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12/4/2007 #1
Hello I have a question for you. Can you help me with my Aragorn voice. I can't figure out what you were trying to say. I do movie Aragorn. So could you please help me?
1/5/2008 #2
I believe what I meant with your particular story is that the emotions that Aragorn experiences in your fic feel like they could belong to anyone going through the same experiences and that there is nothing particularly Aragorn-ish about them. Also, the voice seems a tad bit overly sentimental to be Aragorn, at least in my opinion. I don't know if that helps much, but I hope it clears some things up.
1/6/2008 #3
Can you help me find out how he can sound more like Aragorn?
1/7/2008 #4
Stargazing BasketCase
Quick query - do you post/operate on LJ at all? I've got a couple of Narnia fics on there I'd quite like you to take a peek at, but they're written for fanfic100 so I'm not all that keen on transferring them over to If it's possible (or you wouldn't mind going out on a limb), I'd post links to them in the Request thread, but I figured I'd ask first. Thankee kindly.
1/9/2008 #5
Re: spiritstallion Unfortunately, I am not an expert on writing Aragorn. I've never written him before and I find Tolkien's characters hard to work with in general. I would definitely recommend re-watching the movies/reading the books and listing some of Aragorn's personality traits. Then figure out which of these personality traits may come into play in any given situation. Also, consider how he has reacted to similar situations in the past.
1/9/2008 #6
Re: Stargazing BasketCase I do have a LJ account, but I would prefer not to use it for this purpose. If you have posted on a community/journal that allows anonymous comments, then I would be glad to take a look.
1/10/2008 #7
Thank you.
2/4/2008 #8
by the way--i've now edited the author's notes in [u]meditations[/u] to go along with your excellent suggestions, and am wondering if you could give me an opinion on them. hope i'm not imposing or anything; if i am, feel free to ignore. :D
2/25/2008 #9

Hello its me again. I know I already sent you a message about the review you sent me about my story but I just want to clarify something about something else you mentioned. On the part when you said that it wasn't funny did you mean that it didnt make you laugh enough or it didnt make it make you laugh at all? Was it boring in comparison to other humor stories becuase if it is what would make it more of a funny story that others would find humorous?

2/17/2009 #10


Well, for a lot of the fic, I didn't even strike me that you were even trying to be that funny. It seems like the fic started off as a humor fic and then went off into something else.

But even the parts where you were trying to be funny didn't really come off for me. Most of the jokes seemed to be about the Narnians not understanding our world, which is the most obvious type of humor for this sort of fic. It can be funny, but you have to play it up a little more -- Caspian not knowing what "America" means isn't, in itself, funny. I also think it would have made the fic funnier if you had played the characters' personalities a bit more. Reepicheep is obsessed with bravery and honor -- it would be easy to exaggerate that characteristic a little and come up with some funny stuff. This is what a lot of humor fics do.

3/3/2009 #11

I was wondering if you could help me out wiht my pacing. When you reviewed my HP fic, Welcome to the Real World, that seemed to be one of the biggest problems, and when I looked over it again (the first time in a while, I'll admit), it was a very good point. I'm currently working on the fourth in that series, so I was wondering if you had any advice for me as far as that goes? Thanks!

Also, do you have any likes or dislikes in particular with crossovers. I'm working on one right now for RENT and Harry Potter (I know that RENT isn't one of your fandoms, primary or secondary, so I'm sorry if you are confused and I understand if you can't help me here). They're two completely different worlds, but RENT happens to end right around where the Harry Potter series begins and if I introduce characters that are around before they know Harry, it's an interesting fic. I have Remus Lupin going to New York for twelve years after all his friends die/betray him (a part of HP I'm sure you're familiar with). It's not around 1990, 1991 that he meets the bohos (They're kind of like the"Maruaders" sor tof nickanme. They're the main characters of RENT, they live in the poorer side of New York, but they live for the bohemian life. They all have passions, (most) have found their true love, and about half of them have AIDS). They take him into their group. The story begins when Mimi, one of the girls who has AIDS, ends up in the hospital, dying. He and Mimi are very close, seeing as she's who found him, and all the memories he's suppressed about his friends, the magical world, his life, etc. come back. Any ideas on how to incorporate everything or does it just sound like an OC thrown into the RENT world? I plan for it to be a oneshot with a possible sequel that takes place in the Wizarding world.

Thanks! Sorry for the length of this!

