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These posts make me laugh. =)

Hmm. Well, I used to have a whole ton of followers for my two Max Ride stories that I have going on now, and now no one wants to read them. Like, at all. It's terrible. I'm hurt. =(

They need love!

dancedancedance whoo! don't ask, just felt like it.

12/1/2009 #241

Hey, Angel here!

Natalie said she's discontinuing Why unless she gets five reviews on chapter two!

She seriously hasn't even WRITTEN chapter 3, or else I'd log in as her and post it... again...

She probably has it on some password protected folder somewhere, but I haven't found it, so just, PLEASE REVIEW!! ):


- }Angel{

4/17/2010 #242

I want Multi-Shipper's story about Iggy that I can't remember the name of reviewed. :D

4/25/2010 #243


Just posted a new oneshot ~


It's where : A nutritious snack, courtesy of Igmund, turns into a full-out Flock (sans Total) food fight.

As of now, I have zero reviews.


Can you please help me out with that (ZERO!) problem?



6/28/2010 #244
Tobi is a good boy

Hey Everyone!!!

I habe just posted a new LOTR yaoi( boy x boy) fanfiction with Glorfindel and Erestor! I would love some reveiws to tell me how to improve, etc. Thanks everyone!

10/31/2010 #245

Hello all! I would like for as many as possible to review my stories, preferably Dragonball Z: Ascension Saga.


P.S. ---Can someone tell me how to get more reviews, pls reply, thanks.

12/30/2010 #246

Hey, could anyone read my story "Liar Liar?" I admit, it's a bit slow at the beginning, but it get a lot better! I would update it faster if I got more reviewers, so I'd really appreciate it if you sent some!

9/8/2011 . Edited 9/8/2011 #247

Not so sure if I really want reviews....THEY'RE ALWAYS WELCOME! :) I just want some good (no flames, please. :)) tips that are helpful. here's the link:

Story is called 'Isa'

11/22/2011 #248

I actually think I saw that before on the list of newly updated stories! :O

11/22/2011 #249

Would someone read and review my story in the Naruto section, 'The Eventide of Heaven and Earth' please?

3/9/2012 #250

So, I was rereading some of the older posts. There is a post on here from '08 in which we talk about how it's amazing that Ipods can connect to the internet now. My God do I feel old!

- Flie

3/22/2012 #251

Oh, can someone read my story Well, This is New and leave a review(proferably(sp?) every chapter), please! And be completely honest about the story, say if you like it or don't like it, say what is good and what's not good, tell me what I need to work on and some other stuff that would do good for the story! :D

8/25/2012 #252

Can someone please review my story, "A Different War". Links here:


1/13/2013 #254

I would like the next generation reviewed please

6/13/2013 #255

All of my stories could use some reviews!

Not sure if this thread is still active, but if anyone is reading this feel free to review a few of my stories and then PM me.

I'll in turn review a few of yours. Everybody wins :)

Final Fantasy VII Fandom

- Deadly Tryst

- Obsession

- Opposites Attract

- Loyalty & Gratitude

- A Love That Transcends Death

Final Fantasy XFandom

- Frigid Heart

Final Fantasy XII Fandom

- The Crown Falls

Sailor MoonFandom

- Till Death

Bates Motel Fandom

- Just Another Crush


- The End of Humanity

7/22/2013 #256

Did this forum die? I can't see any activity?

5/25/2014 #257
A Wish On the Moon

Could someone please critique any of my stories? Thank you. If you want the same courtesy extended towards you, PM me.

Title: breaking down the 'blade

Rating: T

Fandom: Beyblade

Summary: He's the future, and that's all he really can be. Bit-Beasts and Humans. Reflections. 1,051 words.

Pairings: Kai x Takao (implied), Hiromi x Takao (implied)

Extra Notes: A small analysis of the main characters in relation to their Bit-beasts, with a section dedicated to each individual Bladebreaker, be they 'blader or not.

Title: Robin Revolution

Sub-Divisions: Robin Revolution: L O V E, Robin Revolution: W R A T H, Robin Revolution: E N V Y, Robin Revolution: H O P E, Robin Revolution: P R I D E

Rating: M

Fandom: Batman

Summary: It's not that they don't love the old Bat, because they do. A lot. And just maybe a little too much. (They only cause him so much pain in the end.) And so, when the chance presents itself, they embrace it with open arms, wiping out the legacy of Robin long before it can come to fruition. Robin, the Bat, and all the things left unsaid. Multi-chapter.


