

10-17: Security blanket Sunday strip; Lucy states that Linus' blanket is made of flannel; Charlie at first decries need for security blanket only to later buy one for himself

10-20: Patty pretends to threaten Charlie into getting her gift for her birthday

10-24: Security blanket Sunday strip; Charlie convinces Violet of joys of security blanket; Schroeder is revealed to also carry one in jacket

11-4: Charlie decries Pigpen's messiness; Snoopy feels insulted when Charlie likens Pigpen to animals

11-5: Lucy decides to play mother to Linus, which scares him

11-6: Upon misunderstood request, Pigpen shows Charlie self-photograph of former's clean state

11-7: Card game Sunday strip; after Lucy blows over Linus' card tower, he gathers up cards in pack and throws it at her head

11-14: Piano play Sunday strip; Lucy flirts with Schroeder and tries inviting him over to her house to no avail; her yell flips him over piano; he slams keys to bounce her off piano; she laments about not getting married

11-15: Lucy again derides Charlie's knowledge of sun

11-16: After Charlie tells her that there are 48 contiguous states, Lucy thinks there is connection between this and her count of "48 suns"

11-17: Charlie firmly and loudly insists to Lucy that there is only one sun

11-18: Lucy addresses prior insistence by asking where sun goes at night; Charlie's answer of "no place" makes her laugh again

11-19: Charlie's continued insistence of only one sun makes him fall upon his face and cry

11-21: Sunday strip; Lucy refuses to hold Charlie's hand when crossing street; Charlie gives up and crosses alone, until Lucy makes leash around her wrist formed from her mitten

11-23: Charlie mocks Schroeder for answering "Beethoven" to teacher's question of "father of his country"

11-27: Lucy is revealed to no longer sleep in crib 11-30: First appearance of Charlotte Braun and by name; Charlie meets her first

12-1: Violet meets Charlotte and inquires her about any relation to Charlie; Charlotte over-insists no relation, and Charlie gets her to stop

12-2: Charlie introduces Charlotte to Patty; Charlotte justifies her loudness

12-3: Charlotte's loudness is apparently normal; getting even louder hurts Charlie and Snoopy's ears

12-4: Violet suggests to Charlotte possibility of marrying Charlie; Charlotte then tells confused Charlie to get out of her life

12-5: Sunday strip; Charlie feeds dirty piece of candy Pigpen offers him to Snoopy

12-6: Violet-and-Patty-don't-invite-Charlie-to-party strip; Charlie pretends to be gloomy about it, content simply to see them happy

12-7: Charlie tries complimenting Charlotte's hair, but she mistakes it for sarcasm

12-8: Charlotte asks Charlie if she's too loud after some girls declare that's reason why they won't play with her; Charlie pauses conversation to hear her out from one block down

12-9: Lucy inquires Charlie about chances if they'll ever get married some day; Charlie gives his statistics and decries those of Schroeder

12-11: Piano play strip; Lucy announces that Schroeder has composed "Fussbudget Sonata"

12-13: First letter-writing strip; Charlie writes simply to say hello to Santa; Patty is confident that Santa is married, so Charlie includes extra bit about Mrs. Claus in letter

12-14: Letter-writing strip; Charlie writes another letter to Santa telling not to bring Shermy all the best toys

12-15: Patty reads Charlie's letter; it seems Charlie wants photograph of Santa instead of toys

12-16: Schroeder brings cake to party at school that celebrates Beethoven's birthday

12-17: Charlie explains Santa's work to Lucy

12-18: Charlie receives form rejection slip from Santa

12-20: Charlie shows Linus how to blow up balloon; Linus blows up cube instead of sphere

12-21: Linus continues blowing up balloon into cube; Charlie thinks Linus is blowing air into wrong places

12-22: Lucy berates Linus for blowing up cube balloon on pretense of disgracing their family

12-23: Linus almost blows up sphere balloon, but it still comes out as cube

12-24: Charlie obtains balloon that resembles chain of beads; Linus blows it up as rectangular prism

12-25: Piano play Christmas strip; Charlie replaces Schroeder's statue head with miniature Christmas tree

12-26: Christmas Sunday strip; Charlie visits Schroeder day after Christmas; Schroeder shows off all Beethoven-themed gifts and claims he doesn't know what to do with non-Beethoven-themed electric train

7/16/2012 . Edited 7/16/2012 #5


1-2: Sunday strip; Charlie reads story to Lucy too quickly

1-4: Security blanket strip; Lucy tries taking away Linus' blanket, but he maintains his grip long after Lucy uses hers; crib shown may belong to Linus

1-6: Pigpen remains dirty even in snow; builds what Charlie deems world's dirtiest snowperson

1-8: Patty reminds Charlie that nobody's forcing him to build snowperson, but he claims he's obligated to do so when it snows

1-10: Piano play strip; Lucy isn't allowed to kick Schroeder's metronome

1-11: Schroeder proudly declares that Beethoven wrote no mambos

1-12: Piano play strip; ticking of Schroeder's metronome annoys Lucy and sees her leaving for home

1-15: Piano play strip; Schroeder and Lucy feel deeply alive about music and paper dolls respectively

1-16: Sunday strip; Violet and Patty watch Charlie build ring of snowpeople; Violet calls it nervous energy

1-17: Charlotte asks Charlie if she talks too loud, but her obvious loudness prevents him from answering

1-18: Lucy disputes with Charlie about whether snow comes up or down; she claims to have woken up previous night and saw it coming up

1-19: Previous dispute continues; Lucy staunchly believes snow comes up, comparing it to flowers and grass coming up

1-20: Even with snow blatantly falling, Lucy still thinks it comes up and assumes wind makes it go down

1-21: Lucy dismisses Charlie's question of how snow could come up from cement by saying he has funny face

1-25: Patty's current age is five years; Lucy's current age is four years

1-26: Snoopy is embarrassed to have Charlie catch him imitating wolf

1-27: Lucy doesn't believe that "F" comes after "E"

1-28: Lucy tells Charlie how she become the world's number one fussbudget

1-29: Violet asks Charlie what he'll get her for her next birthday

1-31: Charlotte's loudness makes Linus cower under his blanket

2-1: Final appearance of Charlotte

2-3: Lucy stomps spider loud enough to startle Snoopy

2-7: Linus shows Charlie stack of square balloons

2-8: Violet doesn't understand how Linus blows square balloons

2-9: Charlie blows circle balloon that flies in circular motions when deflated; Linus' square balloon flies in square motion

2-10: Piano play strip; Lucy doesn't understand why Schroeder practices multiple songs if he's not going to win prizes for it

2-11: Lucy laughs at Charlie for identifying the Big and Little Dippers

2-13: Sunday strip; Charlie accidentally says "Merry Christmas" upon giving Valentine to Violet

2-14: Lucy uses too much black tape to fix Charlie's worn hockey stick

2-16: Piano play strip; Schroeder feels Charlie's latest comic is too vague

2-20: Sunday strip; Charlie is fed up with Lucy disbelieving his facts and so tells her lie, until Violet ruins everything

2-22: Snoopy imitates rhinoceros

2-23: Snoopy continues imitating rhinoceros and knocks Charlie down

2-24: Snoopy as rhinoceros stampedes toward tree, stops short, and gently taps it

2-25: Charlie reads rhinoceros facts to Snoopy, who chases after him for cracking bad joke

2-26: Lucy puts end to Snoopy's rhinoceros act by saying he's not bumping her and makes him go home

2-27: Piano play Sunday strip; Lucy bashes Schroeder's statue head with bat, but he has spares handy

2-28: Patty lamentably declares to Charlie that he'll always only be "good ol' Charlie Brown"

3-1: Charlie wears toy space helmet to pretend he's Martian; waits until dark to show Lucy planet Mars

3-2: Violet and Patty rudely breathe on Charlie's helmet to fog it up

3-3: Still playing Martian, Charlie declares he reached Earth by jumping

3-4: Violet buys into Charlie's Martian act by making rude comment about his round head

3-6: Security blanket Sunday strip; Linus swaps regular blanket for electric blanket

3-9: Lucy actually defends Linus' security blanket for once, even deeming it better friend than dogs

3-13: Kite Sunday strip; Lucy flies very tiny kite

3-17: Charlie reads about Beethoven's life to Schroeder; Schroeder cheers on Beethoven about price for publishing latter's music

3-18: Charlie continues previous read; after hearing about girl being rude to Beethoven, Schroeder angrily declares his distaste to Lucy

3-20: Marbles Sunday strip; Lucy stomps Charlie and Schroeder's marbles due to her own lousy skills

3-22: Charlie literally kicks aside his space helmet after seeing Snoopy wear better helmet

3-25: First occasion of Snoopy showing interest in Linus' security blanket

3-28: While Charlie wears his space helmet, Lucy demands he say something in Martian; he complies

3-29: Lucy samples louder "Martian talk" from Charlie

3-30: Charlie talks about Martian weather that Lucy deems similar to recent gloomy weather on Earth

3-31: Lucy translates Charlie's Martian talk for Patty after asking what he thinks of Earth girls

4-1: Charlie admits his Martian act was prank on Lucy, though she already saw through it

4-3: Security blanket Sunday strip; after Lucy takes away blanket, Linus settles for Snoopy's ear

4-4: Charlie tells Pigpen to no avail that "cleanliness is next to godliness"

4-5: Charlie tells Lucy about former belief of flat Earth

4-10: Baseball Sunday strip; downpour spoils game; first occasion of Pigpen playing on Charlie's team

4-11: In retaliation to question about nation's first president, Schroeder tells Violet about Charlie's mistake of answering with Davy Crockett; Schroeder and Violet then laugh

4-13: Piano play strip; Lucy slaps Schroeder on back after hearing of one of his recent, great performances

4-14: Baseball strip; batter hits ball hard enough to knock Charlie over, sending his hat and mitt flying

4-15: Baseball strip; ball hits Charlie on head while Schroeder stands back

4-20: Lucy dismisses claim of book defining cantaloupe as melon by calling Charlie fat

4-22: Charlie takes Violet's advice of smiling more often since she thinks it makes him look cute; seems too much for Patty

4-24: Marbles Sunday strip; Lucy can hit Charlie's marble no matter how far

4-26: Baseball strip; Schroeder admits Lucy has beautiful eyes

4-27: Pigpen believes he's dirty due to environment

4-28: Violet and Patty annoy Pigpen as he's reading book while sitting in mud

5-2: Lucy believes world is getting smaller because of people wearing it down by literally walking on it

5-3: Lucy continues to panic about people's walking making world smaller

5-4: Baseball strip; due to her fear of wearing down earth, Lucy prevents Charlie from sliding into home plate

5-5: Continuing on previous fear, Lucy stops Violet and Patty's rope-jumping

5-6: Lucy realizes that wearing down earth is called erosion

5-7: Charlie explains to Lucy idea of world getting smaller having to do with improved transportation methods; she comments he has funny nose

5-13: Charlie and Schroeder have one of Brahms' tunes playing in their heads; Charlie leaves when Schroeder overelaborates about it

5-15: Sunday strip; Linus boxes inflatable burglar; inflatable deflates, and Linus thinks he's committed murder

5-20: Charlie claims he's quit delivering newspapers because he never got to write any editorials

5-21: Baseball strip; after dropping ball, Charlie swaps his mitt and hat around

5-22: Baseball Sunday strip; despite standing and running miles from field to catch ball, Charlie still drops it

5-23: Lucy wobbles on roller skates; envies how stable Patty and Violet are

5-24: Charlie, Violet, Shermy, and Patty are reported to have various minor injuries

5-25: After crashing, Lucy angrily locks up her skates in closet

5-26: Lucy is now attending kindergarten, but she's disappointed that it doesn't teach homemaking

5-27: Lucy skates with just one skate; Snoopy uses other

5-28: Mud pie strip; Violet serves them with crabgrass

5-29: Kite Sunday strip; Lucy ties various string-like objects to Charlie's kite string to keep him from losing it; her efforts work too well

5-31: Security blanket strip; Linus suffers from withdrawals until his blanket comes fresh out of laundry

6-1: Charlie pretends to be Davy Crockett while Schroeder acts as Sam Snead

6-2: Schroeder firmly insists that Beethoven was tougher than Davy Crockett

6-3: Schroeder continues his tirade by admitting Beethoven couldn't beat Davy Crockett on Wednesday due to needing that day for piano practice

6-6: Schroeder states that Beethoven killed twelve bears, deeming it little-known fact

6-7: Charlie believes coonskin cap to be Davy Crockett's advantage over Beethoven if not for same cap on Schroeder's statue head

6-8: Piano play strip; Schroeder substitutes Beethoven in Davy Crockett's theme song

6-9: Charlie points out Davy Crockett's presence and Beethoven's absence both at Alamo; Schroeder is embarrassed to admit he thought Beethoven was native to Minnesota

6-13: Thin tree falls over when Charlie, out of Violet's requests, tries carving their initials into it

6-16: Lucy says "Rain, rain, go away", and rain immediately does just that; she then panics

6-17: Charlie laughs at Pigpen's declaration of being white-collar worker

6-19: Sunday strip; Charlie and Violet play catch; Snoopy steals ball until Lucy's loud voice stuns him into dropping it

6-20: Lucy tries bargaining with rain to have it come on Thursday

6-21: Lucy doesn't think Linus' card tower is art

6-22: Charlie doesn't think Lucy's rope-jumping record is art

6-23: Kite strip; Charlie changes his mind about borrowing Violet's overelaborate kite

