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Phedre no Delaunay
So, what's your favorite pairing? Just so we spread the love, give us your favoirte Usagi pairing and your favorite non-Usagi pairing. Bonus points for explaining why you think they'd work together, and negative points for "they're both hot" or similar stuff... My favorite Usagi pairing is Usa/Goku. These two are so ridiculously similar and adorable. Both are a bit dense, yet totally loveable. They are both clumsy, but get the job done on the battlefield. They stand up for what they believe in and aren't afraid to die for it. Also, Goku has some of the same qualities as Mamoru--namely, he is very protective and loyal, and both are afraid of needles. ^_^ My favorite non-Usagi pairings are either Rei/Vegeta or Ami/Vegeta. Rei and Vegeta are just so proud and stubborn that any interaction whatsoever would be hilarious. As for Ami, I think Vegeta would respect her intelligence. She may not be very strong physically, but she doesn't back down, which I think Vegeta would also respect. They'd be harder to do in fan fiction than Rei/Vegeta, but I really like it. Also, I think Rei+Ami=Bulma...
12/29/2005 #1
Well we all know my favourite pairing, Trunks/Usagi! 1) They're both my favourite characters in each of the series 2) They simply look adorable together (to me at least) 3) When it comes to putting her with Mirai Trunks, it's a perfect match. He has a sad past thus making him very reserved and very alone, and not open with anyone, I guess (I can't think of the right words right now x.x). On to Usagi! Usagi has the ability to make anyone laugh and smile. She can look at a person and pick out all the good qualities about them (much like Goku). She could brighten anyone's day and show them that they're not alone. I think Trunks needs someone like her to heal him of his horrible past. And in many good fanfics that I've read, it's been done. Edit Ok, I'm back! I have several favourite non-Usagi pairings. One would be Hotaru/Gohan. It was Lizbethy's stories that got me into that couple. Another would be Goten/Rei. I've seen a few with that pairing, and I've really liked it as well. I also like the idea of Yamcha/Makoto or Yamcha/Minako. Yamcha's one of my favourite earlier characters, and I've never thought about reading a pairing such as those two with him until I drew some fan art and decided I liked how they looked together. ^-^ I also like the idea of Mamoru. Not once have I ever seen Mamoru being placed with a girl from DBZ. I'm thinking that Marron would most likely go best with him. I just can't quite see him with Bura or Pan, or any of the older girls that already have a husband. I would also love to see the possibility of Seiya/Bura and Yaten/Pan. I mean, if Piccolo/Ami or Piccolo/Setsuna can be written, why not Seiya/Bura or Mamoru/Marron? Or Motoki and one of the Z girls. I think it'd be cute anyway. I also think that Minako/Android 17 would be adorable. There's a lot of couple possibilities, I could probably keep coming up with them @_@
12/30/2005 . Edited 12/31/2005 #2
Jay FicLover
My favourite is Usagi/Goku for the same reasons. :-) Non-Usagi favourite pairing? Mhm, may be ChibiUsa/ChibiTrunks... They're both of royal blood and thus kinda spoiled and bratty, don't you think? They're arguements and verbal fights would be as hilarious as Vegeta and Bulma's! Besides, I'd love to see what pink hair and lavender hair can produce for an offspring. ^^P Anyway, I'm even saving an aidea for a teenage-ChibiUsa-andpresent-Trunks-pairing fic idea titled "I dream of Reenie"... (see summary in FUTURE PROJECTS SECTION of my profile), any one would like to co-author it? winkwink
12/30/2005 #3
I like Usagi and Goku a lot. They both seem to embody the same qualities I think. Somehow, almost like magic both pull great strength and power out of seemingly nowhere when it's absolutely necessary. Personality and mannerism wise the two are so alike it's uncanny!! The only possible trouble down that road I could see between them is that Usagi is very needy and can be kind of selfish(about trivial things; but nonetheless). If Goku were in a position where he didn't have to abandon Usagi like he did ChiChi in the Dragonball series I think that those two would work great! I think Goku would respect Usagi a lot; even though she can be a silly girl some of the things she had done in the series I think Goku would find very admirable. Both would be probably too oblivious of the fact that they should be together though. ^^ Bah. Vegeta is really hard to pair anyone up with isn't he? How they even put him and Bulma together in the Dragonball series is beyond me. He's really complicated; but I really do like the Vegeta/Rei pairing. Vegeta needs someone that won't put up with is crap and is not afraid of a challenge. Rei is used to taking a sort of alpha female role when it comes to ambition and scolding Usagi; if anyone could handle Vegeta it would be her. Rei CAN be sensitive though, I imagine there would be some points where Vegeta would be able to penetrate her hard outer shell. I think these moments would be rare though.
12/30/2005 #4
Jay FicLover
Yeah, Rei and Vegeta do sound great, at least in Phedre's fic... ^_^ Anyway, I also like Minako/Trunks and Hotaru/Gohan and Setsuna/Goku as non-Usagi pairings, and I like to entretain the idea of Galaxia/Broly. I think Minako would be just the kind of girl to bright Mirai Trunks' life: she isn't as sensitive and vulnerable as Usagi, so the androids wouldn't scare her as much. She's always willing to fight, she's funny but can be serious when she wants to be, and she would be very caring if she learned of Trunks' past. Hotaru and Gohan, on the other hand, have in common that they have both gone through hardships when they were young, they have both lost their fathers and then got them back, they know what it is to be and feel different from anyone else, or be the weird one out, and they have both pulled through it.
12/31/2005 #5
This is dumb; and I'll probably "lose points" but: Usagi= Bunny, and Kakarotto= Carrot. :-p
1/1/2006 #6
Phedre no Delaunay
I laughed, so you don't lose any points. ^_^
1/1/2006 #7
"This is dumb; and I'll probably "lose points" but: Usagi= Bunny, and Kakarotto= Carrot. :-p" ... I can't believe I never thought of that before ("Bunny" pairing with "Carrot").
1/2/2006 #8
Jay FicLover
I wanted to say that too! But I chickened out. ^^D
1/2/2006 #9
Hehe... With Usagi, unfortunately, I don't have any pairings I like with her. She's sort of annoying to me. My favorite pairing though is Mirai Trunks and Hotaru! Don't ask. I just think they'd be really cute together.
3/25/2007 #10
Sun wukongoku

