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Vana Tuivana
Anybody a big fan of the het romances Tolkien never wrote? Got a hankering for all pairings Caranthir, or the untold story of Celegorm and his forbidden love for Aredhel? Did you ever wonder whether Galadriel and Feanor had more going on than an argument over three strands of hair? This is the place for you. Share your far-fetched non-canonical romance ideas here, and your words of wisdom on how to write the love stories that Tolkien never condoned or even hinted at. Speak now, or forever hold your peace.
12/20/2005 #1
Tuxedo Elf
Far-fetched? Heh, OK - I would *love* to see a consentual Celegorm/Luthien fic. I think it really has potential. I'll probably end up writing it myself though! :P
12/29/2005 #2
Galadriel/Celebrimbor :P I've been trying to write a fic about them but Laws and Customs and/or canon have stopped me more than once xD It's strange, because I'm also a fan of Galadriel/Celeborn... When I read about non-canonical relationships, it is important (for me) that the author tries to make some sense out of it, for example interpreting a tiny bit of L&C in a different light (inside the story or in AN). Otherwise I find it a little hard to suspend disbelief XP
1/5/2006 #3
I've read a mutual Celebrimbor/Galadriel story: [s:895492:Aftermath of Fire by Aerlinnel] "Celebrimbor and Galadriel, with a different spin. Possibly AU, but who can really say? The Professor himself rewrote Galadriel’s story a thousand times, so perhaps my own humble version might not terribly offend him…" An absolutely gorgeous story, with a good sympathetic characterization of Celebrimbor. I cannot recommend this fic as highly as it deserves. Read. Now.
1/7/2006 #4
Yeah, I've read it. It's really good. I think it's in my Favorite Stories. My personal favorite story about them was in a spanish fanfiction that spanned all of Galadriel's life. It was so sad. T__T
1/10/2006 #5
Unsung Heroine
[q]Far-fetched? Heh, OK - I would *love* to see a consentual Celegorm/Luthien fic. I think it really has potential. I'll probably end up writing it myself though! :P[/q] Oh, I'd certainly read that one! I have a love for all pairings uncanonical but not quite. :-)
1/13/2006 #6
The Battling Bard
Where our wings take dream? That phrase is on my retard Bushisms poster, does it make some sense that I'm not getting? I'm going to take a wild guess that your American; you all talk very strangely. Oh, and I'd love to see a Celegorm/Luthien romance as well. And more Finwe/Indis fics that don't make her out to be the desperate rebound elleth. Maybe one that goes against the canon and makes her the love of Finwes life? Personally, I've always felt sorry for Indis, and found Miriel rather selfish. Loads of people have hard lives, but they wouldn't leave their fammiles for anything, and especially with a young child. Oh dear god, I can't believe I'm discussing this like it's real life. A happy ending Aegnor/Andreth fic would be good as well, one that has the reunion that Finrod and Aegnor believe will happen. Maybe I'll write that one.
1/13/2006 . Edited 1/13/2006 #7
Tuxedo Elf
LOL I'm going to end up writing this Celegorm/Luthien fic, I can see it now! I'll have to give it some thought... I don't want to *completely* kill canon! *Adds fic to the ever-growing list*
1/18/2006 #8
Vana Tuivana
[q]Where our wings take dream? That phrase is on my retard Bushisms poster, does it make some sense that I'm not getting?[/q] No, you're right that it makes no sense at all. It's from a speech that President Bush gave a while back in which he made one of his characteristic linguistic errors: "Families is where our nation finds hope, where our wings take dream." It's kind of become a fad among those who like to make fun of the president to use his mistakes as much as possible. And yes, I am from the US, and I agree that some of us speak very strangely indeed. But, to be fair, I come from the Midwest, the north-central part of the country, where we speak more clearly than most; it is in the South that there are some truly strange words and phrases! :-P My current love as far as non-canonical relationships go: Celegorm/Aredhel. GAH. This could have been a beautiful love story, people! In fact, it still could be! Never mind that "but to none of them was her heart's love given" stuff... I truly believe in this one.
1/24/2006 #9
The Battling Bard
Think I understand; Bush really is a retard. I'm glad to see other Americans apart from my cousin, who lives in Virgina, think so too. I'd like to know why there are hardly any Amroth/Nimrodel romances out there, hello people, legendary Tolkien love story here!
1/27/2006 #10
Ja Reedus
Hey! I'm from the South and I speak perfectly! A really good writer can manage that, and it could always be a one-sided love tragedy thing. I laughed when he gave that speach... mybe that was mean of me...
7/13/2006 #11
[q]A happy ending Aegnor/Andreth fic would be good as well, one that has the reunion that Finrod and Aegnor believe will happen. [./q] That'd be an awesome fic. Hopefully someone writes one. I'm too shy to do Tolkien fanfic. I don't want to mar the Professor's works. Anyways, on to the original topic. Celebrimbor/Luthien or Celebrimbor/Galadriel would be interesting to read. I'm trying to come up with non-canon relation ships I've read/herd about before but nothing's coming up. It's what I get for doing this in the morning!
7/15/2006 #12
... Am I the only Celegorm/Aredhel 'shipper out here? Or Morgoth/Nienna if I need a laugh? [EDIT] I really need to /read/ these things all the way through and not just skim. *starry eyes* I am not the only Celegorm/Aredhel 'shipper! Miss Vana, you are not alone! (And that means I'm not either! *happy dance*)
8/23/2006 . Edited 8/23/2006 #13
There are Feanor/Galadriel fics ou there!? What are they called? I wants to read them! Sorry I love the Feanor/Galadriel pairing idea and the 3 strands of hair... I normally do LOTR ficy stuff but I read the Silmarilion on holiday and well... Are there any good valar fics there as they could be intresting... I read a really good Morgoth/ Nienna fic a while ago it was really good and descriptive.
10/21/2007 . Edited 12/8/2007 #14
There are Feanor/Galadriel fics ou there!? What are they called? I wants to read them! Sorry I love the Feanor/Galadriel pairing idea and the 3 strands of hair... I normally do LOTR ficy stuff but I read the Silmarilion on holiday and well... Are there any good valar fics there as they could be intresting... I read a really good Morgoth/ Nienna fic a while ago it was really good and descriptive.
10/21/2007 . Edited 12/8/2007 #15
sorry about the double post my lappys playing up AGAIN
10/21/2007 #16
L. Byron

