Favorite and least favorite on Charmed
Tell me who is your favorite charmed one,favorite guest star, favorite couple, favorite demon, least favorite charmed one,least favorite couple, least favorite guest star, least favorite demon, and any favorites and least favorites you can think of.
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I liked Prue and Andy because they had great chemistry and love. I loved Piper and Leo because they are a match made in heaven (literally) I loved Paige and Kyle because they looked cute together I liked Phoebe and Drake cause he made her laugh and he made her happy
12/19/2005 #1
My favorites in no certain order are: Prue/Bane because i don't know i just like them. Piper/Leo because they're just so perfect together. Paige/Kyle because they were so cute together and i think they were definately soul mates though that might just be me. Phoebe/Cole because they were just so good together. Phoebe/Drake because they were just really good together. i wish he didn't have to die :( oh well fics can change that. so yeah those are mine.
12/20/2005 #2
Triptych Fond
first, i'd have to go with Prue/Andy, then Piper/Leo, then Prue/Jack, then Prue/Bane, then Prue/Brendan, then, well Piper is destined to only be with one person, and Phoebe, well, Phoebe is just so fun to watch when she's not in a relationship.
12/20/2005 #3
prue/andy- they were so perfect for each other and didn't realize until he was already dead! *tear* prue/Jack- they were just fun to watch they didn't really belong together but they were amusing enough prue/bane- they had amazing chemistry. it was really great to watch. piper/leo- they belong together. i hate that they killed him! phoebe/cole-again they belonged together. their first couple episodes were the best though. their internal struggles were just so interesting to watch paige/kyle- he was the first person i can honestly say that i liked her with. they had great chemistry & a great story line. if only he had stayed...
12/21/2005 #4
Phoebe/Cole - These two were and are made for each other. They're perfect together Piper/Leo - same as above Chris/Bianca - The chemistry between those two was marvellous But I don't think Paipe had the best one yet. I didn't like Kyle and Richard was kinda dull as well
12/21/2005 #5
Cole/Phoebe they belong to each other. They are sooul mates and their chemistry rocked and their relationship was queit passionate unlike any man Phoebe ever had. Prue/Andy Piper/Leo Paige/Kyle I personally believe Kyle and Paige's relationship was going somewhere until he became so obessed and the stupid writers turned him into a whitelighter though I never understood why they couldn't b together.
12/21/2005 #6
Prue/Andy all the way Piper/Leo always, they always come back to each other no matter what. Phoebe/Cole they were together againist the odds. Phoebe/Drake they just look so good together. Paige/Kyle now there is a match made in heaven. both whitelighters
12/24/2005 #7
Piper/Leo they are just made for each other. Phoebe/Cole Okay, I know he's evil and she good but they still are great together. Prue/Andy I hate how they killed there Characters. and Prue was a Charmed One, She should have become a whitelighter I dont like Paige and I didnt like any of her boyfriends because I didnt trust Kyle and how could she like him after he shot her with a tranquilizer gun. And Richard was kinda dumb.
12/26/2005 #8
hey kyle only shot paige to protect her. at least i think so. i don't really remember that eposide. kind of blurry in my mind, but i'm pretty sure it was to protect her.
1/2/2006 . Edited 1/2/2006 #9
Pheobe/Cole of course-in my opinion one of the greatest romances so of course it was going to have a tragic ending. Think of every huge, passionate relationship-they all end badly. It's how they are when they're together that matters of course it would have been great if they had stayed together and had a couple of little Pheobe and Cole's running around. Pheobe/Drake-me and demons. I came to the decision that if she couldn't be with Cole, then Drake was the next best thing. Sweet, and he made her happy, and saved her because of Cole. I got really mad at myself for liking him after Cole had died but then I found out they had been working together and I just really loved him even more Pheobe/Dex-Last resort. He was sweet and I was hoping they would have a kid but, no... Quite honestly, they were the only guys I liked on Charmed at all and I really don't see myself liking any other guys Pheobe's with-Stupid writers killed off all the good guys
1/6/2006 #10
Piper and Leo, obviously!
