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I 4 2 write
I grew up on the Basil Rathbone version of Holmes, but I've recently been watching the Ron Howard version from the 1950's. Anybody else ever watched it? Just wanted to see what others think of it.
7/28/2007 #1
I think I have the entire series. I think that Ronald Howard as Sherlock Holmes is REALLY cute!
8/18/2007 #2
I've got the whole version on DVD! And I love it! I think it's a perfect, G-rated, no worries kind of show. I'd not ever be afraid to show it to children, unlike a few of the Granada shows. It strikes me as being a very lighthearted but honest attempt to keep the spirit of the Canon and make it more humorous than Doyle actually was. Marion Crawford's Watson was adorable, loyal, and SO SO funny. But you knew he'd be there in a pinch for Howard's impulsive Holmes. And besides, Ronald Howard was unbelievably CUTE! I'm so glad to find somebody else that loves that series! KCS
1/31/2008 #3
Saru Wolfe
Ronald Howard was extremely, boyishly cute. Even if his singing makes me wince. I have the whole thing, too. It's great. Obviously, it's not really canon, and Ronald Howard had a very friendly, spunky interpretation of Holmes, but it's still great. You're right, KCS, it's a lighthearted, fun show. I love it. ~Saru Wolfe
2/18/2008 #4
I've only seen ONE episode--it came free with a Dollar DVD of Rathbone's Terror by Night. I thought it was good in ways and bad in ways--though I'm not going to pass any judgement since I've only seen one. The spirit of it really reminded me of The Andy Griffith Show--and I am not saying that because the actor's name is Ronald Howard. xD
3/15/2008 #5
Yes, it had the atmosphere of a comedy but still retained the SH flavor - really very amusing if you are wanting a relaxing Sherlockian entertainment. I personally love them - have the whole set on DVD.
3/15/2008 #6

KCS said it for me.

It's worth checking out and watching for fun. I picked up the entire series for a great price. Any Sherlockian would enjoy it, I think. And there were some really good episodes, like "The Christmas Pudding."

9/9/2010 #7
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