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I'm surprised this has never been the topic of a forum before, since it's such an obvious choice for one. Don't know if anyone actually uses these forums anymore, but I'll at least give my opinion. My all time favourite Peanuts character has got to be Charlie Brown. He's a wonderful main character, the world treats him like dirt but he still remains optomistic and tries hard to succeed, and it's really sad when nothing ever goes right for him. But that's what makes him so lovable, you know he's a nice guy and you really want him to succeed, and you feel sorry for him when he fails, and you feel overjoyed on those rare occasions where he does succeed. I remember the first time I watched the movie "A boy named Charlie Brown" I had a lump in my throat when he lost the Spelling Bee and I almost cried, which I haven't done for years over a cartoon. I can really feel for the kid, because he's like all of us. Charlie Brown represents every person going through a tough time in their life when everyone seems to go wrong for them, and while some people may deny it we've all been there. Charlie Brown is a lovable loser, and that's what makes it so easy to relate to him, we all love him because he's one of us, as real a person as any comic character has ever been. It baffles me that the magority of stories on this site, especially those posted in recent times, don't focus on him. He's the main character, and I've already pointed out why he's such a great character too, you'd think more people would write stories about him, but all we've been getting lately is LucyxSchroeder stories, and a fair few of them aren't even that good. No offense to other writers, but when all that's being posted is some lame, seen it before LucyxSchroeder fluff I really start to get annoyed with that pairing. I think Confessional Anxieties is the first Charlie BrownxPeppermint Patty romance story that's been posted in months, maybe a year. People need to start acting more like Ballz Mahoney, and write stories where Charlie Brown is the focus. I always write him as the main character in my stories, and I enjoy writing for him, even though I feel guilty about subjecting him to bad luck and insults from other characters. Show some more love for the Brown Authors. After Charlie Brown I guess my second favourite character is probably Snoopy. I hardly think I need to go into detail as to why ;)

8/28/2012 #1

Okay, I'm a really big fan of Marcie! I mean she's so cute and innocent. She's super funny and pretty naive too!

I love that Easter special in which she struggles to prepare Easter Eggs and in You're The Greatest, Charlie Brown in which she tells Charlie that he's the greatest. She's also super adorable with those big glasses (even if I was once afraid of it..) and that cute way of calling Peppermint Patty 'Sir'. It's just so freaking cute! She's also the most caring and shyest member of the gang, usually following P. Patty and C.B; sometimes she's with Linus and Franklin (race for your life, C.B anyone?) and don't forget about how she nursed Snoopy to health when he had influenza in that 1986 comic.

She's quite a study bug, only nodding off in class six times; unlike Peppermint Patty.

She's also an introvert and a bit of a goofball if you ask me. Being honest, I like her a bit more than Peppermint Patty and Schroeder.

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