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cappie/ there any better pair? nope. i luv so many pairs in different shows, but this is the best pairing ever.
9/14/2007 #1
Alexa Twitch
I dunno. I actually like Evan and I feel bad for him. Casey too. It's Rebecca that I don't like. So Evan/Casey is alright with me but Casey/Caappie is better. I also like Rusty/JenK and Calvin/whoever he was dating, can't remember the name.
10/2/2007 #2
yeah. i like rusty/jen k too. I felt so bad for them in the end. and the guy calvin was dating was so hott! lol. i luv together them too. I dont remember his name either.
10/2/2007 #3
Yup pretty much the same only i don't know how okay i would be if Cappie wasn't with Casey in the end. I mean Evan and Casey yea sure they're cute together but I can't not have my Casey/Cappie love for much longer. I mean if Cappie isn't with Casie who else is he going to be with Rebecca Logan. Can we say No Way In Hell. So in short Cappie needs to be with Casey.
10/2/2007 #4
Definately. I think everyone wants that. if for different reasons. its just like the writers did the most AH-MAZING job of writing the characters and the show to make you fall in love with cappie and in turn want him to be happy with casey.
10/2/2007 #5
casey and cappie totally need to get together hence the name. i will freak if they dont get together. im serious they r just so good together and i agree that they did an awesome job writing this, but THEY NEED TO GET CASEY AND CAPPIE TOGETHER ALREADY!
11/2/2007 #6
Lol. We all know that they'll be together in the end. Or at least, they better be, hence the picture. lol. And their awesome job writing it wouldnt be as awesome if there wasnt that evan barrier for cappie and casey to overcome. Like, the show wouldnt be as awesome without the "forbiddenness" of their relationship, so while I of course want them to be together, I like how it is in the show, but am ready for their coupleness next season as long as rebecca logan doesnt screw it up. XD
11/2/2007 #7
[u] [h] [b]CASEY/CAPPIE!!![/b] [/h] [/u]
12/31/2007 #8
12/31/2007 #9
Don't think I've come here often. I'd say Casey/Cappie and Rusty/Jen.
1/2/2008 #10
Machine Gun
Of course [b]Cappie/Casey[/b] ! No need to think. Mee too I feel bad for Evan... But go Cappie ! :p
2/17/2008 #11
I felt bad for him in the beginning, but I dont think I do anymore. idk. the show comes back in march, so we'll see!
2/17/2008 #12

To break this to you, I find that Heath/Calvin, is a really great paring. I mean, just think abvout it, not many people know they're gay, they're in faternities *Or Calvin was/will go back to Omega*... It shows more drama and indifferences in this world that Cappie/Casey or Evan/Casey will ever show. Yes, Casey's a girl that needs to get her life straightened out, but she's not a guy hiding half her life, I mean Calvin's dad only just learned he's gay, Heath tried to tell Cappie and them, and they thought he was a joke...

If you think about it the Casey drama is so one sided to only a girl's Point Of View, it's grown quite blan.

4/1/2008 #13

Honestly, I love that pairing too. I don't think Cappie thought it was a joke, though. I'm pretty sure that it was his way of showing Heath that nothing was going to change by him telling them that. And casey's drama is getting a bit old, thats why she needs cappie.

4/1/2008 #14

I don't think she needs Cappie, nor Evan, I think she's stuck in an obsession. She needs a new guy. Or a hobby, because dear lord nothings filling the void for her. If she gets back together with Cappie or Evan, that would just be like history repeating itself, resulting in a double backfire in the end.

4/1/2008 #15

Thats true. I just love her with Cappie. I think he balances the boredom and Zeta Beta nut she can be.

4/1/2008 #16

Cappie/Casey is definitely the best couple ever!...But I just know the writers are going to play the Ross/Rachel angle for the majority of the show; the chemistry between the two of them is just so intense that it brings a lot of viewers just to see if they'll end up together, and as much as I hate to admit it...much like Ross and Rachel I don't think the writers will ever keep them together for too long because the drama is that good. It's their curse that they're too good together :(

Calvin/Heath is also a great pairing, as was Jen/Rusty until her whole betrayal debacle. And as much as I absolutely hate to say it, I think Rebecca will eventually end up sleeping with poor Rusty at some point...I mean she's already screwed two out of the three most important men in Casey's life...why not make the set complete? Evan and Rebecca or Frannie deserve each other, either girl would be way more his style then Casey was.

On a side note: I really hope Beaver and Ashleigh get respective others this season as they're both awesome and need some lovin'

4/21/2008 #17



4/29/2008 #18


Seriously obessed with that pairing, lol.

Anyway other pairings I like (canon & noncanon): Heath/Calvin, Calvin/Michael, Rusty/Jen K, Evan/Frannie, Rebecca/Rusty, and Rusty/Tina. And I think thats it...

9/3/2008 #19

CASEY AND CAPPIE! I love them, they balance each other out, cappie makes casey be more herself and free and casey makes cappie more then just a party guy. They complete each other and without each other they aren't quite right.

9/18/2008 . Edited 9/18/2008 #20
Alexa Twitch

Casey and Max. No question, totally, all the way. Talk about the perfect pair.

9/19/2008 #21

Micheal but he broke up with in last night ep

10/15/2008 #22

no I think she is better off w/ Cappie

10/15/2008 #23
Alexa Twitch

Calvin and Health are good but I like Michael and Calvin too. But no more Casey/Cappie for me. Casey/MAX!

10/15/2008 #24

ui think they make a cute couple

10/22/2008 #25

Am I like the only one who likes Evan&Casey together? I mean, when he's with her, he's really sweet and he really loves her. She makes him a better guy and I love seeing them together. I also like Cappie&Casey, but I love Evan&Casey.I think Cappie is too immature for Casey. We've seen in the past that they don't do well together. While the way Casey and Evan got together was very cute, you know, in the 'freshman daze' episode with the ball. Cappie didn't appreciate Casey back then and Evan did.


1/4/2009 #26

Appearently I'm the only who likes Cappie with Rebecca. I just think they're the most adorable couple on the show. Given, I kind of hate Casey, she's way too whiney/b*** and expects everything to go her way, and when something doesn't she throws a fit. Plus, she's just got way too many guys. One girl can't possibly need that many hot guys. Just pick one for god's sake.

But, I find her least annoying with Max.

3/30/2009 #27
That's a no brainer.Cappie and Casey!Duh! :) I love them together.And they need to get together soon!Did anybody see the preview for next weeks episode?Cappie and Casey finally have a good scene together!Maybe it will lead to them getting back together. :) I admit,I did love Casey and Evan together in season one but that quickly changed in the episode where Cappie and Casey write that paper together.Since then I've been a proud Caspie shipper!
5/21/2009 #28

Definitely Casey and Cappie!! I mean they're just amazing...I also quite like Casey and Evan, but Casey and Cappie just make sense. They're just perfect for each other and I think it's no coincidence that Casey always goes to Cappie when she's in trouble. I also love Rusty and Jordan! They're just so adorable together especially in their art history class!

6/21/2009 #29

I totally agree with you !! Cappie and Rebecca are GREAT together. They are definitely my favorite.

I hate that most of the stories revolve around Casey when there are many other interesting couples and characters.

I love Jen / Rusty , Evan / Casey , Frannie / Anyone. Max can do better than Casey.

10/29/2009 #30
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