  • The world isn't what it used to be, and the mistake is no one's fault but his own. And so, the First is forced to fix it by doing the only thing he can: living, lying, dying, and — moving on. (The Court of Owls takes, the Terminator molds, and the Bat will never know what he has lost.) Richard Grayson, from Talon to Apprentice, to the Titans, the Team, and Beyond.

  • He can understand why Dickiebird had done it. Really. But did he have to drag the rest of the Bats along with him?! (Golden Boy shouldn't mess around with the dead; Ra's al Ghul's done it enough, already, and he thinks all of them would like to rest in peace.) The Second Soldier, from Leviathan to the Streets of Gotham, the League of Shadows — the Clan of Bats.

  • He can feel it in his bones, the way the world beneath his feet is shifting, changing — becoming something that isn't how it's supposed to be. (It was like this the last time, too, with the Outsiders lost in the wake of reincarnated Titans.) The Shattering, as witnessed by the Third Veteran. From Isolation to Identity Crisis, to the Cats, the Bats, and the Birds.

  • While the rest of her family brooded in the dark, she's always been able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But, this? It's just too much, too soon. (Tim'd become as impossible as Bruce while she'd been gone, and Cass hadn't left for Hong Kong of her own accord. And, the mess with Damian and Leviathan…) The World they live in, as seen by the Fourth. From Spoiler to Mother, to Sister once again.

  • When Dick Grayson re-wrote history, he did it with the revival of the dead Robin in mind. The funny thing is, Robin was never dead, because Robin never dies. (An assassin, his best friend, and an archer reborn are the only ones who remember the truth.) From the Death, to the Rebirth, to the Reunion, with all the trials of caring for a Tamaranian niece in-between.

Pairings: Bruce x Talia, Bruce x Selina, Bruce x Zatanna (implied), Jack x Harleen, Richard x Barbara, Richard x Helena (implied), Richard x Bette (implied), Richard x Koriand'r, Richard x Raven (implied), Richard x Artemis (implied), Richard x Rose (implied), Richard x Slade (implied), Richard x Selina (implied), Richard x Tarantula, Helena x Kara (implied), Jason x Batman (implied), Jason x Bruce (implied), Jason x Richard (implied), Jason x Talia (implied), Jason x Koriand'r (implied), Jason x Essence, Jason x Stephanie (implied), Tim x Jason (implied), Tim x Stephanie, Tim x Cassandra (implied), Tim x Damian (implied), Stephanie x Alvin (implied), Stephanie x Cassandra (implied), Damian x Colin (implied), Damian x Irey, Damian x Mar'i, Damian x Lian; Wally x Roy x Richard (implied), Wally x Artemis x Richard (implied), Roy x Jade, Roy x Koriand'r (implied), Roy x Oliver (implied), Oliver x Dinah; Jay x Joan, Barry x Iris, Barry x Wally (implied), Wally x Linda, Wally x Artemis, Wally x Shayera (implied), Bart x Carol, Bart x Thad (implied), Irey x Jai (implied); Diana x Steven, Diana x Clark, Diana x Arthur; Clark x Lois, Clark x Diana, Connor x M'gann, etc.

Extra Notes: Note that the pairings will not have very heavy romantic connotations, especially if they're not straight. Rather, akin to the original shounen-ai, there will be heavy undertones of rival UST or bromance. Furthermore, the story is ongoing, so don't expect much in the way of relationships until much, much later. As this is a time-travel fic that takes the idea of the accepted fifth Robin's death and twists it around, expect an AR of events, with a conglomeration of the DC 'verse.

Title: The Legend of the Bat

Rating: M

Fandom: Batman

Summary: There's a legend whispered around the streets of Gotham, of a Man and a Bat, of a murder and a wish, and of the only thing left that could save that dead city from herself. (His clan lives on.). The future of Gotham, through the eyes of the survivors. Introspection.

