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Let's see, I wanna discuss alternative endings here! How did you really want RK to end like? Everyone's invited to comment!
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starry night blue
Okay, this is not basically related to the name of the forum, but think about it, I mean, characters "end" up together. Got it? Okay, so, I want you to comment on any alternative pairing you have in mind! So GO!
1/5/2006 #1
For some strange reason, I happen to like the Sanosuke / Kaoru pairing a lot because they have more similarities with each other than Kaoru and Kenshin & Sanosuke and Megumi. [Not that I hate those pairings, I like them but sometimes you just need a change]. ;D
2/25/2006 #2
starry night blue
Hey, you're right!! Kaoru and Sano are really nice together! I've read some stories for both of them, and they turn out to be really cute together!!
3/1/2006 #3
Lexi Teniro
I tend to see Kaoru and Sano with more of a sibling-type relationship, but I definitely see your point.
3/20/2006 #4
starry night blue
Okay, let's see, all lot of people are into Soujiro and Misao (which is a pairing I really don't get), so let's talk about them! Any one care to start?
4/24/2006 #5

Soujiro and Misao are about the same age, right? There's one common factor. Also, they were both introduced with the Kyoto arc. And can't you just picture them together? Misao is bouncy happy little girl like all the time, but she's very open with her emotions. Soujiro is quiet, always smiling, and very closed about his own emotions. Misao is enough of a little girl to make Soujiro look manly, which would be an issue with him. Also, he thinks things through, and Misao has issues with that.

They are soooo similar, and yet different enough to make them an adorable couple. ... I still like Misao and Aoshi the best. Speaking of which, the Kaoru/Aoshi pairing bothers me majorly! The only similarity is their blue eyes! Does that annoy anyone else?

12/29/2008 #6
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Soujiro and Misao? That seems a little (extremely) improbable for me. For one, Sou is a "bad guy" and Misao is a "good guy". And I don't believe they'd ever "met" each other in the manga (must double check). Besides, Misao is head-over-heels with Aoshi, which I find almost as peculiar a pairing as Sou-Misao.

8/3/2010 #7
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One pairing I really love is Sanosuke-Megumi. To me, they just seem to be an ideal couple...that never made it in the manga OR anime...oh wells, they exist in my mind. Sano is brash, impulsive, and bold. Megumi is level-headed and the most collected and rational of the whole Kenshin-gumi (e.g. slapping sense into Kaoru (literally) more than once during the whole manga series). Opposites attract, right? I've always believed the Rooster and the Fox had a special relationship, and, let's just say, hypothetically, in some alternate reality, they DID become a couple, I think they'd actually quarrel more, in a cutesy way. I don't like to think of the SanoMeg pairing to be too sappy and fluffy...though I DO love fluff, especially of the SanoMeg variety.

8/3/2010 #8

you know i really don't get the soujiro and misao pairing it's just pissed me off when people say 'oh sou-mi they are so cute together and at the same age let's pair them and have them a happy ending awww they are so adorable aren't they?' sorry i don't want to sound rude but you don't know how much it's get in my nerve when i heard it.

i mean if soujiro and misao together they have some childish innocent realtionship despite what they really went through in thier life . and i don't like just because they are at the same age that is mean they should be paired up together i mean why people dosen't bother about the kenshin and kaoru pairing while they have some large gap age between them even much more the gap age between aoshi and misao's .why people didn't say that kenshin is much older than kaoru and they shouldn't be paired???? why people didn't say that kaoru need someone much closer to her age like sano??

i don't think soujiro would be good for misao because misao is too strong that's no one can get in her way, that's why she need someone older and wiser that could control her actions like aoshi .

besides when soujiro gave up to kill in the end of the kyoto arc he wants to become a rurouni to travel to find his true self , he leaves the city where misao lives and move on for another place ,and the oniwabanshu is not his place since he didn't want to fight again .As for misao she is not the type to leave the oni because of a MAN !!!

did i knock some sense here?

and about the aoshi and kaoru pairings WHO IN HIS RIGHT MIND OR WHO IN THE HELL THINK TO PAIR THIS TWO TOGETHER?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this pairing dosen't make sense at all.

no one best for aosh as misao.

7/2/2012 #9
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