6-27: Charlie's loudness startles Snoopy off former's coonskin cap

6-28: Charlie, Shermy, and Snoopy wear coonskin caps as latest Davy Crockett-themed fad

6-29: Lucy and Linus join said fad; Linus holds tail of Lucy's cap as they cross street

6-30: Snoopy puts on his cap via somersault

7-1: Charlie buries his cap to stop fad

7-5: Lucy teaches Linus about people simply living in houses across from theirs

7-6: Lucy teaches Linus about sun rising in north and setting in south; he feels grateful to have her teach him such things

7-8: Lucy tells Linus that he must come inside their house for lunch or, according to their mother, he won't become a big boy

7-10: Sunday strip; Linus goes inside playpen to protect his ice cream cone from Snoopy

7-13: Croquet strip; Charlie can't concentrate with Snoopy perched on short, thin pole

7-14: Croquet strip; ball hits pole Snoopy is perched on, making it and him wobble

7-15: Croquet strip; Snoopy whizzes by and ruins Charlie's concentration

7-16: Wading pool strip; Snoopy deflates Lucy's pool after she tries telling him off

7-20: Linus gets scared when Lucy tells him current day will be gone once sun sets

7-21: Linus pretends to shoot Lucy when she tells him he has no rights as baby

7-22: Lucy asks Charlie if they'll ever get married; Charlie answers no in long-winded manner

7-23: Pigpen leaves birthday party despite being cleaned up because nobody recognizes him

7-29: Charlie teaches Linus about why one has certain numbers of bodily features

7-31: Baseball Sunday strip; Pigpen scores home run even though Snoopy caught ball that former hit

8-1: Violet rubs in Charlie's face that she's not inviting him to her party

8-3: Patty and Charlie admire nighttime stars; Patty says they're beautiful; Charlie decides to watch TV because stars start making him feel insignificant

8-5: Baseball strip; Charlie and Lucy evade rain by standing under tree; Lucy goes on about rain's importance, but Charlie cuts her off

8-8: Shermy reads newspaper article that denotes Davy Crockett as lowlife; Charlie refers to writers as assassins

8-9: Baseball strip; after striking out, Linus sits on bench to defer to security blanket

8-10: First documented emergence of Snoopy's human-like traits; Charlie tries but fails to teach Snoopy about how to shake hands and paws

8-11: Security blanket strip; Linus defers to it after Violet turns down invitation to attend show with him

8-12: Schroeder and Lucy discuss babysitters; he compares them to used cars

8-13: Security blanket strip; After Violet demands that he go home and that she never wants to see him again, Charlie shares security blanket with Linus

8-16: Security blanket strip; Linus finds it hanging on clothesline

8-17: Security blanket strip; Charlie comments on what'll happen when it's taken away from Linus

8-24: Lucy teaches Linus about ants; both get scared wondering if giants are watching them

8-26: Violet tells Charlie he'll just be mediocre; he doesn't care as long as he's above average

8-29: Snoopy pretends to be snake

8-30: Linus is happy to discover Miss Frances

9-1: Linus is happy to have Lucy denote him as "apprentice fussbudget"

9-2: Lucy laughs when Charlie reads news article about satellite getting launched

9-12: Lucy acts as Charlie's golf caddy

9-13: Lucy teaches Linus how to ruin crayons

9-14: Charlie defends against Patty's accusation at him getting wrong answers in school, citing sincerity over correctness

9-15: Linus is ill in bed; Lucy assures him that their mother called doctor, who's coming in car; that last detail convinces Linus that he must not be very sick

9-16: Linus tells Lucy story about refusing to let doctor put stick in his mouth

9-17: Charlie sees Linus running by; Lucy tells Charlie that Linus recovered from sickness due to her brother's own youth

9-20: Lucy would prefer attending military school over kindergarten

9-25: Sunday strip; Lucy teaches Linus about her own "little-known facts"

9-27: Schroeder ridicules Charlie's taste in modern music as "semi-classical"

9-28: Linus teaches Charlie about conveniences of security blanket, even suggesting last resort of selling it

10-4: Classroom strip; Charlie and Schroeder exchange answers of what faces are carved into Mt. Rushmore; Davy Crockett and Beethoven are amongst answers

10-6: Lucy berates Linus' mismatched crayon-coloring

10-11: Linus watches leaf hit ground and comments that it didn't break

10-12: Lucy teaches Linus about autumn and falling leaves

10-13: Lucy teaches Linus that winter comes after autumn; Linus wonders what snow is

10-18: Lucy wonders how rocket can land on moon and insists everything must be size that it appears to be

10-26: Charlie continues reading to Schroeder about Beethoven's life; Schroeder panics about changes to rehearsals

10-28: Lucy shows her ghost costume to Charlie and worries that she might get sued by actual ghost

10-29: Charlie tells Lucy that she can't scare anyone in daylight; she comments that at least it's dark inside her costume

10-31: Charlie plans out his group's trick-or-treating route

11-4: Linus pretends to shoot Lucy when she brags about being right

11-5: Linus startles Snoopy by pretending to shoot him

11-7: Linus pretends to shoot Charlie's penny

11-8: Linus pretends to euthanize sleeping Snoopy

11-9: Linus promises Lucy to stop his pretend-shooting only to give her shot when her back is turned

11-10: Security blanket strip; Lucy's warning of spanking from mother finally convinces Linus to swap shooting for blanket

11-11: When Charlie goes on again about nobody liking him, Violet suggests maybe someone in Uganda likes him; Charlie wishes said person would write to him

11-12: Violet further suggests that nobody likes Charlie because he doesn't try to make them do so

11-14: Pigpen trick-or-treats at Patty's house too late because he's been away

11-15: Pigpen shows his hands to Violet, which he washed because dirt was clogging up his fingerprints

11-16: Violet observes Pigpen's metamorphosis from clean to dirty during simple stroll

11-17: Charlie doubts Snoopy's ability to imitate others until unwitting Violet arrives

11-21: Snoopy imitates pelican

11-22: Snoopy imitates Lucy; she doesn't understand Charlie's annoyance

11-23: Violet almost catches Snoopy imitating her

11-24: Snoopy imitates moose

11-25: Schroeder doesn't mind Snoopy's imitations until dog imitates Beethoven

11-26: Snoopy imitates Mickey Mouse

11-28: Piano play strip; Lucy watches Schroeder play endlessly and then tells him that he fascinates her

11-29: Piano play strip; Lucy thinks Schroeder's latest play is beautiful except for its title

11-30: Piano play strip; Lucy makes up statistical figures about piano students becoming famous while asking Schroeder why he doesn't give up his own plays

12-1: Piano play strip; Lucy tells Schroeder about type of man she wants to marry; his yell sends her literally flying when she mentions accordions

12-2: Linus is surprised to see first snowflake disappear on sidewalk

12-3: Lucy teaches Linus about catching snowflakes on tongue

12-5: Schroeder conveys his new knowledge of winter to Charlie

12-6: Lucy keeps cookie jar away from Linus, demanding that he wash his hands

12-8: Snoopy loses appetite when Charlie calls him "hound", "pooch", and "mutt"

12-9: Linus fails at making snowballs

12-10: Lucy threatens to tell their mother if Linus hits her with snowball, but he goes through with it regardless due to need of "cheap publicity"

12-12: Charlie failingly demands that Violet like him

12-13: Snoopy fails to scare Linus into sharing cookies

12-15: Linus doesn't understand relation between "sweets" and "candy"

12-19: Lucy teaches Linus about Santa Claus

12-20: Shermy and Charlie discuss Santa

12-21: Lucy worries about Santa being detected or shot down

12-22: Lucy writes and reads her letter to Santa; she has bad case of "the gimmies"

12-23: As Lucy decides for some reason to tell Santa not to give Linus presents, Linus pretends to shoot Lucy

12-24: Snoopy places himself into Charlie's Christmas stocking

12-25: Sunday strip; Charlie collects money from Violet and Patty to buy Snoopy gift after Santa failed to deliver

12-26: Lucy tells Linus she didn't see Santa after staying up all previous night to catch him

12-27: Lucy builds snowperson out of multiple small snowballs

12-28: Charlie asks Shermy what happened to Davy Crockett

12-31: Linus can't read Charlie's short story

7/16/2012 . Edited 7/16/2012 #6

Aside from strips I purposely skipped, according to gocomics dot com, this wasn't a very busy year for Schulz. But I wonder if I'm wrong?


1-1: Sunday strip; Charlie slips and falls onto ice and can't get up; Snoopy pushes him along; "This is the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to me!"

1-8: Sunday strip; Linus builds better snow fort than Charlie

1-13: Lucy believes that answer to juvenile delinquency is having younger siblings salute older

1-16: Lucy writes down idea of birds flying to moon for school essay

1-17: Snoopy's rapid catching of ball makes Charlie wish for ordinary dogs

1-18: Charlie accepts Linus' offer to be friends

1-25: Pigpen turns down Patty's suggestion to tie his shoes

1-26: Unable to stand declaration of humans being superior to dogs, Snoopy knocks Charlie over

1-27: Snoopy knocks Charlie over when it's suggested that highest compliment for dogs is being called almost human

1-28: Violet describes Pigpen with various "dirty" ideas; Pigpen states she forgot "immaculately clean conscience"

1-30: Violet tells Charlie she doesn't want to be his friend

1-31: Wall strip; Shermy doesn't understand about being asked what he wants to be when he grows up

2-1: Security blanket strip; Charlie refers to Linus' blanket as "portable security"

2-3: Linus believes he needs convictions to be stubborn

2-4: Linus continues his belief in his own stubbornness even when Snoopy literally knocks him down

2-5: Security blanket Sunday strip; Lucy can't find her own security blanket for bed, so she takes away Linus' blanket; Linus replies with fake shooting

2-6: Violet tells Charlie he's not invited to her party as usual; Shermy tries comforting Charlie to no avail

2-7: Snoopy imitates giraffe

2-8: Snoopy imitates kangaroo

2-9: Lucy reads about kangaroos being found only in Australia; Charlie disagrees and cites Snoopy's prior imitation as proof

2-10: Charlie tells Snoopy that trying be something one isn't doesn't make them happy; ends up refuting his own claim

2-12: Security blanket Sunday strip; Linus defers to blanket after troubling himself with toy phone

2-13: Linus doesn't understand Valentine's Day

2-14: Charlie waits for his Valentines from mail carrier until night but doesn't get any

2-15: Charlie berates Patty for not sending him Valentines; her drabble makes him yell

2-19: Sunday strip; Lucy winds up Linus' toy train, but he doesn't get it to tracks on time

2-21: Wall strip; Lucy mocks Charlie's knowledge of birds flying south for winter

2-22: Lucy continues to mock Charlie's prior claim

2-23: Lucy brings up whether chickens are birds and whether or not they fly south for winter

2-24: Wall strip; Lucy's teacher proves Lucy wrong and Charlie right about birds flying south for winter; Lucy wonders if she can change teachers

2-25: Snoopy imitates "king of beasts", but only temporarily

2-26: Piano play Sunday strip; Lucy asks Schroeder about possibility of him getting job instead of playing piano if they were poor while married; Schroeder yells no and bangs keys to make Lucy literally flip

2-27: Security blanket strip; Snoopy takes away Linus' blanket; Linus retrieves it, not caring that it's now mangled

2-28: Snoopy imitates alligator

2-29: Snoopy continues imitating alligator to scare Linus, but tables are turned

3-1: Snoopy chomps like alligator only to bite his own tongue

3-2: Charlie insists to Snoopy that latter should be content being dog instead of alligator

3-3: Lucy tells Linus story of Peter Pan; Linus doesn't understand it

3-4: Sunday strip; Lucy and Linus argue about whether Robin Hood or William Tell shot apple off someone's head with arrow; after Lucy proves him wrong and gloats, Linus pretends to shoot her with bow and arrow

3-5: Piano play strip; Lucy is incredulous that Schroeder is able to play piano just by practicing

3-6: Wall strip; Charlie and Shermy talk about their respective scars

3-8: Lucy shows Patty scarf made from old Davy Crockett hat

3-9: Patty over-suggests to Charlie writing down reasons why he thinks nobody likes him

3-11: Sunday strip; Lucy and Linus argue over usage of scissors; their mother takes Lucy's side; Linus scares Lucy by pretending to cut her

3-12: Violet tries bragging that her parents and relatives are college graduates, but Charlie's mellowness about it ruins everything

3-13: Lucy fails to tell off rain

3-15: Piano play strip; Lucy fails to impress Schroeder with her supposed love of classic music

3-16: Violet claims she can't like Charlie just because he's not perfect

3-18: Sunday strip; Snoopy is embarrassed when Charlie catches him imitating bird

3-25: Sunday strip; Charlie demands everybody stop playing in snow to practice for baseball season

3-26: Wall security blanket strip; Shermy comments that the world has too much insecurity

4-1: Baseball strip; it takes Schroeder three tries to convince Charlie to get out of rain and quit baseball game

4-6: Linus tells Charlie of desire to be farmer

4-7: Snoopy's hunger disrupts Charlie and Patty's chat

4-8: Baseball security blanket Sunday strip; Linus briefly uses blanket as base

4-19: Kite strip; Charlie's kite has gotten stuck in tree; he's too angry even to hear riddle from Lucy

4-20: Kite strip; Charlie is still too angry even to care about rain, until Shermy reports that kite is getting wet

4-22: Sunday strip; Linus learns that crackers can't be bent

4-29: Piano play strip; first occasion of Schroeder annoyed at someone leaning on his piano, in this case Lucy; she wonders why he can't be friendly with her and continues even after he leaves; Lucy wants smile from Schroeder, but Snoopy complies instead

5-3: Snoopy imitates lion

5-5: Linus conveys his excitement to turn six years old

5-6: Marbles Sunday strip; Lucy is so annoyed at her lousy marbles skill that she forcefully uses volleyball

5-7: Lucy watches bugs and tells Charlie what she thinks said bugs are saying

5-8: Lucy proudly declares she kicked over bug's house

5-9: Lucy mistakes jellybean for queen bug

5-11: Security blanket strip; Believing that happiness should be shared, Linus tears his blanket in half and gives piece to Charlie

5-12: Lucy and Linus inquire to Patty about importance of good education; Patty is said to be in first grade

5-13: Kite Sunday strip; Charlie's kite string gets tangled around Schroeder, Snoopy, and multiple objects; Charlie is happy to see actual kite burning in burn barrel

5-14: Charlie explains his injuries and medical shots to Violet

5-18: Security blanket strip; after Violet complains, Linus makes his blanket into scarf

5-20: Security blanket Sunday strip; Snoopy dances and thereby encourages Linus to join in, all as ploy to lie down on blanket

5-21: Linus shows Lucy that he tied his own shoes; she notes that each shoe is on the wrong foot, but he doesn't understand

5-22: Charlie reads steamship news article to Linus

5-23: Snoopy successfully retrieves soap bubble without ever popping it

5-24: Wall strip; Lucy thinks of ploy to get her father to buy her pony for her birthday

5-27: Sunday strip; Linus plays fetch with Snoopy, though former's poor throwing skills make it less enjoyable than originally thought: "This is retrieving?"