Pairings: Bruce x Talia, Bruce x Selina, Bruce x Zatanna (implied), Jack x Harleen, Richard x Barbara, Richard x Helena (implied), Richard x Bette (implied), Richard x Koriand'r, Richard x Rose (implied), Richard x Slade (implied), Jason x Batman (implied), Jason x Bruce (implied), Jason x Richard (implied), Jason x Talia (implied), Tim x Jason (implied), Tim x Stephanie, Tim x Cassandra (implied), Tim x Damian (implied), Stephanie x Cassandra (implied), Damian x Irey, Damian x Mar'i.

Extra Notes: This was a challenge I made for myself — build the legend, years after the fact, and relate it through an impossible, but reliable, narrator.

Title: of birds and symbolic rebirths

Rating: M

Fandom: Code Geass

Summary: But, in the end, to keep this peace, they themselves can never rest. Long live the King. C.C., Suzaku, and Lelouch; Introspection. 442 words.

Pairings: Suzaku x C.C. X Lelouch (implied)

Extra Notes: This is a descriptive analogy to myths. I've been told it's confusing, so any suggestions on how to wean out the jumble would be helpful.

Title: One, Two

Rating: T

Fandom: Danny Phantom

Summary: Ever since you could remember, you've always felt as if you're half of a whole, only a part of yourself. Your friends, the only ones you've ever really had, can fill up that emptiness, but not always. Fenton, Phantom, Sam. Drabble. 611 words.

Pairings: Fenton x Phantom (implied), Fenton x Sam x Phantom

Extra Notes: Somehow, I feel as if this could be deeper, longer, more introspective. Help, please, with constructive criticism.

Title: Distance

Rating: T

Fandom: Digimon

Summary: Sometimes people wear personalities in order to veil their insecurities. At other times, they are more fragile than glass. But with the passage of time, she can't help but think that her loyalty will mean nothing in the end. Digimon Tamers. Introspection. 739 words.

Pairings: Renamon x Ruki (implied)

Extra Notes: Ah, the good old days. This was an exploration of the facets of Ruki, and her relationship with her fighter, the fox monster. Any suggestions?

Title: Dude, It's My Totally Crash Clone!

Rating: M

Fandom: Flash x Young Justice

Summary: The future needs to be saved… from itself. Really. (There's so much wrong with there being two Barts, especially if one is as irredeemable a sociopath as they say he is. Luckily, — or, unfortunately, if you think about it — Imp's there to smother him with kindness!) This can't end well for anyone involved. Young Justice, Young Justice, and Inertia. Multi-Chapter Adventure.

Pairings: Bruce x Talia, Bruce x Selina, Jack x Harleen, Richard x Barbara, Richard x Helena (implied), Richard x Bette (implied), Richard x Koriand'r, Richard x Zatanna (implied), Richard x Raven (implied), Richard x Artemis (implied), Richard x Rose (implied), Richard x Slade (implied), Richard x Selina (implied), Richard x Tarantula, Helena x Kara (implied), Jason x Batman (implied), Jason x Bruce (implied), Jason x Richard (implied), Jason x Talia (implied), Jason x Koriand'r (implied), Jason x Essence, Jason x Stephanie (implied), Tim x Jason (implied), Tim x Stephanie, Tim x Cassandra (implied), Tim x Damian (implied), Stephanie x Alvin (implied), Stephanie x Cassandra (implied), Damian x Colin (implied), Damian x Irey, Damian x Mar'i; Wally x Roy x Richard (implied), Wally x Artemis x Richard (implied), Roy x Jade, Roy x Koriand'r (implied), Roy x Oliver (implied), Oliver x Dinah; Jay x Joan, Barry x Iris, Barry x Wally (implied), Wally x Linda (implied), Wally x Artemis, Wally x Shayera (implied), Bart x Carol, Bart x Thad (implied), Irey x Jai (implied); Diana x Steven, Diana x Clark, Diana x Arthur; Clark x Lois, Clark x Diana, Connor x M'gann, etc.

Extra Notes: I need help continuing this mess. It's crack, so go ahead and suggest events for future chapters. (And, depending on the response, I may bring in more future characters.). I would like to add this to the other Flash x YJ fic I have but the tone's too ridiculous to even think about it.

