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I suppose I should start a new topic for discussing fanfiction, whether you want to talk about existing stories or throw around an idea you have for one. Include it here. :)
2/3/2008 #1
I'm going to be the first one to post here, just because I can. I'm currently working on a total of 1 (go ahead and count, you'll find more but none I'm planning to finish) fanfiction. If you're interested it's called A Meeting and A Dream. Just like may of the other stories it takes place after the end of KnM. It's a bit fluffy with a bit of drama thrown in. And humor. Especially the interlude I wrote (Named after the series but not grouped with the other chapters). I'm not going to put a name down because I'm sure you will find it considering there are sou few fanfic on this series :(. I'm not exactly trying to promote myself here, just to be clear, just hoping to bring other people out so that I know about other stories I can read. The one's I have read so far have been great and I've read almost all of them that have been complete (in the process of reading the ones that are not). P.S. If you look close at the computer screen on my avatar picture it says WILD BATTLE right next to a game of solitaire. I love irony.
3/17/2008 . Edited 3/17/2008 #2
First, not including the moderator, so really second... ... Uhm, yeah.
3/17/2008 #3
Well, thanks for adding a post in here nonetheless. :P I'll be sure to check your story out should I find the time. Time is something I have precious little of lately unfortunately. I've found I haven't even had the time to catch up with the stories I used to read regularly. Boo. Not to mention how behind I am on my actual writing. >.< ShizNat/KnM fans have been known to maul me. :(
3/17/2008 #4
Hey, you watch, any second now responses are going to roll in. ...... Any minute now .............. Any minute noooooow. And.... NOW! Okay, maybe not, but the good thing about the Internet is that there is not real time restriction besides what has been set up by the person maintaining the site. That means that even if you are busy the fan fics are still going to be around. Assuming you aren't busy for like ten years strait that is. Also, you can always just download the document if you think you're running out of time. Ah, yes, the Internet: Harbinger of convenience and propagator of our doom. Got to love it.
3/17/2008 #5
I'll have you know this place used to be a bustling hive of comments at one point! ...okay, maybe not. >.> Anyway, I see your point. Except I don't really need any more of a reason to procrastinate so shh, stop giving me ideas! :P
3/17/2008 #6
I... See. So I should say something like "What I really mean is, hurry and do all the work you can right now. The hard work right now will give you more time to rest in the long run!". Like that?
3/17/2008 #7
Ya! Motivational speeches, ftw! :P
3/18/2008 #8
Grand Phoenix

(hears crickets in the background)

This place is empty. Has no one really responded?

Well then, I'll toss out my two cents.

I've a few stories in mind for KnM, but only one is posted so far. It's called "Agony", which is about Chikane's psychological struggle against the Orochi and her feelings for Himeko. It may come as a mind-rape because of the additional 'voice' that is in Chikane's presence, but who or what exactly it is depends on the reader.

Unfortunately, no reviews have been pouring in like I expected. I'm guessing it's because I bash Chikane pretty heavily in it, but I have my reasons for it.

Any other KnM fanfictions you'd like to share?

5/26/2008 #9

Man, for something a lot of people love, the KnMiko fandom has a bad lack of fanfics...

Okay I'm probably gonna get stoned for this, but I'm thinking of writing a chaptered fanfic with Souma as the main character. (winces and ducks a flurry of pitched rocks) Yeah, uh, ouch. The guy is probably the most-hated character in that story despite the redeeming things he does that should have helped him sit better with everyone... (defending the priestesses, trying to make Himeko happy, accepting Himeko's love for Chikane instead of him yet STILL protecting them...) I came for the yuri but stayed for the brothers' relationship. I adore evil/good sibling relationships especially when evil (usually the big brother) tries bringing the good one to their side because of affection for them. (and my sadistic side, dominating approximately 89 percent of me, is STILL raving over Tsubasa beating the crap out of Souma while talking very lovingly to him. Snort. Love that guy.)