Well, I have always loved difficult or strange pairings. Say for instance a valar falling in love with an elf or a mortal Man. For instance Nienna being single, falling in love with... let's say Faramir

10/22/2009 #17

for a long long time I toyed with the idea of doing a ridiculous smut/laughs fic with Morgoth and Ungoliant in some sort of humanesque form but I decided in the end it was an idea best left alone haha

1/2/2010 #18
Sauron Gorthaur

I am a fan of Sauron (you can't tell that from my pen name *grin*) and I think there's a ton of potential for different Sauron pairings, either AU or possibly some that could be written as canon, even if Tolkien never hinted at them. However, it seems there's a real sad lack of these on here, at least from what I've been able to find (I've only found 1 completed Sauron romance and 3 incomplete/abandoned ones).

Recently, my personal favorite is Sauron/Arien, which as far as I have found, not a single person has done. I think there's a ton of potential there, and I would love to read one, if anyone else knows of one or has written one. They're both associated with fire and both clearly strong-willed, powerful Maiar. And why might Arien be so adverse to Tilion's affections? Perhaps because she fell in love with a Maia who then betrayed her and become evil? Why did Arien volunteer to be the one to drive the Sun chariot over Middle-earth every day? Perhaps because she still loves a certain Maia who she can only ever see by passing over Middle-earth? Arien's my favorite, but I enjoy any pre-evil Sauron/Maian woman pairing (though again, I've only found 2 and both were incomplete and had not been updated in a long time.)

