Digimon Tamers RP
Welcome to a Digmon RP, Tamers Style! You can rp on a new story line different from Season 3 as you fight many digimon being a tamer or fight the tamers being a digimon in the city of Nagata,Japan. Join now!
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Sorry for the delay...I've been busy.

11/21/2008 #31

It's all right.

11/21/2008 #32
Link the Code Geass

Name: link

Age: looks 10 but he doesnt know his real age he was born from the heart of data

Gender: male

Appearance(Picture or Description):

Place of Birth: none

Personality: happy go lucky occasionally is deadly perceptive and serious

Bio(Up to 2 sentences at least): he was born from data. when he was born his mind was set on finding his purpose.

Favorite Quote(s): he who lives

Occupation(Elementary or Primary/Middle/High School or Job): sometimes elemantery

Digivice Color: black w/ red flames

Digimon Deck Style(What is it manly compose of? Power-ups? Weapons? Etc.):weapon powerups

Digimon(If you don't have one yet or can't think of one at the moment, than put Empty): evee (my favroite pokemon)


Digimon Sign-Up

Digimon(At Rookie Level or In-Training):rookie


Attacks: evee: flame tackle: runs so fast they catch on fire thunder tackle: runs so fast they start to be surrounded by electricty

espeon and umbreon: same as evee except they also have the ability to see the future

flareon: same as the other except he can shoot lava or fire out of anywhere

(Repeat from In-Training/Rookie to Mega) evee/ umberon / espeon flareon

10/17/2009 #33
Link the Code Geass

he has 2 evees

10/17/2009 #34

Name: chris *never gave a last name*

Age: 17

Gender: female

Appearance(Picture or Description): she looks like a boy and acts like one too *she wears blue jeans and a red shirt

Place of Birth: new york city

Personality: shes mean shes rude and shes gotta bad temper

Bio(Up to 2 sentences at least): she is actually half american and half japanese. her mother is the japanese one and her parents got a divorce so she lives with her mom in japan. *she speaks fluent japanese and english*

Favorite Quote(s): SHUT THE HELL UP OR I'LL MAKE YOU SHUT UP *no idea were its from but she says it abit*

Occupation(Elementary or Primary/Middle/High School or Job): highschool junior

Digivice Color: yellow and blue

Digimon Deck Style(What is it manly compose of? Power-ups? Weapons? Etc.): power ups

Digimon(If you don't have one yet or can't think of one at the moment, than put Empty): elecmon *favorite digimon ever*


Digimon Sign-Up

Digimon(At Rookie Level or In-Training): elecmon

Appearance(Image or Description):

Attacks: elecmon

Super Thunder Strike (Sparkling Thunder): Shoots electric bolts from his tail. Body Attack (Nine Tails): Strikes his enemy with his nine tails. Lightning Knife (Thunder Knife): Attacks with a blade of lightning.leomonFist of the Beast King (獣王拳, Juuouken?, lit. "Beast-King Fist"): Shoots fire from his fist that is shaped like a lion's head. Beast Sword (獅子王丸, Shishiou-maru?, lit. "Lion King"): Uses the sword he carries on the sheath at the back of his waistgrapleomonShishi Juuhazan (獅子獣波斬, Shishi Juuhazan? lit. "Lion Beast-wave Chop") Senpuu Turbine Geri (旋風タービン蹴り, Senpuu Turbine Geri? lit. "Cyclonic Turbine Kick") Shishi Senpuukyaku (獅子旋風脚, Shishi Senpuukyaku? lit. "Lion Cyclone Leg")saberleomonHowling Crusher (Nail Crusher): Gathers energy in his paw and strikes with it. Twin Fang (Infinity Arrow): Launches a barrage of needle arrows from the fur on his mane. Double Destroyer: Blasts the solar-hot fireball from his mouth. 12/3/2009 #35

Name: Taikuya

Age: 14

Gender: male


Place of Birth: tokyo, Japan

Personality:free spirited, serious when in a conflict, friendly, and a natural born leader

Bio-Taikuya found his digimon when wlaking home from school. Now he is new to the tamers

Favorite Quote(s): got it memorised, i may be young but i can still beat you.