I watched the final episode and decided, okay, let's see what Fanfic net has for me, so I can satisfy my love for twisted brothers. I look around, expecting maybe five out the whole fandom. Let's all guess what I found: One. One one-shot out of the entire fandom. Very sad for me, I wanted to see more of da' Orochi brothers. (I especially wanted to read at least one Souma story where he turned evil!Orochi and joined his big brother, like I would have done for my older sibling. (looks adoringly at all three older brothers) (brothers either ignore her or try wrestling her) It's an act of loooove!! @.@) I think of Souma as the JacobxBella to Himeko's BellaxEdward; cute and possible if Chikane never existed, but eventually has to move on and realize she'll probably happier with her seme. (I say probably because I dislike Edward Cullen very much. Goddamn Gary-Stu always threatening to kill Jake. Jake's my favorite, you jackass. ToT)

For pairings I'm actually pretty happy with MakotoxSouma and ChikanexHimeko. For slash? Erm... YukihitoxSouma or Orochi-cest (that's right. I invented the term. Bwuha.) and of course CxH, though I wonder about MakotoxHimeko from time to time...

Whew. That was kind of fun to rant about. Even managed to bring Twilight in a little there. (feels proud of self)

Anyone gonna make a Souma story, with Tsubasa in it? I'd love to read it, but will probably never write my own fanfic about it (because I'm LAZY... xD). Don't kill me for being pro-Souma... (screams and ducks another furious flurry of stoning)

8/9/2008 #10

This is something people mention to me a lot. The fandom is severely under-served when it comes to fanfiction. And not only that, good fanfiction especially. I can't say I've gone through every one of them but apparently some people have. So it's not really surprising that there isn't much in the way of Souma centric fiction out there. Especially considered he's the least favoured character in the series.

Personally, I'll never write a story focused on him. I just don't like his character. For many reasons. Although I will agree Tsubasa was an interesting one. It's hard enough trying to keep my biased out of the fanfiction I have going, let alone writing about him specifically. Ugh.

Anyway, each to their own. And if you can't find what you want on here, write your own, I say. ;)

8/9/2008 #11

When I get a chance to, I'd be interested! Though I think my other, neglected fandoms would murder me... *guiltily looks at Dark Cloud fanfic and Burst Angel fanfic*

A pro-Souma fic... I can see it now! AU from the series, what would have happened if Himeko dragged Makoto along for lunch with Souma? With Tsubasa psychologically torturing Souma and the creeping darkness of his fate, just how different could the series have been? Urk, needs a far better divergence point than that. Any suggestions? (this means I have to rebuy KnM and rewatch the Souma parts...)

It'd be Mako-chan/Souma (despite the fact that there is almost no canon basis for this pairing, I seem to love it) and show the darkness of the Orochi Necks.

Here's another idea: Kannazuki no Miko, gender-bent! What would it have been like if Himeko and Chikane were male, and Souma female? (this'd be rather cracky...)

8/10/2008 #12

Write my own you say? I swear on my good name as a procrastinator that I'll get around to it!!... one day... meh, maybe later. (gets up to sprawl lazily on couch and think idly on nothing) (That answers that xD)

Better than that? (blinks self out of happy-trance induced from Zerrat's description) I'd like to see Souma become an evil Orochi and join his brother, although I can't think right now on how that'd happen (Will-of-Stubborn-Steel-Boy, and all). But due to me being insanely imaginative, I would probably find a dark and twisted reason for it. Probably involving torment or someone's death (I'm quite infamous for one fanfic involving this on my other account... Kyu kyu kyu...). Get back to me on it later. Now I have a new story to play with and daydream about... Yay!! :D

Oh jeez. That'd be so... terrible xD EVERYONE gender-bent? For some reason it's terribly easy to imagine Chikane as a guy. Himeko's name would need tweaking, 'cuz that's just NOT a guy's name ('princess child'; He'd get beat up for that, but I guess it would explain her/him getting beat up by his guardians as a kid... xD) I can actually hear Nekoko as a little boy. "Nya nya nya!" He'd be a Hunny clone, wouldn't he?