7/17/2009 #12


I think that for your pacing, you need to make sure not to introduce these big conflicts and then solve them in half a page. For the first chapter of your fic, it seemed like a big deal that Remus' parents had left him at the werewolf facility and now he was meeting them for the first time in many years. In fact, it seemed like the central conflict of your story or at least the central internal conflict. Don't have him meet them and then forget the whole issue 20 seconds later. I would probably draw out his initial conversation with his parents and then leave his feelings about them open-ended. He should definitely be feeling something about all this and after this conflict that has been set up through the chapter, we should get a glimpse at what that is. Is he angry at them for leaving him? Completely joyful at being reunited? Indifferent and cynical because they are strangers to him? Any of these could say interesting things about the character, but I can't get enough from your story to tell. Also, don't get distracted by side issues. It is great for Remus to have a humorous conversation with his siblings, but if he does this in the wrong place in the story, it can seem an unwelcome intrusion.

As for crossovers, they can work, but many people get them wrong. What you've described sounds fine to me, but I wouldn't be able to review or really help because I don't know anything about RENT. I think what you need to keep in mind is that unless you are writing AU (which I don't recommend in this case) then Remus is going to be both a wizard and a werewolf and the other characters are not. Don't gloss over this, because it is something that Remus is going to have to deal with in both emotional and practical terms. You make it sound like he's forgotten some of his magical life, but I hope it isn't complete amnesia because I don't know how that would work. He changes into a werewolf once a month, after all. Besides amnesia is rare and is overdone as a plot device. Some questions you may have to deal with: Does he eventually tell his new friends that he's a wizard? How does he deal with his lycanthropy in this situation? Is there a possibility of a cure for AIDS through magic? Wizards don't seem to get muggle diseases that often, after all. Does the fact that he's a werewolf influence his view on AIDS?

My impression would be that this is a lot to tackle for a oneshot unless it is a long one, but if you can do it go for it. There is nothing wrong with a mid-length story, however. Everyone seems to think that they either have to write epics or oneshots, but sometimes a story that is 10K or 20K works best for the plot. It is up to you.

7/20/2009 #13

Do you prefer reviewing original stories or stories that follow the canon of the original book/movie?

5/18/2010 #14

To MadameGiry25:

I guess I'm not sure exactly what you mean. I like to think that a story can be original and still be canon compliant. If you are talking about retellings, I like them when done well but think that they are somewhat hard to pull off. When you are basically retelling the canon story, I think that you need a radical new interpretation of that story or else you need to filter it through the point of view of a character who would see things much differently.

I like to read stories that follow canon closely, but I'm not really a canon snob either. I like to read stories that go in a different direction than the original creators might have gone and I like reading AUs as well. However, the farther a story diverges from canon, the more careful the writer has to be to get the characters' personalities right. Also, when the author makes things different in an AU, there needs to be a reason for it. So a story where Harry Potter is sorted into Slytherin and becomes friends with Slytherins makes sense because one change follows the other. A story where Harry Potter is sorted into Slytherin and for some reason there is also a different Headmaster doesn't make much sense (unless the author has a really good explanation) because the one change doesn't have much to do with the other. Throwing in too many unrelated differences from canon can be confusing.

Also, this issue is somewhat confusing for me because when some people talk about "stories that follow canon" what they really mean is "no slash" or "no pairings" or "only the pairings that I like". If a reader doesn't like slash or romance then that's fine, but I don't like it when someone acts as if they are some sort of protector of canon for it. A story can be gen and still diverge sharply from canon.

Short version: I like to review both.

5/24/2010 #15

I'm just curious, because this is something that I've been wondering for a while, have you ever read the terrible 'My Immortal'? If so what would be your review for it?

1/9/2011 #16


Yeah, I've read it though it has been awhile. It would be difficult for me to review seriously because I am of the opinion that it is a trollfic parody. As a parody of a bad fanfic, I actually think it is pretty good.

If I were to review it seriously ... geez. Probably a 4/10 at most. It loses the most points on believability. There is very little attention paid to canon compliance and there isn't even internal consistency within the story itself. Story is really bad as well because there doesn't seem to be much of of a plot, just a bunch of events (many of them stupid) happening. For creativity, it does have the occasional moment of absurdity, but it seems to mostly be an amalgamation of bad fanfic conventions. I actually think that the writing, while not a masterpiece of style and form, is always readable which puts this fic above several that I have read. The spelling mistakes seem very strategically placed. There is something about the main character's utter self-absorption that at least makes her somewhat interesting to read about -- she's a Sue, but I've seen duller Sues. The other characters are complete props though.

1/12/2011 #17
Lady of York

Do you like reading oneshots or chaptered stories? Does the lenght matter? Like if I had a story with thirty-five chapters would you read it?

3/31/2011 #18
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