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This forum is for those with question's about Tolkien's world and those who wish to answer them. Thus, we can all help each other better our writting and understanding of the Canon.
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Elariel Erestorion
Here is a place to ask questions about the human realms and those who dwell with in them.
1/14/2006 #1
Maleficent in Dusky Rose
What country do the Easterlings come from? I don't remember reading the name of their homeland in the book(LotR; not done with Silmarillion), and the only country I really see to the east on the map is Rhun to the northeast of Gondor, and Khand, just south of Mordor. Do they come from either of those? Or have I missed something?
2/7/2006 #2
Elariel Erestorion
I don't remember any perticular country being named either. It seems that they come from some unnamed land beyond the sea of rhun.
2/9/2006 #3
Elariel Erestorion
Does any one know if any of the humans still faithful to the eldar live in Avernien after Beleriand was over run at the end of the first age. That period of time is rather sketchy in the Silmarillion, so I was hoping that someone with a copy of War of the Jewels could help me with this one.
2/27/2006 #4
Wordmage Kazzidae
The Haradrim and the easterlings come from roughly the same place, i.e. south of Mordor, to the extreme eastern boundaries of know and mapped Middle Earth.
3/18/2006 #5
Why is death a blessing to the elves? I think it's sad.
7/16/2006 #6
To Spirit- I think the Elves viewed death as something not to be feared because it is not indefinate. Elven spirits go to the Halls of Mandos but after a while are re-embodied beacuse they are bound to Arda and cannot leave its confines (notable exceptions aside). Or were you talking about how the Elves viewed mortal death?
7/21/2006 #7
Both. How do they come back from the dead and Was Legolas old enough in human years to really understand death?
7/23/2006 #8
There are probably people here better able to answer those questions than I but I'll give it a go. The Halls of Mandos seem to be a place of reflection and atonemnet where Elven spirits repent of the sins they have commited in life (that's why some Elves are re-embodied faster than others) and try to come to terms with their death. Once they have done that they are re-embodied in Valinor- it's not so much a rebirth as a continuation of their previous lives. There is some debate as to Legolas' exact age but he has almost certainty reached adulthood so I assume he knew death well by the time he joined the Fellowship. The Elves of Mirkwood defended their realm against the evil of Dol Guldur for many years and presumably some Elves died doing so. Legolas may also have fought in the Battle of Five Armies and seen both Elves and Men die- I don't think he would have been naive about death. As for understanding mortal death I'm not sure any Elves truly understand it because where humans go after they die is a mystery even to the Valar.
7/24/2006 . Edited 8/1/2006 #9
Oh so is that why Legolas looks so confussed? Is that the reason he's sad they died or do they have the same feelings of grief as we do?
7/24/2006 #10
This is what is said about mortal death in the Silmarillion; "But the sons of Men die indeed, and leave the world; wherefore they are called the Guests or the Strangers. Death is thier fate, the gift of Iluvatar, which as Time wears even the Powers shall envy." "What may befall their spirits after death the Elves know not. Some say that they too go to the halls of Mandos; but their place of waiting there is not that of the Elves, and Mandos under Iluvatar alone save Manwe knows whither they go after the time of recollection in those silent halls beside the Outer Sea...The fate of Men after death, maybe, is not in the hands of the Valar, nor was all foretold in the Music of the Ainur." So, you see, no-one knows where Men go once they have died but it would seem that they do remain in Mandos, for a while at least, before they depart wherever it is they go to. The fates of Elves and Men are sundered so perhaps that is why the Elves find mortal death such an enigma- if an Elf has a mortal friend who dies it is assumed that they will never see each other again while the world lasts while Elves, on the other hand, are usually re-embodied after death.
8/1/2006 #11
That is so sad! No wonder Elves want to leave this world behind and I think Us humans feel the same! I know I do and I'm not even an Elf! I can't wait to see my friends and family again! If only I could see them now!
8/1/2006 #12
Elariel Erestorion
Suggestion: Read the Anthrabeth an Finrod a Andreth. This explains why Elves are truly the mortal ones and men the immortals. Elves are reborn the same way they are born. They are born to a new mother and father. They do not know who they are truly until they grow up. Thus they are considered twice blest because they experience the nurturing of childhood twice. They are always reborn in the blest realm not in Middle-Earth. Of the reborn Glorfindel is the only one seen again in Middle-Earth.
9/2/2006 #13
Interesting. So your saying if we had been elves we would've done that too right?
9/5/2006 #14
Elariel Erestorion
I don't understand your question.
9/6/2006 #15
If we where elves we'd come back as babies too right?
9/7/2006 #16
Comet Wong
Can I answer that question? Yes, I think we would...(",) Unless I'm mistaken of course...sorry TimeStreamer...(",)
10/29/2006 #17
Elariel Erestorion
Yes, but if we were elves we would be elves and it would make no comparisson because we aren't elves.
10/31/2006 #18
It's a shame though.
11/1/2006 #19
Comet Wong
I like to think we all have elf-blood...
11/2/2006 #20
so do I
11/2/2006 #21
Comet Wong
I mean...Tolkien created Lotr for one purpose...and that is to create a doesn't matter from where we come from, he said, for there will always be a little elf-blood within us...a gift so to speak...(",)
11/2/2006 #22
:) I am small for an elf though.
11/6/2006 #23
Comet Wong
Well, it doesn't really matter mellon nin, as long as you posses thier views and'll still be an Elf...(",)
11/6/2006 #24
I do. I love nature. I want to pop our neighbors because they keep throwing trash in our yard! Grrrrrrrrrr!
11/7/2006 #25
Comet Wong
Uhmm..isn't throwing trash in another person's backyard illegal or something? Back here it is...
11/9/2006 #26
I do not know.
11/9/2006 #27
Comet Wong
Can't you guys tell your neighbors to throw their trash someplace else? Like in a trash can or something...It's not right that they both abuse your silence and nature...!
11/14/2006 #28
I know...but our neighbors... shakes head sadly
11/16/2006 #29
Comet Wong
They are the sorriest excuse for a human being...unfeeling and wretched!!! Curse them we hates them precious!!!
11/17/2006 #30
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