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Robert Strand

Deep in the under belly of Central, science and alchemy clash to creat untold horrors. Funded by the military, the worst thing imaginable occure here. To be sent here is a death sentance, that or you will never see the light of day again...

Professor Scott Ulrick looked over his notes and took a sip of coffee. To his left and right where Shou Tucker and Dr. Tim Marcoh. All three had there own little projects. Tucker with his Chemrias, Marcoh with his philosopher's stone, and then there was himself with his bounding souls to inaninte objects.

He looks over several suits of armor. He smiled at he saw his notes begin to make perfect sence. "Imagine, an Army that requires no sleep, no food, no water, and no air to breath."

Several inmates were brought in among them were Barry the Chopper, and the Slasher Brothers. All of whoms exacutions were said to be carried out months ago. Professor Ulrick stood infront of them.

"Gentelmen , and I use that word likely. Your exacutions in acordance with your trial were carried out months ago. All of you are rapist, murderors, military deserters, manics, phycos, and just plain killers. The reason why you were not exacuted is simple. I hand selected all of you for a little expirement, based on your criminal records. Centrals Notorious...Barry the Chopper, The Slasher Brothers, Eddy Gain the cannible, and the Central Sniper. Just to name a few. I'm giving you a change to live a bit longer. You will of course never be allowed to leave this place ever again. You will be it's guardians. Protect this place from intruders, and be allowed to kill again.

"What's the catch", Barry the chopper asked? "A deal like this to scum like us? Why the change of heart?"

"Glad you asked Barry. You see in exchange for your services I require your soul."

One of the Slasher Brothers laughed. "We aint got any."

"Oh you do. Each and everyone of you does. It's in there somewhere."

One inmates barked, "Hell no, you can go **** yourself." No sooner did he finish is statment he was shot in the back of the head by a soldier weilding a sawed off shotgun. Brain matter, blood, and chuncks of flesh flew everywhere.

Professor Ulric took off his glasses wiping the spot of blood that landed on the lens. "But of coarse, refueal to partake in the expirment will be meet with your imidataly schedualed exacution.

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She blinked, motionless.

"Fifteen-Oh-Seven, we are perfectly aware that you are coherent and capable of human thought. Please stand at attention."

She ignored the request from the Amestrian beyond the cage door. Instead, she stared at the bottom of her water dish, as if transfixed by something very interesting in the shallow liquid at the bottom. All that stared back at her was her own reflection — and those yellow eyes. Those piercing, inhuman, yellow eyes. She could vaguely remember them being a shade of burnt orange or brown at one time.

"Fifteen-Oh-Seven, are you listening? Please stand at attention," said the scientist firmly. "Failure to comply with commands will result in rationed food intake. We're familiar with badly-behaving subjects, Fifteen-Oh-Seven; your actions will not faze us. You are only hurting yourself by not complying."

Fifteen-Oh-Seven — as the white-feathered creature in the corner was referred to — made a snorting sound that sounded suspiciously like one of amusement. The scientist narrowed his eyes at his specimen.

"Fifteen-Oh-Seven, that is quite enough of your silent treatment! Stand at attention or we will make you stand at attention!"

And again, she was silent, still as stone to the threats the Amestrians were giving. It was not abnormal in those freak-filled halls — that hell-hole of science and alchemy. With how things in that little laboratory worked, hidden safely away from the eyes of the blissfully ignorant public, it was no wonder the feathered beast's homeland was wary of the ways of alchemy. Eventually, they would give up and leave Fifteen in peace, some sort of messenger having come to tell them to do so.

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Robert Strand

red light poured from the room as the lifeless boddies of the Slasher Brothers and Barry the Chopper layed on the floor. Professor Ulrick made a cut into the flesh of the condemed men's former bodies. He collected a small vile of blood from each of their boddies and brought it over to the suits. Taking a paint brush he paints a blood seal of each killer with generious care. he walks to the outside edge of the rooms transmutation circle. he sets his hands down on the floor. The room glows red again. The suits of armor float in the air and then lay back down on the floor. The suits of armor lay still for a moment before rising and moving on there own.

"I must say, my work is complete. Number 66, can you hear me?"

