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Going Batty
Who's your favorite Little Shop character? Is it the sadistic Orin? The clumsy Seymour? The lovely Audrey? Mushnik? Audrey II? The Doo-W** girls (aka urchins, Greek chorus, or whatever you happen to call the trio)? Heck, even the Chinese man? Post here and discuss! Personally, my favorite is Orin Scrivello... DDS. I'd let him work on my teeth anytime he wanted to. :D It's not as extreme as Jack Nicholson or Bill Murray's masochistic characters, but that's the reason I'd let him work on me. Masochism. Except he'd hate me forever if he found out...
10/25/2007 #1
twoey makes me happy inside. who couldn't love a man-eating plant that can sing? i find shim funny and cute, yet terrifying at the same time. orin is a fun character. i laugh everytime i hear "Dentist!", mainly because i think of my dad. i think mushnik gets pushed out of the way when it comes to characters. i love his character. i think he's really funny, especially "Mushnik and Son". we just did the show this past week at my college. i was working backstage, but everytime "Mushnik and Son" would come on, i'd watch, just because of the hilarity of the dancing and the song. i'm actually working out a fanfic from his pov, because i noticed there aren't any. i don't have one particular fave. i like 'em all. except, in the 86 movie ellen greene's character voice bothers me. i like what she did with audrey, but the character voice drives me INSANE!
10/25/2007 #2
Going Batty
I agree about Ellen's voice. Although it doesn't creep me out nearly as much as it used to, it still does. She actually sounds sort of normal in the 1979 (I think that's the year) Off-Broadway cast recording. Mushnik is pretty cool. "My money's inside the plant?" XD 'Nuff said. "And the little red dots seemed innocent enough... but now I catch you kissing the dentist's girlfriend!" XD Who doesn't love Mushnik?
10/26/2007 #3

I like Seymour and Orin. :D Who wouldn't love Seymour, and then I just love how Steve Matin potrays Orin. It's great! There were a bunch of doodles of them in my Spanish notebook, because we never did much of anything in Spanish. XD

6/17/2008 #4
S. Snowflake

Audrey 2 is probably my fav. I'm a monster movie kinda gal, so that makes total sense to me. If I could just change genders and races I would love to voice that plant!! Sigh* Doesn't every white "Little Shop" fan girl think that? Okay, maybe not...

I also like Seymour and Audrey. Their love story is so cute because it could never happen. I guess I'd want to play Audrey, except that you have to be onstage, unlike the plant's voice who only comes out at the end, (hint hint: I have stage fright!). I wouldn't play it like Ellen Greene though, "Somewhere That's Green" still makes my ears bleed in the movie!! I'd be more like the girl in the new broadway cast recording, I think she's great.

7/8/2008 #5

I find it to be a nice touch that, while Mushnik may be an opportunistic j***, his horrified reaction to the murder is the same as that of any decent law-abiding person. (Yet another thing I hate about the movie is that they changed this detail to try and justify their stupid new ending). It's a chilling reminder that while a sadist who smacks around his girlfriend and an exploitative small-time employer may not exactly be good people, that doesn't mean they deserve to die or that it's okay to kill them.

9/4/2008 #6
S. Snowflake

Actually they never changed that scene for the new ending, it was the same for the original. In the DVD commentary it said that the scenes that were changed specifically for the happy ending were the one where Seymour asks Audrey to marry him, "Somewhere That's Green" reprise, they added a reprise of "Suddenly Seymour", changed footage of "Mean Green Mother" & added the closing scene. Mushnik's death was always the same.

This isn't to say that I don't agree with you, (in fact I think Mushnik's character was the one most neglected in the film), but I hope you know that the film was supposed to have the downbeat ending, but they only changed it because preview audiences hated it.

9/4/2008 #7

I'd have to say my fav character is def Seymour. What can I say, other than I go crazy for cute little geeks? :)

11/19/2008 #8

It's got to be Audrey 2 for me with Seymour a close second - like filmgrl13, I love cute little geeky guys and Seymour's so adorable even though he ends up committing murder in order to keep Audrey 2 happy/fed.

11/2/2010 #9
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