Title: Future Speed, Double Force

Rating: M

Fandom: Flash x Young Justice

Summary: The future is not as great as everyone thinks it is, and Bart's not willing to let things be. He's survived hundreds of timelines, but each one ends with someone dying, and he's not sure how much longer he can pretend. There's still the matter of Thad to deal with, and it's getting to be too much. (Sometimes, he has to wonder if the Speed Force really just hates its speedsters.)

Pairings: Bart x Thad (implied), Bart x Carol (implied), Richard x Barbara (implied), Wally x Artemis (implied), Richard x Zatanna (implied), Richard x Artemis (implied), Connor x M'gann, etc.

Extra Notes: This, my friends, is what happens when you read through Inertia and Impulse's backstory online, and then proceed to obsess over the clone. And then read rare fanfic about him. And hen re-watch Bart's introduction to the team, and realize that his character is so much deeper than everyone else thinks. Yikes.

Title: the tears behind the monster's mask

Rating: M

Fandom: Thor x Avengers

Summary: ("… If I watch long enough, will I become just like them?..."). The trickster god has always had his reasons, birthed from the insecurities and love he has always held close. Is it so strange, then, that he's fallen, for nothing more than to let the Sun rise? Tales of Asgard, Thor, and The Avengers (2012). Time-Travel. Introspection. Multi-Chapter.

Pairings: Loki x Amora, Loki x Thor, Loki x Angrboda, Loki x Sigyn

Extra Notes: When you watch Tales of Asgard and Thor and Avengers, and then read the Norse myths, and then find good fic about these things combined, you get Loki feels. And a need to make creepy fic that darkens everything. Again.

Title: mercy, agony, destiny

Rating: M

Fandom: Danny Phantom

Summary: He laughingly tells her that her voice is like a siren's song, sweet and alluring, even if she herself isn't so simple sugar, spice, and everything nice. Amethyst Ocean, Pitch Pearl, Pompous Pep, Gray Ghost. 25-Sentence Challenge. 980 words.

Pairings: Fenton x Phantom (implied), Fenton x Sam x Phantom (implied), Phantom x Valerie x Fenton (implied), Fenton x Vlad x Phantom (implied)

Extra Notes: A series of sentences based on themes.

Title: Reality and Deception

Rating: M

Fandom: Death Note

Summary: To sleep, perchance to dream. However, to dream is to delude one's self, to accept deception over the truth. Yet, to dream is also to remember, and, in the end, all they ever wanted was acceptance of their pasts, of their existences. Still, they dance. L, BB, and the Kira Task Force. AU, pre-Death of L. Multi-Chapter.

Pairings: BB x L (implied), Light x L (implied), Light x Kiyomi (implied), Light x Misa, Sayu x Mello (implied), Sayu x Near (implied), Matsuda x Light (implied), Matsuda x Sayu (implied), Mello x Near (implied), Matt x Mello

Extra Notes: Reading Another Note only makes you wish Beyond had more screen-time in the show. This is my solution, after he escapes and before Light kills L. The result is a wild goose chase, more distrust of L, kidnappings, fire bombings, the inclusion of the Whammy boys and Linda, and a greater role for Misa and Kiyomi — who, like Miho and Awase in Bakuman, are treated as worthless throughout, though by Kira rather than by Matt and Mello's supposed lovechild Shujin.

Title: danger, deception, disregard

Rating: M

Fandom: Durarara!!/デュラララ!!

Summary: You can't ever escape the shackles of your past. The past, it eats away at you, guilt and pain and sadness, until eventually it rules you, and becomes your God. But what if your God falls? What's left, then, Kida Masaomi? Who is your God? Saki, Kida, Izaya. Drabble. 557 words.

Pairings: Kida x Izaya (implied), Kida x Saki, Saki x Izaya (implied), Mikado x Anri, Aoba x Mikado (implied), Namie x Seiji (implied), Izaya x Namie (implied), Mikado x Kida x Anri (implied), Erika x Walker (implied), Shizuo x Celty (implied), Shinra x Celty, Seiji x Mika

Extra Notes: A series of one-shots that I'll later combine into a greater work detailing how, exactly, Kida ends up back with the information broker we know and love — even if he is a magnificent monster. Might later cross over with Harry Potter, and show how truly fallible Izaya can be. (This incorporates aspects of the light novels and anime, such as Izaya's stabbing, Kida and Saki running away, Shizuo's Dullahan blood). I just need help figuring out why the HP world will need Izaya, and plan for him to be a double agent, against the Ministry and its obiliviations and against Voldemort and his destruction of humanity.