5-29: Piano play strip; Lucy asks Schroeder if they'll ever get married; she obviously doesn't like his blunt, straight answer

5-30: Baseball strip; Charlie defends his weak hitting of baseball as grounder

5-31: Baseball strip; Charlie yells at Lucy for missing ball and utterly ignoring game; "A wise manager never shouts at his players"

6-4: Security blanket strip; Lucy tells Charlie that Linus failed his entry into nursery school

6-5: Piano play strip; Charlie reads to Schroeder news article about new Beethoven hall being built on Rhine River

6-6: Schroeder asks Lucy for donation to help build said hall; Lucy just mocks it

6-7: Schroeder explains just how much Beethoven hall will cost to build

6-8: Schroeder fails to get donation to Beethoven hall from Violet

6-9: Piano play strip; Schroeder's prior donations only total to six cents; he apologizes to his statue head, thinking it smiled at him

6-14: Snoopy imitates snake

6-17: Kite Sunday strip; Lucy yells for Charlie's stuck kite to come out of tree; multiple kites come out

6-19: Pigpen tries to wash himself off but can't; feels he's reached the point of no return

6-20: Piano play strip; Schroeder feels Lucy would inspire him if she just went away; she states he can't fight inspiration

6-24: Sunday strip; Charlie refers to Pigpen as "the human dust bowl"

6-25: Lucy deems Charlie as philosopher after he discusses importance of security

6-27: Linus fails to fire toy arrow, so he accidentally kicks it at Charlie's head

6-28: Snoopy stops toy arrow before Linus even has chance to let it fire

6-29: Linus and Snoopy play "The Lion and the Hunter"

6-30: Snoopy digs hole to catch Linus' arrow

7-2: While teaching Linus about trees, Lucy mixes up types

7-3: Charlie confronts Lucy about her tree mix-ups, but he goes unheeded

7-4: Lucy refers to phone pole as type of tree

7-5: Charlie confronts Lucy, telling her that hearing her say stupid things makes his stomach hurt; Lucy teases that it might be love

7-6: Linus catches on when Lucy tells him that leaves jump off rather than fall off; joins Charlie with equally weak stomach

7-8: Security blanket Sunday strip; Linus tries to ignore it to no avail; Lucy deems him hopeless

7-15: Baseball Sunday strip; Linus rope-jumps with his sister, Violet, and Patty just before catching ball far outside of field

7-29: Security blanket Sunday strip; Lucy tears up her own blanket before Linus' eyes, thinking it was his

8-4: Lucy and Linus play pretend shooting game

8-5: Wading pool baseball Sunday strip; Linus catches ball in Violet and Patty's pool

8-6: Charlie defines "fetch" for Snoopy like actual dictionary

8-12: Sunday strip; Lucy lets tired Snoopy lean on her when Charlie and Linus refuse

8-16: Bed strip; Charlie has nightmare of striking out in baseball game

8-17: Bed strip; Charlie decides to lie down for rest of his life because he feels he can't do anything right; Schroeder's suggestion of reading falls through

8-26: Piano play strip; Lucy tries replacing Schroeder's statue head with picture of herself, but he won't have it

8-28: Seeing leaf fall makes Linus sad; "Nobody's happy where they are"

8-29: Linus greets leaf that lands over his eyes

8-30: Linus observes leaf that goes "klunk" when it hits ground

8-31: Snoopy mistakes falling leaf for potato chip Linus may have dropped

9-2: Sunday strip; Linus brings Lucy outside to show bush that he mistakes for porcupine

9-5: Charlie conveys to Shermy exhaustion of getting prize out of Snicker-Snacks cereal box and mailing in box top for more prizes

9-6: Charlie shows Shermy discovery of mix-up in box of Snicker-Snacks between number of prize marbles and of cereal pieces

9-8: Lucy calls Charlie cute and goes on to sincerely, lovingly compare his head to other round things

9-9: Sunday strip; Lucy changes Linus' program, and not even his yells and pretend gunshots can affect her; he defers to security blanket

9-12: Charlie kicks football that unwitting Schroeder holds

9-16: Charlie jumps into leaves that Lucy set up over hard, grass-covered mound after hearing her offhand comment about their softness

9-17: Snoopy imitates elephant

9-18: Charlie asks Pigpen if latter will ever clean up; Pigpen defends his dirtiness stating that he's covered in dirt from countless ages

9-23: Security blanket Sunday strip; Snoopy tries quickly swiping Linus' blanket but is outwitted by Linus having it nailed down to floor

9-25: Lucy doesn't understand vanishing point of sidewalk

9-26: Charlie tries defining perspective for Lucy, but she changes subject yet again by calling his zigzag stripe stupid

9-27: Snoopy ignores Lucy's rant of troubled world and her demand for him to stop dancing around happily

9-28: Lucy issues same demand second time; Snoopy imitates her

9-30: Piano play Sunday strip; Lucy asks Schroeder if piano players make much money; Schroeder staunchly defends art against money, even calling Lucy blockhead; she just responds that he fascinates her

10-1: Seeing Snoopy dance, Lucy tells him happiness will never bring him peace of mind

10-2: Still dancing, Snoopy answers Lucy's question of being serious by imitating her cranky expression

10-3: Snoopy continues dancing; Lucy calls him stupid dog

10-4: Lucy loudly recites various reasons to despair but can't get Snoopy to stop dancing

10-5: With Snoopy's dancing, Lucy brings up subject involving her great-grandmother

10-6: Lucy caves in to Snoopy's dancing, discovering that she enjoys it

10-8: Linus sees through Lucy's lie about her touching sky

10-9: Charlie declares to Patty that his depression is great enough that "his soul needs a bandage"

10-10: Wall strip; Charlie discusses his paternally hereditary depression with Shermy

10-11: Piano play strip; Schroeder firmly insists to Lucy that he doesn't play piano for money, but she doesn't listen

10-12: Piano play strip; music makes Snoopy rub against piano and kiss Schroeder on nose; "You never know how Chopin is going to affect someone"

10-14: Sunday strip; Linus doesn't want Lucy's help to hold balloon; tying it to his various clothing articles ends with it literally carrying his shirt off; he insists she say nothing

10-19: Wall strip; Charlie tells Patty that teacher deemed him best student in class

10-21: Sunday strip; Snoopy fetches ball before Linus throws it; Linus ends up tossing ball with Snoopy; "This is retrieving?"

10-22: Lucy doesn't care if anyone likes her or not and unsuccessfully tries convincing Charlie to be same way

10-28: Sunday strip; Shermy has larger and better-carved jack-o-lantern than Charlie

11-11: Sunday strip; Lucy looks down on Linus and Snoopy for more pointless dancing; Lucy warns Linus that he'll be nothing if he keeps hanging around Snoopy, but it falls on deaf ears

11-12: Security blanket strip; Lucy reads to Linus story about couple escaping jungle clan; Linus comments on what else could've happened to couple

12-2: Sunday strip; Linus chokes on snowflake

12-9: Piano play Sunday strip; Lucy angers Schroeder by talking about their possible future marriage and throwing in crack about his piano play; she then ponders marrying accordion player

12-15: Lucy loses her first baby tooth

12-16: Lucy-pulls-football-away strip; Lucy bribes Charlie into taking fall with money she doesn't have

12-17: Security blanket strip; Linus' blanket can't defend him against loud music

12-18: Violet comments on Charlie's cleverness of outwitting second-graders by organizing discussion group

12-20: Charlie talks to Shermy about Lucy hitting former with former's own rock collection

12-22: Snoopy licks sentient snowperson twice; snowperson realizes anxiety of being melted by sun, though Snoopy gets wrong idea

12-23: Security blanket Sunday strip; Linus outwits Snoopy by using blanket as bullfighting cape

12-26: Charlie complains to Patty that neither he nor his parents received any Christmas cards

12-27: Lucy's boasts about getting so many Christmas cards drive Charlie off

12-28: Bed strip; Charlie's lack of Christmas cards gives him insomnia

12-29: Charlie admits to buying himself Christmas card in order to get one; Violet extends her sympathies

12-30: Piano play strip; Snoopy dances on piano to Schroeder's music; glare from Schroeder makes Snoopy stop, blush, and leave

7/16/2012 . Edited 7/16/2012 #7


1-6: Sunday strip; Lucy steals Linus' book; Linus threatens to hit her, but mother says no and claims to be unable to explain why; Lucy does so by threatening him back

1-7: Linus and Lucy demonstrate "stereophonic fussing" for Charlie

1-8: Said fussing gets harder to sit through, even step-by-step

1-9: Charlie then participates with them in "hi-fi fussing"

1-10: Lucy gets carried away talking about how great stereophonic fussing supposedly is

1-11: Lucy defies any parent to hold out against said activity for more than five minutes

1-12: Charlie confronts Lucy about stereophonic fussing; Lucy retaliates by showing him her large trophy from 1955 earned by so much fussing

1-13: Sunday strip; Linus reenacts rhyme about the Three Little Kittens but gets no pie for finding his own mittens

1-14: Charlie stands on skis, all bundled up, and demands that someone open door

1-15: Violet and Patty pass well-bundled Charlie, who has now ditched skis; Violet thinks clothing is standing without anybody wearing it

1-16: Security blanket strip; Linus refuses to believe in anything else if he can't believe in his blanket

1-17: Linus loudly regrets being born after Lucy

1-20: Security blanket Sunday strip; Linus watches his blanket as it tumbles in dryer

1-22: Charlie falls flat on his back again due to heavy winter gear; Lucy relates this to her inability to swim

1-23: Charlie still can't get up off ice; Lucy decides to "help" by hoping for early spring

1-24: Snoopy naps on Charlie's belly as latter remains stuck helpless on ice

1-25: Lucy relates Charlie's ice dilemma to helpless turtle; feeling helpless enough already, Charlie tells her off

1-26: In trying to stand back up on ice, Charlie only succeeds in getting stuck on his stomach

2-4: Linus pretends to be cowpoke, but Lucy points out he has no costume; "Surface qualities!"

2-6: Lucy looks down on Linus' neat coloring job in his coloring book by pointing out possibility of becoming commercial artist

2-7: Snoopy's polar bear imitation is disrupted by snowball onslaught

2-8: Snoopy continues prior imitation but can't do anything to heavily bundled Charlie

2-9: Snoopy tries stalking Charlie again only to wind up inside heavy coat

2-10: Security blanket Sunday strip; Linus cowers under blanket to protect his snack from Snoopy

2-11: Charlie tells Violet he doesn't care if she doesn't like him; Schroeder thinks being louder would help

2-12: Linus gets excited when Lucy mentions that new snowfall resembles blanket

2-14: Lucy shows Charlie her fussing trophy from three consecutive years

2-15: Lucy then shows Charlie her first fussing trophy from 1954, which is smaller than all seen so far

2-16: Lucy shows multiple fussing trophies on shelf

2-19: Piano play strip; Lucy comments that Beethoven could've learned from random accordion player she saw on TV; first instance of Schroeder yanking piano out from under her

2-20: Charlie-reads-to-Schroeder-about-Beethoven strip; Schroeder doesn't understand Beethoven's unhappiness with rebuff

2-21: Piano play strip; Lucy repels Schroeder by joking about marrying accordion player

2-23: Violet says she won't invite Charlie to her party and then must hear him ramble about parties in general

2-25: Charlie observes Pigpen's metamorphosis from clean to dirty in snowstorm

2-26: Charlie and Pigpen discuss latter's independence

3-12: Snoopy is surprised to feel bothered about Charlie calling him "fuzzy face"

3-13: Snoopy tries to no avail to stop being bothered about said nickname

3-14: Being called fuzzy face makes Snoopy leave doghouse at night to perch on hill

3-15: Snoopy continues to ponder being called fuzzy face

3-16: Charlie calls Snoopy fuzzy face again

3-20: Lucy mistakes sky writing for word-shaped clouds

3-21: Charlie reads about animals coming out for warm weather and dozing on rock; finds Snoopy doing second action

3-22: Charlie then reads about animals prancing happily in warm weather and finds Snoopy doing just that

3-23: As Charlie reads about animal love for spring, Snoopy dances

3-26: Linus doesn't share Charlie's love of spring

3-27: Linus rants about his hatred of spring due to no more snow until Charlie tells him there will be another winter

3-29: Snoopy imitates random animal pose and fails at pouncing

3-30: Snoopy pounces flat on back into Charlie's arms; "That was a pounce?"

