Changes in the Cosmic Era
Gundam SEED is, in my opinion, the best Gundam series to date. That doesn't mean it's perfect, though. A place to share ideas for improving the Cosmic Era.
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On Soaring Wings

I know this is a cosmic era thread... But still since we love to talk so much about what would make SEED perfect... I figured maybe some of us wopuld like a place where to talk about what would make other Gundam series better (assuming our dear mod allows it.)

I figured it would be best to start with a thread about the universe that started it all. the Universal Century. From Mobile Suit Gundam to Victory, and even beyond that to Gaia Gear, and G-Savior. What do you think would have made these series better.

I'll start with what is arguably the most controversial amonst even the diehard fans of the Universal Century... ZZ Gundam.


Now in my opinion. Tomino took the lighter and softer direction too far in the comedic direction when several people (including his wife) thought Zeta Gundam was too dark... While I don't nessessarily care for Grimdark... I do think a sudden 180 shift in the oposite direction might not be the best solution to the problem... So overall my only real suggestion so far is removing the overly comedic content from the series, and just toning down the darkness, and death for a lighter and softer series.

6/21/2012 #1
Dragoon Swordsman

ZZ I don't know as much about as I'd like (I read MAHQ episode summaries, but that was years ago), so I'll start with its immediate predecessor.

First and foremost, remove Kamille's mindwipe. Seriously, that was a completely unnecessary addition to an already excessively-dark series (though who commend it for the GrimDark would do well to remember that Tomino was clinically depressed at the time). Yes. he gets better in ZZ. Doesn't matter; we shouldn't have to wait for a whole new series to get a proper happy ending.

In terms of deaths, while I have issues in that regard (I felt nothing at all when Roberto bought it, for example), I have only one to address at present: Emma Sheen. Emma, Emma, Emma, your mobile suit is already trashed, its thrusters slagged, and you still insist on launching? A swift and pointless death is virtually guaranteed.

Oh, I do have one thing for ZZ. Remove the "Aztec Space Ninjas" (as Enchanter once called them) entirely. I defy anyone to explain to me how that is essential to the plot.

8/16/2012 #2

And more Action Girls who are actually compentant.

Kamille not getting mind raped.

7/7/2013 #3
I have only one to address at present: Emma Sheen.

Veery late to the party, but one comment. I agree wholeheartedly with the above. But there is one more I feel MUST be addressed: Captain Henken and the Radish.

In WHAT universe is it acceptable - or even halfway reasonable - to sacrifice AN ENTIRE SHIP AND ITS CREW to protect a single mech that is guaranteed to get slagged in five minutes anyway? Absolutely and completely bloody ridiculous

3/4/2014 #4
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