Title: Repentance

Rating: M

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist

Summary: On genocide and anarchy, and everything in-between. Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, & Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa. 2,190 words.

Pairings: Elricest (implied), Roy x Riza (implied)

Extra Notes: When the angst is not enough, make more! Combines both anime, the movie, and the manga and games, along with hints about the future.

Title: time spun by toy soldiers

Rating: M

Fandom: Hetalia: Axis Powers

Summary: The history of Italia is not as weak as it appears. Most of the world has forgotten, but enough remember. The other countries dare not test the brothers, just as the global superpowers dare not test each other. History as seen through the eyes of Man — the hopes, the glories, and the deaths in-between.

Pairings: Veneziano x Romano (implied), Prussia x Hungary (implied), England x Native America, Germania x Britannia (implied), America x Canada (implied), America x Vietnam (implied), Ukraine x Russia x Belarus (implied), Canada x Ukraine (implied), Australia x Seychelles (implied), Saudi Arabia x Pakistan (implied), America x Belarus (implied), South Korea x China x North Korea (implied), France x Jeanne d' Arc (implied), England x Queen Elizabeth (implied), Spain x Belgium (implied), Spain x Queen Isabella (implied), Germany x Prussia (implied), Germany x Veneziano (implied), Germania x Roma Antiqua (implied), etc.

Extra Notes: My own, personal challenge: A retelling of history through the personifications and their implications. Pick two countries, and I'll have them interact; if you want a specific historical event, provide information of it in a review.

Title: teddy bear ghosts and baseball bats

Rating: M

Fandom: Higurashi/Umineko series

Summary: Perhaps he was just as crazy as him. Keiichi and Satoshi. Ghost. Introspection. 231 words.

Pairings: Keiichi x Satoshi (implied)

Extra Notes: When the humor is boring, the horror is frightening, and you need more reasons to mess Keiichi up. It feels choppy, so any suggestions on how to fix it?

Title: Absence in Fulfillment

Rating: T

Fandom: Naruto

Summary: In which where there is, there also isn't, and where there isn't, there is. SasuHina. Drabble; 559 words. Naruto.

Pairings: Naruto x Sakura x Sasuke x Hinata x Naruto

Extra Notes: Long story short, this is about the solution to the pairing dilemma, what the villagers thought and expected, and what has happened. After Sasuke returns to the village.

Title: Desert Wind

Rating: T

Fandom: Naruto

Summary: Sometimes, she hears whispers of things that have been and will be, though she has no proof. At other times, however, she can hear nothing but the howls of the wind. The desert may speak, but she cannot always hear. And there, she believes, lay the problem. Naruto. 723 words.

Pairings: None.

Extra Notes: An introspection into Temari. It's too short, so any help in making it longer would be appreciated.

Title: FADE

Rating: M

Fandom: Naruto

Summary: After a war gone horribly wrong, the Savior has fallen and all but Sakura have accepted his death. When the medic refuses to let go, her power revives the beast rather than her comrade. And in exchange for her aid, the girl receives oblivion… KyuubixSakura. Dark. Implied Character Death. Naruto. 1,208 words.

Pairings: Sakura x Naruto (implied), Kyuubi x Sakura, Sasuke x Hinata (implied), Sasuke x Naruto (implied)

Extra Notes: I like Sakura now, I hate her sometimes, and I don't know what to think of Naruto's affections for her. All in all, though, there will be more angst when both of them die, and Kyuubi became good way too easily. So, the solution? Have him do something irreparable — because he can — and kill the poor girl. This should satisfy his urge to dominate, and Naruto obsession with her. If I didn't think it would be too cliché, Sasuke would have been next. Anyways, the same choppy prose here. Any help? Also, read, read, read!

Title: l a n g u a g e o f f l o w e r s

Rating: M

Fandom: Naruto

Summary: The first time he meets her, it's with his best friend. Friendship. Worth beyond beauty. Secret love and joy. I love you. ChoIno. Introspection. 1,793 words.

Pairings: Chouji x Ino, Sakura x Naruto, Sasuke x Hinata (implied), Shikamaru x Temari, Ino x Neji (implied)

Extra Notes: My try at flowers, symbolism, love, and the mess that is human emotion.

