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Personally, I'm a firm believer in Gon as the seme, and since this is meant as a discussion, I'll be stating my reasoning :P

First of all, I'm not one for shota, so in my mind it'll be a few years before they get together. So my analysis is based off this.

I'll start with the physical aspects: Gon is somewhat shorter in the first anime until Greed Island, but your height as 12-year olds

doesn't really say much about how you'll end up. But Gon's fighting style is much more based on raw strength, while Killua relies

on technique and agility. Ergo, Gon is likely to end up more buff than Killua. I imagine they'll be about the same height as adults.

Generally, as I see it, Killua has somewhat girlish eyes/facial expressions whereas Gon just has childish expressions. He'll eventually

outgrow that, while Killua can't really run from his girlishness :P

Now, the psychological aspects: Gon is calm, determined(stubborn :P), capable, loving and caring towards many people and emotionally stable.

Killua is insecure, anxious, emotionally unsteady, has violent tendencies, fiercely emotionally connected to Gon, but not good at having meaningful relations

to other people. Bossy and b*** tendencies. Slightly manipulative. (I'm not saying he's weak or a bad person or anything. But as Bisuke says at some point,

it's a miracle that he can smile and laugh with Gon the way he does.)

Now, I'm not saying this should neccesarily decide who's top or bottom. But if we follow standard seme-uke relations, I think that having Gon as the seme

would make for a much more healthy relationsship. Killua says that Gon is his light, and it's true. Killua needs Gon to function, while Gon could -theoretically- live

without his best friend. If Killua was seme, this might lead to him being manipulative of Gon, trying to make him dependent on him.

But with Gon as the caring seme, Killua could have his emotional void filled.. and yeah, he might still be manipulative, but it's less disturbing if Gon is

not being a little uke... thing :P

So yeah, I think it should be GonxKillua. And if you see the new anime the animators seem to agree. I mean, look at Killua xD However, I'm open

to other interpretations, and seeing as so many cast Gon as uke I'd like to hear their reasoning :P

(And if anyone by any chance recognize me as the person who's shamelessly left my HxH fanfic... ARGH D: I'm back in the saddle with this fandom though!)

4/9/2012 #1

Reading this again, it seems like I like Gon more than Killua. Not true! Killua is one of my most beloved characters, but he does have his shortcomings.. :P Plus, I know Gon has some issues as well, such as being too emotionally connected to people (Kaito etc) and extreme slightly suicidal stubbornness.. But my point still stands :)

4/9/2012 #2

I agree with you that it would probably be Seme!Gon, but I can't help but feel that he would let Killua take control sometimes. And I don't mean just in the *bedroom*. I feel like Killua, with all his issues, might be unsure of letting someone have complete control and blah. And Gon wouldn't mind, right? His personality is too bubbly for that, he'd probably just be happy that Killua was comfortable enough to tell/show what he wants or whatever. As long as it wouldn't be harmful in the long run, Gon would go along with it.

(Killua would be a pushy uke sometimes, no doubt. XD)

If we're going by uke/seme generalized stereotyping, Gon would definitely be seme because, as you said, he'll be more buff. Have you read the latest chapters? I don't want to bombard you with spoilers. But yeah, after that one chapter with SuperMuscle!Gon... Plus I have a hard time seeing Killua as super muscular since he has androgynous features.

As for the psychological aspect, I totally agree with you. Even if Killua was seme, Gon would probably end up taking over the 'emotions and other things' department since Killua is crippled there. If he didn't, the relationship would probably deteriorate rather rapidly. Which would lead to Killua possibly feeling a blow to his pride, due to his stunted emotion-understanding capabilities. Which would probably lead to A- Gon taking over 'emotions and other things', B- Them breaking up (I think this one is hardly a chance at all, considering who we're talking about), or C- Gon and Killua switching aka Gon becoming seme.


5/15/2012 #3

OMG, Somebody besides me likes hxh AND actually agrees with me on Gon being seme! :D It's a great day for fandom

I think you're right about Killua taking/being given control. I think it'd be the kind of relationship where one (he) makes

a lot of the evey-day decisions, but another (Gon) tends to make the big decisions. Such as, where to go next, what's our goal etc etc.

(After all, Killua just wants to be with Gon) Sadly, I haven't read the newest chapters.. I read up until some hiatus in the ants arc, but I heard that Gon turned adult and his father showed up? :O

I cleeearly need to start reading again.

