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I'm pretty certain we used to have a topic here about this, until the great thread purge. Anyway, how does this idea of tickling Marty's feet sound to you?

The basic idea is, you want Marty to be as comfortable as possible - other than the tickling of his feet, of course. Thus, it's best to eschew the handcuffs - and make him all comfortable and relaxed. The only discomfort he should feel is the tickling of his soles.

1. First, have Marty fast for 24 hours. That way, when he's restrained, he won't ever have to go to the bathroom. Just give him enough water to not be so unbearably thirsty - but not have to pee, in a few hours.

2. Next, have Marty put on some fleece pants and a fleece top.

3. Then wrap him up in a fleece blanket, quite snugly. Make sure the blanket had some holes in it - so that you can thread some yarn through it. The way, the blanket will not roll off of him.

4. Put him in a small cell, and make sure there is no clock in the room.

5. Make sure there's a hole in the wall, as to fit some stocks into it - being certain to fasten it.

6. About six inches above the stocks, make sure there is a dual-usage pane - one that functions as a mirror on Marty's side, and a window on the other side.

7. Place him on a twin-sized bed, covered with a fleece sheet - and contains a pillow covered with a fleece pillow case.

8. After that, wrap a huge fleece blanket over him - and, under the bed, thread some yarn though the holes. Make sure the blanket is quite snug around him.

9. Make sure some of the fleece fabric of covering his ankles, and securing his feet through the stocks.

10. Make sure there is a coated nail by Marty's toes. Tie a piece of yarn over the nail. Loop the nail three times, loop Marty's two big toes together three times, loop the nail three more times, and then tie a knot. This will ensure that Marty cannot wiggle his feet.

11. Keep the cell at a temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This way, Marty doesn't get so sweaty - being covered by all the fleece.

12. Keep him that way for 48 hours. Give him small sips of water, every now and then. Play his favourite music at a moderate volume.

13. Now, on the other side, you can have lots of fun tickling Marty's feet - using a variety of tickling tools. Through the dual-pane - which is a window on your side - you can watch him laugh and laugh, as you mercilessly tickle his soles. Keep the intervals to, at least, ten minutes. As the dual-pane is a mirror on his side, he has no idea when he'll be subjected to another tickle torture session.

14. Give him ample time to sleep, of course. Make the breaks between sessions at least 15 minutes. The only time the soles of his feet should ever be touched, is when they're being tickled.

15. For the grand finale, grab the tickling tool that tickles the most on his feet - and tickle his feet for two full hours. Don't give him any breaks, not for even a second. How's that sound?

4/28/2011 . Edited 4/28/2011 #1
Phish Tacko

I'd push him down onto the floor or a trampoline or something so that he's lying on his stomach, sit on him, grab his foot, and tickle away.

4/28/2011 #2

Do you think he should be comfortable first? So that the only discomfort he feels is his feet being tickled?

4/28/2011 #3
Phish Tacko

I'd just grab him and tickle. 'Cause I'm a butthead.

5/14/2011 #4

Bumping topic! :)

1/7/2012 #5
Phish Tacko

Goodie, this topic hasn't totally disappeared yet!

1/10/2012 #6
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