3-31: Sunday strip; Lucy chases after Linus for her ball until they realize they're outside

4-2: Violet gives Charlie overdue Christmas cards and requests that he stop complaining about receiving none

4-4: Charlie yells at off-screen person that they're not as smart as they claim

4-5: Charlie continues previous rant, but it seems recipient isn't listening

4-6: Baseball strip; Lucy catches ball for Charlie while telling him about her late New Year's resolutions

4-7: Baseball security blanket Sunday strip; getting tied up in his own blanket sees Linus get struck out

4-8: Linus admits he loves Violet and gives her flower made of rubber band and potato strips

4-11: Baseball strip; Charlie and Schroeder argue over lost game amongst abandoned baseball equipment and clothing

4-12: Baseball strip; Charlie complains about his lousy team; shows Patty outfielder who can't throw, who happens to be Snoopy

4-13: Baseball strip; Linus has to play center field despite insanely tall weeds

4-14: Sunday strip; Snoopy gets dizzy pondering what it might be like to be bird

4-15: Baseball strip; on Charlie's suggestion, Schroeder shows backbone by whistling Chopin tune

4-16: Baseball strip; Lucy gets far enough out in left field by going inside house that's in her way

4-17: Baseball strip; Charlie ponders problems with being manager; almost ties Lucy's shoe for her, but then realizes situation and tells her off

4-18: Baseball strip; Charlie has Pigpen on second base; Pigpen's dirtiness makes him blend in with infield's dirt

4-19: Baseball strip; Lucy tells Charlie her success with proportions of balls she caught and balls that hit her head

4-20: Bed strip; Charlie is nervous about game on Monday

4-21: Kite Sunday strip; Lucy laughs at Charlie's attempt to help Linus fly kite; Charlie uses kite string to tie up Lucy

4-22: Baseball strip; Charlie recounts humiliation of having opposing team laugh at how his team ran out onto field

4-23: Baseball strip; Charlie continues previous recount

4-24: Baseball strip; Charlie tells Linus to just go home after previous incident

4-25: Baseball strip; Lucy mocks Charlie for being their baseball manager

4-26: Baseball strip; Schroeder admits that nobody ever really had faith in Charlie

4-27: Snoopy stands on rock thinking of pouncing but can't help sliding off backward

4-28: Baseball Sunday strip; downpour floods field enough to leave Charlie on mound that is now island; he yells that his players are quitters; Snoopy swims by

5-1: After falling over on skates, Lucy thinks inventor of skates hated girls

5-2: Lucy whizzes on skates past Snoopy and crashes

5-3: While skating, Lucy grabs pole to spin around until she falls down dizzy; comments on her own survival to summer

5-4: Charlie observes as Lucy skates by with Linus following her and carrying her skating key

5-11: Wall strip; Lucy laughs when Charlie mentions that world spins

5-14: Piano play strip; when Lucy poses question, Schroeder admits he'd choose piano over her

5-16: Charlie comments on Linus' capacity to read certain stories and discuss them intelligently

5-19: Baseball security blanket strip; after Linus hits ball and passes by, Lucy strikes him out first by stomping on blanket to hold him back

5-22: Piano play strip; Schroeder explains to Lucy why he prefers Beethoven over her

5-30: Charlie says Pigpen can't talk due to dirt flaking off latter's face and falling near latter's feet; Pigpen's denial stirs up cloud at his feet

5-31: Charlie observes how Pigpen raises dust cloud in rain

6-2: Sunday strip; after Lucy wrecks his sandcastle while riding by, Linus uses pliers to disassemble her tricycle

6-3: Piano play strip; Lucy gives Schroeder tiny bust of George Washington whom she mistakes for Beethoven

6-7: Lucy explains to Linus requirements of attending kindergarten

6-10: Piano play strip; Lucy again confuses George Washington for Beethoven when she gives Schroeder full tiny statue of George; Lucy wonders if either man was related

6-19: Violet apologizes to Charlie for calling him bad name and offers to let him call her same thing, but he forgot what she called him

6-20: Lucy can't find seeds she planted; Charlie suggests birds ate them

6-21: Charlie and Lucy continue pondering possibility of birds eating latter's seeds

6-22: Lucy tries fooling birds by planting seeds that are still in package

6-23: Sunday strip; Linus wants Lucy to share her umbrella in rain, but she manipulates her way out of deal

6-28: Charlie tries teaching Snoopy how to walk on hind legs, but Snoopy already knows how

7-11: Baseball strip; Lucy asks why Charlie isn't in army

7-12: Lucy continues to press issue about Charlie being in army even after he's answered

7-14: Sunday strip; Charlie and Patty discuss mules and bring up mule capacity to kick down barn doors; Snoopy imitates such but considers it ridiculous

7-15: Baseball strip; Charlie catches ball after removing hand from mitt; mitt continues to stand upright by itself

7-16: Linus blows half-circle balloon

7-23: Lucy complains about putting her tooth under her pillow and only getting dime

7-24: Snoopy pretends to be circus dog but only steps on his own ears

7-27: Graffiti strip; Charlie catches Lucy drawing birds

7-28: Kite Sunday strip; after getting his kite caught in it, Charlie shakes tree hard enough to strip foliage; Linus thinks autumn has come

8-1: Charlie wants peace of mind; Lucy says peace of mind drives her crazy

8-2: Wall strip; Lucy says world needs more troubled minds instead of peace of mind

8-3: Security blanket strip; Lucy thinks Linus' habit isn't real peace of mind

8-4: Piano play Sunday strip; Lucy doesn't think Beethoven was great since he never got to be king

8-6: Security blanket strip; Snoopy tricks Linus out of blanket by pointing toward something; Linus' curiosity gets better of him

8-7: Security blanket strip; Linus gets blanket back by startling Snoopy by yelling about flood waters

8-8: Security blanket strip; Snoopy steals blanket fast enough to leave Linus with standing hair

8-14: Lucy brags about her family history

8-15: Wall strip; Lucy thinks her family is important simply because she's part of it

8-16: Lucy continues on about her family, stopping once to yell at Linus for carrying his blanket around

8-17: Lucy denotes occupations that various members of her family have had, including WWII veteran

8-21: While out swimming at beach, Charlie and Shermy note Patty and Snoopy's swim rings

8-22: Charlie gives swimming advice to Lucy

8-23: Snoopy swims up to Linus to scare him, but Linus counter-scares

8-24: Lucy quits swimming when she sees that Linus has brought along his blanket into water

8-25: Sunday strip; Linus poorly tosses pebbles into water, forming mound in shallow area

8-26: While out swimming, Lucy mistakes her toes for fish

9-1: Sunday strip; Charlie complains about feeding Snoopy

9-3: Charlie and Linus observe stars; Linus wonders "why humans need so many"

9-4: Stars no longer make Charlie feel insignificant

9-5: While star-gazing, Charlie teaches Linus that moon influences tides

9-6: Linus observes stars alone and greets star that shines at him

9-7: Lucy is shocked to learn that Linus would prefer watching stars instead of TV

9-9: Piano play strip; Schroeder gets enraged when Lucy mentions him being unable to bring piano into their hypothetical igloo

9-15: Security blanket Sunday strip; Snoopy literally pulls and spins Linus about before yanking away blanket

9-17: Snoopy once again imitates Lucy

9-18: Snoopy sticks tongue out at Lucy behind her back

9-19: Lucy wants Snoopy to come crawling to her; he instead imitates swimmer

9-20: Snoopy kisses Lucy to stop her tirade

9-22: Lucy-pulls-football-away strip; Lucy uses cheery face to convince Charlie and admits she admires his faith in human nature

9-25: Piano play strip; Charlie asks Schroeder if Beethoven wrote anything that required piano and electric guitar

9-27: Linus is reported to be attending nursery school

9-28: Piano play strip; Schroeder tells Lucy he doesn't like her because she's fussbudget; she says he ought to admire her for being consistent

10-1: Security blanket strip; Linus thinks his mother is sending him to nursery school just to get him out of their house

10-2: Lucy compares Charlie's head to moon

10-3: Lucy compares Charlie's head to balloon

10-4: Charlie tells Lucy that she shouldn't say anything at all if she can't say anything nice

10-5: Charlie says he'd hit Lucy if not for double standard; at suggestion of her being mother of his children, he panics and runs off

10-6: Piano play Sunday strip; Lucy draws picture of Beethoven for Schroeder but is dismayed to find giant Beethoven portrait already hanging in Schroeder's room

10-11: Piano play strip; hearing the name "Beethoven" makes Lucy scream

10-13: Sunday strip; Linus wishes he could attend elementary school; climbs up fence only to fall back down

10-14: Security blanket strip; Linus unwittingly makes bet with Lucy to give up blanket for one day

10-15: Security blanket strip; Linus suggests that Lucy tear off corner so he can give up blanket gradually

10-16: Lucy locks up blanket in closet and extends bet from one day to two weeks; Linus is confident yet admits he doesn't know how long two weeks is

10-17: Linus leans against closet door and dreading two-week loss of blanket

10-18: Wall strip; Charlie learns about bet and observes Linus' nervousness

10-19: Lucy prevents Linus from using Snoopy's ear as blanket substitute

10-20: Football Sunday strip; Snoopy makes effective safety player against Charlie

10-21: Linus claims having no blanket gives him hot and cold flashes

10-22: One week remains for bet; putting shaky hands in his pockets makes Linus' entire self shake

10-23: Lucy prevents Linus from using curtain as blanket substitute

10-24: Linus wrestles closet door's knob, but Lucy aims to keep bet stable

10-25: Linus has fainted after clawing closet door

10-26: Bed strip; bet has ended, and Linus is relieved to have security blanket back

10-27: Football Sunday strip; Linus only ends up passing his blanket to Charlie instead of ball

10-29: Charlie teaches Linus about carving jack-o-lanterns

10-30: Lucy shows her big-eyed jack-o-lantern to Charlie

10-31: Linus and Lucy share single ghost costume

11-3: Sunday strip; Lucy uses double standard to win boxing match against Linus

11-4: Charlie and Schroeder discuss cost of poodles; Charlie thinks Snoopy's kind are dime-a-dozen

11-5: Snoopy ponders being called dime-a-dozen well into late-night

11-6: Snoopy seems more bothered by Charlie's quick laugh than by being called dime-a-dozen

11-7: Schroeder makes Snoopy miserable by recalling Charlie's label of dime-a-dozen

11-8: Snoopy still can't get over being called dime-a-dozen whether leaning against rock, tree, or inside doghouse

11-9: Snoopy constantly rams Charlie for calling him dime-a-dozen, though Charlie's confused

11-10: Sunday strip; Charlie takes his anger with Lucy out on her house due to her loathsome weapon of double standard

11-14: Schroeder observes Charlie's happiness at having Snoopy greet him after coming home from school

11-15: Linus learns not to jump into pile of leaves with wet lollipop

11-16: When Patty objects to Pigpen's messiness, he tells her that she in essence criticizes dirt on which she stands

11-17: Sunday strip; Charlie wants badly to hit Lucy but is restrained by double standard; everybody else gathers around for would-be fight

11-20: Linus complains about getting medical shots

11-24: Security blanket Sunday strip; Linus and Snoopy get into physical fight for blanket, with former winning

11-25: Linus admits medical shot didn't hurt but that he cried anyway so as not to give doctors satisfaction

11-28: Snoopy hugs Schroeder; Charlie explains that Snoopy loves people

11-29: Charlie explains to Schroeder process of playing fetch with Snoopy

12-3: Violet tells Charlie she never wants to see him again; he then asks her to define "never"

12-4: Charlie leans against rock thinking whole world hates him

12-5: Charlie continues leaning against rock thinking same thing while bird flies overhead

12-6: Having Lucy and Snoopy lean their heads against his doesn't help Charlie with his current emotional nadir

12-7: Charlie's nadir continues; Lucy promises not to laugh at what he has to say but then does regardless

12-8: Sunday strip; Charlie backs out of physical confrontation with Lucy; Schroeder thinks it was because of morals, but Charlie states it was because of fear

12-10: Linus asks Charlie to write letter to Santa Claus

12-11: Charlie tries to continue writing Linus' letter to Santa but can't handle heavy workload

12-12: Linus in turn gets frustrated enough to write his own letter himself

12-13: Lucy refuses to write Linus' letter to Santa

12-14: Linus asks if Snoopy can write said letter

12-17: Schroeder is embarrassed to find out he missed Beethoven's birthday

12-18: Lucy laughs at Schroeder's said forgetfulness

12-19: Lucy continues mockery by rudely singing "Happy Birthday" to Beethoven

12-20: Piano play strip; Lucy states she wouldn't be sad to miss Pat Boone's birthday

12-21: Schroeder hangs his head shamefully in front of his bust of Beethoven

12-22: Security blanket Sunday strip; after Lucy tears it apart, Linus simply pieces it back together like patchwork

12-23: Linus is more interested in receiving presents than giving them

12-24: Lucy gets excited for Santa's arrival

12-25: Shermy, Patty, Violet, Snoopy, Schroeder, Lucy, Linus, Pigpen and Charlie hold up Christmas greeting signs; Charlie holds his upside down, to others' annoyance

