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Kingdom Lightz

This is part one of the Yu-Gi-Oh! x Kamen Rider Universe, this time it's the original Yugioh Duel Monsters in Kamen Rider Double. Yugi will be a bit Halfboiled like Shoutarou and more like himself.

Since he did it, the Title: The Double Word Search

In the ecologically minded Fuuto, dubbed the Windy City, people normally live in peace; these moments are easily shattered by the flood of monsters. Dopants, humans drugged and turned into monsters by memories within the earth stored within USB flashdrives called Gaiamemories, regularly attack and wreck havoc.

To stop these monsters Fuuto may have to call upon a hero...or two.

8/29/2012 #1

How it starts is a bit of a tragedy as a young man found himself floating in a pyramid and facing a man with a white Fedora and a younger one with tri-colored hair.

The latter he recognizes from earlier, but stories can be overlooked as soon as others' begin.

And this one started with a bang...or rather...an explosion.

(Okay...would Yugi have Delusion Diaries? I'm...actually interested to see how they'd turn out. Especially since one of them had Ryu Terui as the HOUSEWIFE...and Weather Dopant as the father.)

8/29/2012 . Edited 8/29/2012 #2
Kingdom Lightz

(Delusion Diaries huh? All of them?)

The older person in the fedora approaches the pyramid and places his hand on the glass. This starts an experience between the two, but once again this is a story that can be overlooked until later.

He brings him to the tri color youngster, saying, "Let's go."

But as they make their escape, a helicopter outside can be heard. Several other agents arrive as well, firing at the three. The hat guy stands before the bullets, taking them to the back. "Boss!"

The man falls to the ground; the ground bursts open as a female monster with no legs flies up. At that moment he places his scarred fedora on top of the person's head, and falls dead.

8/29/2012 . Edited 8/29/2012 #3

However, during the attack, the young man from the prism looked at the case they were carrying after taking cover, but when he did, he held it up.

"We can get out of here," he said, "but you're going to have to trust me on this."

He then opened the case.

"What you managed to obtain involves specialized Gaia Memories and a way to harness them into the driver, which requires two insertions...but you're going to need someone who knows the way out...I just have to ask...do you have the courage to ride with the devil?"

At this point, the choices were try out this thing and make it out alive, or foolishly get in the way of gunfire and whatever that red flying thing is, attacking them.

8/29/2012 . Edited 8/29/2012 #4
Kingdom Lightz

The other guy looks to him, and nods. He takes the driver and places it on his waist, which forms on the other guy too. He then grabs the black USB drive amongst the six colorful ones. The other guy does so as well, taking the green one, and together they insert their memories. This blocks any attacks coming to them, and standing in their place is a masked man shadowed by the darkness.

He turns to the windows outside, and a fierce wind blows that destroys the glass. It also causes the structure around them to come apart, and the copter to crash into the building.

One Year Later...

A year has passed since the events of that night; a young girl with blond hair walks over to a billiard building, noticing the name Valentine Detective Agency. As she stares at the sign, a Honda cycle rolls on by and stops in front of the building. "Can I help you ma'am?"

"Do you live here?" asks the woman.

"Of course; this is my home as well as my workplace; fitting for a hardboiled man such as myself," says the star haired boy as he leads her inside. "You got a case?"

"Actually, I do." The guy grabs a cup of coffee and drinks it, as the woman hands him a couple of papers. "I'm evicting you."

He makes a spit take. "Eh?!"

8/29/2012 #5

Let's just say it's been one heck of a day.

8/29/2012 #6
Kingdom Lightz

"So, you're Sugoroku Valentine's daughter?!" asks the hat wearing detective as he looks to her. She nods, and he looks away depressed. "Well, about the old man..."

Suddenly there's another knock on the door. The boy heads for it and opens up, revealing a girl lovelier than Mai. "Ah, Yugi?"

"...Miho?" The girl enters and tells him the situation.

"Togawa Yousuke...you want me to find him?" Yugi asks looking over a photo of Miho and her boyfriend.

Miho nods, saying, "Please do so. He's been gone for over a week now!"

"Understood...this city is my garden," says Yugi to Miho before he picks up a hat designed by Windscale.

Yugi then heads out, looking for Yousuke. Asking people around he comes up with nothing. "Yugi Mutou; I am a private detective. This city contains a little bit of happiness, and a lot of sorrow; such is the wind. My friend Miho stopping by to ask a request to find her disappeared boyfriend is surely a drop of wind hitting me."

"Why are you talking to yourself?!" Mai comes up and takes out a slipper, smacking him hard on the head with it. "So, how do you know he disappeared?"

"...Well, it looks like the layoffs and restructuring of his company is the cause-Wait! Why are you following me?!"

"Because I'll be judging you soon; I have the rights!" Mai holds out the papers, bringing Yugi down.

That's when they hear sirens going off nearby. Down a tunnel police have gathered by a fire, where Yugi and Mai sneak in.

8/29/2012 #7

However, it looked...well...like there was a volcano there. Although the lava doesn't look it, it was more...footsteps than anything.

8/29/2012 #8
Kingdom Lightz

Yugi walks up and passes by the cops, coming up to an officer with black hair. But that's when a guy with tall hair approaches him. "Hey! No stepping in you fake dick!"

"Get lost Tris!" Yugi pushes the guy away and approaches the higher commanding officer. "So, what's up Duke?"

"Your nose is sharp." Duke points to the remains of a melted building as Yugi takes pictures. "That's the fourth floor. It could only have happened if the steel frame in the foundation was melted...in others..."

