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Going Batty
What's your favorite Little Shop song? Least favorite? Personally, my favorite is "Now!/It's Just the Gas" because I practically worship Orin, and I like the tune. "Don't Feed the Plants" is another of my favorites. There's just something about dead people warning the world not to give into temptations... The "Meek Shall Inherit" is also one of my faves because of Seymour's part, and the three businesspeople wanting Seymour to sign their contracts. My least favorite would have to be the main theme, "Little Shop of Horrors". I don't know why, it just sort of bugs me.
10/8/2007 #1
well, for awhile i didn't like "Now (It's Just the Gas)" or "The Meek Shall Inherit" or "Call Back in the Morning". now that i've heard 'em all about 100 times, i like them a whole lot better. i love "Dentist!" and "Mushnik and Son" and "Feed Me (Git It)" (of course, who doesn't like that one?) "Skid Row" is always fun. i've taken a sudden liking to "Da Doo" "Grow for Me" and "Ya Never Know". "Somewhere That's Green" is funny if you listen closely to it, and "Closed for Renovation" is just eh for me, but i still like it. "Don't Feed the Plants" is fun. heck, i love them all. i don't think there's any i don't like anymore. and on the NBC recording, i love "I've Found a Hobby", it's so hilarious!
10/23/2007 #2
Going Batty
Oh jeez, I [i]love[/i] I Found a Hobby! :D My sister forbids me from singing it because of Orin's references to... eh... yeah. But come on! It's so perfectly Orin! If they had that in the musical instead of (or along with, hehehe) Dentist!, I would be happy. What bugs me about "Don't Feed the Plants", however, is the fact that they took out the song We'll Have Tomorrow... yet they kept that line in the song. So unless you've heard said demo song, you have no idea what in the world they're talking about. Now, if they made Seymour say something like "I didn't mean to..." instead, that would be amusing and sort of make sense. He says that a lot in the 1960 version, and it's his last words after he dies.
10/25/2007 #3
Mrs. James Norrington

I actually like "The Worse He Treats Me" I can see why it isn't in the musical, but it's always stuck in my head...

YAY! A Little Shop forum!

5/4/2008 #4

I love the song "Dentist!" because it reminds me and my friends of our old computer teacher. :D I also LOVE Feed Me(Git it)!

6/17/2008 #5
S. Snowflake

I like them all! My favs are "Skid Row" and "Feed ME!". I also like the movie's version of the title song, it's so catchy! And what Twoie fan doesn't love "Mean Green Mother?"! Too bad we only have those on an old tape.

I'lll skip through the partciularly slow tracks when I don't wanna hear them. You know what I mean, ya can't work out to "Somewhere That's Green". The demos on the NBC recording are... interesting. I love "We'll have Tomorrow", but since 2 guys are singing, it kinda weirds me out. I also like "Bad", because you can hear alot of where "Mean Green Mother" came from there.

Ya, I noticed that in "Don't feed the Plants" too. I think it's to say that for our tomorrows we should never feed the plants. It also means that Seymour and Audrey will be together forever... in the plant. He he.

7/8/2008 #6

I've only seen the 1986 movie and heard it's songs. I like all except "Don't Feed the Plants" and "Some Fun Now"

11/19/2008 #7
S. Snowflake

Even if you've never seen the show Little Shop filmgrl, you should listen to the Broadway CD, since it's the most complete album there is, (and I love Hunter Foster as Seymour's voice). ^_^ There's lotsa' songs that were taken out of the movie: ("Ya Never Know", "Closed For Renovation", "Mushnik and Son", "Now/It's Just the Gas", "Call Back in the Morning", "Sominex", "Somewhere That's Green II", and "Don't Feed the Plants"). Then there's everything you're familiar with except "Mean Green Mother" and "Some Fun Now". Although "Ya Never Know" and "Some Fun Now" are very similar, they just have slightly different styles and melodies plus Seymour sings in "Ya Never Know". The songs "Suppertime" and "The Meek Shall Inherit" are longer in the show too. And even if you don't like the rest, you simply have to listen to "Mushnik and Son". I felt so miffed that they cut that from the movie; it's hilarious! XD

They also included some interesting demo songs that never made it into the show with that album: ("A Little Dental Music", "The Worse He Treats Me", "I Found a Hobby", "We'll Have Tomorrow", and "Bad"). "We'll Have Tomorrow" is so lovely, yet so sad. I don't think I'd be able to handle Audrey and Seymour's deaths if that song made it into the show. It'd be nice for the movie with the happy ending though.

2/6/2009 #8

I adore "Feed Me (Git It)"

6/16/2010 #9

"Feed Me (Git It) is definately my favourite but I also love "Somewhere That's Green" - so sweet and funny for Audrey to sing.

11/2/2010 #10

I love the part where she says "on our big, enormous, tweleve inch screen." I break up at that part everytime.

11/2/2010 #11

Favorite Suddenly Seymour and Somewhere That's Green

Least Favorite Probably The Worse He Treats Me just because I hate how Orin treats Audrey

8/28/2011 #12
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