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I think they are so cute. They're meant for each other lol.
7/28/2007 #1
They are so ment for each other. I love that Sid finally came to his senses.
1/3/2008 #2
I'm usually a fan of slash couples... but these two drew my attention. In fact, I was always willing to slap Sid in the face when he wouldn't realise that she was THE ONE FOR CHRIST SAKE!!! ^^'
1/5/2008 #3
i know tell me about it. guys can be so dim lol
1/17/2008 #4

I think the trouble with Sid is that he thought too much and didn't listen to his heart. It fell in love with Cassie at Abigail's party. He did not pay attantion to his feelings until Cassie tried to kill herself and did not express his love until it was too late. When they did get it together, they were supremely happy but for so short a time.

8/10/2010 #5

Best couple ever!!!

10/31/2010 #6
Wonderlust Of A Lost Girl

Of the three episodes of Skins I've seen, they really were meant to be together. Cassie is my favorite character out of the First Generation, and her and Sid I just fell in love with.

11/23/2010 #7

Willowsuzzagleeee: I don't know which episodes you've seen, but I totally agree. I'm trying to write three Sid/Cassie stories with happy endings. One of these, "The Golden Halo" is already on I am writing a New York meeting story. The third one will be set in the future. There is also a rather sad story about their meeting on Brandon Hill at the end of season one.

11/23/2010 #8
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