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So, what do you think about America remaking Skins. Good? Bad? Neutral?

1/1/2011 #1

i think it's a TERRIBLE idea, and it looks really REALLY bad!

1/25/2011 #2

I watched the US version, and LOVED it. I don't know why people are complaining, it's actually a very good remake. But, nothing will compare to the UK version. I liked this version a lot. Well, that's my opinion...not everyone agrees with me and think it's all about sex and drugs. But, there's so much more behind the show, right?

1/29/2011 #3

im from the US, and I'm honestly ashamed to say that it came from my country. I feel kinda bad putting it that harshly, but its the truth. I cant talk for the last two eps, because I only watched the first ep which was AWFUL! They remade the UK Skins first ep and totally failed. I agree that there is more to the show, I think sometimes theres a tad too much sex and drugs, but there is no getting over the failure here. I dont see it getting another season.

2/11/2011 #4

I think there's more sex&drugs because our country is different for the UK. In my opinion, were the country that wants MORE drugs and more.

I have to admit the first episode was a bit bad. But the other ones were amazing.

2/12/2011 #5

I consider myself a true skins fan, I love any form of skins which is why I was thrilled when I found out they were making a US version. So yes it can't compare to the talent of the actresses and actors in the UK, but still I think it was a good effort, and well worth watching. I definitely hope that they are able to make a second season in America...

It's an amazing show, even if the US version isn't perfect it still is the same concept, and an honest portrayal (perhaps overdramatic for television purposes, but still...) of how s*** some peoples lives are.... I find myself able to relate which is very comforting sometimes... so I encourage others to give it a shot? Lol...

3/31/2011 #6

Ok the beginning of the season did suck so i dont take back what i said, but Michelles episode and the last one were amazing. Tea's episode was okay, i dont see why people were calling it the best episode of the series.

4/2/2011 #7
Tea was HANDS DOWN my fav episode! I cant say this for everyone but i pretty much can relate to tea exactly whem it comes to religion and confusion... And that scene with the grandma made me cry it was so sad... Idk i just think everybody out there struggling woth balancing religion and sexuality find her an amazing character... (not that there is soooo much mentioned about her religion but it was enough... Certainly enough for me)
4/2/2011 #8
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