I think Gohan/Rini would work because they both were the first kids in anime i saw when I was young. Plus they both are alot more similar than people give them credit for, they both had hidden powers when they were younger, they had a set amount of friends, for Rini she had Hotaru and Setsuna and for Gohan he had Piccolo and Dende(Krillin might be included), they had weird items, Gohan had that dragonball on his cap and the flying Nimbus and Rini had her kitty ball. Most importantly they are the most important child of the main character and have similar transformations their parents had(Rinis forms were mini moon and super, while gohan had super saiyan and 2)

i really think these two were right for each other even though they already had lovers (Helios and Videl)

11/24/2008 . Edited 11/25/2008 #11
Sun wukongoku

Non-Usagi favourite pairing? Mhm, may be ChibiUsa/ChibiTrunks... They're both of royal blood and thus kinda spoiled and bratty, don't you think? They're arguements and verbal fights would be as hilarious as Vegeta and Bulma's! Besides, I'd love to see what pink hair and lavender hair can produce for an offspring. ^^P

Sorry already happened Gohan/Chibiusa(Whispers: I've read alot of fics about them)

but if Gohan and Chibiusa do have a child imagine what would happen if he/she gets upset(bye bye the universe)

she/he'll be even stronger than mystic Gohan (Gohan cries:[)

Wait wouldn't it make more sense if Chibiusa was Trunks offspring because Trunks gets with Usagi then have Chibiusa(pink does go with lavender because look at Trunks mother she has blue hair??)

12/16/2008 . Edited 12/17/2008 #12
Sun wukongoku

Sorry for critisizing

12/16/2008 #13

This Gohan and Rini is the best DBZ/SM pairing in my opinion and if anyone likes this pairing or want to get into it come join me and Sun wukongoku in DBZ crossover forum and check out our fics

1/16/2009 #14

This Gohan and Rini is the best DBZ/SM pairing in my opinion and if anyone likes this pairing or want to get into it come join me and Sun wukongoku in DBZ crossover forum and check out our fics

1/16/2009 #15
Sun wukongoku
Thanks Anisa
1/18/2009 #16

Piccolo/Ami and Vegeta/Rei are my top favs. I usually pair Trunks with either Minako or Makoto.

I'm not too fond of Usagi pairings, but I like her paired with Goku just because. XD

2/14/2009 #17

hmm to me usagi is fine with im totally into hotaru/gohan though!! i think hotaru and gohan have more in common. hotaru feels different at shcool just like gohan was at his shcool. they both lost their dads and then were brought back. they both face challenges over the years. and i just like them together for some strange reason!!^^

11/22/2009 #18

I like Gohan/Hotaru too! :D

11/22/2009 #19

hmm.. and im also a rini/trunks fan too!! they both have the spunky attitude!! lol!

11/22/2009 #20
Sun wukongoku

I like trunks with usagi mostly because I got into them when gohanxrini fics had them XD I think they should be together, I just don't know a better father for rini than Trunks. Colored hair possibly his time machine went to another dimension and never told anyone nuff said.

I love Hotaru with Jinzoningen/Android 17. Many people don't know this but they are kind of perfect. Both created from humans with cybernetics from some scientists. plus if you look at both series they kindof look alike with the black hair XD.

I explained why I like gohanxrini These are just my crack opinions

11/22/2009 #21

i kinda like trunks and usagi but thats 5 percent the 95 percent is rini and trunks. its true that rini 's hair and trunks hair are simillar that explains why most people pick trunks as the father of rini and girlfriend/wife for usagi

11/23/2009 #22

*Looks around*

So... am I the *only* Mirai Trunks/Ami shipper around here?