"Doc that was one hell of a trip!", Barry yelled.

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"Please, where are we?! Please, someone just talk to me!!"

The frightened voice of a young boy echoed ominously down the hall, strained and high-pitched out of terror and begging, mixed with scared sobs.

"P-Please, I didn't do anything wrong! Why are you arresting me?! God, hell, please talk to m-me!"

In the main room of the large lab, the professors there could care less. It was another professor's turn at the facility, and he had been here before to do minor research- but now it was time for the main event. Directing the workcrew to clean off the old circles from the floor from previous chimera tests from behind a labcoat and a surgical mask that hung around his neck, the red-head Drachman didn't even flinch as the desperate cries came closer. Pulling out a clipboard from under his arm, he began to look things over, discussing scientific things about the coming experiment with his assisstants through rimless glasses.

The source of the noise was soon apparent- two guards, each followed by another armed guard, brought in a fourteen-year-old boy, of whom they had a vice-grip on his arms. His fair skin was pink on his nose and cheeks from the cold outside in Central but mottled with dirt, his platinum-blonde hair mussed and dirty beneath a wool cap. Dressed like a beggar, holes of wear in every joint and on his dirty scarf, he seemed to have been pulled right off the streets. Bright blue eyes were sporting fresh tears as his anxiety was made greater by the sight of the musty lab, the doctors, and the dark cages.

"P-Please, please, don't hurt me, I didn't do nothin' wrong!" he pleaded. The head scientist turned around and began to approach the group. "Please, messer, if this is about the pickpocket, I didn't do nothin' bad! I-I-I only took a few coins, please, I only wanted somethin' to eat!" he started to sob, voice getting a bit quieter as he realized the man approaching seemed to be the one in charge, the one responsible for his current stress. "Please, messer, lemme go..!"

"Lt. Col." said the leading soldier and saluted, the others following. He let go of the boy to do so, letting his feet touch the floor. He tried to struggle, but it was useless. He was too weak, just an impoverished boy of the alleys.

"Shut him up." he asked calmly, accent bounding through the room. A soldier shouldered his rifle and held the young man in place as an assisstant scientist put a syringe of light tranquilizer to his neck. "You're sure he has no family?"

One officer presented the Lt. Colonel with a file, and Kierfur Witken stuck his clipboard under his arm and skimmed through it as the officer spoke. The boy, on the other hand, quickly ceased his yelling and nodded off, still awake but completely dazed.

"Kyle Anders. Mother died at childbirth. Father was committed suicide when he was eight, and he took to the streets. Orphanage never got him." Witken gave the officer a look and continued to browse the file. "Only file was a birth certificate with fingerprints. Born in the slums."

"You destroyed the certificate?"

"Yes, sir."

"And you're sure he had no siblings? No friends who would bring this up, no connections?" he said, handing back the file.

"Not a one, sir. He's a nobody." Witken sighed, looking at the delerious boy.

"We're all nobodies, captain. Remember that. One second is all you all to the galaxy. I guarantee, this boy is going to be much less a nobody when we're finished. Very well, then, off you go. Put him by the finished one, but not too close." he corrected, but as he was about to turn away, the officer spoke again.

"Sir, if you don't mind- if you're so worried about privacy, why not use an Ishvallan?"

"Because." said Witken. "The Ishvallans have their purposes here. Although they do make the exact same chimeras, this one had to be different. I will explain later, captain." he said. "Now put him away."

With that, he walked off to check on the plans with his associates. The boy, Kyle, was tossed into the cage by fifteen-oh-seven, the door locked. Tiredly, sad, and scared, the young boy barely had the stregnth to pull himself in the cornor of the cage and huddle up, simpering in fear as new tears rolled down his face. What was going to happen to him...? Why was he here...?"

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Her eyes opened to slits — there was a new one among them. Chimeras growled and lifted their heads, although many only flicked their ears towards the pitiful whimpering. Fear was nothing new to them; they had all been scared once, then set into circles and made anew. Fifteen tilted her head, listening carefully; it was another Amestrian. His name was Kyle, apparently, and he was another street orphan.

