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Leave review requests here. I will review any story as long as I am familiar with the fandom.

Up to date as of 10/12/09.

10/2/2007 . Edited 10/12/2009 #1
Wow, I'm the first! I just stumbled on your review of a Kairi/Riku story in the Kingdom Hearts section, and you seem like a thorough and fair reviewer. :) I was hoping if you'd take a look at my story (also of the KH-fandom) called Thinking of You. That'd be great.
10/28/2007 #2
I've sent you a PM already, but you said that there was a less likely chance that you'll lose it if we post it on here. So, I'm SwishAndFlick31, of the Harry Potter fandom, and do you think you could review my story, "Even After Time"? It's not finished yet, but I'd really appreciate it if you did review it, using your rating system. Thanx, Swishy
10/29/2007 #3
S.R Devaste
I was wondering if you could review my story Their Prisons, it's not finished yet, but a look would be interesting anyways. -S
10/31/2007 #4
Hi, I was interested if you'd review my Never Alone series to see, with your numerical scoring, if my writing has actually improved over the course of my... well... my writing. [s:3803452:Never Alone], Book I (6.25) [s:3814582:Give Yourself Away], Book II (6.5) [s:3834830:Beyond], Book III (6.5) [s:3867421:Apotheosis], Book IV (7.0) Thanks, TML [b]Update:[/b] Thank you for reviewing my stories! I'm glad to see there was improvement, even though it's not quite as much as I'd thought. If you get a bit of free time taking a swing at a few of my oneshots would be wonderful! Thanks, TML
11/11/2007 . Edited 11/24/2007 #5
I really appreciated and enjoyed the feedback I received from you on the first chapter of my story, of A Narnian Fireplace. My inspiration for the story has returned and I have since added two more chapters with a fourth in the works. If you have a moment would you mind critiquing chapters two and three (from the perspectives of Mr. Tumnus and the Witch)? Thanks!
11/15/2007 #6
I've already PMed you once. But I read in your profile that theres a chance it could get lost, so I'm posting here as well. Could you review two of my stories. Both of them are from the Harry Potter fandom. The first ones called The Year That Went By This was the first fic that I wrote so I would love to hear your honest opinion about it. Its a canon based fic and it deals with the events that must have taken place between Snape's betrayal of the Dark Lord and Lily's death. The second ones called Left Unsaid which is a next gen fic Thanks once again.
12/2/2007 #7
Oh one more thing..The second fic, Left Unsaid the next gen fic is a work in progress. I don't know whether you review fics that aren't finished but do review the other one, which is complete.
12/2/2007 #8
I have a story that I had posted for about a day before a reviewer mentioned that it may not count as a fanfic. Would you be able (and willing) to check the story for me even though I no longer have it posted? Thanks!
12/6/2007 #9
Hi there - I came across some of your reviews for the Harry Potter fandom, and was pleased by their careful thought and analysis. Would you kindly review two of my stories, "I Inherit the World", and "Light as Ghosts, Heavy as Love"? They are both post-DH, Harry Potter oneshots. Thank you.
12/18/2007 #10
Hello, it's me ... again. I've posted five new chapters for [s:3867421:13:Apotheosis] and am wondering if you'd give them a look. The link should start you at 13, the chapter after you reviewed last.
12/25/2007 #11
Queen of the Unknown
ReviewsGalore, could you please review my LOTR fics SueVivor: Lord of the Rings and Of Mary Sues? Thanks! I need all the help I can get.
12/25/2007 . Edited 12/26/2007 #12
Can you review offering nothing but forgivness
1/5/2008 #13
Thank you for reviewing my story I will try my best to make it better. Could you review the Accident?
1/7/2008 #14
Would you review Peter's Story?
1/8/2008 #15
The Flying Breadstick
Hi, I've just stumbled across one of your reviews for a story in the Pirates of the Caribbean fandom, and was impressed by your thorough and analytical approach. Would you mind reviewing my story, "Petites Affaires" (, also in the PotC fandom? It's three chapters so far, a Jack-centric fic, and a work in progress. Thanks in advance.
1/9/2008 . Edited 1/9/2008 #16
Stargazing BasketCase
Doody. It's over on LJ, as you know, here: And yep, it's anon. comments abled. Abled? Is that a word? Thankee muchly. *many random hugs*
1/11/2008 . Edited 1/11/2008 #17
Stargazing BasketCase
Ha ha, I'm such a concrit whore... I've got two, if it's possible, but take as long as you want. I'm in no hurry. Yeah, I'm going to shut up, go away and stop annoying you now...
1/14/2008 #18
Fork in the Road
I was wondering if you could review my Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction. You seem like a fair reviewers, and that's why I'm asking.
1/17/2008 #19
I'm a tinch intimidated, but if I'm dishing it out, I'd better be ready to get it back! Would you please take a look at any or all of these? [b]Because of You[/b] A series of one-shots. Work in progress. [b]When You Believe[/b] Seamus one-shot. [b]Ten Lost Paths[/b] Some Harry/Luna scenes. [b]Flash[/b] Colin's Sorting. [b]Silver Threads[/b] An AU version of the summer before Seventh Year. [b]Repast[/b] Character sketches by way of sandwiches. [b]Edmund's Gift[/b] A missing scene from Father Christmas' visit. Thanks for the consideration.
1/27/2008 #20
I've seen a few of your reviews in different stories I've come across, and I thought I'd ask you to review one of mine. It's a Xenosaga fanfic, and it's called "A Forgotten Protector" - Thanks in advance!
1/29/2008 #21
Love and Rock Music
Hey, this is a great system you've got. Do you think you could review my story "A Web Woven" when you get the chance? It's a Chronicles of Narnia fic. Thanks!
1/30/2008 #22
I finished 2 chapters of wounded. Would you like to review now or wait til I'm done?
2/14/2008 #23
Hi Reviews, since you liked the last one so much, I thought I'd let you know about the sequel, an entry for this month's FPC. Thank you for honouring me in the honourable mentions thread. I'm chuffed to bits! Erm, that's British slang for "I'm really pleased about this."
2/17/2008 #24
I wrote a new story called Blessings
2/19/2008 #25
i would love you forever if you'd review two of my stories: [u]meditations[/u] and [u]duty[/u]. thank you so much, i really appreciate it!
2/21/2008 #26
I chanced upon a few of your reviews when I was leaving my own, and was impressed by your informative style. I was wondering if you would be able to review a few of my fics, as I like the breakdown system you use and think it would be helpful to me - they're all of the Harry Potter fandom. "Betrayal" - Oneshot, Complete "Bang! And The Dirt Is Gone" - Oneshot, Complete "If I Never Knew You" - Chaptered, Incomplete (9 chapters)
2/22/2008 #27
viennacantabile loved your reviews so much that she humbly requests another for her fic [u]for once and always[/u]. hugs and cookies to be delivered shortly. :D
2/24/2008 #28
I wrote a poem
2/26/2008 #29
I would greatly appreciate your review(s) on at least one of my stories. I have a collection of scenes from Final Fantasy X that I take requests for and then re-create, titled: Memoirs of Final Fantasy X. The link: The first chapter is how to fill out the request, the other three are actual chapters. I also have a re-creation of the conversation before the spring scene in Yuna's POV, titled: Moonlight. The link: I wrote another oneshot of the ending of Final Fantasy IX in Garnet's perspective as well titled Melodies. Last, I have a FFVIII story when the characters were children at Matron's house, titled Matron's Stone House. Thank you, ~Bal-Chan :)
2/29/2008 . Edited 3/1/2008 #30
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