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Just wondering if anyone is interested in a forum where they could make requests/ come to for a bit of a challenge, making other people's request dreams come true.

People let me know what you think, I'm open to completely a few requests myself *wink*

Thanks TM

6/24/2011 #1

Im Super interested cuz i have like a million ideas ,but i can't write stories to save my life

6/30/2011 #2

Im Super interested cuz i have like a million ideas ,but i can't write stories to save my life

6/30/2011 #3

I would like to see more upbeat stories about Sid and Cassie. So many sad/tragic stories have appeared about this lovely couple. At least two of them have poor Cassie killing herself.

I have provided three to date (and one sad one).

7/18/2011 #4

Good point. I think that may be the case simply because it is so much easier to think depressing thoughts about a couple that faced so much hardship in the actual show.

I had a go at one, about to put it up now. Check it out on my page and let me know what you think :)

7/19/2011 #5

Share one with me? I'd love to create something for you :)

7/19/2011 #6

Thank you for "Sushi, French Films, Tulips and Ginger Cats". We need a few more of these. My latest is an attempt to explain how, after Sid and Cassie were so hesitant on the trampoline in Ep 1, they were talking like old friends in Ep 2. I feel that they must have met each other between the two parties. Free of the presence of Tony etc., Sid would have felt less inhibited when he talked to Cassie. It's "A Chance Encounter", and does make Sid the prime suspect for the "EAT!" messages. I have also written one about Sid finding Cassie in NY and another proposing what might have happened if Sid had stayed in Bristol on Michelle's birthday.

7/19/2011 #7
Could someone pleaseeee write me a maxxie/oc (girl) fanfic?? I promise to love you forever and ever <3 :)
5/28/2014 #8

Sweetcheeks644: I have just posted the first two chapters of a story in which Maxxie gets rescued from a real drunken bender by Cassie's roommate at the clinic. I have had to classify her as 'OC' as "Water Bottle Girl" is not listed. I call her Francesca.

7/5/2014 #9

After an interesting comment exchange on YouTube with Danielle Jadelyn, who played 'Water Bottle Girl', I learned that her name on the script was "Katie". Accordingly, I have renamed her (and the story) "Caterina".

1/18/2015 #10
So im gonna sound dumb, but i wrote a Skins fanfic (Work in progress) and i would love to share it here, but cant figure out how to post it. Any help?
9/28/2015 #11
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