Just a really brief complaint I'm sneaking in here, I heard someone comment on a different site KnMiko all takes place in one month. What? That explains why everyone happened so fast... I'd prefer like 50-70 episodes covering an entire year of it, give me something to watch for awhile. (I keep saying to myself when I'm planning out a KnM story, 'Okay, this all takes AT LEAST a year! I wanna mess with these guys for at least that long, so I can build suspense!')

(Dark Cloud? Burst Angel? Are they good? (To be fair to my friends/family, I'm warning you now, once I learn about something, I get way too into it and bug everyone around me with it. Just warning you what you may sentence everyone around me to...))

8/10/2008 #13

The problem with turning Souma dark is simply because he's so damn resistant to it. Think about it; he fights back against his darker impulses for a maybe with Himeko, learns his brother is one of the guys wanting to kill Himeko, gets beaten up by said brother because he's resisting Orochi and finally allows Himeko and Chikane to be together even at the cost of his own dreams. He's practically a saint, so I'm not even sure why he's an Orochi Neck in the first place.

Hm... evil Souma, evil Souma... Here! A sequel to KnM by a poster named Nathan Warford. It's pretty decent (and his omakes amuse me).

Everyone gender-bent! Well, the main cast, anyhow. Not Chikane's rabid fangirls, because they're too fun to switch over. And I agree, Chikane would make one HECK of a guy. I have no idea of how to convert Chikane and Himeko's names to the masculine form though... ;_;

HUNNY! ... *cough* Miyako would make a very dark and mysterious priest.

Yeah, I agree with the whole year thing (and that it only took a month. After all, it's what the title implies). That would have been fun, a super-massive KnM series.

(Burst Angel is a brainless guns 'n' chicks scifi anime. I love it, but don't expect too much. Got a sequel to it in the works (and man does it have mind-screwing moments planned). Dark Cloud is an RPG video game I'm novellising)

8/10/2008 #14

It may be because of Himeko's sunny bright influence... Or some part of him is evil 'cuz of the trauma of his father, seeing his brother kill his father then having said brother, only person he trusts, leave him with a foster family. (I'd have at least SOME issues if that happened to me... and the least of them would be a hero-complex...)

I think it would be in this AU universe we're talking about, either Souma gets beaten unconscious by his brother and dragged off to have his will broken (I was actually toying with that concept a few days ago, then got too lazy to write it ^^;;) or the triple-date you mentioned... Souma seeing Himeko loves Chikane before she does (I think I would realize that after spending so much time with someone and have that person regularly mention the other and buy them gifts... some of which are couple-love gifts... -_-;;) and leaves them alone (which he didn't (sighs)).

We can see him considering joining his brother in the 4-5th episodes. And he admits he doesn't know whether the world is really worth fighting for. To be completely honest, I think if it weren't for loving Himeko, Souma would probably slowly switch over (in a very slow, subtle way where you don't really see it until, "Hey! Why's he standing with the bad guys there? Souma! No, you idiot, you're supposed to be over here! THIS is the goodguy side! Idiot, mixing up the sides... Oh wait, he's evil now?"). So if you take away the possibility or illusion of Himeko's love (last sentence, above paragraph) and not realizing someone else loves him (Makoto, perhaps? ^^ (REALLY likes the idea of this pairing)), I think he'd just become evil and put all his efforts in it there. He DOES love his big brother, so he'd join mainly because he's looking for some kind of approval or something...

How different would the KnMiko universe be if he were evil? o.O

(Jeez, Souma-love is almost determining the fate of the world.)

'Hime' means princess... probably have to go with something meaning 'prince' and tack a 'taro' or 'to' at the end. Chikane... off the top of my head it means... (check Eng-Jap translator) Huh. Kane = 'Money, metal, bells chime'. ...You could keep it for 'money'. 'Thousand money'. She's rich. There ya go. Maybe his feminine name makes him sexier or something o.O (Souma = Souko, Soumi, ?)