In unison they say, "Dopant."

"No pants?" asks Mai.

"Yup. Since last week this is the third incident." He then sneaks Yugi an envelope. "Let me know if you got anything."

After leaving the scene Yugi looks over the pictures. "So, these were branches of the company Togawa was working in...I was looking for a friend's boyfriend, and it turns out to be related to a Dopant case...I can only imagine what could be going on..."

Mai hits him again. "Come on, answer me! What's a Dopant?"

His phone rings at that moment.

8/29/2012 #9

"Yugi, you're at the crime scene?" was what a voice on the other side asked him.

8/29/2012 #10
Kingdom Lightz

"Yeah, what's the word Philip?" asks the tri color hair detective.


8/29/2012 #11

The young man, however, was looking something up.

"What did the Crime Scene look like?" he asked the man. "Because if it's like our first mission together, it might have a couple similarities to that one."

8/29/2012 #12
Kingdom Lightz

"I've already sent Bat to give you the photos. Tell me when it comes." As if on cue, the Bat camera flies towards the young man. "I'm sure you can describe it better than me."

8/29/2012 #13

"Parts of it looks like there's an underground volcano," Phillip said, "but that's not a possibility. Also, they're styled like footprints."

8/29/2012 #14
Kingdom Lightz

"Footprints? Volcano?" Yugi pushes a threatening Mai away, and looks to the tunnel, where a glowing red figure stands. "Oh, nevermind. The Dopant is here with us."

"Eh?" Mai looks to the tunnel, gasping when she sees the monster.

8/29/2012 #15

"Make sure not to get burned," was what Phillip replied.

8/29/2012 #16
Kingdom Lightz

"Shut up!" Yugi hangs up, and the Dopant flares up. He grabs Mai just as it fires a ball of magma, searing into the ground as well. As it walks away, Yugi and Mai descend on his wristwatch grappling hook.

"What the hell's wrong with this city?!" Mai shouts as they plop.

"There you go. Now that you know the danger you wanna leave?" Instead of words, she answers him by jumping off and running back to the agency.

Later that evening at a mansion a lady with weird hair walks inside, heading towards a dining room where two others sit. "The late would be tardy if you were in my company."

(Would you like to control Wakana too?)

8/29/2012 #17

(Not really...)

A cat was seen walking into the area.

(But can I go as Mick?)

8/29/2012 #18
Kingdom Lightz

(Eh, sure.)

The girl tsks and walks around the long table. "There was a traffic jam, and on our dinner party too..."

"Cities melt and people die...such is the nature of this city, cause of our line of work," says the old man at the front end of the table. He places a bowl of cat food down for the cat.

"That was Magma...who sold it?" asks the younger lady

"I hear someone has been selling well recently."

"That reminds me, father." The older woman holds up a Gaia Memory. "Taboo!" She inserts it into a driver on her waist, turning into the monster from a year ago. "I've found someone I'd like to marry."

He then laughs.


Back at the agency, an angry Mai begins packing up all of Yugi's stuff. "That jerk...I'm definitely evicting him..."

She stops however hearing something behind a door. "Eh?" Mai opens the door and walks inside, where she finds a garage of sorts. Writing on white boards is a feminine male, the same as the one who was with Yugi and Mai's father a year ago. She then asks, "Excuse me, who are you?"

8/29/2012 #19

The cat had eaten the food, almost hoping he could finish it.

(with the young man...)

"Several hits on volcanoes, but most of them involve islands," he muttered. "Also, plate tectonics, which change this country."

8/29/2012 #20
Kingdom Lightz

"Excuse me, are you Philip?" asks Mai as she approaches the man. "The partner of that wannabe star headed detective?"

8/29/2012 #21

"Can't talk right now," was what Phillip replied. "Researching the properties of Magma."

He wasn't trying to be mean. It was advice considering the research he was doing on the Dopant, because what happened next with her was surprising.

8/29/2012 . Edited 8/29/2012 #22
Kingdom Lightz

Mai sighs before facepalming herself. "Another weirdo. First that star haired detective, now his friend... I still don't know what a Dopant is, yet everyone here finds it common knowledge, like takoyaki."

That catches his attention.

Later that evening Yugi comes in the agency and enters in the back.

8/29/2012 #23

"Takoyaki?" Phillip asked her. "I don't know much about that...I have to look it up."

THAT caught Yugi's attention.

8/29/2012 #24
Kingdom Lightz

"Eh?" Yugi watches as Philip starts researching Takotaki. "Philip?"

8/29/2012 #25

"Every city has their own brand," Phillip said. "And the varieties...I have to try some out later...didn't think Octopi would be eaten like that."

8/29/2012 #26
Kingdom Lightz

Yugi turns to Mai, shouting, "Look what you did!"

"What did I do?!"

"You got him distracted! Now I can't get Philip to focus on the Dopant case!"

"There it is again, Dopant!" While Philip works on takoyaki Yugi goes on to explain.

On a screen Yugi shows a Gaia Memory. "This is a Gaiamemory; some guys are going around distributing them out to people. They use the memories to transform into Dopants, monsters with superhuman powers...We'd solve it by now but Philip's distracted!"

8/29/2012 #27

As he continued to write, he had finished his research in a couple minutes.

"Finished the research on Takoyaki," he said. "Then again, wonder if we can get some."

8/29/2012 #28
Kingdom Lightz

Yugi gives out a sigh and says, "Good. Head back to the planet bookshelf."

8/29/2012 #29

"It's Gaia Library," Phillip replied, going there.

8/29/2012 #30
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