12-31: Snoopy imitates penguin

7/16/2012 #8

It is said that Schulz wanted people to enjoy his work at their own pace. I'm now convinced not only of that, but also that he would be the first person to tell anyone so, and I don't think that's necessarily a good thing. Anyhoo:


1-1: Snoopy continues to imitate penguin for Charlie and Linus

1-2: Linus reads about penguins as Snoopy continues prior imitation

1-3: Linus further reads about penguins and then tells Snoopy to stop staring at him

1-4: Snoopy's penguin act ends with literal cold feet

1-5: Sunday strip; Linus mistakes snowfall for nuclear fallout

1-12: Sunday strip; Snoopy convinces Lucy to dance along with him and then wishes she were dog

1-14: Security blanket strip; Linus feels pain from Lucy stomping on his blanket

1-17: Charlie tells Lucy how pleased he is to finish reading Peter Rabbit and Alice In Wonderland

1-19: Sunday strip; Linus does 108 pushups

1-22: Charlie again refers to Snoopy as fuzzy face

1-23: Snoopy screams when Charlie calls him fuzzy face once more

1-24: Snoopy looks at his reflection in mirror and succumbs to label of fuzzy face

1-25: Violet loves Snoopy because he has fuzzy face; Snoopy then spites Charlie

1-26: Sunday strip; Lucy builds snow bunnies and turns down Linus' help; he builds Godzilla

1-28: Linus declares he doesn't need school because TV taught him everything he knows

1-29: Wall strip; Linus brags about possibility of him discovering USA

2-2: Security blanket Sunday strip; Snoopy admits he doesn't know why he feuds with Linus for blanket

2-4: Charlie shows Shermy new box of Snicker-Snacks cereal with pieces shaped like satellites

2-5: Charlie regards Snicker-Snacks premiums as personal gifts from said cereal's factory workers

2-6: Charlie tells Shermy about former's own obligation to said workers to eat said cereal

2-7: Charlie gives Shermy four short speeches of appreciation for Snicker-Snacks

2-8: Charlie kicks box of Snicker-Snacks after realizing that its company only does so for profit

2-10: Security blanket strip; Lucy comments that Linus will still cling to it even when he turns 23, but he doesn't care

2-11: Security blanket strip; Lucy refers to security blankets as "the opiate of the hopelessly immature"

2-12: Violet boasts to Charlie about Valentine she almost but didn't buy him

2-13: Lucy makes same boast

2-14: Charlie is seen with cheap Valentine that Patty admits she gave him; he doesn't care about its cheapness

2-17: Charlie confronts Lucy that he has feelings, but she ignores it as usual

2-20: Lucy announces that she has been selected as chairperson for "national fussbudget foundation"

2-21: Lucy compiles information for said foundation

2-22: Lucy takes her new position as chairperson seriously and refuses Charlie's offer to come play outside

2-23: Sunday strip; after being derided by his so-called friends, Charlie kicks radio when it mentions laughter of happy children

3-2: Security blanket Sunday strip; Snoopy takes great pride in "launching" Linus

3-3: Kite strip; kite chases Charlie

3-4: Kite strip; Charlie throws tantrum at his kite's fall

3-5: Kite strip; Charlie's kite lands in mailbox

3-6: Kite strip; Lucy yells for Charlie's kite to get and stay high up

3-7: Lucy calls for everybody to see Charlie's kite flying, but they're too late

3-8: Kite strip; Charlie's kite crashes hard enough to create tremors

3-10: Schroeder reports that recent news indicates that children no longer have imagination due to sitting around watching TV; he and Charlie then prove that news right

3-11: Schroeder also reports about kids having too many toys made for them; Charlie's new ride-on toy car proves that right as well

3-12: Schroeder then reports about kids having too much money; Charlie gives Linus change for $10 bill

3-13: Wall strip; Schroeder says his grandfather thinks kids need more "razor strop"

3-14: Schroeder shares more of his grandfather's stories; his grandfather comments about kids being busy making slingshots

3-15: When Schroeder concerns his grandfather's youth with Linus' security blanket, Linus reminds Schroeder what his grandfather didn't have to worry about

3-18: Snoopy ponders possibility of being wolf, biting people, and wearing leather jacket

3-22: Snoopy wishes he could bite someone but will have to make do living with inner tensions

3-23: Sunday strip; Linus wants to watch his own program and doesn't care how Lucy threatens him

3-24: Linus doesn't know if he wants to see star fall

3-25: Lucy comments that watching stars can make one's insecurities disappear

3-26: Linus throws rock at stars to test their distance

3-27: Lucy berates Linus for throwing rocks at stars on possibility of hitting one

3-28: Linus continues throwing; comments that he "keeps going between them"

3-29: Having apparently given up, Lucy shows Linus to throw multiple rocks at stars as opposed to one rock at a time

3-30: Baseball Sunday strip; rain floods field again; Linus rafts past Charlie

4-1: My-dad-is-better-than-your-dad strip; Violet brags that hers is bigger, stronger, and better-looking; Charlie brags that his has better insurance program

4-2: My-dad-is-better-than-your-dad strip; Violet brags that hers has better understanding of foreign policy

4-3: My-dad-is-better-than-your-dad strip; Violet thinks nobody likes Charlie's dad, though Charlie refutes otherwise

4-11: Piano play strip; Lucy asks Schroeder what kind of girl he'd like to marry; she doesn't fit his description

4-14: Baseball strip; Charlie shows Shermy organized list of positions

4-15: Baseball strip; Lucy mistakes "second base" for "second fiddle"

4-16: Baseball strip; Linus is denoted as shortstop

4-17: Baseball strip; Charlie teaches Schroeder new signals

4-18: Baseball strip; for batting practice, Lucy uses Charlie's bat to hit rocks

4-19: Baseball strip; Charlie comments his team is three leagues below Little League

4-20: Kite Sunday strip; Charlie gets himself tangled amongst multiple trees

4-21: Baseball strip; Charlie catches ball amongst Lucy's overabundance of permittance to let him do so

4-22: Baseball security blanket strip; Linus hits ball and then absentmindedly droops blanket over Schroeder

4-23: Baseball strip; Lucy doesn't understand Charlie's signals

4-24: Baseball strip; while awaiting upcoming game, Charlie laments his teams batting and fielding averages

4-25: Bed strip; Charlie is ill while his team plays said game without him

4-26: Bed strip; Lucy reports that their team won without doing anything Charlie said, even admitting that they didn't miss him

4-27: Kite Sunday strip; Charlie loses kite in storm drain

4-28: My-dad-is-better-than-your-dad wall strip; Violet brags that hers has better understanding of current moral problems confronting youth

4-29: My-dad-is-better-than-your-dad strip; Violet brags that hers has peace of mind

4-30: My-dad-is-better-than-your-dad strip; Violet brags that hers has better job and bigger car; Charlie brags that his has son

5-4: Kite Sunday strip; Charlie goes to bed after seeing Linus fly kite without troubles

5-6: Wall strip; Lucy asks Charlie why he didn't hit rude kid after being teased; Charlie answers that he didn't want to be hit back

5-7: Snoopy eases his tensions by lying with head in water dish

5-8: Patty suggests that Charlie do something to ease his tensions about school; Charlie doesn't want to lay his head in water dish

5-9: Snoopy lays head in water dish only to have it flip over

5-10: Security blanket strip; Linus comments on Snoopy laying head in water dish

5-11: Baseball Sunday strip; Linus runs far out to catch baseball, pausing briefly to build sandcastle behind Lucy

5-12: Snoopy imitates eagle

5-13: Linus is scared to continue playing croquet due to Snoopy imitating vulture

5-14: Wall strip; Charlie and Linus further discuss vultures; Charlie thinks Snoopy is going insane

5-15: Marbles strip; Charlie and Schroeder repel Snoopy and his vulture act

5-16: Continuing vulture act, Snoopy body-slams ground

5-17: Snoopy's vulture act ends when Lucy stares him down

5-21: Pigpen offers Charlie jellybean that former claims is clean and to have been holding since Easter

5-22: Pigpen throws away jellybeans he believes were starting to ferment

5-24: Snoopy runs and hides away from poodles

5-25: Security blanket baseball Sunday strip; Linus and Snoopy feud again, though Linus still catches ball; "No manager in the history of baseball has ever had to go through what I have to go through"

5-29: After she insults him to his face, Charlie asks Violet if it bothers her that he was simply born

6-1: Piano play Sunday strip; Lucy reads her printed letter in newspaper where she asks for romantic advice; after getting piano yanked out from underneath her, she reads, "Never fall in love with a musician"

6-6: Linus declares he loves everything, even gila monsters despite not knowing what they are

6-7: Linus continues prior declaration of love for everything

6-8: Sunday strip; Lucy gets mad after finding out Linus drew in her book

6-9: Baseball strip; Schroeder, Violet, and Lucy cheer for Charlie to strike out player; Lucy throws in label of blockhead for good measure

6-10: Baseball strip; Charlie prepares to catch falling ball; Lucy suggests kicking him if he misses

6-11: Baseball strip; other players think of possibilities of what could happen if they win game and firmly insist that Charlie doesn't drop ball

6-12: Baseball strip; Charlie ponders being either hero or "goat"

6-13: Baseball strip; Charlie catches ball only to immediately drop it

6-14: Baseball strip; everybody wails at Charlie's prior failure; "It depresses a manager to see his team cry"

6-15: Security blanket Sunday strip; Snoopy almost pounces on Linus but keeps backing out

6-16: Baseball strip; Charlie laments dropping ball; "I could've been the hero. Instead, I'm the goat"

6-17: Baseball strip; Charlie continues previous lament; Lucy makes goat noise

6-18: Baseball strip; Snoopy makes same noise, but Charlie repels him

6-19: Baseball strip; Schroeder tries to cheer Charlie up about lost game only to yell at him again

6-23: Security blanket strip; after another of Lucy's tirade, Linus suggests he may turn blanket into sports coat

6-25: Security blanket strip; Linus accuses Lucy of not wanting him to be happy

6-26: Security blanket strip; Lucy stands on Linus' blanket; Linus threatens her into getting off, but to no avail

6-27: Security blanket strip; Linus yanks blanket out from underneath Lucy, but then Snoopy sits on it

6-28: Security blanket strip; Linus yanks blanket out from underneath Snoopy and leaves dog to stand on his own head

6-30: Wall strip; Charlie and Linus comment on life passing them by

7-1: Snoopy lays head in water dish and wishes everybody could do the same

7-2: Snoopy psychoanalyzes act of laying head in water dish

7-3: Security blanket strip; Snoopy lays head in water dish and comments on silliness of Linus and blanket

7-4: Charlie, Schroeder, Lucy, and Linus lay their heads in water dishes; Snoopy believes he's founded new movement

7-5: Snoopy has second thoughts about laying head in water dish, believing his head has become waterlogged

7-6: My-dad-is-better-than-your-dad Sunday strip; Charlie harshly confronts Violet that he loves his own dad no matter what

7-8: Piano play strip; Lucy insists to Schroeder that she appreciates classical music

7-9: Piano play strip; Schroeder tells Lucy that Beethoven wrote 32 piano sonatas; Lucy is unimpressed

7-10: Security blanket strip; Linus doesn't notice Snoopy swiping blanket

7-11: Security blanket strip; Linus hides blanket in his mouth when Snoopy comes along

7-13: Security blanket piano play Sunday strip; while being chased by Snoopy, Linus tosses blanket through window into random house; it ends up draped over Schroeder

7-15: Charlie reports to Lucy proportion of human families in USA to cats and dogs; Snoopy believes pets will take over

7-16: Commenting on previous statistics, Snoopy believes dogs should be mentioned before cats

7-17: Charlie gives said statistics to Violet; Snoopy wants something done about cats

7-18: While calculating those statistics himself, Snoopy laments that he isn't unique

7-20: Sunday strip; Snoopy feels mean for some reason and takes anger out by knocking Linus over

7-27: Sunday strip; Lucy blabs out loud that Charlie bought music box for Violet, spoiling surprise; Charlie bangs head against tree; Lucy gives Linus dumb lesson about same tree's bark; Charlie wonders what Lucy will be like as teenager

7-28: Lucy teaches Linus about difference between "bug" and "insect"

7-29: Linus notes grinning bug

7-30: Lucy stomps beetle hard enough to startle Snoopy

7-31: Lucy thinks world would be better if humans understood bugs; Linus wonders why bugs can't understand humans

8-1: Linus wonders why Lucy can't understand him as much as she does bugs

8-2: Lucy touches her nose to bug's nose

8-4: Two random bugs bother Snoopy in his doghouse

8-5: Charlie and Linus ponder world's sadness; Charlie's information changes Snoopy from happily dancing to miserably laying on stomach

8-6: Linus comments that Charlie is calmest person that Linus knows; "I am the only calm person I know who is a nervous wreck!"

8-7: Snoopy tries to chomp bug but instead gets mouthful of leaves

8-8: Linus claims he tries to say something kind to everyone; Charlie is off to get haircut

8-9: Wall strip; Lucy claims she never thinks about past or future; wails that present drives her crazy

8-10: Sunday strip; Charlie and Pigpen run around together; Pigpen briefly stops to dump entire pile of sand out of his shoe

8-12: "Boys are rotten filled with cotton"; "Girls are dandy filled with candy"; "GENERALITIES!!"