(Burst Angel sounds similar to Trigun. Brainless (Vash's personality), guns and chicks, sci-fi (it takes awhile but it gets there) and all set in a Western-type world. With humanoid plants and more evil older brothers... which is probably why I like it so much... (I really should cut down on my liking of that (sighs)) I may have seen Dark Cloud before... Is that the one with the giant wrench and the ability to turn into animals by eating seeds?)

8/11/2008 #15

Curses! The link to the fic decided not to work!

Here it is again.

If Souma idolised his brother (I'm getting flashes of Kyoushiro here) in a parallel universe, he'd want to be just like Tsubasa-nii-san. Perhaps the ideal divergence point for this universe would be the beatings and subsequent murder of the father. Perhaps the beating were a little too brutal and perhaps Tsubasa became the guiding light (of sorts) - someone Souma unconsciously counts on even after all these years?

Admittedly, I'm really liking the whole 'Souma realises Himeko's feelings before she does' and painfully switching sides. The belief that there is nothing left in THIS world may drive him to seek out another alternative to it - Orochi's (bringing in the whole remaking the world theme in the series), and the Makoto/Souma conflict really intrigues me. Exactly how would Makoto take it, seeing Souma's descent into despair and darkness? The slow darkening of his personality at school, the inattention to once-high grades. Sudden disinterest in food and socializing. Jin-sama displaying flashes of irrational rage, noting the unfairness of this world... And then suddenly Himeko and Chikane are alone in the face of Eight Orochi Necks, all of them gunning for the pair. Exactly how they would combat that, given that Chikane's previous life's memories would still be causing her grief? Himeko would probably blame herself for having turned Souma from the light... I can easily see the pair of them being forced to retreat from the town to regroup.

Over the course of about two years, I could easily see the world descend into pure chaos, only just held together by Kazuki Oogami. Warrior priests anyone? Chikane and Himeko actually able to use their powers properly? And what of Makoto? Perhaps she starts to help out with Kazuki (after her injury) and shows potential in the arts?

Oh ye gods, the plot bunnies are going wild.

Hrm. After a bit of searching for male names that look a BIT like Chikane, I have: Chikato, Chikuma, Chikashi, Chion as the better alternatives...

Himeko... Himaro? Himaru? Doesn't have to translate the same, it's just got to look enough like the original...

(sounds like you wouldn't terribly mind Burst Angel (though Meg as the damsel in distress gets very old very fast). And the guy with the spanner is in Dark Cloud 2 - the one I'm doing is the first game! ^^)

8/11/2008 #16

I actually think you're right. I mean once you love someone and count on them, you never really stop, right? Like how, if you're faced with a tough decision, you may think, "What would -insert name here- do?" or go up to them and ask for their advice. I actually still follow my brothers' advice. Even though they're usually joking or give out bad advice. (I'm kind of suprised how much I depend on them, actually. We're all pretty close for siblings, I'm told.)

My only reply to all that is A.) Hah! I've planted the seeds for a creative AU within the series! and B.) Sweet.

I like Himaru best for Himeko-chan, but for Chikane's? Um... hm. Chion, maybe. With the reincarnation's future name and all in the Sora no whatever thing. (I'm anal about IC and canon-ness, which is weird considering my fetish for MakotoxSouma...)

(My brother just explained DC to me. He described something about needing water and I asked, "So you're basically a mermaid in this game?" Biney said yes. I recognized DC2 because we rented it a lot, Biney used the wrench as his weapon and I played it just to turn into the animals, tumble around and do nothing ^^)

8/11/2008 #17

And somehow, I will one day get around to writing that AU. I love what-if AUs... *grin*

[[Edit]] Hey, if I were to get to writing this Souma-fic, would you be willing to beta it, Cassie9308?

8/11/2008 . Edited 8/13/2008 #18

I'd love it. Sounds like a fun story ^ ^

8/13/2008 #19

I have an idea where Ame No Murakumo and Yamata No Orochi gang up and kill off all the Gundam Wing fanfiction writers.