3/7/2010 #23

I like it okay, but I think their relationship would be kinda... low-key and dull, you know? :/ Though as far as compatibility goes I think they'd work great together.

3/7/2010 #24

I love Trunks/Usagi pretty much for the same reasons xamethyst-rosex stated, not only that but Usagi's personality is just so similar to Goten's so I imagine he'd be really comfortable around her.

Another favorite of mine is Goten/Rei because they're total opposites. Rei's generally serious and Goten's a goofball. I imagine he'd grow on her because he reminds her so much of Usagi and make her laugh a lot. Plus, it'd be funny seeing the two argue childishly over foolish things. XD To me, they mesh well. ^-^

7/10/2010 #25
I love it!! Never noticed that, but <3 it!
12/1/2011 #26

My favorite pairing is Usagi/M. Trunks. I suppose it's because they're both some of my favorite characters, but it's also because I think their personalities compliment each other.

Mirai is quiet, serious, intelligent, and independent. He's been exposed to the horrors of killing and losing loved ones, but he's also "innocent" in some ways. Mirai never got to experience normalcy, a life free of battle. Most others did. We never find out what did happen to him after he returned to the future after DBZ and Bojack Unbound. Anyway, Mirai probably spent his time rebuilding. Again, never got to experience a normal life. He's more hardened and serious than his GT counterpart. It's kinda sad, really.

On the otherhand, Usagi is a girlish, perky, up-beat, innocent type of person. Most people think of her as the Sun personified, albeit, a little less on the bright side. Still, she's someone who can make anyone smile, and worm her way into even the coldest, darkest hearts. You know what they say, opposites attract! Okay, so even though Usagi can be kind of spacy and oblivious sometimes, she can be serious and step up to responsibility when needed. Usagi, at least, compared to the others, has few traits that can attract someone at first sight. She's klutzy, lazy, and laid-back, but she's also stubborn, loyal, and someone who is vulnerable and yet dependable at the same time. Guys always like a girl who they can protect, right?

Even if they will never meet, I think Usagi is someone who Mirai can learn to love and protect. That is, if he stops thinking that he should do everything on his own and that he needs to prove himself. I guess I understand where he is coming from. He's been protected all his life by Mirai Bulma and Gohan. He would probably want someone who he can protect and occacionally depend on. Usagi is that someone. If Mirai will ever open up to her, she will protect his heart and return the favor. Usagi is just like that; trusting and always looking at the positives, whether in someone or in life.

Some people would rather pair Mirai/GT Trunks with Makoto, Rei, and Minako. I don't hate these pairings, but I'm not exactly fond of them either (Oh...Who am I kidding?). For one thing, Makoto is always saying, "Oh, he looks like my old sempai (boyfriend)". No guy wants to be compared to an ex. Its degrading, and it obviously shows that Makoto is not over that relationship and therefore is not capable of giving her heart into another one. Rei is fiery, and has a really short temper. She's untrusting of men (at least, in the manga) and shuns them. That is proof enough. Also, Rei and Trunks (either timeline) are both generally serious and have somewhat of a temper. I doubt that they would be able to work a relationship. Opposite relationships generally work because the opposing traits in the two people counter-act their negative aspects. (i.e- They balance each other out.)

Minako/Trunks pairings really irk me for some reason. I think it has to do with a pro-Minako and Usa-bashing fic. It just annoyed me because of how untruthful it was. I mean, sure, the two are similar. Both are somewhat leaders. They both went under the identity of the Moon Princess (Usagi being the real one and Mina being the 'decoy') and they're both hyper, chatty, somewhat clumsy, boy-crazy (Minako even more), and high-spirited blondes. But, they are different. Usagi focuses on only one guy. She's stead-fast loyal to Mamoru. Minako, on the otherhand, flits from boy to boy. I mean, there's even canon proof! I forgot which episode, but in it Mina attempts to date both Hawk-Eye and Tiger's-Eye. Is that loyal? Erm...

To me, no matter how strong Mirai becomes, his heart will always be vulnerable. He's never had a crush, has he? And all that blushing he does is proof! (He blushed when Bulma-san was checking him over for injuries in one episode...) So, to conclude, I believe that Usagi/Trunks is one of the best pairings EVA (it's my opinion, so don't go ki-blasting me into oblivion) because Usagi is someone that will do everything in her power to make Mirai happy...that is if their creators ever make them meet! (Maybe I should do a petition? Nah...)

Wow, I'm done. I've kept that bottled up for some time now...

4/13/2012 . Edited 8/1/2012 #27

lover of smdbz and when looking for fav story couldn't find it. maybe you can help. looking for a serena vegeta pairing where she was kidnapped by one of her bad guys beaten and then she escapes not caring if she lives or dies. vegeta finds her they fall inlove he marries her then they have a baby vegeta. after labor he runs away because of all the pain he caused her by knocking her up and he wants to be a ss. anyone know the story

7/27/2013 #28
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