The 13 gods
What do you think about the THIRTEEN GODS of Okami?
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Like what the title says: Where would you want to go if you had a chance to explore Nippon in life? I pick Kamui because I LOVE the cold weather there! And it would be awesome to be able to learn how to transform into one of them wolf guys...un?
10/20/2007 #1
Moon Lily91
oh yeah Kamui would be awesome! but i would like ot go to the Dragon Palace and find out how Otohime turns into a dragon. Wolf or dragon? don't know which to choose...T_T
10/22/2007 #2
Maybe you could go to both? Well...Kamui's waaayyy in the North, Dragon Palace is someshere in the's a long travel but hey, learn how to use the Mermaid Spring! Isn't it that Otohime used the Dragon Orb thing? Then do some sorta prayer...and whachop, dragon
10/23/2007 #3
Moon Lily91
the dragon palace is waaayyy to the south and you are right about using the mermaid spring. Otohime does pray to the orb then she turns into a dragon. best to go to the dragon palace first, use the mermaid spring there, and go to kamui. its full proof!
10/23/2007 #4
hmmm kamui would be good X3 but i think i would stay in shinshu feild ^^
11/3/2007 #5
I would want to go to the Capital I thought it was a nice area...And maybe I'd sun myself on the beach too ^_^
11/23/2007 #6
I'd pick Kusa village and Taka Pass. I looove the wind... yay horsey gods, canine warriors, Sasa Sanctuary... um, ignoring Mr. and Mrs. Cutter, though I guess they went poof, so that's alright. :P On second thought, however, I might pick Oni Island... >:3
3/1/2008 #7
Oni Island's fulla evil. I kinda feel for Tobi. You know, the slip of paper that raced Ammy in the castle? He did well so he's on my list of good guys.
3/2/2008 #8
I love Tobi. That last scene with him was one of the saddest parts of the game in my book. I like Oni Island for the games, and their amazing signs. Sliding Doors of... what was it again? Eh, I'll learn soon enough, I'm almost there. About to run across Otohime's back.
3/2/2008 #9

i think tobi was such a sad slip o paper, i'd like to go to... celestial plains!!!

3/30/2008 #10


6/7/2008 #11

I think they went overboard with Issun... like Ammy wouldn't find her way through a couple of hallways... and I'd go to Kamui...

8/14/2008 #12

I don't know about you guys but I'm going to PONC'TAN!

And Sei-an City along with Sasa Sanctuary. Then I'll try to find EVERY SINGLE STRAY BEAD. ((Which I already did, STRING OF BEADS FTW))

And maybe I'll visit Kamui and learn how to transform into a wolf.

And finally, I'll steal Abe's mask.

2/9/2010 #13

Definately the forest. Augh, name memorization fail. Have not played in a while. The place where you first meet Waka. Here's hoping I see him again. Waka's my favorite. ^^

10/13/2010 #14
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