Occupation-middle school

Digivice Color: yellow and black

Digimon Deck Style-a mix of power ups, weapons and unknown ones.



Digimon Sign-Up


Appearance-a dinosaur, with black marks and his red. the belly is white with a hazard symbol. its eyes are yellow,

Attacks: pyro sphere, meteor slash

1/15/2010 #36

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Appearance(Picture or Description):

Place of Birth:Tokyo

Personality:Withdrawn but brave and loyal

Bio(Up to 2 sentences at least): Ran away from home at age 1o, join a group who captured digimon for their own use(dele squad). He originally had no digimon partner but after the squad found rymon Thomas with some help took rymon and escape to the real world(reason later)

Favorite Quote(s):

Occupation(Elementary or Primary/Middle/High School or Job): Early High School no real job but has skill like hacking, hot wiring etc..

Digivice Color:black and red

Digimon Deck Style(What is it manly compose of? Power-ups? Weapons? Etc.): powerups

Digimon: Rymon


Digimon Sign-Up

Digimon(At Rookie Level):Rymon

Appearance(Image or Description):

Attacks:(so far) Sparks(send out birgtly color sparks out of his mouth )

Rookie to Mega

Digimon(At Champion):Lieymon

Appearance(Image or Description):

Attacks:Sonic Slash(rapid spins like a torpedo and then whips his wings out) Emosion wing(sends out a paralyzing beam from a gem on his chest), Hyper Bite(goes to bite and a larger version of his mouth made of puruplesish red energy hit you)

Digimon(At Ultimate):Unidramon

Appearance(Image or Description):

Attacks:Hyper Cannon,(multiple blasts of energy, Sonic Wing Blast(large swing of energy formed form his wings)

Digimon(At Mega):Meckadramon

Appearance(Image or Description):

Attacks:Dicycline (Strong winds cause by energy being released), Uni-Sa Blast (large energy blast)

Dihyper slam(creates and energy copy of it self and it slams you)

Digimon(At past mega/primal form ):Prastoricmon

Appearance(Image or Description):

Attacks:Echpric cannon(large cannon from back gold parts) Preymic blast(sends huge blast out of mouth)

(i getting pictures uploaded soon)

9/26/2010 #37

Name: Alex Bakex

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance(Picture or Description):

Place of Birth: New York, America (Dad moved to Japan for job.)

Personality: Easy going and fun, but has a protective side as well, especially when it comes to his sister. But it isn't a complete Sister complex.

Bio(Up to 2 sentences at least): He lived in America till he was four. His sister was one. When they moved to Japan they were happy until Digimon messed up their lives. Now they still live in their old house, but their parents are gone, missing, gone in the dead of night. Alex hates digimon, but Jennifer thinks they're cute and doesn't listen when bad things are said about them.

Favorite Quote(s):

Occupation(Elementary or Primary/Middle/High School or Job): High School. Senior year.

Digivice Color: Red and black striped.

Digimon Deck Style(What is it manly compose of? Power-ups? Weapons? Etc.): None, he doesn't play the card game.

Digimon(If you don't have one yet or can't think of one at the moment, than put Empty): Empty for now.


Name: Jennifer Bakex

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Appearance(Picture or Description):

Place of Birth: New York, America

Personality: Happy and unable to think that anything should be hated for something that it has no control over.

Bio(Up to 2 sentences at least): Same as above.

Favorite Quote(s): Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get.

Occupation(Elementary or Primary/Middle/High School or Job): Middle School. 8th grade.

Digivice Color: Black and Purple striped.

Digimon Deck Style(What is it manly compose of? Power-ups? Weapons? Etc.): None, she doesn't play the game.

Digimon(If you don't have one yet or can't think of one at the moment, than put Empty): Empty for now.

10/11/2010 #38

I'm getting in on this, if it's ok.

Name: James Conner

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance(Picture or Description): Redhead, green eyed kid normally wearing cargo pants no matter the weather and a green striped long sleeve shirt, and tennis shoes.