Tilting her snow-white head, her eyes were neutral as she scanned the young boy over. His breathing was ragged and harsh from fear, possibly from weakness too; his heart beat furiously within his chest, the blood within every artery surging like a overfed river. There were scabs all over his face and hands from frostbite.

There was the sound of sniffing as the surrounding chimeras took in the scent of their newest cellmate. From somewhere down the line, there was a harsh bark of rumbling laughter.

"Don't look so frightened, kid," it said, sounding feminine despite its roughness. "Some of us are hungry. You might want to watch your fingers, lad...."

From the cage beside Kyle, a lizard-chimera poked its nose in, sniffing and opening its jaws slightly to reveal sharp, slightly curved teeth, with a point as sharp as any knife's.

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The light tranquilizer wore off just enough so that Kyle could yelp in shock and back away to the dead center of the back of his cage against the wall, huddling up in horror as he looked at the strange creatures, some more grotesque than others. The poor boy shivered, instinctively backing away to the opposite corner of the cage as the lizard-thing stuck its muzzle in his cage, simpering in a mixture of sickness and fear. He felt acid rising in his throat and coughed it down, rubbing his itchy face with his rough gloves, trying to stop crying.

Looking around his cage for any sort of thing he could use as a weapon against the animals, he only found a tin water-dish. Holy shit, he was being kept just like them. What was happening? He didn't like animals at all. He was claustrophobic, hemaphobic, and trypanophobic... Nothing was going right and there were strange doctors here, and he had already been poked by a needle, and there were wierd animals by him and he was feeling sicker... Looking around again as if some weapon or key would magically appear, he turned and saw it- her- him- no, it was a female. A girl, with feathers, lots and lots of feathers, white as snow, with talons and other bird features. And then he realized- she, the lizard, they were all part human. From the bottom of his throat let out a moan of fear and he squirmed to the center of his cage, curling up, his head on his knees and his arms over his ears, his breathing picking up with all his chronic fears and the acid growing stronger in his throat.

"This isn't happening, t-this isn't happening..." he moaned, whimpering and sobbing into his holy knees. "It's a nightmare, a dream, wake up, wake up... oh, god, K-Kyle, please, wake up..." he sobbed quietly, trying desperately to convince himself.

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His breath came in heaves, almost like those of someone who was about to vomit. Fifteen's eyes flickered over to him, watching as he scampered around his cage like a rat, finally sitting against the centre of the back wall. Kyle desperately tried to convince himself he was dreaming, crying into his legs and choking back bile; he couldn't have been more than fifteen.

Fifteen and fifteen.

"Enahth," said Fifteen, the word coming out strangely. Her lips had actually hardened during the first procedures, and labial sounds — that is, sounds made by the lips — did not come easy. "Dry yawr tears and chin awp. The nawr you skarm, the nawr they'll awnt ta tahke ya 'ith a needal."

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Robert Strand

From the cage kiddy corner to Kyle a voice spoke out of the darkness. "Welcome to The Labratory." The voice carried almost human and friendly. From behind the bar a hand outstreachedout of the darkness and waved. "The Name is Gates. It has been a while since we have had any new people come in! What's your name?"

7/3/2010 #8

Hearing a strange voice, only this time the words were choppy and irregular, he looked up, tears running down his face and cutting clean lines through the dirt. It wasn't really looking up, it was more like peering over his arms.

Suddenly, he coughed, nearly throwing up, only holding his breath at the last second and making him hurt worse. His breathing continued to be ragged, worn with crying and fear, and he was shaking.

There was something about this one that he didn't mind. Although he hated animals, something about her... Perhaps it was the fact that she was one of the few who weren't making threats to eat him or sticking teeth-filled mouths into his cage. Nevertheless, he was desperate for answers. Desperate to an extreme. And his panic was convincing him that the other humans wouldn't answer him.

Still worn down from his earlier struggles and the drug, he pulled himself more over to her side, nearly falling down on his face but catching the bar and pulling himself against them, trying to get a better look at her through the little bit of light that was blocked by height and other cages. He could tell there was about six inches between his cage and hers, so he felt a bit better still. Still, he was scared out of his wits and the small cage he couldn't stand in wasn't making it any better.