8-14: Linus asks Lucy why sky is blue; despite her foolish answer, he thinks he's dumb for not "knowing sooner"

8-15: Charlie shows Patty "sugar sandwich"

8-16: Charlie advises Patty not to eat sugar sandwich on windy day

8-17: Sunday strip; Charlie hangs on to ice cream cone no matter how much Snoopy begs for it, at least until they both trip over rock

8-18: Linus draws invisible pictures, to Lucy's curiosity

8-19: Linus continues said drawing, to Snoopy's curiosity

8-20: Charlie admires Linus' invisible drawing; Linus claims he's given it new stature

8-21: Linus catches himself forgetting to sign invisible picture

8-22: Linus frames invisible picture

8-23: Rain ruins Linus' invisible drawing

8-25: First pen pal strip; Charlie switches to pencil when pen keeps ruining letter

8-26: Charlie continues said letter by explaining use of pencil over pen

8-27: Charlie shows letter to Linus, who ponders about "crayon pals"

8-28: Lucy accuses Charlie and his "pencil pal" of being spies

8-29: Charlie writes new letter that states how everybody hates him

8-30: Lucy unwittingly reminds Charlie that he forgot to stamp his letter

9-1: Pen pal strip; Charlie writes that his father is barber, his mother is housewife, and that Snoopy - directly stating that he owns him - is crazy

9-2: Linus is stated to be five years old and wishes he had pen pal

9-3: Pen pal strip; Charlie talks about his school and associated experiences; expresses desire to drive school bus

9-4: Pen pal strip; Lucy and another of her tirades influence Charlie's latest letter

9-5: Wall strip; Linus wonders if pen pal deal extends to Inuit

9-6: Pen pal strip; Charlie messes up with pen again; pile of crumpled paper behind him reaches up to two-thirds of his back

9-7: Piano play Sunday strip; Schroeder reels away when Lucy suggests he can lean over and kiss her; Snoopy kisses her on ear, making her think she's infected

9-8: Linus thinks of saving half of candy bar for next day, until Lucy suggests end of world

9-9: Violet shrieks for Charlie to kill spider with newspaper

9-10: Snoopy discovers bad-smelling food in his dish; "The eye can be deceived, but the nose knows!"

9-11: Charlie itches all over only to stop when Violet suggests that doctor can give him shot

9-13: Schroeder shows Lucy his new haircut

9-15: Piano play strip; Lucy reads about comparison between regular and toy pianos concerning how many octaves they can each play; Schroeder's expert skills defy it

9-16: Piano play strip; Lucy wonders if Schroeder practices to be world's champion piano player; he tells her there's no such thing

9-17: Security blanket strip; Linus once again brings up possibility of turning blanket into sports coat, this time to Charlie

9-18: Security blanket strip; first instance of Linus using blanket as whip-like weapon, in this case against pesky bug

9-19: Security blanket strip; Linus uses blanket to kill another bug; "Fastest blanket in the west!"

9-20: Security blanket strip; Linus uses blanket to kill bee that's chasing Violet

9-21: Football Sunday strip; Lucy suggests holding ball for Charlie so he can do place kicks; Charlie believes everyone deserves chance to prove they can change; Lucy states that his trust in human nature is inspiration to young people

9-22: Wall strip; Lucy suggests that Charlie's real problem is that he's himself; also states that she just points out problems rather than pretend to be able to advise

9-23: Linus misses leaf as it falls down behind him

9-24: Lucy teaches Linus about uses for trees

9-25: Linus asks fallen leaf if it had nice summer

9-26: Linus tells same leaf about another one coming down

9-28: Sunday strip; Linus pesters Lucy to read him book

9-29: Lucy, Violet, Patty, and Snoopy display hula hoop skills

10-3: Snoopy recalls days as puppy: He was brought home at night and put in bed with alarm clock by his side

10-4: Snoopy longs for his puppy days

10-5: Sunday strip; Lucy tickles Snoopy; he thinks of how wonderful it is to bring others happiness

10-6: Linus claims he's dropping out of school after kindergarten

10-7: Charlie tells Linus just how many school years latter has after kindergarten

10-8: Charlie defines "kindergarten" as "garden of children"

10-9: Linus displays arch he made during kindergarten handicrafts; pulls it along on wagon

10-10: While lamenting his age, Snoopy claims he's only ever slept and just goes with it

10-11: Charlie and Lucy ponder Snoopy's lamentation

10-14: Piano play strip; at Lucy's annoying insistence, Schroeder dedicates jumbled music notes to her

10-15: Piano play strip; Charlie and Schroeder discuss Beethoven in relation to newspaper ad for used car

10-16: Pen pal strip; Charlie ends each word with question mark

10-17: Pen pal strip; Charlie writes wobbly sentences whether paper has lines or not

10-18: Snoopy comments about Charlie writing to pen pal

10-19: Sunday strip; Snoopy tries to lay head in water dish when others repel him; finds out dish is full of orange juice

10-20: Violet and Linus discuss what they want to be when they grow up; Violet wants to be airplane host, and Linus wants to be fanatic

10-21: Linus expresses to Charlie desire to be fanatic

10-22: Linus practices being "wide-eyed fanatic"

10-23: Charlie comments on beautiful day; Linus practices being fanatic

10-24: Linus continues this practice when Violet brings up picture of movie star

10-25: Snoopy knocks Linus over, feeling fanatical himself

10-27: Security blanket strip; Lucy reads Linus story; he comments that story's protagonists deserved happiness

10-28: Security blanket strip; after it annoys her again, Linus suggests that Lucy look upon his blanket as conversation piece

10-29: Security blanket strip; Snoopy sneaks up on and rushes toward Linus to steal blanket if not for weight holding it down

10-31: Lucy has difficulty teaching Linus how to trick-or-treat; he worries about being stabbed; to his relief, house he visit happens to be empty

11-2: Sunday strip; Lucy teaches Linus about making wishes by tearing apart wishbone; his selfless wish contrasting her selfish wish ruins her enthusiasm

11-3: Violet wonders why Charlie doesn't cheer for underdog

11-4: Piano play strip; Lucy doesn't believe Beethoven was great because he wasn't club champion of anything

11-5: Piano play strip; Schroeder throws piano at Lucy after she mentions Irving Berlin

11-6: Kite strip; Charlie gets himself tangled up in tree so that he hangs upside down from it like pendulum

11-7: Kite strip; Charlie gets kite caught on tree freshly planted by Violet

11-8: Kite strip; Charlie gets kite caught on tree that Schroeder selects early for Christmas per family tradition

11-12: Violet mails card to her Aunt Marian, who is said to be turning 40; Charlie comments his great-grandmother died at that age

11-14: Wall strip; Charlie tells Lucy he wishes he could be happy, but she dismisses it as usual

11-15: Lucy tells Linus to clean his room and be grateful he even has one

11-16: Piano play Sunday strip; Schroeder shows Lucy pictures taken during his family's summer trip to Europe

11-17: Snoopy imitates vulture again thinking it'll get people to respect him, but glare from Linus demonstrates otherwise

11-18: Snoopy's vulture act ruins Charlie's reading session

11-19: Snoopy gets lonesome as vulture

11-20: Snoopy's vulture act sees tree branch lean over and leave him standing on head

11-21: Real vulture disrupts Snoopy's act and scares him off

11-23: Sunday strip; first mention of Cat Next Door; when Snoopy refuses food, Charlie threatens to give food to said cat

11-27: Snoopy comments on how he used to howl at moon when he was younger

11-28: Snoopy howls at moon and further comments that dogs have been doing so for 5000 years

11-29: Wall strip; after Charlie yells at her, Lucy believes he doesn't have friends because he's cranky

11-30: Sunday strip; until he settles on watching stars, Lucy won't let Linus do much of anything

12-1: Schroeder holds sign reminding people of Beethoven's birthday coming in just 15 more days

12-3: Schroeder holds sign reminding people of ten more shopping days until Beethoven's birthday

12-5: Pen pal strip; Schroeder throws in reminder of eight more days until Beethoven's birthday

12-6: Violet tells Charlie she's inviting everyone in neighborhood to her birthday except him; he loudly proclaims she can't hurt his feelings

12-7: Sunday strip; Linus tosses away bucket after Charlie tells him bucket would be too small to carry fallen star home

12-8: Piano play strip; Lucy tells Schroeder about possible doubt if Beethoven's birthday was on Dec. 16; Schroeder's sign now tells there are more or less eight days to said birthday

12-10: Piano play strip; Schroeder has Lucy singing that six days remain until Beethoven's birthday

12-12: First occasion of Snoopy napping atop his doghouse; rolling off onto ground ruffles him awake

12-13: Piano play strip; Lucy reports to Schroeder prize of winning all seven of Beethoven's concertos if customer buys used car

12-14: Security blanket Sunday strip; Snoopy pulls Linus along, uprooting poles and fences along way

12-15: Multiple signs courtesy of Schroeder hammer it in to Charlie's attention that Beethoven's birthday is tomorrow

12-16: Piano play strip; while singing "Happy Birthday" in Beethoven's honor, Lucy forgets his first name

12-17: Snoopy sleeps atop his doghouse again only to roll off like before

12-18: Christmas letter strip; Charlie requests personal chat with Santa Claus

12-19: Charlie writes letter to Santa for Linus

12-20: Snoopy rolls off doghouse when called for supper; hits ground running

12-21: Sunday strip; Charlie, Shermy, Violet, Patty, Schroeder, Pigpen, Lucy, and Linus have Christmas play on Nativity; during scene where each kid recites about significance of Christmas, Linus forgets his line until Lucy threatens him; Linus says line and then faints

12-22: While Charlie writes Linus' letter to Santa, Linus has Charlie include that former is helpless child unable to write

12-23: Charlie states that Santa won't believe Linus' claim that everyone missed Santa

12-24: Charlie refuses to write letters to Santa for Linus anymore; calls Linus hypocrite

12-25: Linus nauseates Charlie by loudly bidding Santa goodbye

12-26: Wall strip; Linus defends his prior actions with Santa; "I hate it when there's two sides to a story!"

12-28: Sunday strip; Lucy gets Linus to glue her crayons back together after he snaps them in half

12-29: Lucy gives Charlie unreasonably long list of his faults

12-30: Lucy gives Charlie shorter list of his faults, failing to realize that "fault" and "shortcoming" are synonymous

12-31: Lucy changes Charlie's list of his faults by holding two separate papers together with clips

7/16/2012 #9

Maybe this already happened and I didn't realize it, but it seemed to me that story arcs were getting longer this year.


1-1: Lucy gives Linus list of his faults that he refutes as traits

1-2: Lucy gives Patty same type of list; Charlie confronts Lucy, and she says she wants to make world better for herself

1-3: Snoopy chases Lucy for pointing out his faults

1-8: Piano play strip; Lucy can't make Schroeder jealous of oboe players

1-9: Violet refers to Linus as fatty

1-10: Linus dresses up as cowpoke; "Fattest gun in the west!"

1-11: Sunday strip; Lucy threatens Linus into making sandwich for her; he delivers it via toy arrow

1-12: Violet thinks dogs are stupid; Snoopy clings to Charlie after latter says world is better with dogs

1-13: Lucy takes note of Snoopy clinging to Charlie

1-14: Charlie gets Snoopy to cling to Schroeder by having Schroeder admit same thing as Charlie before

1-15: Schroeder gets Snoopy to cling back to Charlie

1-16: Violet, Schroeder, and Lucy hide behind rock while Charlie tries getting Snoopy to cling to someone else

1-17: Security blanket strip; Linus hides under blanket as Charlie continues trying to get Snoopy off

1-19: Charlie explains Snoopy's clinging to Patty; Snoopy gives extra squeeze because Charlie meant what he said before

1-20: Snoopy clings no matter how fast Charlie runs

1-21: After Lucy reports latest info on danger of clinging to one's arm, Snoopy releases Charlie

1-22: Schroeder thinks girls are stupid; Lucy clings to Charlie after he admits world is better with girls

1-25: Security blanket Sunday strip; during ice skating session, Snoopy grabs Linus' blanket and flings him into something off-screen; Snoopy then comments on "weak ankles"

1-26: Pen pal strip; Charlie writes about his Christmas gifts and misspells "goggles"

1-27: Lucy teaches Linus about sizes of stars

1-28: Lucy asks Linus if he knows what holds stars up; he guesses thumbtacks

1-29: Snoopy fantasizes about being popular college student

1-30: As Snoopy imitates said type of student, Charlie suggests being friendly

2-2: Lucy comments that Charlie's face looks too "facey"

2-3: Lucy further explains that Charlie's face lacks personality

2-4: Lucy uses Snoopy's face as example of one with personality, though Charlie only notes fur

2-5: Charlie sadly admits that Snoopy's face is better-looking than his

2-6: Linus advises that Charlie ignore Lucy's prior comments of faces

2-12: Violet sends out Valentines, none of which she states are for Charlie

2-13: Snoopy comments on Charlie not getting any Valentines

2-14: Charlie calls Violet blockhead for not sending him Valentines

2-15: Kite Sunday strip; Charlie gets kite tangled on snowperson built by Lucy and Linus

2-16: Security blanket strip; Lucy gives Linus hot blanket that she failed to say she just got out of dryer

2-17: Security blanket strip; Lucy comments that Linus' blanket may pick up germs

2-18: Security blanket strip; Charlie fails to help Linus give up blanket

2-19: Security blanket strip; Charlie fails prior task again

2-20: Security blanket strip; Linus decides to just keep blanket even after Snoopy tries taking it again

2-22: Sunday strip; Lucy wears one of Charlie's shirts to mock him and amuse Violet and Patty; mockery backfires when Charlie arrives

2-26: While lying atop doghouse, Snoopy wonders if there are dogs on moon

3-1: Kite Sunday strip; wind blows around both Charlie's kite and hat

3-2: Charlie panics about losing library book; Lucy fails to say anything helpful

3-3: Wall strip; Charlie ponders consequences of losing library book

3-4: Lucy thinks Charlie stole said book

3-5: Lucy calls Charlie thief

3-6: Charlie tries finding solace with Violet if not for Lucy still calling him thief

3-7: Bed strip; Charlie tries finding solace with Snoopy if not for dog's rude snoozing

3-9: Charlie can't phone library to tell them he lost book

3-10: Charlie tells Violet his dream of exaggerated consequences from losing book

3-11: Wall strip; Charlie tells Linus about lost book

3-12: Letter strip; Charlie decides to turn himself in to library, asking that they spare his parents

3-13: Charlie is joyous to have found book in refrigerator; "In all this world, there is nothing more inspiring than the sight of someone who has just been taken off the hook!"

