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Kingdom Lightz

Buso Renkin: The Nightmare Syndicate

An AU Buso Renkin RP by Ten Commandments


- No god-modding.

- No Mary Sues or Gary Stus.

- No cyber-bullying or flaming each other.

- No bunnying (taking control of another person's character constantly without permission).

- No killing off other people's characters without permission.

- Every role-player can make a maximum of 3 O.C. characters.


100 years ago humans have tried to utilize the power of alchemy to turn copper into gold and become immortal beings; all but two attempts of alchemy have failed in their years of progress. These are the Homunculus and the Kakugane. The Homunculus, an attempt to make life, are artificial lifeforms created from mechanical larva implanted with DNA that attach to humans. They transform the entire body structure and make them immortal machine-like lifeforms. This leaves the side effect of them craving human flesh in the process as a result of wanting to be human.

The Kakugane, an attempt to make the Philosopher's Stone, are a series of Hexagon shaped devices that transform into weapons appropriate to human instincts. Outside of their weapon form they can be used to recover energy and bring a deceased person to life by insertion. Ranging from lances that release energy to an ax that can control gravity, the Kakugane can become one of many of these weapons; these weapons are called the Buso Renkin. There are three types of Kakugane: the normal grey, the deadly black and the opposite white. The normal grey ones are labeled from IX and up. However Kakuganes I, II and III are Black, and are much stronger. But, when a Black one is used to revive a person they go through a Victor state; in this form they gain glowing green hair, red eyes and darker skin, are capable of flight and have an ability called Energy Drain. This drain lets them sap a person's energy straight from their bodies, capable of killing them; it's a bodily function similar to breathing so it can't be stopped unless the Victor is killed. There are three stages: stage 1 users can switch from human to Victors by will, stage 2 are permanently stuck as monsters, and stage three are darker toned, have a stronger energy drain and can create bodies from the used out flesh the drain kills. The opposite White ones are the only weapons capable to standing up to the Black Victors. It has the power to negate the black's properties and restore them to their human state.

To counter the Homunculus threat a secret organization called Royal Hearts has been formed after the first recorded attack in America. They manage to defeat the monsters, and set up divisions all over the world to counter any attack they might throw. One such human named Victor ends up dying in battle and used Black Kakugane I to revive. But after becoming a monster the Royal Hearts were forced to kill him, until Victor's wife developed the first White Kakugane to save his life. Taking Kakugane models I-III they hide them in three corners of the globe.

But in modern times a traitor named Sparda becomes a Homunculus and steals model number 2 before using it to reverse engineer Black models -I, -II and -III. The Royal Hearts, having suffered from that attack and lost numbers, they begin looking for recruits to face this traitor's new group, the Nightmare Syndicate. With this group creating hordes of Homonculus to cause havoc in the shadows, the alchemist warriors prepare for their next big move, designing more White Kakugane to face his opposition. At the same time they also have to keep this a secret from the public.

O.C. Sheets

Name: (Self explanatory)

Age: (Same as above)

Appearance: (Just a general description of your character)

Species: (Human or Homunculus. If the latter describe which; humanoid, animal or plant)

Bio: (A general description of the character's history, how they came to join, and anything that comes to mind.)

Buso Renkin: (Include what the weapon looks like, what model number it is, and what are its abilities)

Other: (Etc stuff that you feel is important)

9/9/2012 #1
Hikari Ino

Name: Kisa Izan

Age: 16

Appearance: red hair, emerald green eyes, normally seen in a black shirt with a alicorn on the front, a pair of jeans under a checkered skirt and slip on tennis shoes around her neck is a gold locket


Bio: Kisa was a young girl in japan had a good lif up til she turned 13 when a Homunculus killed her family and killed her as she protected her brother she woke up in a hospital bed saying her parents were dead and her brother had been kidnapped. she had been saved by a young man named Darien who was bpart of the royal heart telling her that if she wanted to save her brother she's could come with him to america and joined the royals Kisa is actually one of the best currently and is a teacher for newbies

Buso Renkin: Kisa weapon is Buso Renkin LV sword of the Alicorn a sword the handle is grey while the blade is white while it is a powerful weapon able to cut through homunculus it han actually heal humans when they are touched by it

Other: beside working for the royal hearts Kisa is also a singer by the name of Celeste known world wide and uses it as a cover when hunting

9/9/2012 . Edited 9/10/2012 #2
Kingdom Lightz

Hikari: Pretty good. I just need the number it is and that's it. There's about 100, C, models made.