Title: b l a c k f r o s t

Rating: T

Fandom: Rise of the Guardians

Summary: After all, fear would have kept you, him— they — alive. Jack Frost. Pitch Black. Introspection. 465 words.

Pairings: Jack x Pitch (implied)

Extra Notes: Drowning is traumatizing, people! The movie wrote it off as something good, but that just doesn't happen. Also, fear is important, good — especially for children and teens. It enforces the law and keeps people in check. Fun destroys that. Also, people can have fun and dream, but that won't stop reality from beating its hooves at your door. This is pure venting, through the character that has the most depth in the entire thing and probably understands more than he should.

Title: Supernatural Gallivanting

Rating: M

Fandom: Supernatural

Summary: Ruby is taking a break from her duties to get drunk and have some fun. Along the way, she picks up a stray, who she proceeds to drag, beat up, and murder. And all in good fun. Castiel wonders, the Winchesters give up, and Gabriel is furious. Sort of. Not really. Ruby and Collin. Request fic by 'lollixlolli'.

Pairings: None, Sam x Dean (implied)

Extra Notes: A request from lollixlolli to have a certain short OC be found, beaten up, and ultimately squished beneath a shoe and killed.

Title: Falling Awake

Rating: M

Fandom: World Ends With You

Summary: Sometimes, he remembers what it was like to be human, and he can't stand it. Because then, sometimes, he regrets his weaknesses. He hates them. He hates himself. Sometimes, he regrets ever being born. Joshua, Neku. Post-Game. Multi-Chapter.

Pairings: Joshua x Neku (implied), Beat x Rhyme (implied),

Extra Notes: Why are there so many plot-holes, and what happens next? This is the answer.

Title: difference of opinion

Rating: T

Fandom: Xiaolin Showdown

Summary: All his life he's never fit in. Jack Spicer. Introspection. 585 words.

Pairings: Jack x Wuya (implied)

Extra Notes: An introspection into a character everyone writes off as stupid, and ultimately ignores.

Title: and there're answers to find, the emptiness inside…

Rating: T

Fandom: Young Justice

Summary: For Jade Nguyen, love has always been built on hate. Cheshire. Introspection.

Pairings: Roy x Jade (implied)

Extra Notes: Jade, and her relationships with her families.

Title: Balance

Rating: M

Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Summary: With the Spirit gone, and all the boy knew left to decay, the difference between normalcy and agony cannot be discerned. Freedom requires shackles in order to be savored. Without them, he cannot live. What is there then left to do, but to seek imprisonment once more? Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Pairings: Ryou x Bakura (implied)

Extra Notes: Repeat after me. Ryou. Has. Stockholm. Syndrome. He's so apathetic to what happens to him at times that it's scary. So long as he has his Ring, everything's fine. So, at happens when the victim no longer has his abuser to tell him what to do? Psychologically, he'll go back to him — no matter what the cost.

Title: Return Full Circle

Rating: M

Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Summary: For the young boy, life had died the day Amane and his mother had, and it had not been reborn until he had received the Sennen Ring. But, just like that time, the Spirit had disappeared, and the boy had died once more. With the passage of time, the wound is aggravated further and further, and the loneliness is too much to take. What, then, will return him to life? Bakura. Drabble.

Pairings: Ryou x Bakura (implied)

Extra Notes: Same concept as before. Only, this time, Ryou chooses death over living without any real companionship. After all, Yugi and his friends abandoned the albino shortly after the Pharaoh re-awakened his memories.

8/7/2014 . Edited 8/7/2014 #258

It would be wondeful if I could just get some more reviews on this, I'm trying to get the ball rolling and make this a more popular fic. It has really fast updates, too.


Rating: T

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Summary: How everyone found out the big secret. Now a multi-chapter story about the heroes and their adorable oddities. (Annabeth-OCD, Tyson-too innocent for his own good, Will-extrovert, and many more to come!)

Pairings: A little bit of everything, the chapters are not related

Some of my other stuff is pretty good too, if you're into PJO or Harry Potter slash

12/13/2014 #259

*raises hand* I'd like a review for my fic ''Ignis Aurum Probat'', thank you in advance! _

3/10/2015 #260
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