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Know all of the lines to Shrek? Do u luv the Shrek movies 2 no end? Hmm? Well, here's the place to discuss anything shrek related!
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Ex; Pinochio (Sp?) 3 Blind Mice 3 Little Pigs Gender-confused wolf other 'Fairy-tale things'??
11/20/2007 . Edited 11/20/2007 #1
I like Dragon. She's kewl.
11/20/2007 #2
FOR GOD'S SAKES ARTIE OWNS ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1/4/2008 #3
Lupiniun Star
Dragon is the best not very important char!!!!
1/24/2008 #4
Merciful Heavens
sheesh, what has the world come to...Queen Lillian and King Harold are totally better than any other character...(rolls eyes) I can't believe that so few people apprieciate them.
3/10/2008 #5

I agree with Mercyfull Heaven... King Harold and Queen Lillian 4 ever!

4/20/2009 #6

I agree too Harold and Lillian are great i Love them

1/29/2010 #7

My favorite is P*** in Boots but Dragon is my favorite after that. It's too bad she isn't in the 2nd movie at all, only after the credits when she brings the Dronkey babies.

8/2/2010 #8
Miss Baxter

i agree with merciful heaven. i absolutely love the king and queen and i love reading the stories about them. it sux tho b/c most of the stories that i read are after the king died. 8(

2/20/2011 . Edited 3/22/2011 #9

I totally agree, Harold and Lillian are totally amazing

2/21/2011 #10
Does anyone else agree that the talking trees r funny
8/16/2012 #11
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