Place of Birth: America, specifically Washington.

Personality: An ok guy, tends to jump into things and take risks. Relatively friendly unless you insult something he likes or does.

Bio(Up to 2 sentences at least): From America and met his digimon through a bioemerge at Microsoft.

Favorite Quote(s): Pending.

Occupation(Elementary or Primary/Middle/High School or Job): Highschool dropout, yes highschool at 14, guy's smart. Now a hacker.

Digivice Color: Blue w/ urban camo trimming.

Digimon Deck Style(What is it manly compose of? Power-ups? Weapons? Etc.): Mainly those to do with the Metal Empire.

Digimon(If you don't have one yet or can't think of one at the moment, than put Empty): Commandramon AKA Cam.


Digimon Sign-Up

Digimon(At Rookie Level or In-Training): Commandramon, Rookie.

Appearance(Image or Description):

Attacks: M16 Assassin, DCD Bomb, Strike Claw.


Digimon: Sealsdramon, Champion.


Attacks: Death Behind, Scouter Monoeye.


Digimon: Tankdramon, Ultimate.


Attacks: Striver Cannon, Blast Gatling.


Digimon: Darkdramon, Mega.


Attacks: Gigastick Lance, Terrible Gaze, Dark Roar.

10/14/2010 #39

*This place still alive?*

2/26/2011 #40

Not really.

2/27/2011 #41

Fffffff, Susnages.

Well I'm going to hijack it and bring it to life. Care to join me?

2/27/2011 #42

Yes I would.

2/27/2011 #43

Give me a little bit and I'll work something out.

2/27/2011 #44

Name: Dr. Ludwig Karl Smith

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Appearance: A healthy young man of German decent. He has long black hair that's cut off at the sides and goes down to his neck at the back. Dr.Ludwig wears a pair of circle rim glasses due to his farsightedness. Even when not in his office as a doctor, he is always dressed in the standard white lab coat, jeans, a simple white under. His eyes are a Dark, dark brown nearly black

Place of Birth: Munich, Germany

Personality: Dr. Ludwig always has a smile on his face weather he's happy or angry. He seems to have a natural confidence to him that's so extreme it's difficult to actually notice. Dr. Ludwig acts like he's always one step ahead of everyone, rarely being caught by surprise

Bio: Dr. Ludwig's past is shadowy and filled with large gaps, as if someone had removed them on purpose. Records collected tell that Ludwig was born to a German couple, one was a computer science specialist and the other was a famous doctor. Shortly after his birth, both him and his parents dropped off the map. Years later, when Ludwig was 18 he attended a medical college and soon became the head of his class, showing an incredibly presten knowledge in many medical fields. After becoming a fully fledged doctor he dropped off the map once again and reappeared in Japan, opening a small Doctors office in the city.

Despite being incredibly talented in the field of medicine, it was stated by Ludwig's associates that he had a almost unnatural way with computers and there programming, although this is based solely on the witnesses opinion, not evidence has been collected to support this.

Favorite Quote(s):

"Never fear, Smith is here"

"Oh, the pain, the pain."

Occupation: Doctor


Name: Terry Satou

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Appearance: A 4,5 snark machine. While Terry is short, he packs more sarcasm and energy then any regular human being should. He has medium length light brown hair that runs rather wild on the sides of his head, covering his ears. His eyes are a strong steel blue. Terry is usually dressed in a short sleeved, light green T-shirt and white shorts. He has a pair of black and green sneakers that he's worn since he was little.

Place of Birth: Japan,

Personality: Terry is basically snarky, sarcastic, hyper and overall laid back. He's a fun loving kid who loves to run his mouth.

Bio: Terry was born to a workaholic mother and a mother over run with her family. He has four brothers, all older than him and four sisters, all younger. As a result of being out of the house so much, he met with Guile and they soon became best friends.

Terry has been known to be a slacker at school, but not a bad student.

Unlike many of his other siblings, Terry is prone to getting sick. Nothing life threatening *At least not yet his parents say* but he constantly has to take medication and vitamins to stay well.