3-15: Sunday strip; Lucy kicks down Linus' sandcastle out of jealousy; Linus builds cannon for Lucy to face

3-17: Snoopy-sleeps-atop-doghouse strip; eating five pizzas before bed makes him hyper

3-18: Linus uses his new tool set to build pool table

3-19: Linus admits he used his blanket for pool table's cloth

3-21: Charlie proudly displays earned dollar to Lucy, claiming he'll frame it in his bedroom; he ends up buying balloon

3-23: Linus dresses up as masked boxer calling himself "Masked Marble"; having Lucy rephrase it as "Masked Marvel" hurts his confidence

3-27: First appearance of Lucy's psychiatric booth; Charlie's first visit; when he asks her what to do about his depression, she simply tells him to snap out of it

3-28: Piano play strip; to her misery, Lucy fulfills Schroeder's prediction of suggesting that girls are one of many things more important than music

3-29: Sunday strip; Lucy wins boxing match against Linus by tricking him that there's jet flying overhead

3-30: Snoopy happily reminisces about girl giving him part of her ice cream cone, until Lucy yells at him; "You can't go home again"

3-31: Piano play strip; Lucy reports to Schroeder that Beethoven liked girls and then asks why Schroeder doesn't; Schroeder is unable to argue

4-1: Piano play strip; Lucy keeps rubbing in Schroeder's face about Beethoven liking girls

4-3: Lucy annoys Snoopy by poking his nose and going, "Beep!"

4-4: Lucy repeats said action, only for Snoopy to chase her

4-5: Sunday strip; Linus shoots toy arrow at Snoopy's doghouse; Snoopy overacts to make Linus feel guilty

4-6: Linus calls Lucy "Mommy-O"

4-7: Snoopy-sleeps-atop-doghouse-trips; he repels curious bird whom he compares to salesperson

4-8: Wall strip; Violet complains about her bonds with Patty, Shermy, Lucy, and Schroeder; "It just goes to prove what I've always believed: You can't tell a friend without a scorecard!"

4-11: Lucy tells Linus that eating dinner makes him grow; "I thought you got big just from having birthdays!"

4-12: Security blanket Sunday strip; Neither Linus nor Snoopy can approach scalding blanket

4-13: Baseball strip; Charlie gives speech to only Snoopy since nobody else showed up for practice

4-14: Baseball strip; Lucy's enthusiastic talk fails to impress Charlie

4-15: Baseball strip; Charlie yells at Lucy for getting distracted looking at rocks

4-16: Baseball strip; Linus folds up his blanket and hides it underneath his hat

4-17: Baseball strip; Lucy states she supports Charlie until he suggests she go into outfield

4-18: Baseball strip; Lucy and Patty don't understand what "M" on Charlie's shirt stands for

4-19: Sunday strip; Lucy hates Charlie's poem, but it touches Snoopy's heart

4-20: Baseball strip; Charlie laments other players' lousy skills, calling them "Little League rejects"

4-21: Baseball strip; Snoopy practices sliding into bases

4-22: Baseball strip; Patty considers Charlie to be backbone of team; Lucy calls him weak

4-23: Baseball strip; Lucy charges Charlie for her team participation

4-24: Baseball strip; Charlie thinks about his team fainting on day of big game

4-25: Bed strip; Charlie, Schroeder, Lucy, and Snoopy dread upcoming game

4-27: Baseball strip; for once, Charlie - along with Lucy - is happy that rain canceled out game

4-28: Baseball strip; Linus cheers for rain

4-29: Baseball strip; Charlie almost but doesn't quite reconsider his joy for rain cancelling game

4-30: Bed strip; Charlie hopes it's still raining so as to avoid baseball; sun shatters his hope

5-1: Baseball strip; Charlie's team loses 600 to 0; everybody blames him since he's manager

5-2: Baseball strip; Charlie reads about prior loss in newspaper

5-3: Baseball Sunday strip; Lucy complains about having to play in outfield until getting hit by ball sets her straight

5-5: Lucy laments about possibility of any girl marrying Charlie

5-6: Wall strip; Lucy shares lament with Violet even though Charlie's close by listening

5-7: Charlie laments about possibility of any boy marrying Lucy, though she retaliates by saying all brides are beautiful

5-10: Sunday strip; Linus tells Lucy that sky is more colors than just blue; she threatens to hit Charlie for giving same answer, though he doesn't understand

5-11: Lucy gives Charlie "destructive criticism"

5-13: Piano play strip; Schroeder wants to marry woman who is good chef and has good sense of humor and taste in music; Lucy can't fulfill that third detail

5-16: Patty asks Pigpen how he manages to stay so dirty; he admits even he doesn't know

5-17: Sunday strip; while stargazing, Charlie thinks he's alone and that he must have corresponding star; Lucy thinks he's cracking up

5-19: Wall strip; Charlie and Violet discuss loneliness

5-20: Pen pal strip; Charlie lies about working to watch less TV

5-22: Linus wants to play fetch with Snoopy, who's hiding behind doghouse

5-23: Linus continues to look for Snoopy, never suspecting groundhog act

5-25: Charlie tells Lucy that he and his father will be at grandmother's house while mother is in hospital

5-26: Charlie is excited to learn that he has new baby sister; Linus comments about not receiving same enthusiasm from Lucy

5-27: Snoopy comments on Charlie's excitement over new sister

5-28: Violet congratulates Charlie on his new sister, but Lucy instead insensitively worries about overpopulation

5-29: While everyone else comes to see Charlie's sister, Snoopy decides to wait outside until her eyes open

5-30: Charlie hands out chocolate cigars to celebrate his sister's arrival

6-1: Wall strip; Violet laments that she doesn't have any new siblings; Lucy refers to Linus as "old baby"

6-2: Charlie reports that his sister will be named Sally; Snoopy laments idea of "good ol' Sally Brown"

6-3: Piano play strip; Schroeder laments that Sally wasn't born at Ace Hospital since she would've received all nine of Beethoven's symphonies free

6-4: Lucy is upset that Charlie isn't jealous of Sally

6-5: Security blanket strip; Linus tells Lucy that she can't do anything about babies being born no matter how lousy current time seems; "The whole trouble with you is you never think these things through!"

6-6: Charlie thinks having Sally around means he won't be lonely; Snoopy states that he [Snoopy] is only child

6-7: Piano play Sunday strip; Lucy thinks Beethoven didn't have friends to play golf with

6-8: Lucy ponders about Charlie's sister being named Sally

6-9: Charlie shows Violet sleepers that he bought Sally, which bear his trademark zigzag stripe

6-10: Graffiti strip; Linus makes calculations; "When I'm 22 and Sally is 17, do you think she'll go out with me?"

6-11: Patty thinks having younger sister will make Charlie better person, though Lucy dreads thought of him being well-adjusted

6-12: Lucy points out to Charlie shift in parental affections due to Sally's presence

6-13: First use of scratch marks for bird dialogue; Snoopy takes up birdbath and blows tongue at objective bird

6-15: Security blanket strip; Lucy refers to Linus as "stupid thing"; he demands that she define that phrase

6-16: Wall strip; Linus realizes full extent of Lucy having him as brother instead of getting sister; Charlie is reported to have aunt named Marian

6-17: Linus confronts Lucy about her resentment and threatens to leave home, but she doesn't care

6-18: Linus further laments Lucy's resentment to Snoopy

6-19: Linus tells Violet he's running away from home; her joke about something similar fails to cheer him up

6-20: Lucy half-heartedly apologizes to Linus about her prior resentment

6-22: Charlie impresses Lucy, Violet, and Patty with photograph of Sally

6-23: Snoopy "out-cutes" Sally by dressing in bonnet

6-24: Charlie poorly exposes Snoopy's imitation of baby

6-25: Board game strip; Charlie brings in Snoopy off porch, acting like abandoned baby

6-26: Charlie takes Snoopy back to Lucy, denoting him as "her baby"; she refuses, and Charlie denotes her as poor excuse for mother

6-27: Snoopy is only happy to have Charlie remove bonnet

6-28: Sunday strip; Lucy prevents Linus from sharing ice cream cone with Snoopy

6-29: Charlie thinks having Sally around has changed him, though Schroeder disagrees

7-1: Security blanket strip; Charlie realizes that having Sally around hasn't changed anything for him; "Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, he's the Charlie Brownest!"

7-2: Lucy thinks Charlie is depressed because his personality is too simple

7-3: Wall strip; Lucy states that Charlie is depressed because excitement of Sally's arrival has died, and then proceeds to put down Linus

7-4: Bed strip; Charlie examines his family history and imagines his father charging more for haircuts

7-5: Baseball Sunday strip; Linus demonstrates great throwing arm; throws ball hard enough to knock off Charlie and Schroeder's shoes and baseball articles

7-6: Charlie shares with Shermy news article on mice being sent into outer space

7-7: Schroeder comments on how Beethoven took walks in countryside; Lucy ruins tranquility; "Beethoven had it nice"

7-8: Wall strip; Charlie and Lucy compare having babies to accumulation of old magazines

7-9: Piano play strip; Lucy unnerves Schroeder by telling him he has pretty eyes

7-10: Lucy and Violet ask Charlie what Sally looks like, hoping she doesn't resemble him

7-11: Charlie doesn't understand why having Sally resemble him is big deal; Lucy states that looks are more important to girls than boys

7-15: Linus briefly, excitedly thinks he needs to shave

7-16: Piano play strip; Lucy goes on about her personality not lying on surface, stating she's worth effort to be understood, that to know her is to love her

7-17: Snoopy-sleeps-atop-doghouse strip; he tests theory about cats landing on their feet; his end up aching

7-18: Piano play strip; Schroeder tells Lucy he wouldn't marry her unless she were last girl on Earth; she takes this as hope

7-19: Sunday strip; Linus makes flashcards with misspelled words

7-21: Sally's wails disturb Charlie; Lucy states that Sally is just hungry, worsening Charlie's worry

7-22: Charlie kicks newspapers due to bad articles and fears for Sally growing up in harsh world; Linus tries to reassure him otherwise

7-23: Snoopy-sleeps-atop-doghouse security blanket strip; Charlie still remains fearful for Sally and names various bad things

7-24: Security blanket strip; while Charlie continues worrying, Linus thinks world is better because he [Linus] exists

7-25: Security blanket strip; continuing from previous worry, Charlie points out Linus' blanket; Linus can't argue

7-26: Security blanket Sunday strip; Linus and Snoopy's feud sees latter's doghouse destroyed; both march in its honor

7-27: Security blanket strip; Violet inquires about Charlie and Linus' shared fear of future

7-28: Linus thinks Snoopy doesn't have to worry about anything; Snoopy defies that claim by wondering about his [Snoopy] next meal

7-30: Linus wants to develop concern for those who have more than him so he can "bring them down to his level"

7-31: Charlie is unable to solve Linus and Lucy's argument over candy

8-1: Linus wants to be philanthropist by using someone else's money

8-3: Schroeder reports to Charlie on large numbers of insects; Snoopy assures bug that it isn't alone

8-5: Neither Lucy nor Snoopy wants to hear Charlie's story of Sally doing something he found cute

8-6: Security blanket strip; Linus doesn't want to hear Charlie's story, either

8-7: Violet doesn't want to hear that story, either

8-8: Piano play strip; Schroeder plays loud and hard to blot out Charlie's story

8-9: Pen pal Sunday strip; Charlie tells pen pal about Sally, pausing only to warm up her milk bottle

8-13: Snoopy ponders idea of biting cat but decides better

8-16: Sunday strip; Charlie is sad about yelling at Sally for ruining puzzle he was working on

8-17: Linus demonstrates to Charlie therapy in throwing rocks into vacant lot

8-18: Linus insists his pile of throwing rocks isn't ordinary

8-19: Linus throws rocks while going "This is for this, and this is for that" and asks Charlie for requests

8-20: Linus admits to using same rocks over and over for throwing, comparing such action to a filter

8-21: Schroeder gives rock-throwing request against people who don't like Beethoven

8-22: Linus gives up rock-throwing

8-23: Baseball Sunday strip; first actual appearance of Sally, as baby; Charlie can't play because he has to walk her in her stroller; first Sunday strip linked to strips on other days

8-24: Baseball strip; Charlie reaffirms that he can't play because he's walking Sally; Lucy understands, but Schroeder doesn't

8-25: Baseball strip; Patty reports to Linus about Charlie's prior commitment; Sally is too shy to eye Linus; Sally's first dialogue

8-26: Baseball strip; Patty accuses Sally of depriving them of their manager, with Linus looking on in agreement; "My first year in this world, and already I have guilt feelings!"