"Please..." he said softly through his ruddy, tear-streaked face. "W...Who are you...? What... What is this place?" he sobbed. "I'm so scared, can you t-tell me...?" Suddenly, he heard another voice, this one even more human. But he still didn't trust it.

"Kyle... M-m-my name is Kyle..." he said wearily.

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Robert Strand

"Greeting Kyle, or number fourteen." His hand went back inside his cage and his head poped forward and rested on the bars. "We are chimeras. To define that further we are experiments. Most of us use to be humans, that is until the people here blended up with other animals, and created what you see before you using alchemy. Many of the people here are homeless, former military, runaways, slaves, or criminals, such as myself. I was trialed for treason for speaking out agonised by government, instead of being shot by firring squad I was sent here. The Chimera next to you, Fifteen, has a story similar to yours. I know this place is scary, but the more you fight, the harder it will be for you."

7/3/2010 #10

Fifteen's story was more akin to Gates's than Kyle's; she was almost insulted that he compared her to the urchin. The owl-chimera was not Amestrian in the slightest, nor a homeless vagrant; she hailed from Drachma, once a soldier fighting on the border. Captured in battle, she at first thought she was to be interrogated, or worse, tortured. Instead, they had shipped her to their centre of command and turned her into this, warping and twisting her so much that she had even forgotten her own name. Such was the consequence of trying to play God, of fusing together two souls in a process that should not have ever been done.

He had asked who she was, and Gates had kindly explained, but it seemed the boy was more interested in her. Looking at him with disinterest — the chimera was on the cold side — she said, "I ahs crahssed awth a snah-ay ah-al. Steak tah hin, he 'ill tell ya."

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Kyle really didn't know what to think. The weird thing in the cage that was talking so much was actually quite annoying, something that surprised him- he didn't think he would have the capacity to be annoyed, faced with such fear. Realizing that he was safe- at least for now, as the doctors had left and the two on either side of him seemed to have no interest in eating him, he focused more on escape. Alas, he couldn't help but keep returning to the owl. He was curious- young, naive, and curious- and it was only natural for him to want to know more about her. Wiping his face with his ruddy kit gloves, the water couldn't absorb into the still-cold cloth and so moved across his face, pushing the dirt with it to the edges and making him look like some kind of inverted raccoon.

"N... No, do you... do you have a name...?" he asked, but was distracted by the thought of escape and began to look around. There was a stick on the ground from one of the other cages, and careful with his fingers, snatched it up with the speed gained from pickpocketing practice. He then proceeded to fiddle with the hinges on his door, hunched over.

Unfortunately for the petite boy, Witken had a schedule to keep to. The doctors appeared, this time escorted by a guard and a gurney, which was specialized with leather straps one would see in an asylum. Kyle didn't notice, too frantic with his current chore.

"-in order to bring him to total nuetrality." Witken finished.

"Are you positive this is nessecary, sir?"

"Of course." said the red-haired man seriously, pulling out his clipboard and marking somethings while they pulled up next to the cage. Kyle noticed and backed up, all the way to back, like a rocket, shaking as he realized they were coming for him again. "We don't know what we're going to get out of there, doctor. Marcoh had already shown us that. The soul will be more receptive to enter with a nuetral, prepared body. Like a doll. If this is to work like we plan, then this must happen. We're going to get this experiment done before we test out the new animal."

The guard approached the cage, and opened the lock with a key. Kyle had started yelling again as the man entered the cage and picked him up roughly- the poor boy had never put up more of a fight in his life, but it was futile.

"No! No! What the hell are you going to do with me?! You god-damn bastard! Let me go!"

"Put him under. You, go make sure the prisoners are ready for later." said Witken, watching as the boy struggled and was put to sleep with a deep tranquilizer once more, only this time unresponsive. He was lifted on the gurney, loosely strapped. As they began to walk away, they picked up the pace as one doctor said something in shock about him throwing up and choking on it.

Witken stayed behind. Looking at what the boy had been messing with, he was surprised to find the hinge slightly loose. Picking up the solid little twig, he scoffed, snapped it, and walked on without so much as a glance to the other prisoners.