I also think there's potential in the idea of Annatar/Galadriel, whether mutual or with Annatar seducing Galadriel to get her on his side. Again, there's an argument to be made for writing this as canon. We know Annatar and Galadriel had dealings with one another and that Annatar wanted to win Galadriel over to his side from "Unfinished Tales." But what exactly happened between them that Galadriel suddenly and violently decided to throw him out of Lothlorien? And if Annatar seduced her but she found out somehow who he really was, that would explain her distant relationship with Celeborn, as well as why she so vehementally speaks out against Sauron in both Silm and LOTR. I know it can be explained as the fact that Galadriel wears Nenya (and most likely is) but there also is definitely a deep connection between Galadriel and Sauron in LOTR, in how he is ever trying to find her mind and she is ever evading him - however that quote goes exactly. But I could see a romantic twist being put on that as well.

Pretty much, I'm open to any Sauron pairing (that is, any straight pairing, as I don't read slash) as long as it's well written. I can see potential for Thuringwethil/Sauron (again, none yet exist as far as I know). I've had ideas for a Sauron/Tar-Miriel fic and would love to see someone else's interpretation. I could even go with Sauron/Luthien possibly. Or a good old well-written Sauron/OC, elf, human, Maia, or otherwise.

So far, the best Sauron romance (and only completed one) I've found is "Heart's Blood" by ChristineX (Sauron/Elf OC). It's absolutely beautiful. I've also found "Daughter of the Faithful" by sulring (Sauron/Numenorean OC - incomplete), "I Remember When" by Araiona Dubois (Sauron/Maia OC - incomplete), and "Of the Ninth Arda" by LadyAnnatar (Sauron/Maia OC - incomplete). There is also the completely brilliant comedy "Rehab" by Frotu which at one point involves Sauron in a romantic relationship with a female elf and showing off his seducing powers in a very humorous way. I'm also currently working on a Sauron/OC set in the Second Age.

Please let me know if you've found or written any other straight Sauron romances that I have yet to find! Sauron's just so darn hot (especially in the Silm) that he's just too good to waste :)

5/21/2010 . Edited 12/30/2016 #19

Awesome, it looks like I'm not the only fan of the Melkor x Ungoliant pairing here. But if you ask me, Ungoliant looks fine in her spider-like form. What? Don't tell me spider-like isn't good enough for you? Humanesque features? yeah, that's most definitely a good idea. Humanesque form? Not so much. It's just playing it safe.

11/18/2010 #20
Amy M. Black

well, pairings don't have to involve sex, so I guess you could pair Melkor with Ungoliant not having to give her humanesque features ;)

although now I read it, I find that idea a little disturbing... gosh

2/21/2011 #21

I appear to be the first here to be a huge fan of the slash pairings Tolkien never wrote. Ecthelion/Glorfindel is my favourite, followed by Maedhros/Fingon

2/19/2012 #22
Saeth Ceirwyn

I'm just gonna leave this plot bunny bomb here: http // part-of-my-unfinished-strip-about-dagor. (The feels! Oh, gods the feels!)

The number 1 reason to read Silmarillion: Melkor (Morgoth)/Mairon (Sauron).

6/27/2013 . Edited 6/27/2013 #23

Am I only one who can not stand Fingon/Maedhros pairing ?

8/5/2013 #24
Love Missile

I'm not interested in straight couples, but I could make an exception if it was a Melkor/Ungoliant crack fic, with Ungoliant as the dom, and of course in spider form (where's the fun if she looks just as another run-of-the-mill girl?). But my favourite couple has to be Melkor/Sauron. I'm surprised that nobody has thought about Mandos/Melkor slash, as well. I wrote a fic about it, but haven't found any other. C'mon, he spent 300 years in his prison. You know something happened while Vaire was busy with her tapestries!