Allow me to go off topic, since no one else seems to be active anayway, :P.. Have you seen the new anime..? (And/or the old, since I guess that

isn't neccesarily a given.) (I would have written more, but the keyboard on my school's computer makes it too damn difficult xD)

5/16/2012 #4

You've got some catching up to do! Yeah, Gon was super pissed and went off on one of the ants. Ended up transforming into his adult self. Buff with a baby face, lol. Wonder if he'll still have his kid face when he gets older or if that was just because of the whole sudden '*poof* he's an adult' thing.

I've watched both anime! I watched the old series through twice, but that was over a year ago so I don't remember it as clearly as I do the 2011 version. I watch the new episode every week on CR. Did you know the animation studio is planning on a movie in the 2011 universe? CR released info about it not long ago, I sooo can't wait! Any chance to point out and coo over gay subtext is fine with me! ;D

I know all about crappy keyboards, my parent's old desktop practically (and sometimes literally) creaks. No joke. And there's no light tapping on that keyboard, you smash the keys like you're trying to tenderize a steak or the signals don't register. *shudders* And at the middle school I went to, the classroom computer's a, y, and backspace keys didn't work. If you wanted to delete a letter you had to hightlight it with the mouse and then hit delete. It was a nightmare. An absolute nightmare. (Lol at the random rant, sorry!)

5/16/2012 #5
silver managarm-518

I still agree to your opinion. it is true that Gon is psychologically fit to be a seme, but sometimes, he could be innocent or too childish for these things, Killua will be seme and Gon will be uke. Because in my opinion, Killua will understand these things more than Gon. Still, as long as it's KillluaxGon, or GonxKillua, I won't mind who'll be seme or uke, but I prefer Killua as seme more.

6/3/2012 #6

Ah. So, I come late to the discussion, and my opinion has been stated, mostly. I'll go into more detail, though. I believe that their relationship would involve mixed roles. I see Killua as being seme more as the relationship begins, before Gon begins to take over the primary role. But honestly, I can see it going either way.

4/8/2013 #7

I think the seme will be Killua becaue I think, he is more mature than Gon and I think he knows somthin' that Gon doesn't know... So, the uke will be Gon because he is more innocent than his FRIEND! XD That's all!

11/8/2013 #8
Aww, wittle gon cuddling with killua....dat be so cute..definitely like gonxkillua better but it wouldn't matter if they both had a 50/50 Uke -seme thong going on.
2/22/2014 #9
Flighty Variable Z
I would say Gon as seme and Killua as uke because at some point Netero calls Killua the child of darkness as of the fact that his childhood was just that, darkness. When Gon comes into his life it's like Gon was Killua's knight in shining armour riding to his beloved Killua's rescue. Just like in the fairytales where the girl(uke) is swept of her feet and they ride into the sunset...*sigh*
3/9/2014 #10

Yeah I agreed with yah ! Gon must be the Uke ! first : he's very innocent than Killua and more childdish.

Killua was more mature than Gon . Killua's from Zeoldyck its a dominating household I think , all about Killua was domnating. all about Gon screaming Uke , I think you better watch some Yaoi guys . Gon definitely an Uke ,

10/12/2014 #11

Yessss~ xD

6/27/2015 #12

I can't agree more, I just can't imagine gon as the uke and killua as the seme!i mean look at killua!

9/21/2015 #13
I agree very much so with all said on here. Gon uke or seme Killua uke or seme them doing a fifty/fifty PERSONALLY, I'm pretty stingy. I prefer my tops stay tops, and bottoms to stay bottoms. I like Uke Killua and Seme Gon. Why? Yes, killua is more knowledgable, yes, Gon is childish. But those anxieties mentioned about, I Gon being childish just overall makes him more susceptible to emotions and moving accordingly. Childish seme who goes on emotions, and a knowledgable(sensible) uke who can totes tell how to dish it....-drools-<3 ANYWAY , at the sametime, with Kil as seme and Gon as uke is just as amusing! Manipulative Seme and the Innocent uke. Buuuut....since unfortunately, it feels that is pretty much the yaoi stereotype, The former appeals to me more than the latter for more of the 'change of pace'. That said, the switch relationship also proves entertaining! Because, let's face it, both Kil and Gon in general have something to fit fine in either uke or seme categories. It's just--GAAAAH, Gon and Kil are like just, PERFECT for any yaoi fans taste! Enjoy it how ya like! Especially the fact they aren't even GROWN yet means anything is possible! It's so friggin' great~
10/14/2015 #14
KilluGon Addict

I think Killua is the seme. To me, it makes more sense because of his attitude and backstory. And Gon's a little marshmallow fluff ball with spiky hair, I don't think that he'd try anything.

6/30 #15
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