Calvin and Hobbes video game
If Bill Watterson were to make a Calvin and Hobbes video game, what would it be? Please add the compatible game systems too.
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Post Calvin and Hobbes platformer games her!
10/14/2007 #1
Hobbes FC President
It would be for WII . It would be about the "adventurus" strips in the books and you can play as every caracther in the strip and finaly you can swich to calvin's aler ego's playing as calvin or hobbes
10/15/2007 #2
Hobbes FC President
It would be for WII . It would be about the "adventurus" strips in the books and you can play as every caracther in the strip and finaly you can swich to calvin's aler ego's playing as calvin or hobbes
10/15/2007 #3

Yeah, it would most likely be for wii. Thats a good idea you had Weird Fiction, but i think you might be the master hand. The "reader" of the comic book, controlling the outcome and Calvin & Hobbes actions. Sort of like lemmings? But more platformer like. It would be great. Might also be a great DS title.

5/26/2008 #4

I have the characters, levels, location, and objectives layed out. It'd be for the Wii.

(Stupendous Man) 1.Stupendous Man's Flight: (School) Learn moves and defeat Krab-Teacher

(Spaceman Spiff) 2.The Spiff Factor: (School) Get to class, battle Alien Queen, and get out of the exploding alien castle

(Calvin and Hobbes) 3.G.R.O.S.S. Night Out: (Neighborhood) Save Hobbes and defeat Susie

(Calvin and Hobbes)4.The Duplicate Caper: (Calvin's house) Find each duplicate and put them in the transmogrifier

(Calvin(Bruised))5.Road Trip: (Neighborhood) Keep your balance on the out-of-control bike

(Stupendous Man)6.Stupendous Man Returns: (Calvin's house) Fight Baby-Sitting-Girl and get to the hideout

(Tracer Bullet)7.Tracer Bullet and The Case: (Neighborhood) Get to the Derkin's Dame before it's too late

(Calvin and Hobbes)8.The Beginning of The End: (Neighborhood to Park) Dodge all the trash Rosalyn throws at you and survive for 5 minutes

(Hobbes(Snowy))9. Rooftop Rumble: (Rooftops) Get across the rooftops and don't off or inbetween buildings

(Calvin)10.The Peanut Factory: (Peanut Factory) Get through the factory while beating all the workers and getting out within 20 minutes

(Calvin and Hobbes)11.The Mob: (Near park) Defeat 128 people in the mob before taking on the chief of police

(Calvin and Hobbes)12.The Car: (Near park) Fight Rosalyn on top of her moving car

(Calvin)13.The Chase: (Near park) Chase Rosalyn while fighting off more of the mob

(Hobbes)14.The Finale: (Alleyway) Defeat Rosalyn, rescue Calvin, and escape the mob within a 15 minute time limit

That's it! Tell me if you like it!

12/30/2008 #5

Very creative, except why is the mob after Calvin and Hobbes?

5/2/2009 #6
dude,it's Calvin and Hobbes. They can get into LOTS of trouble.
5/2/2010 #7

Yeah, it's very obvious that they get into trouble. I'm asking for a specific reason.

5/7/2010 #8

Who knows?

6/20/2010 #9
Prince Tanabi

I think that they should put the Map in the book, the one with the snow fort into Wii

Step 1) escape from Mom 30 minute time limit.

Step 2) Dodge all the obstacles on Mt. Vertigo.

Step 3) Make your way through the forest with out crashing into things. 20 minute time limit.

Step 4) Hide from Susie!

Step 5) Grab the snowballs and aim at Susie! You only have 7 shots!

Step 6) Escape from Susie and dodge the obstacles. 15 minute time limit.

Step 7) Jump over the trench by using a catpult! You only have 3 shots!

Step 8) Defeat all the snow goons that have invaded your castle

Step 9) Defeat the boss!

Completed game!

my idea :).

8/7/2010 #10


8/13/2010 #11
Prince Tanabi

Thanks! ^^

12/26/2010 #12
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

Me and my mom came up with one a few years ago!

Calvin and Hobbes are riding the wagon, and you can see the back of the characters, and you have to dodge the trees and logs by either jumping, or turning left and right.

1/14/2011 . Edited 1/14/2011 #13
Prince Tanabi

Nice! ^^

2/8/2011 #14

honestly it would be awesome if calvin and hobbes DID have their own video game, but i think it wud be to much like Little Big Plante, a world built out of imagination. but here is my version anyway.

It would be for all systems, and there are three different story lines wiht different perspectives. 1. spaceman spiff, first person shooter (against aliens) 2. tracer bullet, you would be solving a mystery, and fighting bad guys/first person shooter. 3. stupendous man, it would be sort of like any average superhero game. and all this would be happining in calvins imagination in real life. 4: and finaly, (most of the game) you would be in real life where you get to make your own plans against susie and other stuff, the sledding/wagon (that would be driving style) annoyoying rosalyn. you also get to make your own gagdets, and depending on who you annoyed the most, that person will be the final boss and you have to beat that boss with all you alter egos, when you play as the real calvin, hobbes will help you by giving you items and throwing thiings at him/her. long yes, but still would be pretty cool for there to be a game like this right?

7/29/2011 #15

My god, some of these ideas are genius! :D

8/17/2015 #16
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