10/27/2013 #25
Elrond's Scribe
Hey! (to The Battling Bard in particular, but anyone is welcome to it) I don't know if you personally are stil are around, but here's to hoping you are: Check out my profile and my fanfics in progress. You'll find that I have Finwe with Indis and have Miriel marry someone else. I also have Aegnor with Andreth along with that reunion Finrod talks about. At least I will when I get that part written! I should warn anyone reading this that my foundational story has a very Christian, very Protestant bias because that is my bias. If this is problematic for any of my readers, I'm sorry, but there is no getting away from it in my stories.
12/2/2013 #26

Morgoth and Ungoliant would actually be really interesting to explore! The two allies... much better than Feanor and Fingolfin, at any rate.

1/21/2014 #27


4/14/2014 #28
Saeth Ceirwyn

On that Mairon/Sauron boat-of-many-pairings-or-platonic-romances:

Sauron/Arien - Oh yes, both have been victims of Melkor (Arien being r*** by Melkor), so good deal there. You get a chance for a strong non-victim female lead and a battered, abused, but strong male who needs to cope with years of abuse (having lived with his abuser for literal ages). Very not your typical story, and the kind we really do need. Males can be victims too.

Annatar/Galadriel and or Annatar/Celembrior - One of those time Sauron might have been saved if only things had gone a bit differently. If only the elves had been a bit wiser and Sauron a bit less revenge bent.

Eonwe/Sauron - THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH OF THESE! Sauron went to his BFF Eonwe to turn himself in after Melkor lost! There is so much in that relationship that I can see Eonwe helping Sauron find redemption. And honestly, he came so close to redemption, that I cried. Tolkien is a cruel, cruel man.

Feanor/Sauron - These two are like peas in a pod, but Sauron is (mostly) the more wise and stable one (terrifying isn't it?). Both are fiery souls and craftsmen. I can see Feanor really liking Sauron and deciding since he can't have his jewels back, he'll be taking a consolation prize from Melkor. Something Melkor values almost as much as the Silmarils. These two are like pouring gasoline on a bonfire and throwing in fireworks.

Maglor/Sauron - After all, these guys are still left behind after everything. I could see them running into each other at some point in the third age after Sauron is too weak to be really dangerous. And Maglor likes bringing home broken, stray creatures.

Melkor/Sauron - The creepy abuser and his poor victim. Also horribly tragic and sad, at least on Sauron's part. He's a dark Samwise more or less. Maia are created to serve Vala, so Melkor seducing him was extremely inappropriate in much the same way a lord (or in this case a vala) shouldn't go after a servant (in this case a maia). Dagor Dagorath is just the most horrible end for this pair of Evil-Frodo-Melkor and Dark-Tortured-Samwise-Sauron. Sauron is such a tragically loving and loyal b***. ALL YOUR FEELS WILL BE CRUSHED! Repeatedly! Seriously, this is the most painful awful train-wreck pairing since Wuthering Heights. IT DOESN'T END WELL!

Manwe/Mairon - Post Dagor Dagorath fics are just non-existent, but Tolkien left Sauron's ending wide opened after Melkor and Evil are destroyed. And the loyal, broken, insane maiar just got to watch his vala be kill once and for all. The valar would need to take Sauron back and put together the pieces and keep him out of trouble. I'm personally voting for Mairon getting redeemed and being the new Vala of Darkness to fill the role Melkor was supposed to fill (before he invented evil and started all the crap in Middle Earth). Mostly because he intimately understands evil and how incredibly unpleasant it is, and is a perfectionist. He wouldn't mis-sing Darkness like Melkor at all, and we all know Sauron is the superior evil overlord here. Let them be bros like Melkor and Manwe are bros.

Elrond/Mairon - Because everyone forgets Elrond isn't a half-elf; he's also got some maia in there. He's the baby maia hybrid and something tells me there's far more to his power than a pretty ring. And both would find the other fascinating.

Thranduil/Sauron - Because Sauron camped out in Thranduil's backyard. And both have big egos.

7/25/2014 . Edited 7/25/2014 #29
Saeth Ceirwyn

Just found out about this little gem:

I'm unspeakably excited.

8/1/2014 #30
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