1/20/2006 #11
blissful bina
Cole and Pheobe! They were soo cute together! :)
1/26/2006 #12
Phoebe Turner Halliwell
Phoebe and Cole - my favorite TV couple! the love and passion between them was truly amazing. Piper and Leo - they are just perfectly in love. Prue and Andy - the love that lasted for so many years and lived on 'till the day they died. Paige and Kyle - they looked like they were meant to be.
1/28/2006 #13
I would have to say: Piper/Leo Paige/Glenn Prue/Andy Phoebe/Not sure
2/1/2006 #14
mary Halliwell
Phoebe and Cole are soul mates they were the best coulple on charmed i like Piper and Leo but no couple belong more than Phoebe and Cole
2/8/2006 #15
the following couples are soulmates, thankyou: Piper and Leo Pheobe and Cole Chris and Bianca Paige and Kyle I respect your opinion if you disagree, but I think these are the best couples of Charmed! (Also Prue/Andy, Andy actualy made her remotly interesting!)
2/10/2006 #16
Phoebe Turner Halliwell
I agree with you. The couples u wrote really were the best couples on the show. Though I never thought about ChrisBianca, they really were a nice couple on "Chriss-Chrossed"...
2/18/2006 #17
favourite couples? Mhhh...I definately like Cole/Phoebe and Chris/Bianca(in the show), but...there is as well another couple I adore, it just I don't find any fanfics about them... :( It's Cole and Chris! Yes I know a strange couple and they never met in the series, but I think they would make a really interessting couple, because of their characters and sarcasm. Does anyone know were I could find some stories about them?
2/19/2006 #18
do you mean stories about chris and cole as a couple. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!
2/19/2006 #19
come see my new story
2/27/2006 #20
My favorite couple is definitely Piper and Leo. I liked Prue and Andy more than Prue with anybody else (though Jack was kinda cute). I think I still liked Phoebe with Cole (though Drake is a close second - I hated Jason and Les). As for Paige, I really liked Kyle, they should have kept him aroud... or bring him back! (I didn't mind Richard, but I don't really like Glen).
3/15/2006 #21
Prue and Jack. They were so adorable together and he made Prue laugh. And Jack was cute. Very cute! They were a match made in heaven... they belonged together!! Still do if Prue hadn't died!
5/1/2006 #22
Personally, Paige (who's my most fave of the four sisters) being with Henry is growing on me now, although at first when he first came on and I KNEW that they'd hook up eventually, I was like, "Eeeeyeah...no. You can give him his check and write him out already now" ~_~ LoL Cuz the only other guy I liked for Paige was Glen, and it upset me that he got married to that fugly chick instead. Now, I don't care. LoL But anyway, my main reason for posting was to comment and ask about Phoebe. Personally, I'm extremely annoyed that of COURSE she ends up with freaking "Coop" (which the Elders probably had planned all along, since while it's "illegal" for Cupids to be with any of their "clients," they get married in the series finale ANYway). I wanted JASON to come back and vie for her attention/affection or something. He was the best for her besides Cole (well, of the guys she's been with -- which are like, a billion ~_~ LoL -- and I liked for her); PLUS, he knows she's a witch so that takes care of that. Not to mention that they're both successful and working, so she wouldn't have to worry about finances or to be the sole bread-winner or any of that unwanted nonsense that could make her resent him over the years. LoL I was hoping that after he got over the shock and all that, he'd come back to tell her how much he's missed her and realized (too late) that he was insensitive to how he ditched her, blah blah. But, nooooooooo. She chooses flippin' Coop. ~_~' LoL ANYWAY! The question I had, because I was real curious here (since I missed a few episodes in the past -- although not this season. GOD, no. Then I'd feel "dirty" as a fan to have missed the final season LoL Speaking of, does anyone else think Christy's REALLY freaking annoying/b***? Cripes ~_~): While I understand that the whole tribunal bit stripped Phoebe of her Levitation and Empathy abilities, DID she ever earn them back as they'd stated that she'd have to, one by one? Because seriously, she's gotten REALLY useless by the series's end, and that annoys me because she's my second fave. It's always Piper blowing crap up, or Paige orbing in and out and doing telekinetic orbing, etc. And even the occasional Glamouring here and there, alongside her sensing and newfound healing. But, Phoebe...it's like she might as well stay at home or something, since she doesn't even get at LEAST premonitions much anymore, either. Sorry for the imitation "vent" in your lovely forum. LoL It's just, c'mon now! I'd waited literally for YEARS for her to finally acquire a more active (and BETTER) power than just her premonitions and that stupid levitating, and she finally DOES (I LOVED her powers of Empathy, I swear LoL), and it gets taken away. ~_~' Okay. NOW I'm done. LoL G'day to you all! ^_^
5/7/2006 #23
Piper and Leo - the one love that has lasted through out the years!!