Favorite Quote(s):


"Not a Problem"

Occupation: 7th Grader


Name: Guil Tanaka

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Appearance: Guil is quiet large for a 12 year old. He stands 5,6, missing his right arm due to an accident a year prior. Guil has light green eyes, almost appearing a sickly yellow. He has messy, unkempt black hair that sticks out so much it appears longer then it really is.

He wears a red and white hooded short sleeved shirt with a pair of red short along with a black belt *the pants are baggy on him*. The right sleeve of the hooded shirt is swen shut, do to the absence of a right arm. Guil has a pair of old, battered black and white sneakers that are tight on his feet, despite there large size.

Place of Birth: Japan

Personality: Guil is a kind, curious and sometimes flat out Naïve giant of a boy. While he is a little goofy and quiet quirky, he does have a bad temper towards those who tease or agitate him.

Bio: Guil was abandon at birth by his parents. He was sent to live at his grandparents home, where he's lived since his early days. His grandparents, despite having their daughter's mistake of abandoning her child, loved Guil to death.

Everything was rather normal for Guil. Despite his massive growth rate, he was a day dreaming goofy kid. When he was ten, he was hit by a car and had to have his right arm amputated. Due to the expense of prosthetic arms, Guil went without one and learned to do everything with his left hand and arm only.

Despite the accident, Guil still remained his happy, goofy self. A year later, on his eleventh birthday he met Terry and they quickly became friends, despite the height difference.

Favorite Quote(s):

"What's for dinner?"

"What does that mean?"

Occupation: 7th Grader


Name: Rena Itou

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Appearance: Rena stands an average height for a girl her age, but her posture and her usual appearance show someone more mature then there body is. Her hair is long, straight and blond, reaching the middle of her back, be warned, make a blond joke and face the consequences.

Her eyes are a light blue, strong and penetrating. Rena wears a simple yellow short sleeved t-shirt, a pair of jeans and some nice yellow and white running shoes. After being severely injured, Rena has to wear braces on both of her legs to walk.

Place of Birth: Japan

Personality: Rena is a silent, mature and self controlled individual, who also has a short fuse…

Bio: Rena's name is derived from Renard, a French boys name. Her father insisted on something not Japanese, which offended her mother.

She was born to a father and mother like everyone else. Unlike everyone else though, her father was having an affair with her mother, while he was still married.

Rena's father is Rika's farther, who left Rika when she was young to be with his other wife. Unfortunately Rena's mother had an affair with another man and even took Rena to see him. Being young, she did not grasp the situation and merely found the man agreeable.

When she discovered her mother was pregnant with the man's child she realized what she had done and became hateful and disgusted, refusing to leave her father.

The last thing she said to her mother was "I never want to see you again!" and that so far has been true.

After that Rena and her guilt ridden farther were left alone. Her father was a martial arts teacher and made proper income to keep them both supported. Angered at herself and her naivety, Rena strived to become more mature and took up martial arts with her father as well as track running.

She was disliked at school because of her intelligence and 'stick in the mud' attitude. When she was ten, she was struck by a car and her legs were severely injured. After that she required braces on both of her legs to walk.

Becoming distant and angry, her father and her rarely spoke and only recently began speaking to one another as she transferred to the same all girls school Rika attends…

Favorite Quote(s):


"What is it?"

Occupation: 7th Grader

2/27/2011 #45

Mine's the same with these additions.

James' Favorite Quotes: "Dammit Cam!" & "You'll get fatter than my uncle."

Commandramon's Favorite Quotes: "Ohhh! *Insert food here*." & "What?"

2/27/2011 #46

Can you handle any Canon characters?

I call Dibs on Rika though.

2/27/2011 #47

I can do any of them. I watched the entire series twice.

2/27/2011 #48

Could you handle Henry and Takato please?

I just created a brand spanking new RP Topic here. Beyond the Bounds.

Let us begin...

2/27/2011 #49

Throw in their mons and you have a deal.

2/27/2011 #50

Deal then.

2/27/2011 #51
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