Uzumaki Naruto and Nii Yugito
Forum name says it all that needs to be said. Plus just a place to talk about Naruto and other things as well... And Killing... And an RP to.
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Van the Rogue Soul Drinker

Ok everyone I've thought about remaking the RP that Zagger started a while back and now thought of a way to do it. it will be similar to a legacy or D&D campain and I stress simialr as this will be on it's own. the basic format is the for character develpoment is the same as Zagger gave out the first time for those of you who forgot here it is. but also here is my added changes to it.





Sexuality: (straight, bi, homosexual)

Class: (Ninja, Samuria, Bandit etc.)






Bloodline(if any):

Status (the starting level of them have to equal to nine. 1 is averge but adding all of them have to equal nine for for starting characters and grow as they level up.)








(Exp will be given for fights, achivements, and other odd jobs given by me or Zagger (if he agrees to it) who will act as GM if I'm not here)

There are some rules though first off if you give your self a blood line it has to be from the Naruto world, also the stroy for how your character has it has to be beliveable. like if you got the dead bone pulse bloodline who did they survive the masscare? that kind of stuff. also since this is an AU you can choose anyside or make your own group (again a believeable story no half assing) the min is four members. Also the stauts stuff is so we don't spend half of the time trying to out do eachother. Same reason for listing your Tech. but if you wish to learn more ingame send me the details and I'll tell you how long or the outcome of it based on your stauts. I'll check back next week on friday and see what you guys do or who joins it. If you have any questions send me a message

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