2/7/2009 #20

Now that that soul-shattering announcement's out the way, want to discuss it? :o

2/7/2009 #21

I assume that was a shot at me, centauri, well, what else is their to it. Most Gundam Wing fanfictions are poorly written, border on perverted ,not because of the Gay thing, but that these people sit there and thats all that comes to mind, never mind the war, never mind the political intrigue, just imagine underage boys snogging, ugh. Actually the one mindedness (the focus on ChikanexHimeko and NUSSING ELSE) is the issue I have with alot of KnM fanfics. The focus on Ame and Yamata also would work like that. Then again, I wouldn't be caught dead actually writing one of thse things and just come here to troll, but I decided to take a night off and be serious for a bit. Also, I would never actually troll the person who wrote that story because they would be GOD.

2/7/2009 #22

No, I was merely joking again because you stated you had an idea and didn't elaborate.

I see your point though. Although I don't really read fanfictions from either fandom nowadays I've seen examples of that in the past. I never really was into Gundam Wing much. The majority of stories on this site are pretty bad anyway, but there are a few gems in the rough, just takes some looking sometimes. It is rather odd how this site tends to spawn the stalkers though. :o

2/7/2009 #23

yeah, as a troll I have to see a lot of crap, from every fandom, some really leave themselves open to attack, even then, I tend to go after the better ones as much as I can, because as I am sure you know, people like me are trying to get a reaction, the sooner someone learns that the faster they can deny us our satisfaction, that simple. The better ones are the ones people have poured their soul into, so we can get a heavier reaction from them, that simple. Where I find ease is the huge ignorance of Canon, its one thing to write a story that exists within the boundaries of said Cannon, quite frankly only something dealing with after the series ends or before it begins gives you some creative freedom without having to comprimise Canon. We can still descend upon it for poor portrayal of the characters, If I ever saw someone portraying Himeko as some sorority slut I would tear them a new one, AUs and crossovers, like one that is currently on this site which crosses it with Sailor Moon, are fair game.

2/7/2009 #24

I can't see trolling as a positive thing. However, giving some constructive criticism on a site like this is fair enough. Although flaming is going too far, I don't think a story can be considered 'fanfiction' if it's not following canon really. I don't mind purposeful creativity, but changing an idea so much it doesn't resemble the original, is going too far. And that can't be considered fanfiction anymore. Of course, the majority of those belong to 'Mary Sues'. .

2/7/2009 #25

Its not meant to be a "positive thing" as much as a letting off steam thing. As far as writers go I'm just glad you get the whole "respect the canon" thing. But one question remains: How would a knm Mary Sue work? Pops up after Himeko rejecting Souma? An evilsue replacing Souma as the 7th neck. An alternate interest for either Himeko or Chikane (not likely, but then again I'm sure that SoumaxTsubasa is out there somewhere, waiting for me to attack) or god knows what else.

2/7/2009 #26

Letting off steam is perfectly fine, but at the expense of others? :o

Oh that usually happens by writers changing the original characters so much that they've obviously placed their own personality in that story and called it by a different name. I've seen it done in other fandoms. Can't recall a KnM example though.

2/7/2009 #27

I'm not unfair, if I can't find something exploitable then I don't bother, and besides, I try to think of it as a lesson to them. That their art will be criticized, and I often let them know when they react like they are supposed to that they have played right into my hands, and try to let them know what has happened to them and that is is preventable in the future, but only if they don't let it happen again. They only bring joy to trolls when they let themselves be beaten, thats it, they get emotional, we win. They see through our tricks, we lose. They get emotional more than once, we hit harder, they learn their lesson, and we often offer an ultimatum, as was the case with Hikaru Uchiha, to end the attacks. I honour these, I can't speak for everyone.

2/7/2009 #28

I think we'll agree to disagree on this one. :P

Don't know the example you speak of. Probably best I don't either. ;)

2/7/2009 #29

Right, I wont continue this thread if you don't.

2/7/2009 #30
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