8-27: Baseball strip; Charlie comes to resent not being able to play because he must walk Sally around; he too blames her while team loses

8-28: Baseball strip; Charlie continues to instruct team while walking Sally around

8-29: Baseball strip; Linus convinces Charlie that he's walked Sally long enough

8-30: Sunday strip; Snoopy interacts with Sally, impressed at how she still crawls on all fours

8-31: Baseball strip; Sally is amazed at how Charlie leaves her at home and rushes back to game

9-1: Baseball strip; Charlie arrives back to save game, much to teammates' relief; Lucy threatens him to not show his face again if he loses

9-2: Baseball strip; Charlie swings but gets first strike

9-3: Baseball strip; Charlie gets second strike

9-4: Baseball strip; Charlie strikes out

9-5: Baseball strip; Charlie is left alone to lament lost game

9-7: Baseball strip; Patty takes over to berate Charlie after Lucy arrives home

9-8: Baseball strip; Charlie recollects being chewed out by team for losing game and by mother for abandoning Sally

9-9: Wall strip; Charlie believes people are thrown into life too fast

9-10: Charlie tries to explain previous grief to Lucy of all people; no prizes for guessing whether or not she listens

9-11: Charlie conveys his troubles to Sally, who gives toast to his perseverance

9-13: Sunday strip; Snoopy can't get his dinner because Sally is leaning against his back, sleeping

9-14: Kite strip; Charlie runs into tree; Linus and Shermy bring him home using his kite as stretcher

9-15: Kite strip; Charlie comments that he doesn't have to worry about getting kite down

9-16: Kite strip; Charlie uproots tree that snags his kite

9-17: Kite strip; Charlie's kite lands on Lucy's arm while she and Linus enjoy blue sky

9-18: Kite strip; Charlie's kite lands on toy tree that is part of Violet's toy farm set

9-19: Kite strip; Charlie crumples up and kicks kite

9-20: Sunday strip; Lucy and Violet argue; "I'm glad it's not me she's yelling at. I'd never be able to take it!"; "You're a no-good, tale-tattling, little sneaking, snip-snap, ponytailed ape!"

9-21: Snoopy observes "bravery" of autumn's first fallen leaf

9-22: Snoopy greets another fallen leaf

9-23: Snoopy claims he'd cling to tree as long as possible if he were leaf; berates yet another leaf for "leaving home"

9-24: Snoopy continues pondering claim as more leaves fall, thinking he'd embarrass tree

9-25: Snoopy acts out claim, admitting he'd make lousy leaf

9-26: Seeing last leaf fall off tree disappoints Snoopy

9-27: Wall Sunday strip; Linus shows his squeaky new shoes to Charlie and then laments about children suffering for parents' mistakes

9-30: Charlie complains about fairy tales portraying stepmothers as evil

10-2: Charlie confirms his bowling skills to Sally; uses her bottles as pins

10-3: Linus wonders how long it'll be before Sally learns to walk; Lucy gives long-winded response

10-4: Lucy-pulls-football-away Sunday strip; Lucy manipulates Charlie into it by using concept of trust

10-5: Charlie notes Linus' crush on latter's new teacher

10-6: Security blanket strip; first mention of Miss Othmar, whom Linus claims understands him

10-7: Linus mistakes Miss Othmar's role call for sign of romantic affection

10-8: Lucy thinks Linus worships Miss Othmar; he states that he's "very fond of the ground on which she walks"

10-9: Linus cries at his own speech about Miss Othmar

10-10: Bed strip; Linus dreams about Miss Othmar and talks in his sleep, keeping Lucy awake

10-11: Sunday strip; Linus admires his own hands

10-13: Outside of school, Linus showers Miss Othmar with praises

10-14: Linus brings flowers for Miss Othmar, which Charlie assumes to be bribery

10-15: Linus pretends to forget about Miss Othmar after having her look down on his security blanket

10-16: Sally joins Snoopy in his usual playful dance; Snoopy compares himself to Pied Piper

10-17: Schroeder accidentally scares Sally with expression involving babies

10-18: Piano play Sunday strip; Sally leaves her bottle on piano; Lucy is disheartened to catch sight of bottle

10-20: Charlie comments that human children suffer most when something in world goes wrong; Snoopy convinces him to include dogs

10-22: Sally spins her bottle, and it points to Snoopy; he unnerves her by offering to kiss her

10-23: Charlie complains to Patty that he couldn't buy Halloween mask and that they probably won't order more because they're putting up Christmas decorations

10-24: Snoopy-sleeps-atop-doghouse strip; he wonders why he was born

10-25: Security blanket Sunday strip; Snoopy swipes Linus' blanket; Sally crawls up to Linus and kisses him on cheek; first occasion of two simultaneous story arcs

10-26: First mention of Great Pumpkin, whom Linus writes to

10-27: Linus shares news about Great Pumpkin with Charlie

10-28: Linus suggests to Lucy getting gang together to sing "pumpkin carols"

10-29: Linus shares legend of Great Pumpkin with Charlie, who doesn't share belief

10-30: Lucy re-educates Linus about trick-or-treating

10-31: Lucy carves jack-o-lantern, to Linus' shock; "You didn't tell me you were going to kill it!"

11-1: Security blanket Sunday strip; Linus tricks Sally and Snoopy in order to get his blanket back

11-2: Wall strip; Charlie teases Linus about Great Pumpkin's failure to appear on Halloween

11-3: Charlie and Lucy tease Linus about Great Pumpkin together; "I was a victim of false doctrine"

11-6: Wall strip; Lucy misunderstands what Charlie means by "mental fence"

11-8: Sunday strip; Linus wants to hit Violet, if only she couldn't use double standards for defense, which Charlie unfortunately supports

11-9: Linus states he wants to be country doctor and commute between city and country with sports car

11-10: Linus shares with Charlie dream of being country doctor

11-11: Wall strip; Linus continues on about country doctor dream while Violet reports having shot

11-12: Lucy looks down on possibility of Linus being doctor; "I love mankind, it's people I can't stand!"

11-13: Football strip; Linus changes his mind about being doctor when Charlie tells him it requires eight years of studying

11-15: Sunday strip; Charlie, Lucy, and Linus watch stars together; Lucy and Linus debate about whether they see airplane or star, with blinking lights; Charlie suggests other possibilities; Linus moves around for closer look

11-16: Violet wants to kiss Snoopy but can't, something he feels is curse of having fuzzy face

11-18: Schroeder holds sign reminding people that there are 28 days until Beethoven's birthday

11-19: After feeling possibly hated by other animals, Snoopy hugs Charlie, feeling grateful for humans

11-20: Violet and Charlie agree that smiles enhance personality; Snoopy's overblown smile makes them slightly rethink claim

11-22: Security blanket Sunday strip; Linus overacts from separation from blanket; Lucy refers to her retrieval of said blanket as "application of spiritual tourniquet"

11-23: Pigpen heads home for shower, expecting no more than having it at least settle his dust clouds

11-24: Charlie notes Pigpen's cleanness slowly giving way to dirtiness

11-25: Pigpen briefly steps outside to demonstrate faster attraction of dirt to him; first time he's referred to as "dust magnet"

11-26: Charlie claims to Patty that Pigpen might be carrying dust from some past civilization such as Babylon

11-27: Charlie shares claim with Violet, even throwing in King Solomon, Nebuchadnezzar, and Genghis Kahn

11-28: Snoopy ponders said claim as Pigpen walks by and stirs up dust cloud

11-30: Wall strip; Charlie apologizes for his earlier rudeness to Pigpen and calls himself "blah"

12-1: Lucy takes shine to Charlie's self-deprecation of "blah"

12-2: Charlie tells Lucy that she doesn't have to call him "blah" since he already knows; she offers actual encouragement and coins "blahdom"

12-3: Wall strip; Lucy suggests that Charlie will marry someone as "blah" as him and have similar children; he justifiably freaks out

12-4: Violet and Patty yell Charlie off before stupidly wondering why he almost never laughs

12-5: Snoopy questions usage of animal-based expressions

12-6: Security blanket Sunday strip; Linus shows Lucy use for blanket by making hammock out of it

12-7: Charlie writes letter to Santa Claus for Linus, who ponders what Santa does during summer

12-8: Linus suggests beginning said letter with "Dear Fatty"

12-9: Piano play strip; Lucy suggests ideas for celebrating Beethoven's birthday that Schroeder actually approves of

12-10: Piano play strip; Lucy declares her support to Schroeder for celebrating said birthday

12-11: Lucy loudly reminds Charlie that Dec. 16 is Beethoven's birthday

12-12: Lucy then loudly reminds Snoopy of the same

12-13: Sunday strip; Snoopy dances for suppertime until Charlie tells him to stop

12-14: Piano play strip; despite Lucy's advertising for Beethoven's birthday, she still got his first name wrong

12-15: Schroeder tries to reason with Lucy that she got Beethoven's first name wrong, but she gets wrong idea and panics to make Schroeder feel guilty

12-16: Piano play strip; Lucy attempts to make up for making said mistake by singing "Happy Birthday" to Beethoven, but she just makes same mistake again

12-17: While Charlie writes Linus' letter to Santa, Linus questions basis of getting presence based on being good or bad

12-18: Lucy interrupts Linus' previous tirade

12-19: Linus reasons that Santa shouldn't pass up giving him [Linus] presents just because of Lucy's naughtiness

12-20: Sunday strip; Lucy reminds Linus not to forget line for this year's Christmas play; Linus recites part of certain Biblical passage from the Book of Luke

12-21: Lucy thinks little girls can get away with more than boys can simply due to cuteness

12-22: Linus doubts Santa's capability and thinks someone younger should take over

12-23: Lucy has self-proclaimed philosophy of "Live and let live" that she thinks endures tests of time

12-24: Linus takes note of snowfall

12-25: Snoopy notes that he hasn't bitten mail carriers

12-27: Sunday strip; Lucy uses balancing scale to demonstrate Charlie's faults

12-28: Security blanket strip; Linus has to make do with frozen blanket

12-30: Lucy suggests that Charlie resolve to be perfect for upcoming year and then laughs when he takes up her suggestion

7/16/2012 #10

Eventually, I did away with the Peanuts Report because it was taking too long and I had other things I wanted to do. But I put down a reminder about a certain strip from 1961:

December 10, 1961: Lucy, Violet, and Patty prepare to gang up on Charlie for unknown reasons, but his calm, kind words convince them to change their minds.


Random points:

June 17, 1963: Frieda DID wear a hat sometimes in the comics.

2-16-1967: Woo hoo! Finally, something truly memorable! Sally. Hugs. Charlie. This shall go down in history if it hasn't already.

Missed moment of awesome for Peanuts, as usual: 1-29-1973 through 2-17-1973

3-31-1974: That gag where a baseball knocks off most of Charlie's clothes? This was the closest to a gender-bent example that I could find.

After finishing 1974, I think I understand why some people deem the Mr. Sack storyline the end of Peanuts. The storylines are starting to get more ridiculous and disturbing: said storyline itself; talking schools; and yes, Rerun's moments on the back of his mother's bicycle with major risks of death.

However, I'll give the time period THIS much: Marcie knows how ta tell it like it is, contrasting all those before her (namely the other girls) who just come off as jerks. Neon-Ronin was right: Maybe SHE oughta be the neighborhood psychiatrist.

3-27-1976: I think this strip is where many people got the idea of Peanuts teaching them to feel better about themselves because someone else has it worse.Too bad not everybody got the message (that's sarcasm, BTW).

Finished 1976. Holidays, including Christmas, are getting meaner for poor Charlie. He just wants ta earn some money to buy gifts, and no one'll hire him? Well, there goes the pleasantness of the first special, right out the window.

Also, Marcie seems to have garnered her own sadistic streak. Poor Floyd. Maybe he was too direct,

8-17-1977 = Proof that Schulz could turn anything into a strip no matter how mundane

8-27-1977 = Schulz' downward spiral into secular humanism?

10-23-1977 = Good point, Sally. Good point.

Also, on a side note, the drawings and writings have gotten bigger. At least, I THINK they have.

More random points:

12-22-1978: Tender moment with the Brown siblings; first time "poor sweet baby" is used in a non-romantic context

4-13-1980 and 4-20-1980: Deleted scenes from that golf caddy storyline with PP and Marcie

4-20-1980: The basis for Flashbeagle?

7-10-1983: Aside from Floyd, I'm guessing THIS must be when Marcie's character started going downhill.

7-24-1983: Potential date between Linus and Sally. Too bad a slight known as status quo ruined it.

Also, the preceding story arc must be deleted scenes from that one time when PP saw the LRHG and cried at the latter's "prettiness".

All the rest:

11-29-1983 Flashbeagle!

6-17-1984: Flashbeagle, Spike isn't.

12-5-1985 - Schroeder states that he never said he hated Lucy....yeah, I'm bored, too.

2-18-1989: Yep; just like the news to talk about all that's wrong with the world.

12-3-1992: Okay, that's kind of amusing.

3-10-1994: Finally. And you say only boys can be immoral?

8-20-1994: Finally. Again.

6-13-1999: So Charlie wasn't the only one after all; he had some company. Still hate that gag.

7/16/2012 #11

One more thing, to whom it may concern:

I understand some people have had their fics reviewed by yours truly. Those things are just how I felt about those stories and more, and so I apologize if I came off as abrasive.

7/20/2012 #12
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