Some time later, and Kyle returned, only escorted by two guards. He was limping, in pain near his waist, his body fighting to curl but the guards forcing him to move. He should have been happy- he had been cleaned, now his skinny frame dressed in scrubs save for his bare feet- but he was crying desperately. Obviously, the pain was great, the injury invisible beneath his clothes. Quickly, the guards tossed him into the cage, muttering something about sleep, and locked it.

Kyle was simpering in pain at every breath. Now closer, one would see bandages covering the inner top of his forearms near the joints, but surely that wasn't what was making him buckle and shake in agony. He simpered at every breath, but was too desperate to be as far away as possible from where he had been, and he pulled himself to the back of his cage, gasping at every twitch of his legs and waist. Forcing himself to sit up, he curled up, head on his knees. He didn't speak- not to Gates, not to Fifteen, not to anyone. He didn't scream in anger. He only cried, suppressed into the faded gray of the thin pants, soaking in grief.

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"Jawst Fifteen. Fifteen-Ah-Sethen." The Oh-Seven, of course, designating what kind of prisoner she was; POWs were marked with an oh-seven, internal political prisoners with a double zero, and so on. She would have said more, but instead, observed as he tried to pick the hinges on his cage. Most went for the lock, but the hinges were a common target as well; it was a useless effort.

A door clanged open, and as usual, several researchers came through with a gurney. They approached Kyle's cage and opened it, much to the chagrin of the boy; he screamed and kicked and swore, terrified out of his wits. Mercifully, they tranquilized him, saving his breath and Fifteen's poor ears; that mercy wouldn't last long, however. For all the experiments they could keep him under for, there were just as many that were performed on a fully awake subject. Fifteen had had her fair share of them — mostly to balance out her owl and human DNA.

Looking away from the scientists, Fifteen coughed into a clawed, feathered hand, bringing up a small bundle of bone and fur. One of the more vile aspects, she found, of being an owl-chimera was the fact she now made pellets. The researchers had been giving her freshly-killed prey to eat, seeing how her body would react to food more suited for her animal side. The pellet was thrown aside as Kyle was carted away, one of the researchers examining what he had been picking at the hinges with. With a scoff, he broke it and turned away, off to do whatever experiments he had in mind.


It was some time before the boy returned, now in fresh clothes but also in a great deal of pain. Limping, he curled up the moment he could, dragging himself to the back of the cage before doing so. Sobbing, his heart was racing erratically, and every breath was even and made with a great deal of effort. Turning her head, Fifteen listened to the broken sounds of his body, finding them jarring and harsh.

Saying nothing, she merely gazed at him with her hard stare, the smell of blood and chemicals strong to anyone with a better sense of smell.

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Robert Strand

Gates walked back to the farthest corner of his cell slipping into the darkness. He knew the consequences of anyone who interfered with the guards or one of the researchers. He had a broken hand to prove it when a guard took his billy cluband smashed his wrist with it after putting his hand outside his cell's bars. When the boy was taken away Ralph sat down and frowned. "if he is one if lucky he won't survive the procedure."


Gates leaned agonized his cell. He didn't even look at the boy or the guards who brought him back. He then leaned forward and tapped his fingers together. He spoke out loud. "The first day is always the hardest. In order to survive the night I suggest you keep what ever last ray of hope you have left in your mind."

7/10/2010 #14

Above on the rooftop sat a creature. She scowled at each scream she heard through enhanced ears. She had told herself time and time again, she couldn't do anything. It was miracle for her escape.

"A traitor and escaped expirement. f***** military. Turn me part bat then ask me to be their good little spy. Then think I try to take over the stupid military, as if."

She heard another scream. Night after night she had to here them, her ears wouldn't allow them to not be heard. She jumped off the building flapping her wings she swiftly slipped through the doorway, unnoticed.

7/11/2010 #15
Robert Strand

SGM Schmidt was working late that night. He was dealing with a mountain of paperwork, and most of it was destroying evidence. he hears the rush of a wind flying by his door. curious, as usually he is always one of the last to leave the lab he opens his office door and looks down the hall. He sees nothing. Still not convinced he decided to just take a walk. His job at lab 5 was administrative, rare did he ever see the true horrors of what was going on in the lower levels. He decides to take a walk into the lower levels.