6/22/2006 #24
Now, most of you won't like me for this, but my absolute favorite couple ever is Phoebe and Coop.
1/4/2007 #25
I kinda like Patty and Victor mainly because though they didn't last, they were the foundation for most of the really good episodes like P3H20 and We scream for icecream. Plus I like the fact that they weren't perfect, they had a type of realism that I could relate to. Oh...I also liked Chris and Bianca, but only cause it made a really interesting episode
1/5/2007 #26
I basically like all the end-ups. Piper and Leo: They were just soul mates. They were meant for each other since the beginning. Phoebe and Coop: He's a damn Cupid! He'll ALWAYS treat her perfectly because he knows everything there is to know about love! Paige and Henry: They had something from the very beginning with all the sarcastic remarks they made to each other and how they kinda were friends and THEN went to bf and gf Prue and Andy: I just really liked them because they were highschool sweethearts. Too bad Andy died. Chris and Bianca: They are just too cute. I love them. Sorry for all the people who don't like Coop or Henry, but hello! Paige chose HENRY! Phoebe chose COOP! And you are free for your own opinion, and I'm free for mine.
5/21/2007 #27
[q]While I understand that the whole tribunal bit stripped Phoebe of her Levitation and Empathy abilities, DID she ever earn them back as they'd stated that she'd have to, one by one?[/q] That's something I've been curious about, she definitely got her premonitions back but I don't know about the other two - which is odd, since the premonitions were the power that she was found to have been abusing, so you'd think that'd be the *last* she'd get back rather than the first and possibly only. I wonder if the writers were afraid that they'd given Phoebe too many powers by Season Six - Piper would have had the same two powers since Season Three, and Paige doesn't seem to develop any witch powers apart from telekinesis whereas empathy brought Phoebe up to three powers - and if they sought to remedy that by hitting the reset button and taking them all away. I can see why they needed to take her premonitions out of the equation to account for her not finding out what Gideon was up to through them but they could have gotten away with having the Tribunal just take away premonitions and leave her levitation and empathic abilities. [q]Because seriously, she's gotten REALLY useless by the series's end, and that annoys me because she's my second fave. It's always Piper blowing crap up, or Paige orbing in and out and doing telekinetic orbing, etc. And even the occasional Glamouring here and there, alongside her sensing and newfound healing. But, Phoebe...it's like she might as well stay at home or something, since she doesn't even get at LEAST premonitions much anymore, either.[/q] I don't know if it's just me, but the storylines on the show seem to get kind of out of balance once Wyatt enters the equation; a lot of the storyline centers on him in the sixth season especially and, naturally, his story is one that involved Piper and Leo more than Phoebe and Paige. In Season Seven, the Avatar storyline was more Leo's and Kyle's than any of the sisters' and while I haven't seen all of Season Eight, there seems to be a lot of Billie - they even made her the Ultimate Power! It was like the writers' focus moved away from the Charmed Ones and the Power of Three and I think that all three sisters suffered from it to varying degrees, perhaps more so for both Phoebe and Paige.
6/23/2007 . Edited 6/23/2007 #28
Paige/Henry Piper/Leo Phoebe/Coop Phoebe/Drake Paige/Glenn Prue/Andy Never really liked Cole or Dan
7/11/2007 #29
I like Prue/Andy, of course Piper/Leo, Phoebe/Cole, Phoebe/Jason, Paige/Richard, and Chris/Bianca (yes, I know, a ton of people hated her)
7/11/2007 #30
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