9/10/2012 #3
Hikari Ino

alright how about 55 that sound ok?

9/10/2012 #4
Kingdom Lightz

Sure thing. Now we just need several others.

Name: "Yamato" Kenshin W. Yuuki

Age: 17

Appearance: He's a red haired ectomorphic teenager with blue eyes and light skin. His hair is slicked back most of the time, but when it gets wet it tends to flop over his face. Yamato has a blue jacket and a black undershirt, with matching pants and sneakers.

Species: Human

Bio: It was a year ago; Kenshin started his first year at a new high school. He met and befriended plenty of people there, including the students. It would seem he would be fine, but that's when it happened; he meets a girl named Maya and fell for her, and eventually he gained the guts to ask her out. But the night of their date he gets kidnapped and locked in the school; there he discovers that the teachers and the girl he liked are Homunculus who captured, killed and ate every other student in the building. He was about to be the last, but then a team took action and saved him. She escapes and bids him fair well. Traumatized and shocked beyond belief, the warriors take him in and put Kenshin through rehabilitation.

Once he recovered he decides to become a warrior, where he receives Kakugane VII and is trained by the same group. With his weapon and training under his belt, he is assigned to a new school to prevent the same events from repeating themselves.

Buso Renkin: Buso Renkin VII, Rainbow Yamato is his weapon. It takes the form of an iaitou katana; the handle is wrapped in white with a golden dragon guard, the blade is seven feet in length and has a limbless dragon flying to the end. It comes with a black scabbard. Not only is it fast and tempered hard enough to cut through most objects, it has the ability to absorb and copy some abilities of other Buso Renkin; each ability is stored in the sheath as one of the seven colors of the rainbow, and changes color when one's being used, red to blue and green to violet for example. This only works when the sword sheathed in the scabbard receives the attack of another weapon. Each ability can be washed away by water.

Other: Kenshin has started being cold and selfish after he revived from the incident. His thoughts are still on revenge upon Maya for what she did to him and his friends. He's also remained determined to befriend no one, until this Homunculus threat has ended.

9/10/2012 #5
Hikari Ino

I like it

9/10/2012 #6

Name: Zachary Charles "Zchazz" Dalevalle

Age: 45

Appearance: A tall, well-muscled man with graying, black hair, green eyes, a brown duster coat over a bare chest, black cargo pants, and combat boots. Chest is heavily tattoo'd.

Species: Human

Bio: Zachary Charles, or "Zchazz" as he's often called, was born the son of the head of a Mafia family. His family has had a hand in the criminal underground for generations. He naturally picked up some of the tools of the trade, but left when he wound up killing the family of his first girlfriend because her father borrowed money and refused to pay them back. He fled to Japan, where he wound up on the mean-streets and had to fight for his survival. He then wound up in a fist-fight with a Homunculus and barely escaped with his life. He was then discovered by a group of warriors, who took him in after he passed out from the fight. They're currently having him rebuild his body and begin fighting from a physical standpoint.

Buso Renkin: His weapon is Buso Renkin XXI, the Leaden Storm. It takes the form of a Thompson 1930 submachine gun (the traditional Mafia firearm). It can fire up to 1000 rounds per minute with a 100-round barrel magazine. It not only fires bullets, but can also shoot a different form of element, depending on what color the drum magazine turns into. Its colors are red (fire), blue (ice), yellow (lightning), green (wind), and purple (energy).

Other: His attitude is pretty much a combination of these two tropes: and He also has a snub-nosed revolver in one of his boots and multiple knives hidden in his duster coat.

9/10/2012 #7
Kingdom Lightz

Hey thanks for joining. Now we need just one more to begin.

9/10/2012 #8
Hikari Ino

wow nice TL-san

9/10/2012 #9

Thanks, guys!

9/11/2012 #10
Kingdom Lightz

Well, it seems this is going under. Since no one has posted any extra profiles I'll be putting a close to this. Look forward to my next project.

9/19/2012 #11
Digimon Tamer Kiva

It's more on the fact that barely anyone doesn't even know about Busou Renkin and trying to force people to watch it wouldn't help this.

Remember to ask if they know a series for a RP that you want to make before making it.

9/19/2012 #12
Kingdom Lightz

Kiva: Well that's the thing; I didn't tell anyone to watch it, just read the description for the only pieces of information that was necessary.

Although, if that's not enough then I'll use a series people know about next time...

9/19/2012 #13
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