7/11/2010 #16

The bat chimera stopped and clung to the ceiling with her clawed feet and hands stopped by a split in hallways.

"Its a freaking maze. I think I get closer but I'm getting no where," she thought.

She heard a click. A door? She heard footsteps. Now I have a guide. The chimera pressed herself against the ceiling and listened to the footsteps, waiting for the owner so she could follow.

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Robert Strand

Zachary walks down the hallway no even so much as glancing up. He continues to walk to a flight of staires. Undaunted, he presses onward into the darkness below. He enters another hallway, filled with doors. Each door had an alchemic circle engraved on the door, all different. And each one was locked with alchemy.

7/11/2010 #18

-{OOC: Wait, I thought this thread was taking place between Central HQ pt. 3 and The Massacre In Ishval. Schmidt wouldn't be working at the lab before the events of Central HQ, right? Since that topic already covers Lab 5 in the "present" of the series.

Also, some slight godmodding with Kyle, to move the thread along. I will edit if anyone objects.}-


It wasn't long before the whimpering ceased, and the boy lay curled up in his cell. Though asleep, Fifteen could still see beads of sweat forming on his skin, soaking through his clothing in some places. Eventually, the owl-chimera broke her gaze away, and stared at the tin water dish in her cell's corner. Her eyes slitted sleepily, boredom setting in as her mind drifted to other places and thoughts.

Fifteen could remember very little of her existence before being a chimera. She recalled some sort of farming village, and a road she used to walk down as a young lady, along with the odd flash of the battlefield. There was also a young boy — perhaps a younger brother — that she thought of now and then. With his ash-coloured hair and bright blue eyes, he resembled the newcomer Kyle, in a sense. The thought made Fifteen slowly turn her head back around to stare at the boy again.

7/11/2010 #19

Adrian, the bat chimera, crawled closely behind her "guide"on the ceiling. He walked into darkness, this didn't bother her, her hearing and the sound waves of footsteps reverberating off the walls painted a clear picture. She actually felt more comfortable in the dark. Alchemy she thought with disgust when she noticed the doors and their alchemic circles. She considered going her own way, but she had a feeling this man might be able to unlock these doors so she continued to follow.

7/11/2010 . Edited 7/12/2010 #20

The man had walked down the hall for a long period of time. Adrian couldn't stand the sound of rattling cages and whimpering anymore. It needed to end. Adrian pulled out a small dagger and dropped behind the man she had been following. She placed the daggers blade on his neck.

"Signal for help and it will be the last thing you do," she whispered into his ear. "Take me to where they hold the chimeras. Try anything funny and I'll make sure this blade will get more familiar with your neck."

7/16/2010 #21
Robert Strand

-{OOC: Yeah, your right, instead of Schmidt, it Professor Ulrich.}-

Professor ulrich felt the blade draw across his neck. "Help? I'm sorry but other than the few century guards posted around the outside of the compound, it is only me in the entire facility. I however am surprisedthat you managed to make it this far without running into a few of the "other" guards. Your skills are impressive. But I am curious as to why you went threw all the trouble of comming back here in the first place. Getting in is one thing, getting out is a whole other can of worms.

After she whispered into his ear he did not even need to hear anymore. "Well then's in the east wing. Quite a walk, but not far." He gently brings up his arm and pushes Adrian hand away slowly that held the dagger to his neck. He then looks up at the Chimerathat hanged from the ceiling with a smile. "I have no intention of escape. And I am a well known pacifistwhen it comes to the use of force. So there is no need to brandish a weapon in front of me. I don't like to use violence on others and the sight if blood makes me sick. You got in in one piece, but this place has many tricks and traps. You best stay with me if you want to survive. "

7/16/2010 #22

Adrian's eyes narrowed. She held her weapon with a firm grip, ready to strike. She never trusted people she first met, especially if they are in the military. She ran her hands along him to see if he held any weapons. She found none.

"By all means lead the way, but what I said still stands."

With one swift flap of her wings she was on the ceiling. She thought it would be better just in case more people were to show up.

"Remember just because you can't see me, doesn't mean I'm not here."

She flashed her dagger in the small amount of light to show she was still ready if the Professor were to try anything.

