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It's not just limited to parents. This also extends to step-parents, foster parents, and other legal guardians.


Parent: No!

Me: Why?

Parent: Because I said so!

Me: Why do you say so?

Parent: Don't argue with me!

11/22/2011 #1
Phish Tacko

I hate when my parents say that! I also hate it when I get in trouble for being right.

11/22/2011 #2

I also get in trouble for being right.

11/22/2011 #3
Phish Tacko

And my parents tend to not answer the questions I ask, so I have to ask like 50 times before they answer.

11/22/2011 #4

"I'm the parent! I can do whatever the hell I want!"

"I'll start treating you like an adult when you start acting like one." (I now know that my mom is always going to treat me like a kid no matter how old I act.)

"I'm not trying to be mean, but..."

"Could you do me a small favor?" (They're never small!)

11/22/2011 #5
Phish Tacko

I hate those lines! Finally, something we agree on!

11/22/2011 #6

Do your parents sometimes expect you to be like everyone else, when you don't want to me - but when you do want to be like everyone else, your parents won't let you?

11/22/2011 #7
Phish Tacko

Sometimes. Not too often. But then, since my family is the 'weird' family on the block anyway...

11/22/2011 #8

Yes, I hate that. Of course, I don't want to be like everyone else. I just want to be allowed the same things as everyone else.

11/22/2011 #9
Phish Tacko

There are times where I wish I wasn't so weird, 'cause then it would be easier for me to make friends. But at the same time, my weirdness is what sets me apart from everyone else.

11/22/2011 #10
Mrs. Steve Jobs

I guess I always felt like I was adopted or something really strange happened when I was born because I'm not like the other members of my family (both sides) or my parents.

I always had a passion for creative endeavours and technology, not to mention I have exceptionally high intelligence, drive, and ambition. Also, I've always had a bit of a hippie side, (going vegan, interested in LSD, weed, etc) too and my parents are conservative.

Honestly, deep down I think my parents have figured I'm going to turn out pretty different from everyone else in the family.

11/22/2011 #11
Phish Tacko

Why would you be interested in drugs? That's just such a foreign concept to me that I can't begin to understand it.

11/22/2011 #12

I think it's pretty amazing how the more harmless drugs are the illegal ones.

11/22/2011 #13
Phish Tacko


Freebird, did you even take health class when you were a kid?

11/22/2011 #14

I did. The teachers are misinformed by saying that weed is deadly.

11/22/2011 . Edited 11/22/2011 #15
Phish Tacko

HA! And I suppose you're going to tell me that I'm misinformed too. Because you know I absolutely LOVE being talked down to so haughtily by someone who went to college and won't get off his high fucking horse.

11/22/2011 #16

Let's get back on topic.

"Do you understand me?" (It's even more annoying that you have to say yes, even if you don't. Otherwise, there will be hell to pay.)

11/22/2011 #17
Phish Tacko

Is that it? Seriously? Why, I'm disappointed in you, Freebird!

11/22/2011 #18

I don't feel like arguing. It's not getting anywhere. Let's just agree to disagree.

11/22/2011 #19
Phish Tacko

But you always argue with me, regardless. It's like a tradition, dude.

11/22/2011 #20
Mrs. Steve Jobs

Honestly, I would say about 95% of the counter drugs are worse for your body than pot or LSD and much better for you than drinking alcohol. As far as drugs go, I've only been interested in psychedelics and the interest has gone pretty far back, when I heard about LSD at 10 or 11 years old, I immediately wanted to try it. As for pot, it's an all natural thing and it's not bad for you at all. Neither is LSD provided you don't take "trips" all the time. They are something that definitely need to be tried as they are difficult to understand otherwise. Sadly, I have yet to try LSD but I will one day.

But anyways, as to why I'm interested? I just been naturally drawn to those things.

11/22/2011 . Edited 11/22/2011 #21
Phish Tacko

I don't plan to ever do drugs. Not weed, not LSD, not cocaine, nothing. I plan on staying away from alcohol, too.

11/22/2011 #22
Mrs. Steve Jobs

Ha, well, I don't endorse cocaine nor will I ever try that one.

But whatever choice you make in regards to anything like alcohol or weed, make sure it's your own choice and not due to society or parents.

11/22/2011 #23

Using the word "abnormal" to mean bad, wrong, or incorrect.

11/23/2011 #24

I've never tried LSD either. It's really hard to find.

I have tried pot on three separate occasions. I never got high from it. I understand that it's highly unlikely to get high your first time. I also understand that it takes some people more tries than others. I am on medication so it's possible that the medication I take cancels out the effects of marijuana.

11/23/2011 #25
Phish Tacko

Why the fuck does everyone around me insist on wanting to take drugs?! Doesn't anybody else realize the risks involved?! Damn! I feel like I'm the only one on this planet who never plans on drug or alcohol use!

11/23/2011 . Edited 11/23/2011 #26
Phish Tacko

I don't want to live on this planet anymore. It's like everything I say falls on deaf ears.

11/23/2011 . Edited 11/23/2011 #27

If you don't want to do drugs, that's fine. No one is forcing you to.

Weed is only illegal because chemical, textile, and paper companies don't want to compete with hemp so they made up some bullshit stories about it. It also didn't help that people associated marijuana use with blacks and Mexicans, which was considered to be a good enough reason to ban it back in the 1930s.

11/23/2011 #28

"If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?" (I would like to at least be allowed to)

11/23/2011 #29

I definitely heard that one before, Freebird87! That is an annoying thing for a parent to say.

11/23/2011 #30
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