7/16/2010 . Edited 7/16/2010 #23
Robert Strand

The two walk together. "I am curious. Why did you came back to the Laboratory? Did you came back to exact some sort of revenge? Or was it for more moral reasons? To free someone you care deeply about?"

They round a corner and walk threw a set of double doors. "I don't know much of what does go on in this wing of the building, but along the way we will run into one of my little experiments."

7/16/2010 #24

Lothing flooded Adrian's body when she heard the man say "experiments". Her hand gripped her dagger a little tighter as her hand balled into fists.

"You might say revenge. I do have some ties with the military, I'm sure you've heard of the chimera in the military who started a coup? The main reason I came back because I can't stand the sounds of screaming from this place." She said firmly. "So tell me Mr.Pacifist what kind of horrors do you brew here?"

7/17/2010 #25
Robert Strand

"It a secret. And will probably be the last thing you will ever see." He enters a large room. The room itself was about as big as a basketball court. Standing in the center was a suit of armor. In the suit hand was a giant meat cleaver. The helmet turned and faced the two. It's eyes glowed red. Professor Ulrich folded his arms. "Sixty-Six? Why are you not patrolling the outside ground as you were ordered?"

The armor freezes and looks to his left and right panicked trying to think of an excuse. "Ohhh...I...ahhh...I was...ahhhhhhh.....was just checking up on 48! Yep that it! hey what with the freaky pet?"

"Ohhh, her? Well...while you decided to take a little walk, she snuck in, held me hostage, and is ordering me to free her chimera friends. he turns and looks at the chimera. "My apologies my dear, this is Barry. Or Prisoner 66 as he was known on death row. But in the papers, he was Barry the Chopper. You see he is one of my crowning achievements. Imagine, a body that will never decompose. He can hypothetically live forever in his current form. He does not require, sleep, or substance, or even water. That and he has an unlimited amount of stamina. if he wanted too, he could run to briggs moutians, and back without even slowing up his pace. You see little chimera. My alchemic ability is to bond souls to inanimate objects!"

7/17/2010 #26

He had lead me here instead. Damn its a trap!

Adrian pulled her dagger and pressed to his chest. She was hesitant to kill him, he was her map. However she knew he had no intention of leading her anywhere else.

"So you tamper with the lives of others."

She pressed the blade in a little, causing a prick of blood to form. She looked over at the murderous looking suit of armor, realizing this was her opponent. She pulled her dagger away and faced her two enemies, the armor and the Professor. It then hit her that she and Barry were one of the same, both victims of this house of horrors.

"Barry, you don't have to stay here. I'll help you leave." Adrian said, still keeping out her dagger in case the Professor wasn't the pacifist he claimed to be.

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Robert Strand

Barry folded his arms. "Look at me you idiot!" Barry removes his helmet revieling how hallow he actually was. "I'm an empty suit of fricken armor! And even if I escape, what will I do then? It's not like I can go back at living a normal life!"

Barry point his cleaver at the chimera. "Excuse the pun here, but you have no idea just how bat sh*t insane this man is! Oh sure he claimes to be a pacifist. But I have seen this guy go fist to cuff with a damn bear/lion chimera, and won!"

Ulrich looks over at Barry. "I'll take that as a complement."

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Adrian took in Barry's words. She hadn't thought of the word "normal" in a long time.

"No, maybe not a normal life, but is spending your eternal life here in the dark better? I can see your life being much more normal than mine" Adrian said as she pushed her wings to full scale and then pulled them back.

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Robert Strand

"Hey, first thing I do when I get out of here is go on another rampage of carnage and death! And what worse than a serial killer? A dead serial killer that is harder to kill the second time around! Muhahahahaha!!!" Barry rubs his armored chin. "You know...I should really start writing some of my ideas down on paper. It would make a pretty good novel!"

Barry's dreams are interrupted when Ulrich yells, "Barry!"

Barry snaps out of his dream world. "Yes boss!"

"Kindly escort this visitor from the premises."

"Finally! I'm getting sick and tired of 48 always stealing my kills!" Barry rushes forward with his cleaver. He jumps up into the air and brings it down on top of Adrain.

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